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So how ‘bout that chapter 31.

Anyways Dereks gotta be pissed right? Like, a lot of his people got arrested and he probably barely got away. Part of me is like “okay he’s gotta give up after this, come on.” but another part of me just knows that’s not the case.

In synopsis please read Calm/Storm and follow @blatherkatt. (Also there’s a bonus doodle of Dave and…Dave? I guess?? Under the cut bc I never finished it)

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171215 // This is probably the most artsy spread I’ve done and it was painful as hell, but I’m proud of it so here we go please don’t yell at me about the proper structure of bamboo i am not an artist also fairy lights because its christmas :)

Clack Week Day 4: Uniform

Just a quick scribble today, I spent too long writing yesterday’s full length fic and didn’t leave enough time for this one. ^^;;

“Uh, Zack?” Cloud shifted his weight, trying to get a feel for how the fabric hung off him. It felt snug, but not too tight anywhere. Good range of movement. He thought it looked good from what he could see in the mirror, but, to be honest, he was a backwater country bumpkin. What the hell did he know about tailored dress uniforms.

Zack had more experience with this sort of thing, having been a SOLDIER for much longer and dragged to plenty of black tie events and formal parades in his time. Except that Zack had fallen oddly silent, and Cloud was starting to worry it looked awful on him or something.

“So. Is this okay for the dress uniform?”

Still no reply. Cloud turned away from the mirror to see what Zack was up to. He was still perched on the little fabric pouf just to the side of the changing area, but from his expression he seemed miles away.

Cloud rolled his eyes and nudged Zack’s shin with his foot.


Zack jerked back into awareness, shaking himself out of his daydreaming and giving Cloud a sheepish smile.

“You seem distracted,” Cloud commented, a little concerned. Zack had insisted on coming along to help out, but Cloud had thought it would be boring for him to just sit around watching Cloud try on dress uniforms. And then they’d had to wait for the tailor to alter one down to the perfect fit after that. Spacing out probably meant Zack was bored after all, and Cloud felt guilty about it all over again.

“Sorry,” Zack said. “I was having an epiphany.”

Cloud’s expression wrinkled into a small frown of confusion. “What?”

“Mmhm. I think it was from staring at your ass… those trousers, man. They fit so well. The cut lines, the way they accentuate your perfect butt…”

That frown bled away, heat seeping into Cloud’s cheeks instead. He coughed to try and get Zack back on topic.

“Mmm. Anyway, so I was staring at your butt, and it made me totally emphasise with that old cliché. You know the one, right? About how people are supposed to swoon over uniforms? I never really understood why. Especially the SOLDIER uniform. I mean, we’re both stuck wearing it every day, we can agree it’s kinda dorky.”

“Yeah. And it suits you to a T,” Cloud joked. “What was your point?”

“But, that.” Zack gestured up and down at Cloud. “Oh, Cloud. Cloudy. Sunshine chocobo of my heart. That dress uniform you’ve got on right now. That is the kind of uniform that leaves people swooning.”

Cloud huffed, not sure whether he should be mildly offended at Zack’s choice of endearment, or flattered that he seemed to approve of Cloud’s dress blues at least.

“Seriously,” Zack said. He looked serious now too, staring Cloud straight in the eye with utter sincerity. “If you told me to bend over right now, my pants would be off in a heartbeat.”

Cloud snorted, then chuckled, then finally doubled over in full laughter. “You’re ridiculous,” he informed Zack. That didn’t stop Cloud from straddling Zack’s thighs though, a wide smile of amusement still on his face as his kissed his boyfriend thoroughly.

He couldn’t do much more than that, not while they were still technically in public at the tailors. The owner of the establishment had left Cloud to get changed on his own while dealing with another customer, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be back to check on them shortly.

Cloud sighed as he kissed Zack once more before sliding out of the SOLDIER’s lap. But his eyes as he glanced back were full of promise.

“Tomorrow once this stupid parade is over, I’m going to hold you to that,” Cloud said.


Stay and fight. I’ll fight with you.  ( I’m so embarrassed. )  So what ? Start over. It can be done, I should know… We’ll get through this together.  ( Promise ? )  Promise.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGO !  @wandamaixmoff

Thrawn Fanclub | Thrawn + Buddies | Star Wars EU / Rebels

So Thrawn has lots of in-universe fans and I love it.

In order from left to right: Jorj Car’das, Captain Voss Parck, Governor Pryce, Captain Niriz, Captain Gilad Pellaeon, Grand Admiral Thrawn.

