i don't think people realise just how important this moment was

No but demisexual Remus Lupin is so important to me. 

Remus who is such good friends with Sirius that he is so confused when suddenly he’s jealous of the people that Sirius flirts with, or he’s started to think about him in that way after a silly game of spin the bottle. 

Remus who doesn’t want to ruin things because the friendship is so important to him, but who wants nothing more than to explore what he’s feeling, and whose heart sinks when people tell him that dating their friends is just weird. 

Remus who goes on missions with Tonks and has such an appreciation for her talent and charm after he gets to know her that when she makes advances towards him it gives him a brilliant moment of ‘oh, this could be really great.’ 

Remus who makes his way through life not always realising how much people love him until suddenly they’ve known each other for years and the quirk of their lips when they smile it just too much. 

Demisexual Remus is my jam.