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What did you say? Heterosexuality is haram? Wtf. Hope it's joke or something

- Noah’s wife was straight. Lot’s wife was straight. Pharaoh was straight. Literally every person who is punished ~by name~ in the Taurat, Injeel AND Qur’an were heterosexual. Coincidence?

- If Adam’s judgement wasn’t clouded by his heterosexuality we wouldn’t be in this worldly mess in the first place. IF Adam was gay like a normal person we never would have been kicked out of the garden.

- “Straight”/”Hetrosexual” are modern sociological constructs. Heterosexuality is bidah. 

- If heterosexuality is permissible then why are there gendered barriers in the masjid? Why are men allowed to expose their navels so wantonly amongst their brothers, but not amongst women?? HMMM?

The only straightness for true Muslims is as-sirat al-mustaqim. It’s so obvious I don’t know how you can’t see it. Heterosexuality is haraam. Obviously.

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Hi! first of all I'm so glad I found your blog bcs its so inspirational and really helps me a lot with keeping creative :) I plan to write something with the OTP being best friends and noticing there's more behind it but I don't want it to be obvious and suddenly. Do you have any good lines/prompts you could recommend?

- A can’t stop smiling when they think of B. - A smiles even though B is just talking about their day because A just can’t get enough.
- B smiles a bit longer than normal at A’s remark
- They can’t stop thinking about each other
- B catches themself starting at A too long
- A starts sitting closer than usual to B
- They make more excuses to hang out
- “Are you guys dating?” “No that’s ridiculous! We’re just friends!” But the idea of “what if” sticks in A’s head for the rest of the day
- Hugs go longer
- “Were they always that pretty?”
- Flickering glances at the other’s lips
- Realizing that they think of the other as a little more than friends
- B becoming more and more jealous when A talks to other people
- B tries to make A jealous
- Which ends in an argument
- “Why did you do that?” “It’s only fair!” “Wait are you jealous?” “You’d be jealous to if the person you loved was flirting with other people!” “What?” “Nothing”
- But it’s something
- Next time they meet they go to the movies like normal, but this time they hold hands
- Which leads to dates
- And fluff and so on :)

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Different anon but I really wish there were a gender neutral version of ma'am or sir besides comrade. I have to get people's attention sometimes and I don't like using ma'am or sir since I'm assuming gender, but "excuse me" doesn't make it obvious enough who I'm talking to

I think someone mentioned in the notes “pal”. -Abby

Day 2: Stargazing

Done for @shouritshou and their Ritshou Fall Week!

SO. I was going to do something entirely different today, drag out an old WIP from Now We Match and modify it for the prompt. And I was ALMOST done. Then @hydrachea posted her fic and compared Shou’s freckles to galaxies and…well. I ended up getting inspired and writing this instead.


There’s an entire night sky projected across Shou’s skin. The freckles run thicker in the Milky Way that stretches across his nose and cheeks, all the way back to his ears. His skin is pale white like moonlight and prickled with Starry goosebumps where Ritsu’s fingertips touch.

Tonight he is a determined cartographer and astronomer. He wants to create his own Star chart, map out all of the constellations embedded into the human being below him. There are small scars, things earned in battle over years of fighting, that stand out stark as shooting Stars. Ritsu bows his head to kiss one that soars in between rough knuckles, birthing twin rosy red emission nebulae across Shou’s cheeks.

When he looks down, he finds his gaze locked with twin comets, icy blue and sparkling with reflected Starlight. Shou grins up at him and it’s brighter and warmer than the sun, leaving Ritsu himself moonstruck and Starry-eyed.

He smiles back and presses Shou’s knuckles to his lips again, brushing against a jagged line pale and pink like Star dust. His left hand traces up the inside of Shou’s arm, along the voids where his skin is relatively clear, all the way to the crowded galaxy clusters in his shoulders. Here is Pices, here is Capricorn, here is the big dipper. Ritsu remembers watching the sky as a child to pick out the same shapes on clear nights. He’s quick to decide that his new version of Stargazing is better.

Shou sighs and hums happily as Ritsu interlaces their fingers, pressing their gold Saturn’s rings together.

Much, much, better.

