i don't think my heart can take much more of this

Don’t fall in love with me
I’ll bring you breakfast on a Saturday morning while you lay in bed satisfied from the night before, sunlight sprawling across your body through the blinds. I’ll curl up next to you and tell you how beautiful you are, even if you already know. I’ll listen when you talk, really listen. I’ll change your oil when it’s up, even if you only mentioned it that one time over a month ago. I’ll kill the spiders, even if they scare me more than they scare you. I’ll take pictures of you, sappy, adorable, goofy stupid pictures that you can look at and see how I see you, see how much I love you. I’ll write you cute notes and leave them in your lunchbox when I pack your lunch for work. I’ll get your mom a Christmas present, even if she doesn’t like me. I’ll text you during the day to tell you I was thinking about you. I’ll make your happiness my priority, my love, because you deserve so much happiness in your life. I’ll make you feel safe, warm, protected. I’ll chase away your Sunday nightmares and bring you Monday daydreams. I’ll be so good to you, you might just forget how terrible everyone else has been.
Don’t fall in love with me
No one ever does.
Why would they?
—  when she told me she loved me

In Girls Fighting episode 1, when a group of 3 girls were introducing themselves in Chinese, Seungri didn’t understand so Huang Xiaoming translated for him in English. When he understood the meaning, he said ‘naruho…’ but then cut himself before saying ‘naruhodo’ (成程) which is a Japanese word meaning ‘I see’ or ‘I understand’.

That moment went viral amongst Jvips. They shared the video and commented on it with things like:

  • I knew it, Seunchan is actually Japanese.
  • The fact that he didn’t turn to his mother tongue but to Japanese proves that Seunchan is a Japanese person.
  • *sigh* We were barely taking Seunchan from Korea and now we have to fight China too.
  • Give him back China, Seunchan is Japanese.
  • Seunchan, I love you. Even if we can’t keep up with you anymore with the number of languages you speak.
  • Ah, remember those days when Seunchan was on our TV not the Chinese one?
  • So, when will he come back to our TV instead?
Chapter 49 TGre

OH MY GOD. Oh my God. Ishida, you really outdid yourself with this chapter, I have to say. Boy, was it a doozy, and I don’t think I’m ready for the next one. Basically, it seems as if Ishida just went “Fuck it, I might as well kill everyone starting from now” whilst simultaneously planting more death flags on other people (which will be discussed later). I applaud you, Ishida, I really do.

Well, the good news is that the outcome for the Matsumae vs Ihei fight has been revealed! Matsumae lives!!! (For now…) And apologies to all Ihei fans—she was good whilst she lasted. And of course, karma does bite—I’m looking at you, Kijima. I’m not sad that he’s gone too.

One thing that I noticed throughout the fight was how, well, ‘monstrous’ the CCG was getting, whilst the ghouls on the other hand are presented in a more ‘humane’ light. (I think Ishida is purposely doing so, but that’s for speculation.) For example, when Ihei realises she’s been stabbed, she basically, just SNAPS.

And it’s not pretty.

Despite my liking for Ihei, there is one facet of her personality which disturbs me—the fact that she views killing ghouls as a ‘game’. She sees them as beneath her, and when one finally manages to injure her, Ihei doesn’t take this very well. What makes this even more scary is this ISN’T how she usually behaves. Yes, you heard me right. This is just when she’s ‘on the job’. Off the job, she presents herself as someone very likeable, funny, ditzy, etc etc. (Remember her interactions with the Quinx?) The very fact that she can switch between ‘killing machine’ and ‘airhead’ is not a comforting thought. Additionally, who else views that life is a ‘game?’ That’s right–The Pierrots. Funny, when you think about it…

Vice versa, the ghouls have shown ‘human’ characteristics throughout this arc. Aside from Matsumae, I would also like to specially mention Mairo, who despite being such a minor character, instantly captured my heart. Due to his undying loyalty to the Tsukiyama Family, he sacrifices himself to save Matsumae, and in his last dying breathes, is the one to decapitate Ihei and wound Kijima (who Matsumae later finishes off). 

Your death shall not be in vain, my friend.

The other half focuses on the Quinx and the Itou squad, who have encountered Noro. (Thank goodness it wasn’t about Sasaki vs Tsukiyama now, I don’t think my heart could take it.) As expected, to sum up their situation, they’re pretty much screwed.

This isn’t to say that they didn’t give their all. Saiko even took levels in badass in this chapter! Although I will admit she did freeze up when confronting Noro, that’s to be expected. I mean, if I were facing that giant behemoth, I would be pissing my pants and hightailing it out of there. I’m not afraid to admit it.

Oh yeah, did I even mention that we finally get to see Saiko’s kagune? Tbh, it looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before…

Kudos to you Saiko, for managing to bisect Noro! Whilst the other Quinx did help as well, credit where credit’s due. You go girl! Also, about that Kagune…it looks less like a tentacle and more like a GINORMOUS FREEKIN CATERPILLAR coming out of her back?!! That’s both terrifying and awesome, in one strange package.

Of course, Noro being, well, NORO, ends up regenerating from that attack. I mean, he seriously belongs to a zombie apocalypse survival horror genre instead of here. Nothing short of cutting his head off is gonna kill him, and even then I don’t think he’ll die?? Just what are you, Noro??

And lastly, the Death Flags. Poor, poor Kuramoto. Ishida really has the galls to leave their fight on a cliffhanger (again!). Simply speaking, Noro hits him with his kagune, and although Kuramoto has survived (for now…) ribcages are now sticking out of his chest…

In this picture, it seems that the bones although puncturing the skin have not punctured the lungs? Afterall, Kuramoto doesn’t seem to be leaking blood from the mouth (or maybe it’s too early to tell.) However, he’s out of commission now, and I wonder how the squad will function without his leadership…

I swear, their squad has the worst luck. Like up till now all their leaders end up injured or something. Take got his arm stuck with knives (thanks, Uta), and now Kuramoto with a punctured chest? I wish the new leader the best of luck…

Side note here: Another thing I would like to add is the whole ‘Garden’ thing. Apparently, there are hints that this faction of CCG is responsible for investigators like Arima, Ihei etc? Unlike the main branch, they seem to only be focused on training people to become ‘killing machines’, whilst neglecting their emotional welbeing. Seems incredibly fishy…Plus surprisingly Ihei and Arima went into it together??

Any thoughts about this guys?