i don't think i would be able to handle it

Terms and Conditions II
  • Chloe: Now that I'm a superhero, I'll be able to kick bad guy butt! *transforms*
  • Queen Bee: Don't worry, Ladybug andChatNoirIguess, I'll handle this villain!
  • QB: *gets her ass handed to her*
  • QB: ...what gives?!
  • Ladybug: You have to learn how to fight, Bee. I took self-defense classes as a kid.
  • Chat Noir: *raises hand* And I do fencing.
  • Ladybug: What, did you think having superpowers would automatically make you able to fight?
  • QB: *that's exactly what she thought* N-No...

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I see a lot of people talking about Zen's route being problematic because of Echo Girl and the use of a false sexual harassment accusations as a plot point. I agree with those people, because that kind of thing rarely happens and it perpetuates a myth. But, I never see anyone talk about how Zen was actually the one who was sexually harassed? Echo girl did what a lot of creepy people in the acting industry do. She promised Zen a role if he would sleep with her. Why don't people talk about that?

Yeah I never see people talking about that! I guess it’s because the entire idea of women sexually harassing men isn’t brought to light often either? There’s a certain expectation that men should be able to handle assault from women, so in some cases it’s not even considered sexual harassment if the perpetuator is a women and the victim is a man.

Getting too real here.

Based on Zen’s route alone, I think it’s because we all just looked as Echo Girl as a spoiled brat, so much so that we didn’t get to focus on the other things that made her SUCH AN ASSWIPE.

hey what if i uh became a translator

I’m Not Scared - C.B.

A/N: I love Corbyn and Christina together so this was kinda hard to write but I hope you like it!
Requested by @wdwsmiles :)

Horror movies. You have loved them ever since you can remember, they were your absolute favourite thing to watch. Sadly, not many people could handle watching them. Including Corbyn. Although he didn’t want to admit it, you knew he was terrified. Whenever you chose one for your movie nights he would act like it didn’t bother him at all but you knew better.

This time was no different. You decided on a movie that you had seen too many times to count and once again, Corbyn agreed. When you asked him if he was sure, he just brushed it off, telling you he could handle a little ‘spookiness’. You rolled your eyes at his comment, turning towards the laptop to continue to search for the movie. But you didn’t miss the look in his eyes and his shallow breathing.

After you turned off the lights, the two of you got comfortable on the bed, your head on his shoulder and his arms wrapped around you, surrounded by blankets and tons of food. You were dying of excitement, grinning from ear to ear while your boyfriend tried his hardest to calm himself. The movie hadn’t even started and he was scared already.

The thrill rushed through your body the second Corbyn started the movie. Even though you were focused on the film you didn’t miss the little squeals coming from your boyfriend, no matter how many times he tried to cover them up with coughs. You kept glancing at him throughout the entire movie, just to make sure he was okay. Right before it got to the scariest part, you reached out and pressed pause, turning towards him.

“Are you sure you’re okay? We don’t have to continue if you don’t want to. I mean, the worst part is coming up next and it’s-” Corbyn cut you off before you could finish your rant.

“(Y/N), how many times to I have to tell you this. I’m. not. scared. Alright? This movie is lame anyways.” But you could tell he was lying by the way he was holding your hand in a death grip and avoiding eye contact.

You shook your head, not believing how stubborn he could be and turned away from him, unpausing the movie. You finished the film in complete silence, the only sounds being Corbyn’s occasional whimpers and sharp intakes of breath. As soon as the credits started rolling he rushed to the door, turning the lights on again. You were a little pissed at him for acting like a stubborn kid so you gave him a brief kiss on the cheek and left his room without another word. You walked back into the room you were staying in and got into bed, a deep slumber taking over you as soon as your head hit the pillow.

You heard the rustling of sheets and felt your mattress sink next to you. Slowly opening your eyes you looked at the clock on your bedside table. 2:09 a.m. Before you could ask yourself who would be coming to your room in the middle of the night you felt two arms wrap themselves around your body, pulling you into a chest. The familiar scent belonging to your boyfriend immediately took over your nostrils, making you smile.

“What are you doing here? It’s the middle of the night and I was sleeping peacefully until you decided to come in here and wake me up. I was having such a nice dream about Harry Styles!” Corbyn left out a soft chuckle but didn’t say anything. Concerned, you turned your body so you were facing him.