What you're cashier says v. what they're thinking
  • What they say: How are you?
  • What they're thinking: Please don't tell me your life story
  • WTS: I'll be happy to do that for you
  • WTT: I really don't want to do that
  • WTS: Can I help you with something?
  • WTT: I'm bored. Give me something to do.
  • WTS: I'm sorry about that.
  • WTT: I literally have no control over what just happened.
  • WTS: Yes, I work here
  • WTT: Did the nametag/lanyard/apron/vest/company shirt not make that obvious enough?
  • WTS: Have a great day!
  • WTT: Get the fuck out
The List - ACOWAS vs. ACOWAR

So, many folks in the fandom know that last year, right after ACOMAF came out, I wrote a 76-chapter, 13-one-shot fan fiction of what my version of Book 3 would look like, titled “A Court of War and Starlight.” Ever since, people have asked me what would happen if things were similar in A Court of Wings and Ruin, to which I responded that it would be fun to see what I guessed right, but that I highly doubted there would be too much similarity. 

Well, as I was reading ACOWAR, I kept a list of things that I guessed or were similar. There are some things that aren’t 1-for-1 similar, but that I included anyway because it was close enough. I didn’t give myself credit for super obvious things, like “Feyre and Rhys will have sex.” lol. I tried to keep it to things that really could have gone either or any way. I also have a column for “explanation.” Some things I am not surprised I guessed because I know my folklore really damn well and did my research writing ACOWAS. Knowing SJM would stick to some of these stories made some guesses definitely educated. That said, there are a couple of things where I have no idea how I guessed them or why they’re similar. 

This is all for FUN. It is not a judgment on the quality of ACOWAS vs. ACOWAR. Also, be warned that there are SPOILERS below the cut!

With that, let us begin!

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Don't Leave Me Heere Alone


In this i see Jeremy as asexual, he still masturbates and thinks about sex but when put in a sexual situation is uncomfortable. also all off the dialogue in the first scene is straight from the script.

Work Text:

