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okay when will jungkook drop his cover though

of all the horrific things that happened in animorphs, there’s one i can never forget

so at one point they discover a few androids, created by a peace-loving alien race who programmed them to be unable to engage in violence of any form, despite their immense power

as a result, when their creators were brutally wiped out, they could do nothing but watch

and at some point, i forget if it’s immediately following their discovery or some time later, one of them finds out how to alter his programming and goes to bail the animorphs out of deep shit

and whatever it was he did, it was so horrific that they skated right over it

this is a series whose first book explicitly describes a good alien being viciously eaten alive

whatever that unbound android did, it was disturbing enough to haunt these battle-hardened kids who regularly fight and kill normally peaceful aliens they know are being controlled against their will

b r u h

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Okay no angst request this time. But a Padres Christmas Party and Mike gets Ginny and autographed poster of him, "For your collection" also Ginny got him her jersey. Guess im feeling fluffy today.

fluffy is good. excellent, in fact. 

doesn’t mean they don’t have to work a little for it.

many times, many ways | ao3

Ginny was honestly surprised she was considered enough of a Padre to warrant an invitation to the team Christmas party. 

Sure, a lot of that surprise was founded in self-pity, but she felt she was allowed. 

After all, her rookie season in the bigs ended (and started, honestly) in heartbreak, her brother wasn’t speaking to her, Amelia was back, but their relationship was strained, and Noah wouldn’t quit dropping hints about a world tour. 

And Mike Lawson was back with his wife. Not that she cared about that. If he was happy, so was she. It hadn’t been a lie when she said those words to Amelia and it wasn’t now. 

That aside, there wasn’t a lot that was really putting her in a festive mood. 

Only Blip’s promise of excellent catering and free-flowing booze had secured her attendance.

Mostly, she wanted to do what she’d done since her season ended; sit in her hotel room and binge watch terrible reality shows. It helped her feel better about her life. 

The life where she was getting ready to go to a party for a team she wasn’t even sure she belonged to anymore. The doctors and front office sounded optimistic, but Ginny knew the drill. Players were sent back down to the minors all the time for slighter injuries than hers. 

Well. She might as well take advantage of being a Padre while she still could. Especially when there was free food involved. 

She was keeping her expectations low for this party. 

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I’m honestly so freaking tired of asexuality and aromanticism being the first thing people think of when they need some way to distinguish humans from non-humans. Or just childbearing in general. Every time people try to come up with distinctive inhuman features of aliens/golems/robots/whatever, the first three ideas are “heart, soul, the ability to love.” Always. And 9 times out of 10 all three of those are portrayed as a lack of romantic love or an inability to form/difficulty understanding relationships in general (which honestly isn’t any less problematic.)

In the rare event that they reject the arophobic knee-jerk reaction, they’ll next go to free will, and then carry right on through to acephobia and compulsory motherhood. I just. I keep seeing the same justifications time after time after time and it’s pissing me off.

“All natural species have an innate and irresistible desire to reproduce.” Oh, good. So now I’m not only inhuman, but I’m also not even a natural species? Thanks.

“The incomparable joy of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting” and how it only makes sense that anyone/any inhuman thing using female pronouns must live with crippling jealousy unless and until she reproduces.

Good deeds, inventions, discoveries, art, and community impact are all nice, but they’ve got nothing on a genetic legacy. If a woman doesn’t have kids, “she may have an existence but she has no future.”


