i don't think i'll win


OCN Save Me’s character Choi Man Hee isn’t just any smart and caring guy but someone special and unique, because he’s one of the few well-rounded fat characters in kdramas. We obviously have a lack of fat characters in Korean dramas. If we get them, they’re usually not actually played by fat people or they are the ones we’re supposed to laugh at. One of their main or only purpose in a story is to let us see them either stuffing their faces with food or losing weight. But Man Hee is different and I love that. I want to see more fat characters like him in kdramas, male and female alike.

i honestly can’t fathom the fact that cody “men are weak if they show emotion” nickson is gonna be in the top three and possibly win afp/afh

bc even if I disregard the fact that he’s transphobic, racist and doesn’t think climate change is real HE STILL PLAYED A SHIT GAME

y'all only like him because he didn’t like paul but he literally came into the house with that attitude before he even knew paul was in the game… he ruined jess’s game, had terrible intuition and was a dickhead the whole time but oh he didn’t like paul!?!? what a fucking hero

Me after watching the last ep of Chicago Typewriter: One of the best inventions in 2017: Chicago Typewriter.

Cozmic One did some growing up! He gets up for 4th which after his last couple of starts before the break that’s an improvement.

okay fuck off disney channel

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I don't think I'll win the giveaway I don't really ever win but I do it be awesome anyways your blog makes me feel it's ok I'm a geek

There’s always a chance :) And it’s not just okay to be a geek, it’s amazingly awesome :D