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Only Reason
Author: letsjustsee
Word Count: 5k
Louis is most definitely smitten with Harry from the second he sees him, but he is also most definitely not the world’s foremost expert on beekeeping. He decides to roll with it anyway.

Happy Birthday @fogandtea​!
I am so lucky to have you as a beta, but even luckier to have you as a friend! I hope you enjoy this very silly fic I wrote for you.

Special thanks to @becomeawendybird for reading over this, you’re wonderful!

dragon-of-the-sky  asked:

Your artwork looks amazing and I love your 'Claire the Trollhunter' idea. However, it got me thinking about how her relationship with Angor Rot would have been different. After all she wanted to keep his ring. I don't know, I just like the idea of Angor Rot being one of Claire's trainers/teachers slash backup. What do you think?

oh man you would not believe how much i thought about this after reading your ask, that’s such a cool idea that does take the au in a different direction. I really wanted to do a whole comic about this but I don’t really have time weh. But thank you for your kind words! I really appreciate this amazing idea.

I think Angor would’ve even saved Claire’s butt once or twice only because if she goes gets herself killed, he can’t get his ring back. Claire meanwhilst would’ve probably loved to learn his troll magic only to find he’s still really salty about the whole i-have-your-soul-as-hostage situation and is a really mean teacher rip 

Well, here's my opinion on this whole ordeal (I have made other posts about it, but whatever)

People are completely ignoring the fatphobia involved in this case! Loco said, with all the letters, that he lost weight because he saw a picture of himself next to Jay and he thought he looked like a pig!
He’s a grown ass man, yes. People can lose weight if they choose to, yes. Jay Park has any explicit fault in this? No. (not that I know of, anyway).
But they work in an industry where the aesthetic oppression and fatphobia walk hand in hand! For fuck’s sake, all around the world celebrities that aren’t in shape are crucified!
People that I NEVER heard talking about Loco are all like “ahh yes he’s so hot”, “I’m shook, yes”, “yuuuumm daddy” and some other comments on this line. If you have accompanied his career for a while you’d have noticed that he didn’t have this much likes on his photos on Instagram. This shows how society is made of fatphobic people who only pay attention to an incredible and talented artist because of his looks! Seriously, have you taken your time to even listen to Locomotive? Did you listen to the song from his new album (Bleached) or were you drooling at the thirty seconds that his abs are showing?
Loco wasn’t fat, but he thought he needed to fit into a mold. It’s a personal choice to do whatever the fuck you want with your body, but you can’t deny that aesthetic oppression plays a big part in it (he thought he looked like a pig! A pig! When he was handsome and hot all along!).
This is just proof that fans can be a bunch of thirsty assholes who praise looks over anything else a person has to offer (for fuck’s sake, being beautiful/hot/sexy/ripped is not a bad thing, before you try to twist my words - I keep repeating here ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL).
Also, this rant is not directed to anyone specifically, but if you read it and got a little butthurt is probably because I hit the bullseye and I recommend you to think things over a bit and see if you’re not objectifying idols, rappers, singers, etc.

Last Week in Fanfiction

Here it is, list #4! Like all the other lists, these are captain swan (and some captain charming) fics that were updated or written last week, 6/25-7/1 and they’re certainly was a lot written! If you know of something I’ve missed feel free to let me know. Happy reading! And don’t forget to reblog, comment and/or like, show your writers some love ❤️


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One Shots

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There was also a fun captain charming brotp group prompt that 13 writers participated in and rather than make this post even longer, I’m going to direct you to this Master-Post that @flslp87 was kind enough to already make.

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So I've contacted my local ANTIFA and they are turning people away claiming it's a security risk to let new comers participate. What do you think is the best course of action in a situation like this? I've asked them how else they suggest I should get involved and I've gotten no answer. My friends and I have been printing stickers and literature but there is safety in numbers and without the backing of the local group, I don't feel safe taking part in any direct action.

Sounds like it’s time for you & your friends to start your own crew!  Please read this, esp. #5 and, when you’re ready to take on new members, the link in #2!