“What’s wrong, bean?” He left out a sigh, looking at anything but you.

“You were right.” You furrowed your brows, not understanding what he had said. “You were right.” he repeated, much louder this time “I was scared. I hate horror movies, alright? They terrify me. But I didn’t want you to think that I’m a loser ‘cause I was scared so I told you I wasn’t and I know how much you love them. I couldn’t say no to you ‘cause you always get that spark in your eyes when you ask me and you look so adorable when you get excited that I agreed to it. I honestly thought I could handle this one but the truth is, I was so close to peeing my pants!”

When Corbyn was done with his rambling you just looked at him and giggled. “C’mere you dork. I would never think that you’re a loser. You don’t like horror movies, so what? The world isn’t gonna end because of that. How about you sleep here tonight? Does that sound good?”

“Sounds perfect” is all he said, kissing you on the forehead and closing his eyes, finally able to fall asleep.

To Teams RWBY and JNPR, if you were able to swap places with your Spartan!au counterparts for a day, would you take the opportunity? (Asked by shadowalex2000) (awww yis spartan bbies)
  • Ruby, nervously looking up at her towering Spartan counterpart: So uhhh...you have a sniper rifle? But...can it do...
  • Ruby, throws her arm out and extends Crescent Rose into its scythe form: THIS!?!? Also...I don't think I'd be able to handle your job...
  • Spartan!Ruby, with a small laugh and a quick set of claps: No no, my rifle can't do that. Pretty impressive. And that's fine, it isn't for everyone that's for sure. From what I've learned, I wouldn't really want to match up against these Grimm.
  • ~~~~
  • Weiss, looking on in shock, as she eyes her Spartan counterpart from top to bottom: So...you're...
  • Spartan!Weiss, sadly: Hardly human? Mmhm. I'm not surprised that even ME wouldn't want to be in my position.
  • Weiss, frowns, trying to hold back her fearful look: I'm sorry...about what happened to you. I just couldn't.
  • Spartan!Weiss, nodding, her promethean eye flashing a cold blue: No worries, I understand.
  • ~~~~
  • Blake, with a raised eyebrow: So...that's what the White Fang are in this universe?
  • Spartan!Blake, nodding: Mhhm. Nothing more than people displaced by UNSC wars. Who just want safety and a place they belong, with brothers and sisters they can fight for.
  • Blake, nodding, her eyes closed: I see...I think I could handle a day in your shoes.
  • Spartan!Blake, a small almost unnoticeable smile: Well then, welcome to the UNSC.
  • ~~~~
  • Yang, fawning over herself: You're so huge! How much can you lift? How much ass do you kick on a daily basis? Oh man oh man you're so goddamn cool!!!!
  • Spartan!Yang, with a smug chuckle: Heh, a few tons with ease. If I really put in effort, I can lift a sixty-six metric ton battle tank.
  • Yang, jumping with excitement: I wanna be that so BAAAAAD
  • ~~~~
  • Jaune, after nearly wretching: So...you only have...
  • Spartan!Jaune, with a bittersweet smile: One. Human. Limb. Yup. Both my legs and my left arm were cut off by Sangheili. Took a few plasma rounds to my lightly armored chest, leaving these nasty scars.
  • Jaune, covering his mouth, his eyes trembling: Oh god...
  • Spartan!Jaune, with a laugh: Don't have my right eye either. But. Still wouldn't trade anything for what I have right now.
  • Jaune, shocked: What could possibly be worth continuing onward? In your condition?
  • Spartan!Jaune, stepping up and pointing out to a large group of marines: Them. Every single one was told they wouldn't walk again, or they wouldn't ever be able to fight another day. But because I believed in them, and they believed in me. They got out of those damn infirmary beds and made me proud.
  • Jaune, looking out at the dozens or so of injured marines, his face showing his amazement: Wow...maybe I could live a day in your life...just a day though.
  • Spartan!Jaune, patting himself on the back: You got guts when you need them. That's what matters.
  • ~~~~
  • Nora: Yes.
  • Spartan!Nora, nodding her head smugly: Mhm. You got it. That's the Nora Valkyrie answer alright.
  • ~~~~
  • Ren: You're equipment is amazing.
  • Spartan!Ren, giving a small bow: Thank you, thank you. I do my best to keep my things in their best condition. It's almost therapeutic to maintain your weaponry.
  • Ren, his eyes sparkling: I feel the exact same way, sadly no one else does...
  • Spartan!Ren: Would you...like to go see if any of the armory needs to be repaired?
  • Ren, clenching his fists in a tame excitement: I would very much like to, yes please.
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: While I think it's wonderful that Nancy and Steve ultimately decided to give their relationship another chance at the end of season 1, I don't think that that in any way lessens the chemistry and romantic potential of Nancy and Jonathan's bond, one that was clearly and carefully established by the writers. At the moment that bond has expressed itself in the form of a deep friendship and, while I appreciate that the writers did not ruin that with a forced romance, I definitely see in their dynamic the foundations of a future, beautiful romantic relationship built on the solid understanding and friendship they already share. I do not see what happens at the end of season 1 as the death knell of a possible future relationship between Jonathan and Nancy. In fact, precisely because nothing explicitly romantic has happened between them, the show has set itself up for a beautiful slow-burn romance that is all the more likely to flourish and be genuinely beautiful and healthy because it is NOT predicated on the failure of Nancy's relationship with Steve.(Whose arc and growth is one of my favorites in the series.) While the show cleverly avoids falling into the trap of setting up a love triangle that sends the message that Nancy should reject the "bad guy" (who actually wants to change) for the "good guy" (whose only purpose is to show her the meaning of life), and thus reducing each character to a stereotype, neither is the show using Nancy x Steve x Jonathan as a way to deconstruct the false "good guy" trope. Nancy and Jonathan's connection would not have been explored as deeply as it was or be as moving and genuinely innocent as it is if it were only intended as a kind of subversion of usual romantic tropes or a clever way to dupe the audience's instinct and expectation. While I will (probably) happily accept whatever direction the show wants to take Nancy's love life (as long as it is truthfully and delicately handled), I don't think I'm "missing the point of the story" by shipping her with Jonathan. Both romantic relationships have potential and appeal, just as both boys (and Nancy) have faults and failings that need to be overcome. Personally, I really value the innocent chemistry and instinctive understanding that form the backbone of Nancy and Jonathan's relationship and at some point I would love to see that develop into a real romance, though I am also able to admit that it is great to see the way Steve owns up to his mistakes and does his best to change for her.