Look, I’ll be civil. Even when I’m cussing you out inside my head I’ll be respectful in my explanation of how and why those stereotypes are harmful. But it would be nice if just once I didn’t have to ask someone not to imply that I’m not human.

this post really got me thinking lmao…like the invention of cameras has got to be such a pain in the ass for the nations in hetalia? cameras that are now everywhere & capturing facial features with crystal sharp, good-enough-to-be-used-in-biometric-passports-clarity. i mean…

‘you don’t see the problem? cameras today are different, grasshopper, different. sure, i’ve been depicted in art at least ten thousand times because i’m older than the wheel, or so you like to claim. the fifth terracotta soldier in the second column from the left in the first emperor’s tomb is me, they based them all on real soldiers you know—you can’t tell? exactly! because the guy didn’t get my face shape right! even if he did, who’s going to notice since they fucked up the preservation and all the coloured paint came off & it’s sort of stylised a little?

nobody knows that painting of a court official holding a half-bitten peach in that awkward pose hanging in the nat’l art museum in beijing is me. again, stylised and whatnot. but photos? photos—yes i know those of you standing outside your tent with that constipated expression during the civil war are so grainy nobody goes ‘isn’t that the white house intern???’ but come on now, during ww1 you just had to get yourself photographed, beaming with that obnoxious smile in your uniform amongst a group of people who are almost very assuredly all worm food by now, or at least not still looking buff and youthful and not a day over nineteen. and even that’s not so bad because they didn’t put it in those coffee table portraits of ww1 books and it’s just gathering dust in some back archive in the imperial war museum. like nobody knows the guy photographed holding one end of the banner at that shanghai labour union protest in the 1920s is me ‘cos the quality’s crap. 

like how you could probably fake the whole ‘oh my! i really look my great-grandpa!’ thing you did when you ran into that poor guy from your squadron who kept excitedly shoving the yellowing photo of you posing next to your mustang in everyone’s faces. not a chance with digital photos today. nobody’s going to buy that when they run into you fifty years from now and come across a fifty-year old digital photo of you standing next to the UN Secretary General, crisp and sharp as the day it’s taken—when they can distinguish every single pixel of your jawline and down to your individual nose hairs!’

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To christen the newly opened inbox ;P How do you feel that rogue one ended up making New Hope a more powerful story because it explains why the Rebellion was so desperate and tiny in A New Hope after loosing most of their fighting force at the instillation. Their fleet has dropped dramatically in size, they probably lost at least a third of their fighter wings in the fighting and a lot of their political support left in the fact of the death star.

Thank you for welcoming the inbox into existence!! 

OH MY GOODNESS YOU GOT STRAIGHT TO THE POINT OF WHY ROGUE ONE IS AMAZING. Of course, I love the characters and the plot and the way the movie was filmed and the diversity (ACCENTS!) and literally everything about this movie as a standalone, but when you look at it in the context of the entire Star War series, it becomes a whole new type of amazing. 

The first thing I think it affects is the opening scene of A New Hope… Vader literally saw Princess Leia fleeing the battle at Scarif, knows that she’s a member of the Alliance, and yet Leia decides to look him in the eye and lie. Before Rogue One, we didn’t have context for her ship being overtaken by the Empire. Had they been involved in a long and drawn out “police chase” for lack of a better term  or had they just suddenly been overpowered? Was Vader searching many Alliance ships, hoping one of them had the plans, or did he know that it was specifically this ship? With the dramatic last minute of Rogue One I’m still not over that fight scene tbh we know that Vader knows this ship has the plans. Everyone, hands up for our #1 BAMF Princess “I’m on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan” Leia. 

But I’ll be writing forever if I’m going to talk about every scene in the original trilogy that is changed by Rogue One, so I’ll try to focus on the biggest theme to me. 

Personally, it really re-enforced the depth of the rebellion to me. Just as Cassian accused Jyn, “suddenly the rebellion is real” to me. Before Rogue One, I never considered what the Rebellion was doing before Luke Skywalker came waltzing into base. Of course, that’s ridiculous: It has a history that goes back to the beginning of the Empire (”I’ve been in this fight since I was six years old”), with spies intelligence specialists scattered across the galaxy. Maybe they weren’t involved in any direct battles, but they were probing the galaxy for the Empire’s weakness, waiting for the proper moment to strike. The meeting we’re shown, when Jyn is presenting her intelligence about her father’s plan, shows that the Alliance isn’t one united front: like in the Senate, even though the members have the common goal of toppling the Empire and restoring peace to the galaxy, they disagree about how to do this. 