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Top 5 fanfic authors of all time? Favourite fic by each of those and why? What are your top 5 fics of all time? Or top 10 if you can't narrow it down any more. You're either my first or second favourite fanfic author ever and my top five fics of yours (in no order) are 'Snake, Wolf', 'reverse', 'Stormborn', 'glitter and gold' and (currently; the fifth changes) 'my bones'. I adore 'Cry Havoc 2' but it's painful to read (in a good way) so I don't read it often and 'Bite' will be up there soon too.

Oh god. Um. I think it would be…

1) Vathara

1. Entanglements, 2. River of Stars, 3. Project Asclepius, 4. Lone Flower, 5. Upon a Fiery Steed

2) Tierfal

1. Systole, 2. Diplomatic Excursions and Other Ways to Die, 3. The Twelfth Cup of Coffee, 4. But Not Buried This Time, 5. Simple Things

3) Tozette

1. The One-and-a-Half Body Problem, 2. The Fair Maiden, 3. The Natural Habitat of Haruno Sakura, 4. Teamwork: a Teacher’s Guide, 5. Several Things You’re Not Looking For

4) rageprufrock

1. Only As Directed, 2. Presque Vu, 3. Early Returns, 4. Three Castles, 5. White Wedding

5) canistakahari

1. If You’re Into It, 2. Say My Name (And Every Color Illuminates), 3. Run (I’m a Natural Disaster), 4. Aftershocks, 5. It’s Super Effective!

Top 5 fics would have to be…

1) Entanglements by Vathara

2) Convergence by blacknoise

3) To Be Invisible by Vathara

4) Only Bridges To by tb_ll57

5) this time tomorrow (where were we?) by dorcas_gustine

anonymous asked:

Did you see Lana is getting a lot of critique by fans on Facebook because of her new musical direction? I don't want her to get hurt or upset but at the same time I hope she reads the comments and realise that her fans love her as an artist and not as just another bland popsinger.

I haven’t read on facebook but I also have the same opinion but don’t want to vocalize it to her/ publicly tag her. Lana definitely reads some of the insta/ twitter comments about her content and I think she takes that after each record. 

Born To Die was overproduced and Lana was labeled a phony/ fake who couldn’t sing by people all over the internet.. 
Paradise - people said “all of Lana’s music sounds the same”
Ultraviolence - the record label hated it for not being “radio friendly” but was her most critically acclaimed 
Honeymoon - Lana puts out a record with more radio-friendly songs but not many videos and most of the album wasn’t performed live - ever & fans called it a “flop”
Lust For Life - Lana makes an album “for the fans”, does collabs that fans have requested, appeases the mass amount of requests for a more BTD sound / beatsy 

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TALK PREDATOR TO ME MATTY! Tell me how they will move on now because Oliver is clearly tranferring his guilt on Felicity and she's innocent. It's disturbing but will it be better? Will she leave? I know a lot of people feel she should but... and how will he react? I don't think they can just fuck now can they? They need more. I NEED MORE. TALK PREDATOR TO ME AND SAVE ME I AM DROWNING

This is so very similar to the amazing long review @bindy417 left me on AO3. 

(I’m posting the same long ass reply here)

I completely agree with what you said about Oliver transferring his emotions and directing that at Felicity. The thing is he was JUST A BOY. He was just a boy with a good heart, worried about his sister’s disappearance and his disintegrating family. He was just a boy who liked to read people in his world, who was faced with an impossible choice. He couldn’t have walked away from that tiny toddler even if he wanted to. AND HE DIDN’T WANT TO because he knew what was happening was wrong. Did he mean to kill his father? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But he did. In saving her, he ripped his family apart. He killed the man who’d taught him so much. He killed the love his mother had for him. He killed himself and became a monster in his own eyes.

