i don't think i've ever done this before

So if anyone else wants to do the older party in Lucis glitch, here be instructions: 

If something is unclear - and it probably is because I’m terrible at writing instructions - just send me a chat message. I’d be happy to try and help.

First thing: your game needs to be version 1.0. This glitch requires for you to go out of bounds, and the way has been patched in later versions of the game (to my knowledge at least.) 

(If you have a physical copy of the game, reverting back to 1.0 is easy: delete the game, disable internet on your ps4 so it doesn’t download and install updates, install game again. Not sure if it’s doable on all digital version?)

Basically you just need to swim to Altissia on your chocobo sometime before setting sail there. (The video shows how you can advance enough so you reach the ocean. From there just take a course to Altissia - try and replicate the course the boat will take so you won’t fall through the world. It takes a long time.)

Note: I did it in chapter 3 I think? Sometime right after getting chocobos and leveling enough to do the jump off the bridge in Old Lestallum. (It shouldn’t matter when you go there, just as long as it’s before the boat ride. I think anyway.)

K. Now you’ve reached Altissia, congrats, here’s one video showing how you can get safely to land. (Around 7:45.) You should save before going up the stairs. I’ve once gotten stuck under a bridge, and twice trying to go up the stairs and trust me it’s awful having to do the long swim up until that point.

Then just go to the hotel and talk to Gentiana to get the cutscene and the ability to summon Umbra. 

Do not sleep at the hotel.

Now. This is an important step. Open your map and see if you have the option available to go back to car. You should. (or go back to rest point? that should work too?) I left the Regalia in Old Lestallum so I just went there.

Once you’re in Lucis, summon Umbra and go to past Lucis. This way we’ll be leaving the present characters to wherever they’re now.

You should be in Cape Caem now, in the past, and Cindy calls you to give the Adamantoise quest. (Just ignore it for now.)

Then just continue on and advance the story all the way until you’re in Insomnia. 

After fighting the first wave of imperials/demons, go to rest point and call Umbra and go to present time.

Everyone should be older now, wherever you left them in Lucis back then several hours ago.


Random things I’ve noticed, these might be different for you I don’t know (this poor game is so confused)

  • There’s no Regalia. Anywhere. It’s gone. I have the option to talk to Cindy and service/customize it but when I click on the options nothing happens.
    EDIT: Thanks @analfuneral for letting me know, there is indeed a way to get the Regalia! Just do not start any of Cindy’s side-quests until you’re with the older party. The cutscene where she gives you the first quest to get the car wax spawns the car to Hammerhead. (Tho it disappears if you save/reload, so if you want to keep getting the car be sure to save BEFORE initiating the cutscene.)

  • For some reason Cid won’t upgrade my weapons anymore. In the game the quest map tries to tell me Cid is in Cape Caem but he’s sitting in Hammerhead in reality so I don’t know?

  • Adamantoise quest crashes everything when trying to talk to Dave 
    EDIT: Not crashing anymore for some reason?

Now you can update your game if you want. Everyone will still be older in Lucis, but summoning Umbra won’t work anymore. (Well. It does, but it also fixes the glitch - at least for me - if you travel to past/present so don’t do that.) 

ALSO, if you want to see older Noctis without the beard, your game needs to be updated. Don’t know what they’ve done to make it happen. (And it only happens while in Steyliff Grove!)

  • Sensei Wu: Nice work.
  • Kai: Thanks dad.
  • *everyone stares at kai*
  • Kai: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Zane: You just called sensei dad.
  • Cole: You said "thanks dad"
  • Kai: What? No I didn't, I said "thanks man"
  • Sensei Wu: Do you see me as a father figure, Kai?
  • Kai: No! If anything I see you as a bother figure! 'Cause you're always bothering me!
  • Jay: Hey! Show your father some respect!

Stay and fight. I’ll fight with you.  ( I’m so embarrassed. )  So what ? Start over. It can be done, I should know… We’ll get through this together.  ( Promise ? )  Promise.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGO !  @wandamaixmoff

Last night I stayed up until the bitter end, cried myself out until I was more exhausted than I have been in a long, long time, and tried to get some sleep. Two hours later, I got up to go to school.

At school I looked students in the eye all day. Students who are Black and Latinx, almost exclusively. Who are from immigrant families or immigrants themselves. Who are disabled. Who are queer. Who are women. Who want answers. Who trust that I, somehow, can give them.