The original trilogy does, of course, have all the minor characters that a rebellion needs to stay afloat: random members in the War Room, tracking the flights of the X-Wings, or on the radio, keeping in contact with members we can only guess about, but the focus of episodes IV-VI is on Luke Skywalker and his journey on the path from nobody moisture farmer to Jedi Knight, becoming the Jedi’s “New Hope”. What Rogue One does is shift the focus directly to the rebels and, I think, give a double meaning to Episode IV’s name. 

Yes, Luke Skywalker is the new hope of the Jedi Order, but Rogue One is the new hope of the rebellion. 

And that is how Rogue One rewrote the story of a movie that’s been out for forty years. 

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RULES: Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself and tag 11 people. Tag backs are allowed but if you do get tagged again you must not repeat any of the facts you mentioned in the previous round. The facts can be absolutely anything, whatever comes to mind first. 

  1. After all those years i decided that P!atd is my ultimate favourite band and i’m obsessed with it
  2. I’m pretty good at remembering faces (i can recognise folks from kindergarden on the street after not seeing them for almost 10 years)
  3. if you hum a melody around me and i know the song i’ll pick it up immediately and sing it for the rest of the day
  4. I have trouble falling asleep when it’s not quiet
  5. i want to be in relationship yet i feel uncomfortable when someone shows interest in me (@ myself: why????) 
  6. I’m 18 and i still haven’t had my first kiss but i’m not really ashamed of it
  7. i don’t like talking about myself in real life
  8. recently i started smiling at people even though it’s kinda weird when we both end up just staring and smiling at each other
  9. i LOVE musicals, i’ll watch evrything if people dance and sing
  10. i don’t liek spending money and i feel so bad when my parents buy me stuff even if they’re not expensive
  11. i’m not a big make up fan

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The first time it happens, they’re sitting in a booth at a diner and Cas reaches under the table to Dean’s lap and tries to cover Dean’s hand. Dean swiftly moves his hand away, and they can both chalk it up to Sam not knowing yet.

The next time it happens, they’re sitting on Sam’s bed watching Game of Thrones, and this time Sam knows. So there’s really no excuse when Dean jerks his hand away from Cas’ hold.

The third time it happens, they’re walking into the grocery store, and Cas offers his hand for Dean to take. Dean shakes his head to decline.

Cas stops offering after that. When they go out together, they talk like they’ve always talked, and when they go home they sometimes kiss or have sex before falling asleep on opposite sides of the bed. Cas has never been in a relationship, but he thinks he and Dean have a good one.

Until one morning Cas wakes up to Dean saying his name, and then Dean is asking him, “Can I have my arm back?” and Cas realizes that he’s using his bicep as a pillow.

As soon as Cas lifts his head, Dean moves his arm and turns away to the other side of the bed. 

Cas is falling back asleep with his head now resting on an actual pillow when Dean says quietly, “I’m sorry I’m not a good–uh, partner or whatever.”

“What do you mean?”

“I, uh, care about you, you know that? I need you, Cas.”

“Of course I know that. But how does that make you a bad partner?” Cas ignores the urge to flip to his other side so he can at least look at Dean’s back while they talk. If Dean would rather have this conversation facing the walls, then that’s what they’ll do.

“I don’t like holding hands,” Dean blurts out like he’s saying something horribly offensive. “And-and sometimes I get nervous sharing a bed with you.”

“I know, that’s why I go to the couch on occasion. Dean, how is this–”

“It’s not enough. You deserve better. You deserve somebody who will hold your hand when you go to the store and let you fall asleep on their arm and tell you that they–that they lo–”

“Dean. This isn’t about who I deserve, it’s about who I need.” Cas closes his eyes and feels sleep coming over him again before he adds, “And besides, how could I deserve more when I already have the best?”