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Prompt: Hey Khadgar, here is a potion I've made for which can revert you to your true physical age for a week. Will you take it? ((Don't worry, it's been tested

“I don’t think the world would be able to handle how handsome I would become. No, it’s probably for the best that - Turaylon stop laughing!”

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I really want to get free stuff, but am really scared to lift. If I ever were to get caught, I probably wouldn't be able to handle it and would lose my ability to speak and function. I mean, I like the idea, but I don't think I would be any good. Please help:(

yo i dont know how to help you. lifting absolutely requires a level head and confidence and if you can’t do that then don’t lift cause it’s rlly not worth it to get caught and go to jail. only do it if you can do it comfortably 

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armin do u think eren would be already dead if mikasa wasnt around??

“What kind of question is that…? I do believe Mikasa is strong, very strong. But so is Eren. Eren is capable of handling himself. But when he needs help, both Mikasa and I are there.” Armin stated, staring this person dead in the eyes.

“And I will have you know that Eren has saved Mikasa and I numerous times in situations where Mikasa and I would’ve died. Eren’s determination is unlike any other and I… I believe he can and will save humanity.” There was no hesitance, lies or false hope in Armin’s voice. He knew his best friend would bring victory to mankind. There was no doubt about it. At least to the blonde, anyways.

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Don't you think that Bunny won't able to get Sans' and Papyrus' souls because they are not that close.

Well, I never drew much of them because I didn’t want to delve too deeply with other crossover AUs (too many to handle already!), but I imagine even the Underfell skelebros became attached with Bunny at some point. If they weren’t, Bunny would already be long sold off!

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uhhh, didn't Sasuke actually want to leave Sakura, Kakashi and Obito to handle themselves, not caring if they fall or not?? If I remember correctly, he cared more for the greater good which was saving the world with Naruto, not helping Sakura out. I don't think he would be able to fall in love with her, even after war and all that stuff. If he didn't care for her all these years, what would change when they're apart for so long?

Exactly. He admitted Naruto was the only bond he had left. Not Sakura. 

They claim the way he is looking at her is meaningful.

