i don't think long hair suits her

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Alx@Raine: "Hey, it's been a while since we last spoke huh? Don't mind the hair, Rikky did that and I think it suits me. Sorry I didn't come here to brag, though I haven't seen you in so long I wanted to stop by, but I didn't come empty handed." Alx smiles, pulling out a pearl hair-tie from seemingly nowhere. "Since i've got short her hair I don't need two of these now, here you can have this one. so how have you been? you must have grown a fair bit since we last met, hows trike?" Alx asks.

“Oh, it is alright. I am sure you have been busy catching up with Rikky. Trike and I have been quite busy as well with a teammate finding us as well,” she smiles before looking down at the pearl hair-tie.

“I never thought of a lighter color on me… Let me adjust these beads real quick,” she replied before taking the tie and putting it on.

“What do you think?” she asks before thinking back to what her and her pack have been up to.

“We have been good. I am starting to learn Flamethrower, thanks to my dads. Trike has also been more relaxed now that Pursuit has come to help us return to our trainer. We’re making progress, but Pursuit has brought it to our attention that we ended up on a different island than our trainer. So, for now we just have to wait until she arrives to this island. Pursuit says she may be on her way here soon though! So we don’t have much longer to wait.”

Ficlet: Safe and Sound

Pairing: Barry/Iris

Rating: G

Word count: 940

Summary: I wrote a fluffy ficlet about all of the times Iris has comforted and cared for Barry throughout their lives. I was inspired by hiddles-mayne and their beautiful illustration of Iris comforting Barry.


Seeing Barry cry was always hard for Iris. She always tried to comfort him as best she knew how.

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