i don't think i've done it justice

Just a heads up, please don’t make or support posts or ideas that rag on white/straight/cis/het/male/neurotypical/etc. people. I don’t really care if you saw a post saying it was okay to do that because “they’re privileged so it’s okay! Their hurt feelings don’t matter! They can take it! It’s harmless compared to what [some kind of marginalized group] go through!” 

You don’t seem to realize how childish, petty, and completely ignorant it is. There are a lot of people on this site who all they need is someone saying immature stuff like that about them to throw them into an emotional state. You know that, yet that’s really your goal, isn’t it? You bully people in the name of altruism. That’s wrong and makes you a bad person. You don’t know what anyone on an individual level has gone through, and no one should be made to feel inherently inferior. Not by a system, and not by you. I don’t care how you try to rationalize it, you’re probably running things through your head right now about what you’ve read on tumblr that tell you it’s okay to do. If you feel like anyone is inferior to you just because of the way they were born, no matter how privileged tumblr told you they are, that’s objectively wrong. You don’t make people equal by bringing people down. That’s what immature people do. That’s what bullies do.

Maybe you do it to cope with how people have made you feel. Maybe you think that the people who made you feel inferior deserve a little bit of it back. That’s understandable and common, but unfortunately for you, it’s still unacceptable behavior and an unhealthy mindset and not productive at all. An unhealthy way to cope. I should know. I’ve done it myself, and I’m the queen of inferiority complexes. I know exactly where it comes from and recognize my unhealthy behavior and quickly apologize for it and try to learn from it. 

Do your best to not make excuses and learn to be better. Apologize when you do bad things. Don’t promote the idea that anyone is inferior no matter how harmless you think it is.