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Would you guys be willing to write a mini fluff fic or a hc about a 1st kiss for Seven and MC because [SPOILERISH FOR SEVEN'S ROUTE] I don't think the kiss we're shown at the end is their 1st, if the phone calls are anything to go by. Especially Seven's outgoing call on Day 11! *SWOONS!* I would love to hear it written by you guys, because you are seriously one of my absolute favorite MysMe Tumblrs! If you would please, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!

We know you requested this awhile ago, so we really hope you like it! Thanks for being so patient, and enjoy:) 

  • You guys are still at Rika’s apartment
  • Seven finally traced Magenta and Saeran, and you two would leave in the morning
  • For the majority of the time, you were calm and collected but Seven was already seeing you starting to break down a little  
  • So he decides to at least attempt to lighten the mood
  • He starts calling out the checklist in funny voices, and you decide to join along
  • For awhile, it really does work and you feel a little lighter
  • But then you realize you don’t have blankets packed so you go to get some from the closet
  • But it’s on the top shelf of the closet and you can’t reach
  • You ask Seven for some help and he’s all too willing to help
  • He comes behind you to reach it, but it’s also a little high for him too
  • He manages to snag the edge, but trips on something while stepping away
  • A few stumbles later, your back is against the wall adjacent to the closet and he was kind of kabedonning you
  • Your faces are super close at this point
  • Both of you are a flustered mess and super red
  • You’re both apologizing for the incident, but neither one of you are making a move to back away either
  • Seven is a little conflicted because you’re literally so close…but he doesn’t know if the timing it right
  • Somehow he finds himself drawing even closer, so before he can back out he kisses you on the lips
  • It’s short, barely a peck, and he starts backing away acting like it didn’t happen
  • But you gently cup his cheek and slowly bring him back to you
  • You two kiss again, this time softer and lingering
  • Unfortunately, something in the closet fell after everything was shuffled around
  • You and Seven are reminded about the task at hand
  • Begrudgingly you get back to packing, but thankfully, there’s now a comfortable silence between you two

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Thank you for that post about what keeps people interested in shows. I must admit, the only reason I am invested in Arrow is the Team Arrow Dynamics and the Oliver/Felicity romance. Action and stunts can be found so many places, but what will make me take time out of my busy schedule to tune in? It's the relationships and characters i am invested in that keep me. But to be honest, there are some characters I don't care for, and so far I ignore them. But others might just give up and stop.

I think it’s an important distinction that needs to be made for any show.  I can appreciate awesome special effects and I love stunts.  It’s one of things that blew my mind with Arrow (still does), but if I have no characters to emotionally invest in? I have no reason to watch.  What’s the point of worrying if Character A gets caught by a serial killer and tortured and could die if I don’t care about Character A?

spoilerish talk ahead….

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