i don't think i'll be on much tomorrow

So I'm in Jumin's route Day 10; 1:30 AM

And oh boy, let’s just say that if you want your heart to break, call Seven. If you want things to get a little sensual, call Jumin. (Both after the chat at 0:44 or 12:44 AM)
it’s a rollercoaster

Yeah, exactly. Like vacation, for example.

That’s why I decided to let Greed wear a cringe-worthy star pattern shirt (I wanted it to be flowers first, but I didn’t find a pattern I liked) to fit the topic. He has questionable fasion-sense anyway. 

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My ask box has been cleared!! Finally ;u;’

I feel really bad about how long it took - much longer than I initially thought it would. But it also timed up nicely with something- I stated this in my last post but lol this blog hit 100 followers!!! I’m so happy and thankful i love you guys so so much and I’m happy to say that my ask box will be opened tomorrow! (It’s already very late for me right now, so it’ll be tomorrow morning >u<) Thank you guys so much for being so patient really God bless you all ;u;

The one other thing, I’m not too sure if I will do this but I’ve been considering adding the Wizard and Sandy to possible matchups answers. The reason I’m not too sure on this is that as of current they aren’t romanceable characters, or really major characters at all, so it would be kind of hard to get their personality down I feel? But it would also be kind of interesting… Please let me know what you think on this idea >u<!! And once again, thank you all so much omg! <3