Today I and every teacher I saw made ourselves raw with talking about this. I left school shaking and I might still be. It is my job to explain to these kids what happened, to assuage their fears, to listen to their thoughts and tell them I stand with them, we stand with them, a vote does not mean there are no longer good people behind them.

All day I wanted to ask my mentor-teacher if I was doing this right, to settle my fears that I too was failing these kids again, because how the hell do you handle this?

You tell students about it in the same way I’m telling you, by and large, I guess I’ve learned.

Elections in the US rely on a peaceful transfer of power and we have to let that happen, but as Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton said in her concession speech today, that does not mean allowing bigotry. Bigotry is not a democratic value, and I refuse to let it slip in as one (Huffington Post: What do we tell the Children?)

We get angry. We get sad and angry and we grieve and we shout and we find our safe space to do this in and we don’t let anyone take that away from us, and we don’t let anyone take it away from our friends, our neighbors. We process, we prepare.

We survive. We survive out of spite and then we thrive out of spite when we can. We look out for our fellows and or neighbors because we are still decent human beings and we do not let that value be hidden.

We fight. We find our causes and we step in, on whatever level is the level for us. We vote in every election, from the most seemingly inconsequential town election on up. We prepare for the midterms. We know our congresspeople and we know our preferred way to contact them. We keep the pressure on Congress.

We be the record keepers. We do not allow the world to forget what happens, so next time we’re here, next time the country is divided on such lines, next time bigotry is on the ballot, next time the sharpest and most evident ideological and economic divide in America we have seen becomes evident, we handle it differently.

And then we look ahead. We allow no one to forget. We keep our fights moving, we keep planning and adapting and fixing. We keep protecting and surviving and never, ever plan to stop.

That’s what I told my students today. That’s what I’ll tell you. Last night was a tragedy, it was emotionally devastating, and on many ways I cannot physically engage right now. But Secretary Clinton gave us a well thought out, beautiful, powerful concession speech, and I am going to listen to her. Nothing I’ve said here is easy, and Secretary Clinton knew that when she spoke too. Nothing here sounds even remotely easy, especially to some of us. For me, mourning and then surviving is all I can expect and ask from anyone. But this is my plan, for me. I’m mourning and grieving, but when I’m ready, I’ll move on, and I’ll look forward, and I will make double sure to look out for my neighbors, because if we don’t look that way, the future isn’t going to look much better.

Congrats on this crazy huge milestone, Jack!

I want to say something, because I haven’t ever properly done it before… so uh. Jack, if you see this. I want you to know that you honestly saved my life. Probably several times. I can’t remember when I started watching your videos, and I don’t know if that’s just because I feel like I always have been or if my sense of time is really that bad. But in any case… I can say with confidence that you have been a beacon of light at my darkest moments. I don’t watch your videos as much as I’d like to, because I’m sorta convinced that I’ll ruin it for myself somehow, but every time that I do watch I can’t help but feel happy at least for a little while. Thank you doesn’t seem good enough, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

And thank you to everyone in the community that has ever given me support as well. I appreciate it more than you could ever know.

All at once, everything looks different,
Now that I see you…

(has this been done a million times yet? lololol)

It’s come to my attention that Tumblr user panicattheromance has used my art in this video edit without my permission and without crediting me. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this with other people’s art, they’ve made multiple vine videos of this kind. I’ve sent multiple messages asking them to take the video down or even keep it up if they choose to include credit in the description but they have chosen to ignore my messages and block me instead.

I’ve said it so many times before and I’m not afraid to say it again: reposting without permission and choosing not to source the artist is rude, offensive and disrespectful. You fail to acknowledge the person who put hard work and effort into the artwork you’ve reposted and by doing this you’re mistreating them and their work. 

Cross and Cross Questions!

I don’t think these have been done before but I figured it’s time for some questions about Cross relationships with each other! Who knows, maybe some of these will spake some Cross relationship building : 0

1) Which Cross would your Cross like to meet? Would they become friends, or would they end up being rivals?

2) Which Cross can you imagine your Cross having a crush on? What do you imagine the reaction would be, and would the relationship work out?

3) Which Cross would your Cross go to for battle advice?

4) Similar to the above, which Cross would your Cross find themselves scouting on a regular basis?

5) Yet again similar, which Cross does your Cross look up to, and why?

6) And finally, which Cross would your Cross find insanely attractive?

For those who know other Crosses and have relationships with them already, feel free to mix up some of your answers! If anything, let’s use this to find some other Crosses :3