Michael burst into the hospital room and collapsed on the floor next to Jeremy’s bed. He knew that when Jeremy woke up he would probably kick him out because he made it obvious that he wasn’t cool enough for him now. He understood, he liked out of print games and retro skates, Jeremy probably resents the matching Pac man tattoos, a symbol to their uncoolness. He knew he would be kicked out when Jeremy woke up but for now he just needed to be there to reassure himself that Jeremy was alive. He came back every day just to continue to be sure that he was okay. Sometimes he would talk to Rich, who lay in the bed next to Jeremy’s. Some days he just sat there silently watching over Jeremy to make sure he was okay.
Today he sat holding Jeremys hand and stroking his hair gently. Eventually Jeremy began to shift and mumble. Michael didn’t want to be there when he woke up. He didn’t want to hear Jeremy call him a loser and tell him to leave again, he can’t. So, he stands and flees the room, just like he always does any time there’s a chance Jeremy might wake up.
“Hello?” Jeremy said trying to sit up, “Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow.”
“Feels like you’re missing a part of yourself, doesn’t it?”
Jeremy jumped, “…Rich?”
“Hurts like a motherfucker too,” he pauses, “Be honest, what are they saying about me at school.”
Jeremy tried not to visibly wince.
“That bad?” he asked.
“Sorry,” Jeremy mumbled.
“Sorry?” he said laughing, “I’m finally free of that shiny happy hive mind! When I get outta here, the ladies are gonna learn to love the real Richard Goranski,” His entire face lit up as if he realized something, “and the dudes. Oh, my god, I’m totally bi!”
“You’re squip’s gone? But how?” Jeremy stuttered.
“Ask your buddy. Anti-social headphone kid? He’s been by like a ton, by the way. What is he, your boyfriend?” Jeremy must have grimaced because Rich quickly added, “No judgement. Just curious. Totally bi now.”
Michael came striding into the room as he said this, “I’m sure some special someone will be lucky to have you, Rich,” Michael stated.
“You think?” Rich says hopefully. Michael smiled fakely and slid the curtain shut on Rich.
“What happened? All I remember is that noise, and…”
Michael cut him off noisily, “Oh man, it was genius! They were communicating with each other – they were linked! Which means… when you consider the kind of high-frequency sonic disturbance needed to wipe a system that powerful…”
Jeremy flinched as Michael’s voice had slowly made his head pound, “Michael. My head still hurts.”
Michael deflaughted. He needed to calm down, be more chill, “Right, ah… turns out you didn’t have to destroy every squip. Just one. And the rest,” he began making exploding noises. He was being so uncool. Jeremy probably wanted him to shut up. What was he even doing? Lame exploding noise, god Jeremy was going to leave him again. Why had he even come? Why was he even still talking? Oh, god why was Jeremy looking at him like that?
“I don’t get it,” Michael flinched preparing for Jeremy to tell him to leave, call him a loser, “After everything I did… you were still there for me. Why?”
Oh, that wasn’t what Michael was expecting. He told him about how his dad had persuaded Michael to help which lead to Jeremy’s dad coming in. They began talking and it became clear he wasn’t needed so he slowly walked out.
Jeremy was coming over for the first time since he had been released from the hospital. What if Michael screwed up? What if Jeremy left again? He couldn’t lose Jeremy again, he needed Jeremy. He tried his best to make his basement look cool but he had no clue what was cool. What if Jeremy thought video games weren’t cool? Of course, he did they weren’t cool. What will they do? He should have looked more into what was cool. Who was he kidding Jeremy was going to take one look at the basement and leave. He deserved to be alone if he couldn’t have been cool enough for Jeremy.
His thoughts were cut off by Jeremy’s voice, “Hey Michael,” and there he was standing there with a half-smile and his arms wrapped around himself.
“Hey buddy,” Michael said trying to appear relaxed. If he knew one thing it was that freaking out was not cool.
Jeremy stood there awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck, “So what do you want to do?” he asked.
Was this a test? Was he going to leave if he said the wrong thing? He didn’t want to lose Jeremy. He had missed him so much he couldn’t lose him again. He wouldn’t survive losing him again. Fuck he was freaking out, that wasn’t cool. Jeremy was going to leave.
“Michael, I’m sorry. What did I say?” he said quickly rushing towards Michael and placing his hands on his arms.
“I’m sorry, you can go,” Michael stuttered out gasping for air.
“I’m not leaving you while you’re having a panic attack Michael. What happened? Did I say something?” Jeremy said.
“I’m sorry,” he said stepping back, “I’m sorry.”
“You didn’t do anything,” Jeremy said softly, “Please tell me what’s wrong. I want to help.”
“I’m sorry, don’t leave,” he gasped out between sobs, “…be cooler… I’ll learn… please don’t… again,” quickly becoming unable to speak due to the rate of his breathing.
“Oh, oh Michael,” Jeremy said pulling Michael to him, “I’m so sorry. I’ll never leave you again. Oh, god Michael, I didn’t realize. You don’t need to be cooler. You’re perfect,” he rubbed slow soothing circles on his back.
“…sorry…don’t leave…sorry,” he clung to Jeremy grabbing fistfuls of his shirt and burying his face in Jeremy’s neck.