I don’t know about you but

These seem way more meaningful to me. 

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Do you have any advice on what I should do? The other students at my school all support Trump and I don't know how to handle them today.

Above all, take care of yourself. I don’t know how easy it would be for you to avoid the other students, but if at all possible try to stay away from any situation that you don’t think you’ll be able to handle. Remember that you’re brave to just be out there, you don’t have to take on more than you can deal with. Listen to your favourite music, eat your favourite food, do whatever it is that’ll help you get through the day. Just remember, you’re not alone in this.

7. Buying a pet together
  • Luke: He giggled at the small creature running along the plastic, purple wheel. "Look at this little cutie, babe," he smiled as his large frame crouched down to look into the glass encasing. You swoon at the tiny white hamster now running across his cage to get a drink of water. "He is cute. Do you want a hamster instead of a cat or dog?" you ask your boyfriend. Luke ponders the thought for a moment, chewing on his lip ring in deep thought. "Well, look at him, Y/N," he says, pointing at the furry pet. "So, you want a hamster?" you ask again. Luke inhales deeply before breaking into a smile. "I think he'd be good for hours of entertainment. Look at him! We could get him one of those little ball things, too," he grins, looking up at you.
  • Michael: "Look at this one! No, wait! Look, at that little guy! They're all so cute. I can't decide," Michael pouts as he peers at the tiny kittens tripping around in their box. He places his arm over the side of the glass box so his hand dangles near the bottom. A furry tabby glides over and nuzzles its face on Michael's hand before walking away. A glossy black kitten does the same thing. Finally, a pure white kitty saunters up to Michael's hand and rubs its neck feverishly along his hand and arm. Michael strokes the kitty as it purrs in delight. "She's adorable, and I think she likes you," you grin at him. He looks up at you. "Good because I'm already in love with this one."
  • Ashton: "Babe, look at this little guy! Look at the way his nose twitches!" Ashton exclaims as he excitedly points at a small, tan bunny relaxing in its cage. "Oh, she's a cutie, isn't she?" you swoon peering into the cage. "Can we see this one?" Ashton asks the clerk, who willingly pulls the bunny out of its enclosure before handing it to Ashton. You both play with the furry animal, gently stroking her fur and talking to her. "I really like this one, Y/N," he smiles at you, cradling the bunny in his arms. You look up at Ashton's face to see if you can catch any unsure feelings he might have about buying a bunny as a pet, but you can tell he's already in love by the way he's smiling down at the pet.
  • Calum: "Are you sure we can't get more than one, babe?" Calum pleads. "No, I don't think I would be able to handle that," you laugh as Calum plays with the small dogs surrounding him. "But, Y/N," he whines, "We could name this one Hershey, and this one we can be Mugsey, and that one can be -" "Calum!" you interrupt. "We are not getting this many dogs." His face drops to look at all of the puppies stumbling around for his attention. "But they're all so cute! I can't just pick one dog," he explains in frustration. A Jack Russell Terrier suddenly plants itself in Calum's lap, and Calum beams straight at the pup. "On second thought, I think this little guy should come home with us."

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I had a customer tell me the other day that he would never be able to do my job because he doesn't think he'd be able to handle money and ring through transactions while also talking to people, and that he has a lot of respect for cashiers because it's not an easy job and they don't get enough credit. He was the first customer I served when I got to work and it was really nice to hear so I thought I'd share :)

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Why do lots of people ship Canada with Prussia? I don't think they've ever interacted? Would Canada even be able to handle Prussia's roughness? (I cant see Canada as something other than a bottom)

I answered this question before a while ago. Also this page.

From my understanding it’s just something that people liked after their interaction in the 09′ April Fools event on Hima’s blog. Prussia recognized Canada and liked his Maple Syrup. Since they’re both considered lonely, fans liked the match.
Historically, Canada’s closest relation to Prussia is the migration of Prussian migrants. 

As for their compatibility, this is something that always varies with fans. I’ve seen the cringe-worthy to the romantic, to the realistic with this pairing, so for me I’d say it works under the right conditions.

In regards to the sexual nature of the coupling…none of us know what any of the nations are like during sex (except Greece, sort of) so for all we know Prussia is the inexperienced slow guy while Canada goes Brother Bear on his ass. And even then, being the bottom doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to be dominant.

It’s all up to interpretation on that factor.