i don't think their hands actually touched

Nicepants headcanon; What if BurgerPants has lots of kitty tendencies?? Like sometimes when Nice Cream guy is petting his ears or stroking down his back BP starts purring uncontrollably and leans into the warm hands touching him. Sometimes when they hang out and are watching movies or cuddling BP doesn’t notice that he’s begun kneading whatever part of his boyfriend that he can reach, it kinda hurts but NC thinks its too cute to mention and make BP self conscious about. BurgerPants has those teeny tiny kitty sneezes and doesn’t realize that everyone around him thinks its the cutest thing ever. When the two of them go on dates and BugerPants is super excited but playing it cool he doesn’t realize his cover’s been blown by his tail that is lashing excitedly. His pupils enlarge when he catches sight of things he really likes and he wiggles his hips when he’s getting ready to chase something or perhaps when he’s going to attempt to jump and grab something. My point being that BurgerPants with kitty tendencies would be the cutest fucking thing.