  • fanfic writer: *writing* Oh wow, they are going to love this. This is by far my best work!
  • fic: *witty lines* *perfect love making* *fluffy enough to kill us all* *a dash of angst, a smidgen of hurt/comfort*
  • fanfic writer: Oh man. This is it. This will be my legacy! *sweats into fic* *bleeds into fic* *cries into fic* *spends days perfecting the grammar and verbage and sex scenes* *has 15 betas look over it*
  • fanfic writer: Okay. It is finally time to release my baby on the world. Here you go fandom. You're welcome.
  • fandom: Ha, cute. *like* *kudos*
  • fanfic writer: :/
  • * * *
  • same fanfic writer: *writing* Whatever. This is shit, I don't even care right now. A singing squirrel? Sure, let's do it. Haha, cheesy lines that make no sense, sure. Grammatical errors out the wazoo? Why not. No one's going to read this piece of crap anyway, I literally wrote it on a scrap of 1 ply toilet paper with a broken yellow crayon.
  • fanfic writer: LOL *post*
  • fanfic writer: *sigh*

Alright so I bet that most of us (if not all) have watched Dan’s new video by now (The Top Dan Memes of 2016)
And can I just say that THAT broke my entire being
I was actually looking forward to watching that video and when it came out it was good for like the first few minutes but then I realised that we have been taking this way too far
I mean it was all good until he started talking about the “weed jumper”
And then the vocal steaming and other things that made it seem as if Dan would actually do drugs?!
Oh and I’m not done there’s a lot more I wanna talk about
Throughout the entire video he would start a lot of the memes with something along the lines of
“Now you would think that anyone would care (esp. when he talked about the documentary)”
Dan has worked so hard this year in doing so many things (and yes Phil as well, but right now this is about Dan cuz we make more memes about him than anything else)
He worked SO hard in that documentary and all we could talk about was how Dan walked
And yes all the memes that we’ve created this year and all the “shit-posting” we’ve done was really funny, but now looking back at it and watching the video that Dan just posted and seeing how at the end he ACTUALLY CRIES
It’s not that funny
And I’m not saying that we haven’t appreciated him at all or that when they did TATINOF we weren’t genuinely happy and proud about everything that they did but the fact that what resounded with us and even HIM the most were all the memes that we would make out of the HARD WORK that they put in just, ugh, seriously?
Look, the most amazing thing about the Phandom I think is hat we have such a special and different relationship with Dan and Phil and that we can make fun of them and they don’t mind and that they also don’t take themselves seriously either
We are also always very proud of what they do and we support them like crazy
And honestly I haven’t found a fandom that genuinely cares about two guys so much
But I also haven’t found a fandom that can sometimes take things a little too far
And this video is complete and utter “proof” that we need to find our chill
We made Dan Howell, someone we love very much, cry in his video because he was so overwhelmed by everything
Now again I’m not saying that we need to stop all of this and just be nice and no more memes or whatever no, again all the funny stuff that we make is what makes the Phandom so special
I’m simply saying that we need to learn when to chill
We can’t keep doing this
Every time that Dan posts a video or a pic or anything it gets turned into anything other than what it was intended for
Guys he really cares about us
For example, he called us motherfluffers in the vid instead of motherf****** which may not seem like anything but it does
It shows that he would never disrespect us that he really cares about us
So why not show some respect and love towards Dan? I mean just watching the video you can see that he was pretty hurt, yeah most things he doesn’t take seriously but there’s a limit to everything
And we have definitely exceeded that limit
Idk guys I feel like we just need to find our chill and back off a bit
Ugh this video just wow
Okay guys this was so long and again these are all my opinions and I have so many more things to say but whatever
Peace out Girl Scouts ✌🏼

whatever you do, DON’T imagine the other boys listening to Niall’s song for the first time and getting these little smiles on their faces because they’re so proud of him and they love it so much and do NOT imagine them calling him right after listening to it for the second time (so they could really soak it in properly) to congratulate him. and don’t think about them getting chocked up because things are changing so fast, but in really good ways but it doesn’t change the fact that they miss each other. 

