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A successful opening night for Stage Imuri with Ken-chan and Kouhei!

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Saitama not taking "My Cyborg body does not require" for anything. Its cold out? He will bundle Genos up in so much winter clothing he can't put his arms down. Hot outside? He will make sure theirs plenty of Genos' favorite strawberry and chocolate swirl ice cream and Blue Raspberry flavored popsicles to to eat and cool down. He makes sure Genos also eats three HOMECOOKED meals a day and makes sure he sleeps enough, he'll even bundle Genos up in blankets on chilly nights.

He still requires a home and a family to share it with………////////////

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jesus will you ever just stick to one story

what a silly ask! do writers only ever write one story? of course not! 😊 part of being a writer, in any sense, is having lots of ideas and wanting to express those ideas in creative ways! It’s okay to get burnt out on one idea or one story and move onto another! 😊 i write sim stories because I love to write! I don’t have to stick to any make-believe deadline or adhere to anyone’s expectations, especially yours anon 😊 


Short comic based on the Korean drama: Suspicious partner. :3

Today i’ve learned that any animal with deer like legs would not be able to sit on a chair, a stool would work tho, but not a regular chair of any type

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as someone who likes your blog, please keep the political posts separate from the sims ones plz <3

yea, not going to happen. as you clearly know, since you stated it, it’s my blog. i will post whatever i please and if that includes the occasional political-oriented post then so be it because, while i might primarily be a simblr, i’m also a human. as are the many people across the states whose rights are being encroached upon for no other reason other than literally just being themselves, which is sickening and wrong.

so, if your inability to sympathize really is that bad and you can’t even scroll passed a single post then by all means unfollow me – i won’t be upset about it, but i 100% will not stop showing any kind of support i possibly can for people who deserve it.