Could a little boy have survived under the weight of that guilt, that blame, that self-loathing? Maybe. But he wasn’t given any time at all. He was thrust under the tutelage of the meanest mob bosses the world had ever seen because he’d been ruthless. The chapter may have ended there, but his story didn’t. Oliver Queen was treated badly. By the mob family, he was treated like an outsider. His training was harder. His torture was more brutal.

And he was just a boy. With absolutely nothing. He had nothing to live for. Nobody who cared if he was hurting or bleeding or murdering or getting scars that would never heal.

Fixating on Felicity gave him one thing he didn’t have - a will to live. 

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the-winged-wolf-bran-stark  asked:

So since you're going through his other works... how does GRRM do endings? Like, what do you expect from ASOIAF's overall ending based on how he ends other works in terms of tone and such? And, well, is he good at them? I know some authors are said to be iffy at endings (I usually see this directed at Stephen King, though I don't know if it's true and ymmv).

GRRM’s endings are like sitting in a blackened room, and someone suddenly strikes a match. It’s such a tiny light, but amidst all that blackness, it’s precious. Which is to say, his endings are dark, my friend

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I know you were upset about how the Clace kiss went down for Simon's sake, but do you ship Clace together — or Simon with anyone? I don't think I remember you saying anything about your ship preferences on Shadowhunters.

Here’s my thing. 

I know that in the books (although I haven’t read them), Clary and Jace are supposed to be this huge amazing relationship that you are supposed to root for. And that’s fine, I’d be fine with that. But the problem with the TV show is that they seem to want to take that same sentiment from the books, but have rushed it, and haven’t done enough development on their end, via dialogue and direction, to make that actually true. 

For me, Simon and Clary, up until that kiss, were still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. Clary has shown like, no desire to be with Jace since S1, and she truly seems to think that Simon is the one for her. They are like, deliriously happy. She is also 100% content with Jace being her bro. 

So to then pull the rug out from under that an episode after she finds out they aren’t related, and try and make this kiss scene be so epic and so huge and so poignant to the story-it just doesn’t work for me. It’s lazy. You want me to root for Clace? Cool! I can do that! But make me want that, make me like them, show me their connection, don’t just talk about it on Jace’s end, show me more when they are together, show me Clary questioning her relationship with Simon, even just once this entire season. I don’t even need an entire big declaration or speech, give me reaction shots, give me longing stares, give me what you started to give me in S1 and maybe I’ll jump ship. 

Because honestly all the kiss did for me in that moment was make me feel terrible for Simon, and make me not like Clary and Jace very much as people (Clary more so). 

So really, I could get on board with Jace and Clary I just need the writers to not ride the wave of the books so much and assume people are already rooting for them when a lot of us actually haven’t read the books and are starting fresh. 

I also really like Magnus and Alec (although I want their scenes to be as romantic or sexual as the hetero’s because that’s true representation), they are fantastic, so many layers to those two that I love. I like Izzy and Raphael- I want to see their relationship develop outside of being dependent on one another because of addiction and I want to see a relationship with an asexual on TV(Pls Freeform!!!!). I also just think they have amazing chemistry. 

And Simon well…I want him to be happy. Literally if being with a tree stump makes him happy I would ship that. 

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This is not directed at you at all by the way, I know you love Dee. But just reading some of the other messages you've got I do agree that some fans (though not just macdennis peeps) really ignore Dee? Like she might as well not exist to them. A lot of straight cis male fans /r seem to do this in particular & also straight cis girls who are weirdly over the top about macdennis too. But sometimes I just don't think they have it in them to particularly care about a female character too much tbh

oh absolutely! dee is EASILY the most slept-on and ignored character if you ask a random sunny fan on the street and it’s awful. dee is SUCH an iconic character (i fully believe that she set the bar for a lot of modern archetypes of women in comedy) and it’s just….. so ugly how little recognition she AND kaitlin olson get for that

are there really that many cishet girls out there shipping macdennis? most of the most fervent macdennis shippers i know are either lbpq women (shoutout to all the macdennis lesbians) or gbpq men. i guess i haven’t had the misfortune of wandering into that side of the community yet

did you see that article published a month or two back that ranked every sunny episode aired at that point from best to worst? they had the gang broke dee at the bottom of the list so i literally closed the article at that point without reading any further. (we also had a pretty good discussion on this on my blog a few weeks ago about legitimate reasons to dislike the episode and what some of the other “worst episodes” of sunny were– idk if you were here for that though.)

