i don't think it's big enough either :

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I know this prbly sounds weird since ym are one of the most popular ships, but ym are so underrated. And i'm talking about the real relationship between them not just the ship itself. Its totally fine to ship em jus cause they are cute but they are so/much/more/than/that. There are a lot of people who don't get y ym specifically is so big (to be fair that was me before i saw the light) but thats cause not enough ppl stress the real bond btwn them n ppl think ym r overrated cause 'they just cute'

yes !!! to all of this !!!

you’re so right like their relationship is constantly discredited because people either a) ignore ym because of how ‘shipped’ they are or b) are assholes. its soooo annoying when people dont realize most ym stans love the mutual respect, admiration, trust, and support thats between them. its not all about how they look together or the ‘tsundere and sunshine’ trope bullshit

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Just wanted to say that some guys don't like big boobs, not that I judge people by their figures either way, but some find flat chests more aesthetically pleasing. I think it's really important that girls know that the size of their breasts is not some sort of scale for beauty.

I liked that last part enough to post this on the blog.
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like - yes, it's tragic that nepeta wouldn't have died if she hadn't followed equius. but the root of the tragedy is that equius didn't understand or trust nepeta enough. he didn't realize that telling her to sit still and hide was an exercise in futility, and he didn't trust her to be able to defend herself or be of any help against gamzee. and through their separation, they both died. i don't think either of them would have gone down without a fight if they had both been there, together.

YES. Yes. That was the beginning of the big failure of Equius’s character arc. It wasn’t just that he didn’t fight back against Gamzee, it’s that he left his actual biggest strength behind.

It’s interesting how it plays into both a horror movie trope (never split up in a scary situation) and into their character arcs.

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do you think there has been enough focus on indigenous australians? because not going to lie, the only time i really see any focus upon them is when i actually come onto your blog and i do follow a lot of people who really fight for racial social justice. i just feel like it's such a big loss. it also seems like a lot of non-indigenous australians don't pay any attention either for the most part.

There’s not NEARLY enough focus on Indigenous Australian peoples. I’m not even talking about internationally and on the internet internationally, I’m talking about in Australia. Something non-Indigenous Australians love to do is get all worked up about injustices overseas, but completely ignore the injustices happening in Australia.