i don't think i'll be doing any more lmao

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couldn't read much of this chapter but i still laughed at what i could lmao. i know everyone else mentioned it but i love that jefferson changed every as to ass, like ofc he would. (thank you, by the way, for the summary & dividers ! not all fics do that & i miss alot)

Lollll I’m so glad y'all liked that part!!! I thought it was very fitting, and tbh all I can say is that Jefferson is lucky Alex was in such a good mood when he found out 😂

And you don’t need to thank me at all!!! It’s no trouble for me to do that, and I totally understand and respect that some of y'all don’t want to read smut. Thank you for still taking the time to read what you could and sending me this!

  • Sam: Admit you love Cas!
  • Dean: I can't! How can I admit that I think about him all the time.
  • Dean: Or that...I care about him more than anyone.
  • Dean: How can I admit that...I don't know what I'll do if any harm comes to him?
  • Sam: Why can't you?
  • Dean: Because nothing can ever happen between us! To admit my feelings knowing that...hurts too much.
  • Sam: Who's to say nothing can happen?
  • Dean: he's an angel of The Lord, Sam... I'm a mortal.