i don't think teri and sherri loved the season

nnninap  asked:

i understand other people wanting to stop watching the show and i feel sad about it coz it has so much potential. and i really love lena's character. i just had a thought that maybe when people get sick of watching all this braillie nonsense the show might get cut off and i wont see lena any more. i hope they clean up their storylines because sherri and teri deserve so much. and lena is doing a really good job being a parent.

I agree with that. I mean people ship fem slash in a lost worst shows. I mean A LOT with a LOT more heterosexuality. So, yeah, I’ve never understood the distaste. And it isn’t the teen aspect a lot of grown lesbians watched the tragedy that was Faking it. so i don’t get it.

I want it to have many seasons because Sherri and Teri like workign there and they deserve our support.