i don't think it was unclear

Hello everyone!!^^

I’m seriously thinking about redrawing my first pages in the future, to make them more agreeable for you!^^

That means I’d draw them better, correct the grammar mistakes and fix some minor unconsistencies and unclear details. The stories wouldn’t be changed in any way, and the old versions would be posted on my Deviant Art, so they’d still be available.

Yet I wanna be sure it’s ok with you guys. Do you think it’s fine to replace the old files with a better version? Or would you consider this as a betrayal toward people who liked/reblogged/commented them?


Can you condemn an innocent man, a friend, to a lifetime of servitude while you roam free?

#contrasting parallels, people! #nobody ever says a lifetime of servitude for davy jones #either i’m reaching here or this was intentional #and i think it was done on purpose #think about it for a second ok #jack just wants to be free from jones’ deal and he’s willing to sacrifice will for it because he’s selfish #and he doesn’t truly consider will a friend at this point #so he has no problem using will to get what he wants #it’s only when jones fatally stabs will that jack realises he needs to be selfless #he wants to be immortal #and the ‘last pirate’ #he has to be the one to kill jones in order to obtain this #but he knows that it’d be a selfish thing to do when will is on the brink of death #he once would have had no problem leaving him to die #but time has changed him and he knows that will deserves better #so yeah jack once committed a selfish act and will paid the price #and he’s once again condemning him to a lifetime of servitude #but not to serve davy jones #to serve and sail the seas for eternity #while jack can roam free, yes #but at least will is alive…in some way #so he’s saving him #and sacrificing his own desires #for the greater good #basically jack sparrow cares about will turner #and this is all very sad and amazing storytelling

Sophie had never gotten over the headache from what was supposedly the last time travel incident. Now here she was, back at Whittemore, with a worse headache. No, she hadn’t been a student in this timeline. At least, she didn’t think she had been. She came here trying to find Sean, though the reason for this was unclear, like everything was. It was weird remembering that ghost part of her that had been starving for answers, killing each and every person she’d need to until she found them. Killing had gotten boring at one time when she was exposed to a live where it was missing. She hadn’t missed it. Now she stared down at the invitation that she’d been looking at when she’d “woken up” on an airplane flying into Gatwick. “So when do we bust out the alcohol and start rambling about our yearbooks and the good ol’ days?” she asked no one in particular.