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Can I please have your opinion on this post (warning: stupidity): twelves-kidneys*dot*tumblr*dot*com/post/77503585593/things-that-make-me-want-to-set-myself-on-fire?

lol this is the post that kali was raging about earlier in my ask box like

if i could be bothered i could go down that list and argue each and every point with them, but i really don’t like confrontation lol, it’s not good for my mental health, especially when it is with someone who clearly isn’t going to have their mind changed, i do not see the point.

but like just cherry picking a few, i’ve already talked about how rose putting the doctor before the universe is a flat out lie, but to have that right after a point defending river song from the same accusation when she canonically held the universe HOSTAGE? oh my god. rose’s life doesn’t REVOLVE around him. it just doesn’t. wasn’t born to kill the doctor, she wasn’t brainwashed to be obsessed with him all her life, she didn’t die to save him, she didn’t stay in jail to protect him. she has a life outside of him in jackie, pete, mickey, mo, shareen, jimmy stone, howard, jericho street junior school etc. River’s life does revolve around him, she has no life outside of him.

‘glorifies ten and rose’ how can you glorify something which isn’t bad. that doesn’t make sense, the definition of glorify is ’represent as admirable, unjustifiably’. i think the word they are looking for is ‘like’.

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