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)

  • Sensei Wu: Nice work.
  • Kai: Thanks dad.
  • *everyone stares at kai*
  • Kai: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Zane: You just called sensei dad.
  • Cole: You said "thanks dad"
  • Kai: What? No I didn't, I said "thanks man"
  • Sensei Wu: Do you see me as a father figure, Kai?
  • Kai: No! If anything I see you as a bother figure! 'Cause you're always bothering me!
  • Jay: Hey! Show your father some respect!

I saw Moana today, and there was so very much to love about it.  But I think I’m just going to talk about one thing for now.  And that’s the “princess upgrade.”  (Well, that’s what I’m calling it.)

Moana has the usual Disney heroine trope of “I want more than being a princess/royalty/whatever!”  (It’s a good trope for a fairy tale.)  But with a lot of Disney princesses, there’s really nothing for them to DO as princesses.  They exist, and that’s good and right for the kingdom, your prince will come and evil will be defeated, the end.  There’s no actual ruling or governance or anything you have to be trained for, don’t be silly!

Moana is the daughter of a chief, and the main point her father uses to keep her at home and out of trouble is saying, “hey, you’re gonna be chief someday, here are your people, you’ve got to take care of them!”  And the next montage shows her…doing exactly that.  We see her making decisions in day-to-day life, talking to her people, doing her job to keep the island and her people happy and prosperous.  We see her, in short, being trained to be a leader.  Her birth position is both a job and a serious responsibility that has to be performed right to keep things good.  Destiny, of course, has some extra things in mind for her, but those things are also in the best interest of her people.  They’re tasks that need to be done, and she was the person picked for the job.

That was EXTREMELY refreshing to see.  And that alone would have made the movie worth it to me, but again, there was SO MUCH MORE TO LOVE.

okay so update on the-assignment-from-hell (not to be confused with the dissertation no worries) aka the strategic report on nissan leaf (*vomits*). i finished the first draft on tuesday and then did a read-through + a bit of editing today. also put in some (probably way too few lol rip) more sources and sorted all the referencing today.

what’s left before i have to hand it in on wednesday? do a couple of more read-throughs (possibly with the help of babe bc she’s back today), wRITE THE EXCECUTIVE SUMMARY (it’s like 100 words lol so no biggie), and sort the cover page

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Sanvers, coffee shop

There are three coffee shops between Alex’s apartment and work, but only one manages to get her order right every time, and only one has the cute barista with the dimples (god, the dimples) who always writes something on her cup.

It starts off simple with “have a nice day :)”, then Alex comes in during what is decidedly not a nice day and the woman writes “smile, beautiful” in the middle of a heart which at least wipes the borderline murderous look off of her face.

And it becomes kind of a thing. Alex drops by every morning before work and every time she leaves it’s to a different note on her cup, or a joke, or even bad pickup lines, like the time Alex walks in with her lab badge hanging from her neck and nearly manages to choke on nothing but air when she finds “Do you like science? Because I’ve got my ion you!” scrawled on the side.

That’s when she decides that she’s going to do something (because this is flirting, right?), she’s going to ask out the cute barista, it’s a thing that’s going to happen, but the shop is completely packed and Alex totally loses her nerve, gets her coffee and leaves, more than a little disappointed.

Until she finds another dumb line - Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Because you are Cu-Te - written on the side of her cup, until she sees the name - Maggie - and a phone number just beneath it.

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So I've been following your blog for several months now and I absolutely love your writing! :D I noticed that you're also into Harry Potter, from the looks of it, so I was wondering... If you were to put the male characters in Hogwarts, which houses do you think they'd be in? :P :D I've kind of wondered about this and I don't think I've ever read someone ask or comment about it. xD

I think I’ve done this before actually, but I can’t seem to find it! Thankfully, their houses are something that I have memorized by heart tbh. I’ve included both girls and guys. Thank you for following me and you’re absolutely correct, I’m really into Harry Potter! I absolutely love it!


  • Vicktor
    He’s in the manga and honestly, I don’t know too much about him since all I see of him are stuff in the MCL tag. However,  I think in the manga, and correct me if I am wrong, him and Candy were friends since childhood? And to remember her from that long ago along with their promise (though I’m not sure what that promise was, again correct me if I am wrong), it requires a lot of loyalty.
  • Jade
    I think he’d be in Hufflepuff as well because frankly, he seems to be very loyal. Maybe not so much to Candy or people in general (we don’t see much of him in the game), but to the environment and to nature.
  • Iris
    I think for the most part,  she’s a Hufflepuff. She seems to be pretty loyal to Candy and just all of her friends. Plus she’s extremely friendly and Hufflepuff seems to be the most friendliest house.
  • Violette
    For the same reason as Iris, she seems to be loyal to Candy and all of her friends.
  • Amber
    I imagine this may be confusing- Amber as a Hufflepuff, really? But she doesn’t seem to be as brave as Gryffindor, smart like Ravenclaw, and while she’s mean, she is by no means sly and cunning like a Slytherin. But she seems to be kind of loyal to her friends and her family. I mean despite everything, she seems to be loyal to Nathaniel and her parents, not wanting Candy to date her brother is an example that she does care about him and such. Even if she isn’t always nice to him nor anyone else.


