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8 about buffy + 10 ;) ;)

8. unpopular opinion about [the buffy fandom]?

like? as a whole? probably just that i’m glad we are mostly made up of wlw. i don’t. know if that’s an unpopular opinion. but um. it is a thing that i enjoy and some people might not find to be a good thing but whatever. i feel safe here? it’s nice. i can’t believe i can’t think of something generally negative to say about all of us what the fuck even 

10. any fandom you’re ashamed of being in?

the icarly fandom a million years ago we do not talk about it kids

Can we please take some time to really appreciate Twenty One Pilots? Their songs aren’t all about girls, sex, or drugs. Their lyrics have real meanings. Their songs usually mean something special or important to them. That’s something you don’t find in every band.

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I laughed​ at the picture on ig that ty liked lol but I don't think it's shade or anything more like the opposite him being playful he knew the girls since the beginning of the area i dont think he's talking sides of anything maybe people commented that when he was with Lauren he was "against Camila* so he showed that no he's still freindly with her. That's my theory anyway and how I interpreted it

With the climate that we’re in right now I don’t think it’s friendly at all