“I won’t, never again,” he said holding him as tightly as he could, continuing to rub circles on his back, “I’m so sorry, Michael. I wish I could take it back. I’m sorry,” he buried his face in his hair and inhaled slowly. He smelled like he always did, a mixture of weed and hot Cheetos.
He suddenly retracted Jeremy, “I’m sorry. I got your shirt all wet and gross. I’m sorry I’m being such a loser. I’ll stop and learn to be cool. I’m sorry,” he wrapped his arms around himself.
“No, Michael listen to me,” he said stepping forward and cupping his face in both his hands, “You don’t need to be cooler and don’t ever call yourself a loser ever again. You are the coolest person I know. I’m so sorry. I should have never left you alone or said those horrible things. You never deserved that. I’m so sorry.”
Maybe it was Jeremy telling him he was the coolest person he knew or the fact that he was cupping his face and was so close but whatever the reason Michael made one of the stupidest decisions he could have made. He surged forward and kissed Jeremy firmly on the lips. Jeremy froze, inhaling sharply, his eyes growing wide. They sat their lips pressed together awkwardly neither moving until Michael pulled back suddenly.
“Oh, my god I’m so sorry. You can just go. I’m sorry,” Michael stuttered stepping backwards.
“Wait no Michael, I’m not going to leave. Why did you kiss me?” Jeremy asked.
“I wanted too?” Michael said although it came out as more of a question than anything.
“Why would you want to?” Jeremy asked.
Michael was taken aback by the statement. Was this a test? He had nothing left to lose. He might as well just tell the truth, “Because I’ve been in love with you for like seven years,” he said chuckling slightly.
“You what?” Jeremy said.
“I’ve been in love with you since we were like nine, probably earlier we were just nine when I realized,” he rambled.
“Oh,” he said.
“I’m sorry?” Michael said not knowing what else to say.
“No don’t apologize,” he said still looking shocked.
“Are you okay? You kind of look like I broke you,” Michael said laughing awkwardly, “Are you sure you don’t want to leave? I’ll understand.”
“No, I’m just processing and I’m also slightly scared this a dream and if I do something I’ll wake up,” he said finally looking up at Michael, “The squip said that I needed to get over my feelings for you. You’d never like me back but you, do you have for a while, and oh god I called you a loser and left you alone in the bathroom. I made you think I was going to leave you again. I’ve been nothing but horrible to you. Why do you stay with me? I don’t deserve you,” he said softly.
Michael laughed, “Of course you do. Why would I deserve you?”
“Are you kidding? You’re awesome dude,” Jeremy said, “I’d say you’re a good kisser too but I think I’ll need more data for that,” he said smirking at Michael through his eyelashes.
“Oh yeah,” Michael said smiling back.
“Yeah,” Jeremy stepped closer.
“Well you never want to do something without enough data,” he says leaning forward.
“Never,” Jeremy replied closing the distance between them. Jeremy’s hands went to Michael’s waist pulling him closer. Michael laced his fingers into Jeremy’s hair. They stumbled backwards until they hit Michael’s bed Michael sat down and pulled Jeremy into his lap. He ran his fingers through Michael’s hair. Michael hummed and sucked Jeremy’s bottom lip into his and biting down slightly. Jeremy gasped pulling himself to closer to Michael.
“Fuck,” Jeremy said pulling back gasping for air, “I’ve thought about this for so long.”
Michael moans and pulls Jeremy down so they are laying on his bed with Jeremy on top of him, “God why didn’t we do this sooner? How can you possibly be so attractive? Fuck, I love you,” he said pulling their faces together again.
Jeremy pulled back and sat up. Michael sat up with him.
“Hey are you okay?” Michael asked carefully running a hand over his cheek.
“How far do you want to go with this?” Jeremy said quietly.
“How far do you?” Michael responded carefully.
“I don’t want to, uhm, have sex. I thought I did but then the squip forced me into a sexual situation with Chloe and all I could think was that I didn’t want it,” Jeremy stumbled out.
“We don’t have to and never will do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Is this okay, what we were doing,” Michael asks carefully taking Jeremy’s hands.
“Yes, yes, I would have said something earlier if it wasn’t. I just don’t want to actually have sex,” Jeremy said.
“Okay,” Michael said softly, “If I do something that makes you uncomfortable tell me. I only want you to feel safe around me,” he softly pushed a stray piece of Jeremys hair out of his face.
“I do,” Jeremy said calmly, “I can’t ever imagine you putting me in a situation I’m uncomfortable in and I know you’d never do that intentionally but I promise if it ever happens I’ll tell you. I love you,” he said placing his hand on Michael’s cheek and kissing him gently.
“I love you too,” he says when they pull back.
“Can I spend the night?” Jeremy asked, “I kind of already told my dad I probably would be,” he said blushing and looking away.
“Yeah of course,” Michael said checking the time, “It’s getting late. Do you want to lay down?”
“Yeah, sure,” Jeremy replied.
They lay there curled together for a while not really needing to talk having missed just being in each other’s presence. It wasn’t perfect, life never is, but it was theirs and that’s all that mattered to them in the end.