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What are some good I-think-I-might-want-to-convert-to-Judaism things to read? I'm serious here, but I don't want to approach a rabbi until I'm well on my way. Thanks!

Ooh, I’m not the person to ask. I was born into Judaism ethnically/culturally but was never very religious and have become even less so lately, so I’m kind of going the opposite direction from you. I’ll post this so people can make suggestions in the reblogs.

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I really like TG redrawn chapter, symbols and foreshadowing... Also I love how Hide talks with Touka bc he thinks Kaneki likes this girl. Almost as if he knew what is good for Ken, and that talk about how you don't choose a girl based on looks? I like Hide shipping TouKen, even tho when I first read TG I thought that Hide himself likes Touka. Which do you like better? Original or redrawn chapter 1? Btw I love your metas ❤

Thank you kind anon! I enjoyed the redrawn chapter a lot - I like how Ishida added hints to all kinds of important stuff, like Kaneki talking about his parents and Rize mentioning her ‘complicated’ family situation. Also, having such a direct contrast to see how Ishida’s art has evolved is really impressive. But the original chapter will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the canon version and there’s a great nostalgia in Ishida’s old art style too. It’s almost like the art style has evolved with the characters, so it feels right that Kaneki is more simply drawn back in those more simple days for him. 

As for Hide, he was accidentally prophetic in thinking Touka was Kaneki’s crush, but I’m sure he was just kidding around in both versions. If there is a point where he started shipping them, it’s gotta be his talk with Touka at Kamii. In the anime, I remember he says “Geez, Kaneki, you shouldn’t make a sweet girl like that worry about you” afterwards.

A family can be 2 traumatised soldiers and their 30 kids (2)


Read on AO3 

Part 2 

It was incredible what some direction could do.

With toys and games, things to occupy the kids, the fighting amazingly slowed. It didn’t stop all together and Reno was still unfortunately a little asshole of a kid, but then again Jyn was starting to suspect that that was just his personality. At least from there, Jyn was somehow able to set a routine that not only worked, but actually seemed to let the kids thrive.

Mornings were dedicated to learning in the classroom – Kady’s basic improved every day (Jyn almost hugged her when the 10-year-old had asked whether she could use the refresher without messing up one word) and Jyn spent that time attempting to teach what felt like every life-lesson she could ever remember her parents teaching her. The afternoons were spent in the training gym, Jyn at least a little more confident there in knowing what kind of combat to teach. The younger ones ran and played on the gym equipment that Jyn had threaten Mothma to order for her, while the older children handled blasters and other weapons.

“How come they get blasters and I don’t?” Rivi would always whine. “I’m old enough!”

“Being old enough isn’t what counts,” Jyn would always remind her. “Until I think you’re mature enough to handle one, you’re staying with the little kids.”

Doing the same thing over and over again didn’t sound too interesting in theory, but Jyn found that there was a kind of comfort in the routine. The children had time to get used to things, could remember things through the repetition and regular actions, and it gave Jyn something to focus on.

(She didn’t want these children realising their new commanding officer was actually a hot mess).

“You’re still not sleeping, are you?” Cassian asked her one evening.

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how u feel bout the red bois bangin in a closet

I feel pretty good about it actually. I’m all about that pining life, so my favorite thing is thinking neither of them knows each other’s feelings, even though it’s obvious to everyone and realizing they’re reacting to the temple and being like ‘omg he’ll know i like him!’

Then immediately afterward, Grif goes back to messing with Simmons x10 because they are both weird about it, but he is absolutely the insecure one. My favorite part of the episode was Grif convincing Simmons GoT actually happened. That grimmons flavor.