Just don’t do it, okay? 

remember the nights you stay up too late because being awake is finally a good thing. remember the looks he gives you. the looks that say everything, I love you. I’m here for you. I am yours.
keep it buried deep in your heart for the nights you feel alone. it’s yours. it’s almost tangible. you can touch it. all the love in your heart. it is magic. it is incredible. you aren’t used to this feeling. it’s new. exciting. you are terrified. remember this feeling. you don’t think it will ever fade. this love is too strong to simply evaporate into the clouds. you are wrong. love is shocking. terrifying. it breaks like glass that you step on, over, and over, and over again. it is not painless. but still, you must remember it. even though it hurts so deeply when it’s gone, you have to cherish it. the lesson of your first love is one of the most important ones in your lifetime. you aren’t safe, your love is not one hundred percent guaranteed. this feeling in your chest is like a dam. once it is broken, everything comes rushing out.
but that doesn’t mean you will not survive.
—  nostalgia is a strange thing
Black Panther trailer idea

All right, so I was watching Arthur Darvill sing because I’m trash and he and this other woman did a cover of Everybody Wants to be a Cat from the Aristocats. It was this nice acoustic cover and it had me thinking about how Chadwick can also sing.

SOOOO why don’t they do what they did for the AoU trailer with the Pinocchio song? Chadwick could sing it while scenes play!!! Let’s say when the first line starts you see T'Challa dressing in a suit to get ready for his coronation as King of Wakanda, and then it switches to him staring at the Black Panther suit. Cut to some badass fight scenes. T'Challa and the Dora Milaje talking about how they need to make sure whatever threat is dealt with (is it going to be Klau? Let’s make it Klaw just because I don’t know any of Black Panther’s other enemies). So then at the end of the trailer, you get this view of Klaw with a vibranium hand, but not just any hand, a hand with claws. Switch to T'Challa and he calls him a thief and that he’ll rip his new hand right off. BLACK PANTHER 2017 comes onscreen as Chadwick sings “Everybody wants to be a cat~”.

I think that would be dope as fuck.

Regarding the Shipping End of Bleach . . .

… So Kubo went with that route, huh. I see…

To say that I expected it, would be false. To say that I didn’t expect it would be false also. One thing for sure is that the ending is quite abrupt (considering the limited time and chapters, I guess that is to be expected).

Should I bitterly comment on this? Hmm… I think I’ve already put my thoughts about this on my previous posts (long before the reached conclusion) so there’s no need. It’s disappointing, but that’s life. 

Does this mean that I’m giving up on this ship?

Uhh, no.

I know my fellow IRs are grieving, frustrated, and confused right now. To be honest, no one can blame you. But I’ll tell you this anyway…

Whatever your ship is, remember the reason why you are shipping them in the first place. If there is ever someone who told you that your shipping is false or nonexistent, raise your head up and recall all those reasons and think whether those reasons of yours are true or facts. “The end justifies the means” isn’t always true. It doesn’t mean that all your premises are invalid and their premises as valid (even if they are illogical or not). 

If your reasons for shipping is not a lie, you have every right and freedom to continue loving your ship and support it. Don’t feel bad, because all those moments your pairing have is true and you have every reason to love it. No one can take that away from you. If someone ever bashes, it’s very easy to ignore them and take them as non-existent. If your ship is beautiful, then it is beautiful.

No one can take that.

I’ll always love Ichiruki. For me, they are like two-halves of a whole. They may be separated, but they’ll always find their way towards each other. There are no borders between them … life, death, time… nothing can do them part. They are each other’s counterpart. Their love transcends all kinds of relationships, even romance. Nothing can come between them. That is enough for me to ship them, and I will always continue to do so.

Sadly, I have other things I’m facing right now. And I cannot be active on Tumblr for long (sorry if I cannot attend to messages). I was planning on just giving a short message, but … it turned out to be long. I hope for the IR fam to cheer up. But for now, I think it’s much better to wait for everything to calm down first before we can start with shipping wholeheartedly again. I’m good with patience. 

Walk proud, I still find IR to be among the most wonderful ships out there, what about you?