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I personally think she's been back for longer than we think. Funny how her return wasn't advertised? And, if you had a bf in another country and you were already there, wouldn't you stay to celebrate his bday? I just don't get going for Easter, it's not like they had that many days off.

I really don’t want to go overboard on discussing this topic because I don’t care enough but I think it’s pretty obvious she was only there for about a week. Sam seemed to be working for the majority of that time, whether it was for Outlander or Barbour, so if this was a real relationship they would have spent maybe three full days together. Seems like a pretty pointless trip to me and leaving before his birthday when she most likely has free time is weird too. It’s like she was there just to stir up a bit of controversy and then went home. Okay that’s my opinion. Not stating anything as fact, just speculating which is my right. I’ll shut up now. 

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Maybe this is gonna sound real stupid. But with the recent chapter, I'm kinda thinking that Sebastian is the worst Butler of them all. Sure, all of the other Butlers aren't as "perfect" as he, but they don't try to be perfect for their own aesthetic or just to have obtained perfection, they were more set on just being there for their Masters. And I think, that besides Grell, all of them would die for their Masters if they had to. If Sebastian was mortal, I don't think he'd give his life for Ciel

And said Butlers I’m talking about are the ones we know more in depth. Like Agni, or Tanaka, even Wolfram. I’m not sure if we can look at the Queen’s Butlers right now, I feel like we’ve not seen them interact enough with the Queen directly yet. 

Good point! We have (or had) several master/servant pairs and for those who are human their relationship was always more than just business and went much deeper. For Agni and Soma that’s the most obvious. To Agni, Soma was everything. Being his butler wasn’t a job, it was his life and his passion. He would have done everything in order to protect Soma and make him happy. And now he even gave up his life for Soma.

With Wolfram and Sieglinde we have a pair whose relationship started as a job for Wolfram but he, too, grew to value Sieglinde to such a point that he abandoned his original duty and betrayed his country in order to save Sieglinde. Like Agni, he stays for her sake alone, without any other motives.

It’s not so clear with the Queen and her butlers. She seems to be closest to John Brown but we know almost nothing about his personality and Double Charles are loyal to the Queen but it’s not so clear if they do it out of personal attachment or just because it’s their duty.

And then there’s Sebastian who appears to be the perfect butler since he seems like he can do everything. But like you said, with him it’s not an emotional bond he has to his master – unlike Agni or Wolfram. Sure, Sebastian has his aesthetics but the reason why he’s even playing a butler is to get something out of it – dinner and fun. It doesn’t really matter who he is serving as long as it’s a tasty soul and as long as that soul can entertain him. For now that’s Ciel.

But there’s not much of a personal attachment Sebastian has to Ciel. And if it ever gets boring Sebastian will end it (as it nearly happened in the Green Witch arc). So he only really ‘cares’ about Ciel if he’s in danger of dying since that would destroy Sebastian’s meal or if it’s because of his aesthetics as a butler. But that’s probably only a rule he follows to make his game more thrilling.

Sebastian may have developed a little bit since the beginning of the contract. He seems to have respect for some humans and he acts more independently in Ciel’s favor nowadays. But in the end he’s still a demon waiting to feast on his prey, without such selfless motives as Agni or Wolfram for serving his master.

Grell might not have been a much better butler since Madam Red was being killed by Grell in the end, even though their relationship started because of emotional bonds, as well – unlike Ciel’s and Sebastian’s contract. But the human butlers (and Agni in particular) have/had a much deeper bond to their master than Sebastian. So while Sebastian is the perfect butler in appearances he might actually be the worst on an emotional level.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Anon. :)

EDIT: Oh and I totally forgot about Tanaka. ;^^ He doesn’t appear often but he has served the Phantomhives probably for generations. And I’m sure he’s attached to them, too. If it was just a job for him he probably would have retired after Vincent’s and Rachel’s death. But he’s still ready to serve and protect Ciel.

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I know you think your art doesn't have enough variety, but it's obvious that your efforts to push yourself and step out of your comfort zone is improving your art like your art is always lovely but the stuff you've posted lately def shows how you've improved. These things take time ya know so don't be hard on yourself, you're doing great sweetie and I can't wait to see just how great your art can get!!

this ask genuinely means so much to me, like… i constantly feel like my art is stagnating at best and degrading over time at worst and the fact that anybody thinks it’s been getting better / i’m leaving my comfort zone a bit feels really really dope. thank you!!!!!!

Eight seconds.

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How exactly is Lapis's power unanswered? She's a hydrokinetic on a world that happens to have over 70% of its surface covered in water, who happened to be freed on a coastline, and Homeworld possesses a very myopic view of gems acting precisely within their roles but Lapis has had thousands of years of nothing to do but think of EXACTLY what she'd do if she's ever freed. Like yes, she seems haughtier than Bismuth, but we don't know enough of Homeworld's values to see how they're ranked.

I had a big thing typed out about this but like:

Because Crewniverse keeps making a big obvious point about how scary and overpowered Lapis is. It’s a thing. Because Mirror Match sounds like final boss music. Because Jasper’s supposed to be the ultimate supersoldier and Lapis took her out in one hit hard enough to make her pull a Team Rocket, and the show doesn’t use exaggerated takes like that which means Lapis just legitimately threw Jasper that far.

