i don't think it would work on mac


Dear Journal,

Gramps said we needed to start a journal so we could share how we feel! Hope you don’t mind a lot of doodles! Golly I’m rambling! Well, my name is Maciej, Mac for short. However, I often get called “Mugman” by many people in the city. Probably because I am always working in Gramp’s dish store. I used to get really sad about it, but I made a character of it!

Ta da! It’s me! Well, how I think the name “Mugman” would look. I even gave him a big nose like me! He likes to draw, explore and plants! Drawing him makes me feel a little bit better about myself.

You see, I get bullied a lot. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my fault. I can’t bring myself to hate people, and can be easily forgiving. I still get hurt in the end… Sorry I sound so sad…just haven’t written out my feelings before. But I say all of that to say-

I love the name Mugman now! He holds a special place in my heart! Oh…dinner is ready! We are having potato soup! Until next time! 

-Mugman <3 

kitlntincr  asked:

Which MacBook do you think the sims would work best on? Macs have a lot of storage which I need so I want to get one. But I don't know which will work with the game. I plan on getting one used or refurbished. I don't know if you are the person to ask but you seem smart.

Personally, if I were you, I would try to look at some Windows laptops instead for playing The Sims on. There’s nothing wrong with MacBooks, but if you do more than just simple browsing/design/productivity work, you have to be okay with a few trade-offs when it comes to gaming and the like. 

The price you pay for a cheaper Mac can get you a much more powerful Windows laptop that can do everything a MacBook does, and more. Cheaper Macs come with cheaper specs, which means you’re not going to be able to play The Sims smoothly at high graphics. You might be able to play it at an acceptable frame-rate at medium or so, but obviously that isn’t ideal. If you pay the same price for a more powerful Windows laptop, you’ll find it much easier to play the game at higher settings.

If you’re still insistent on getting a MacBook, maybe take look at the MacBook/MacBook Pro models made after 2014. The Air looks like it can barely run iMovie. :P

anonymous asked:

if you don't mind me asking how did you transfer like your stuff from mac to windows and how did you get it work i had a major problem when i tried

it actually wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be, i compressed my mods folder (6 gb after redoing it, hallelujah) in chunks (i think like 5 of them, around 1 gb for each) and uploaded them to microsoft drive andddd…yeah it was fine. i know @essiesims also had a problem when she switched over too but her mods folder was……………..monstrous

celestialdream  asked:

hey there :) i was the youtube comment asking about the tripod set up??

Hi!! Yes~ to everyone who is curious of how i put my set up to film my time-lapse/traditional works that I put on youtube!
I strap a selfie stick together with a normal tripod XD 

  • Kamui: So, I married your son.
  • Takumi: Yes, I noticed. Why are you even bringing this up?
  • Kamui: Well, we had a son, too.
  • Takumi: I'm trying not to think about that!
  • Kamui: But, since Kanna's your grandson through Kisaragi, and your nephew through me...
  • Takumi: No, don't say it!
  • Kamui: That would make you...
  • Takumi: DON'T YOU DARE SAY IT!
  • Kamui: You're Uncle Grandpa!
  • Takumi:
  • Takumi:
  • Takumi: ... I'm going to use you for archery practice now.

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I'm thinking I'd like to start learning animation as a hobby since I already do a lot of art. However, I'm also a broke college student, so I don't want to splash out on something that'll be too advanced for me. Do you have any recs for animation software that would be okay for a beginner (and work on Mac)? Thank you in advance, wise frog c:

Please see [ani software+mac]

therookieartist-deactivated2015  asked:

Hey. Aimo. I would like to make you an question. I'm planning to buy an digital media so I can do some proper drawings on my computer, but just like Zevran when he became an assassin, I don't even know what's what when it comes to know what I should buy. What would you suggest for an begginer such as me?

Ahh, sorry for the late reply!

Ok, from the top of my head, I have a few software recommendations:


Pros: It’s free and available for both PC & Mac.

Cons: It’s a barebones hybrid of Paint Tool Sai-Photoshop, so you’ll get the most really basic of stuff to work with. But for beginners, I think it’s the best software to get acclimated to the digital studio set up.

When you have a little bit of cash to spend:

Paint Tool SAI

Pros: Affordable (It’s just USD50 or so?) and powerful software for painting and illustrations. There’s a thriving community of SAI users online who share their brush configs, so there’s a lot of stuff you can try at a fraction of a more advanced and expensive software like Painter (I mean look at the stuff Needlesslycryptic, Serenity-fails, and Baruyon produce with it!)

Cons: PC only, and there are size limitations to the canvas (A3 sized 600dpi painting? YOU MUST BE JOKING.). Also, looking to be Abandonware, as there have been no updates or new versions. Other than that though, I think this is a pretty good software to have.

When you have a little bit more cash and an inclination to draw comics:

Manga Studio 5

Pros: For what you get (an illustration AND a comics production set up), it’s a steal for the price. Also flexible like Photoshop, but with a focus solely on digital art rather than juggling it with photo editing.

Cons: Still lacking some of the graphics editing ability of Photoshop, and some of the painting brushes are a little frustrating to work with irt emulating traditional media like watercolors and gouache painting (SAI actually excels at these a lot more than MS5). Can be remedied by buying custom brushes from independent painters such as Frenden, but it’d have been better if the vanilla version covered the bases already.

I hope that helps!