  • Dajan
    The basketball-lovin’ guy seems to be pretty brave, like I don’t know since we don’t know that much about Dajan which kills me. But I can’t really picture him as anything else except maybe a Slytherin?
  • Dakota
    He certainly has the confidence of a Gryffindor and the bravery down to a T.
  • Castiel
    I don’t think he’s very sly or cunning so Slytherin for him is a no-go. He rather faces things head-on and doesn’t seem to hold back. I imagine he’d be loyal as well (example: he was loyal to Deborah until after Candy exposed her and he’s loyal to Lysander), but his bravery seems to be his most dominant trait.
  • Armin
    I honestly almost picture him as a Ravenclaw; the boy’s not book smart, but I think he’d be pretty street smart and don’t even get me started with how smart he is with video games. But I think he’s best as a Gryffindor. Like Castiel, he doesn’t hold back and says what’s on his mind. He faces things head-on, I’d imagine and he seems to be more of an impulsive person than a person who thinks it out. Like in how in the play episode, he tossed the tea cup at Kentin without a second thought in the Alice In Wonderland play on a whim and in the Sleeping Beauty play, he put Kiki in the dragon outfit without thinking it through.
  • Kentin
    When I picture Kentin as a Gryffindor, I think of Neville, especially how Neville went from a more shy-reserved guy to a the brave Gryffindor (I might be thinking of someone else, I get names mixed up a lot). As Kentin, he sure is brave and doesn’t seem to hesitate to face any of the guys (Castiel being the expection) head on for Candy’s affection.
  • Kim
    She does not avoid confrontation, speaks her mind and does not care what others think or say. She seems to face things head on and is always edging for a fight.
  • Peggy
    She does sneak around a lot and stick her nose for gossip, but she tells everything in her newspaper (which is why she is not Slytherin). She seems to be very brave and bold to search for what she wants.


  • Nathaniel
    Not only is he very smart, but he seems to be wise as well. But his intelligence is most definitely his most dominate trait.
  • Charlotte
    We don’t get much interaction with her in the game, but she seems to be a more reserved, intelligent person. At least that is the vibe I get from her.
  • Lysander
    He does loose things, a lot, but that doesn’t make him any less smart. If not book smart, he is at least smart with music. More so, wisdom and creativity are also strong Ravenclaw traits- he’s quick to give advice and seems to have a very ‘wise soul’, more so he’s very creative to be able to write lyrics.


  • Deborah
    Of course not all Slytherins are evil (I’m a Slytherin myself) and I am not placing her into this house because she’s evil. She is a Slytherin because you have to be sly, cunning and manipulative (not necessarily a Slytherin trait, per say, but adds to it) to do all that she did. She knows how to work people to her favor and advantage and she is very sly about it. She’s very ambitious to achieve her own goals.
  • Cappuine
    She tries to feed you the wrong lines in the episode you do the play because she wants to screw you up. She sneaks around the whole school trying to get the gossip, which she then tells Amber.. Not to she goes straight to befriending Melody the second that Candy and Melody have issues. Something about her kinda of reminds me of Pansy (from Harry Potter) to be honest.
  • Rosayla
    Rosayla is hard to sort. She’s either a Gryffindor or a Slytherin and I think she’s really a mix of the two. She does after all speak her mind, like a Gryffindor, but she solves things slyly and sneakily like a Slytherin. Example, it was her and Alexy that faked a love letter that they put in Amber’s locker. Not to mention all the sly comments she makes about Candy and the guy you like.
  • Li
    We don’t know much about Li’s character so it’s hard to figure her out, but I think she’d be in Slytherin. Though she seems to be loyal to Charlotte and smart in her own way.
  • Alexy
    He’s is a good example of a good Slytherin. When Deborah showed up, he knew that she was bad news. Yet instead of just confronting her head-on, he acted like he was her friend, he acted like he was her ally, when in reality, she was an enemy which is a very Slytherin move. He was so into the role that he didn’t even tell his brother what he was doing. Then he later confided in Candy in private that he was her friend, but he continued to act like he was Deborah’s friend to try to find out what she was doing and planning. Then in another episode, he made a fake love letter to Amber with Rosayla when they found out what Amber did to Candy. Total Slytherin, I love it.