So I’m gonna fire right back here: How exactly is Lapis’s power explained? Because the only rebuttal I ever get from this is “Somehow, Lapis has never fought, even though she has abilities that are pretty clearly just combat skills, and, also, I’ve decided without any evidence or support from canon except a very specific unconfirmed read on one or two very specific scenes, that Lapis is powerless without water. Even though most element controlling Gems can make their element.”

Lapis being powerless without water is not canon. We’ve never seen it happen. You cannot act like that is a legitimate explanation for why it’s not suspicious that Lapis punched a spaceship out of midair while looking bored and barely working. Or that Jasper was suddenly incredibly deferential towards Lapis and begging Lapis for her power in Alone At Sea.

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Hey, linkspooky-kun. Regarding your earlier post, I wanted to know why you think why in next arc there'll be Kanou and Furuta parallels than Kanou and Kaneki. I don't see any parallels this far. Or perhaps I'm just not sensitive enough to know one. That's why, opinion pls....

The death of his mother profoundly affecting his life, turning once a cheerful child into something more despondent. Also, the majority of his life being dominated by the illness of his mother. In Kaneki’s case at least the fact that she worked herself to exhaustion and had no time for him, both seem like obvious parallels between Kaneki and Kanou.

It’s also Hide who this information is being relayd to, ie, the person who watched the change in Kaneki first hand after his mother died. However, my suggestion was that rather than being a Kaneki parallel as it seems on the surface this could instead be a Furuta parallel in disguise. After all, it was Kanou who appears in Furuta’s mini joke flashback.

Considering Kanou and Furuta’s relationship is still entirely unexplained, and it’s something Furuta deliberately said would be a story for another time in canon, it seems like we might be getting this reveal soon. 

Kanou seems to have been connected with V even before what happened with the Yasuhisas, so the reason for their collaboration and the parallels that run between them could be deeper than we think. 

That’s the point of that post. It was just a suggestion that the story could be pointing us in a different way than we think with Kanou at the moment. 

I think I’ve seen enough spoilers now to give my two cents’ worth about Sofia and Oswald in Gotham. (Disclaimer: not seen the full episodes). Misgivings under a cut and tagged ‘gotham s4 spoilers.'  It’s a wall of text, sorry.

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I think the thing that's saddest about Harry's better nature in regards to women is just how long it takes to come out in a more obvious light. The first few books are pretty rough because it's not as obvious as it becomes in later books (see: Proven Guilty with Karrin and Molly, and Turn Coat/Changes for his interactions with Luccio). Most people form their judgements based on the early books and don't want to acknowledge the growth/narrative alterations that happens in the later books.

I think it’s important to remember that the first book is 17 years old, and was written before that. Like there were people not born yet who are now old enough to read these books. And the things Harry does in these books were still pretty acceptable 10 years ago. Probably less than that.

Discussing the intersection of expectations, culture, and narrative structure when it comes to suspension of disbelief and perceived narrative quality (using Kuroshitsuji and Sherlock season 4 as examples)

The title makes this sound kind of smart but in reality this is another really really long and totally incoherent ramble that accomplishes nothing it’s just something I thought was interesting and wanted to rant about. I’m sorry. One day I’ll go back to writing clever text posts I just don’t know when that day will come.

TL;DR: I thought of what it would be like to describe the 2ct becoming canon to someone who’s never heard of it and it sent me on this long spiral of thought where I concluded that the cleverness of a plot twist can be weighted on toooootally different criteria depending on who you ask.

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Ok so what's your take on Daisy saying that Rey's parentage should had been obvious by the end of force awakens? And that ppl are in denial of it like they were when they found our Vader was Luke's father in empire? Like I don't want her to be a Skywalker cause I feel that'd be the obvious thing but that response had me going hmmmm

I’ve heard the first part but not the second; the “denial” thing wouldn’t really make sense if she’s referring to Rey being a Skywalker, since that’s what most of the general public thinks at this point.

Honestly, I’ve heard enough things in aggregate that Rey Skywalker is 99% dead to me. It’s a red herring – admittedly a very good one, but just the same. Personally, I see the evidence for Rey Kenobi growing stronger, but regardless, I think we’re going to see the case for Rey being a Skywalker continuing to unravel. Even Daisy noted that Luke has no idea who Rey is: one more strike in a long line of many.