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The interaction between Weiss and Ruby in the volume 3 finale is some of the best stuff in the entire series in my opinion. They have such a trust and quiet understanding with one another. The way they reach out for each other. 

The way Weiss stands in front of Yang, trying to shield Ruby from seeing her sister in such a way for as long as she possibly can

To Weiss’ immediate insistence on following Ruby into an unknown fight because she refuses to let Ruby go into it alone. 

To their final moment where Weiss, a girl who once told Ruby she didn’t belong anywhere near Beacon, told that same girl “you can do this” with such confidence and support. 

It’s only my opinion, but I think they have the best partnership in the show. They’ve come so far and reached a point where they bring out the absolute best in one another and if THIS is what they will be like when they reunite and as they go forward - I can’t wait to watch. 

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Inktober 024: I’ve been having a lot of Oikawa feelings recently╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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So I just saw someone say you shouldn’t tell an author if there was something in their fic that didn’t make sense to you because that’s the way the author wants and it’s like,

That’s not really how it works.

It’s next to impossible to get a beta. It’s even more impossible to get a beta who is above or at your level and is willing to actually help you rewrite things instead of just saying ‘yeah that looks good! You just missed a comma here!’ So authors aren’t necessarily posting things as-is because that’s how they want it, but because when you read your own story fifteen times you just begin to fail to see the errors. Authors also tend to forget they know things the audience doesn’t and leave out things they should have included, and the same for authors who feel they have to overexplain.

I mean if you’re just writing for funsies and because you have two minutes to rub together, by all means. Say you don’t really want anything remarked on. But if you plan to be a writer or plan on continuing to write in general, any criticism is very rare and ignoring it isn’t going to teach you anything.


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genuinely! the more confidently you present yourself, the more everyone - including you! - will begin to see the positive aspects of you! keep trying! fake it ‘til you make it! 💕💫

Friendly reminder that the presence or absence of smut in a fic does not determine the worth of the fic, or its author. I like reading smut, I like writing smut. But I know a lot of people who don’t like either, or who only like one, and that is totally fine.

An author should never be pressed to add smut in their story, just as a reader should never be forced to read it. And as an audience, we should never press for our authors to write smut. “But they’re my favorite author!” you say. Well I say, they must not be your favorite if you’re dissatisfied with any of the content they’re creating.

There are plenty of smut writers in the fandom; don’t push your personal agenda or wishes on to someone else, and for God’s sake, don’t ask someone why they don’t write smut. Well, you shouldn’t ask an author why they don’t write X, Y, or Z anyway, because that’s rude. What a person chooses to write is entirely that–their choice. And sometimes, they have personal reasons for not wanting to write certain scenarios.

Let’s be supportive and encouraging to all of our authors, regardless of what they write. Writing is hard, and it’s nerve-wracking to publish, and to hear someone say “I wish you’d write A, B, and C” is so disheartening; you’re essentially saying what I just wrote isn’t good enough, and that’s not a good feeling.

So let’s kill the notion that a story needs smut to be good, yeah? <3

pray for me y’all.  During the first wave of acceptance/rejection letters to the honors college back in December I was placed on the wait list.  And I cried, ngl I was really upset.  But then things got worse because my dad called the college to inquire about why i got wait listed, and he did it without telling me. Now I had been talking to a admissions counselor a few weeks prior to getting my wait list letter and she said she absolutely cannot stand when parents call about stuff like that. So when I found out what my dad did it I freaked even more, especially since the guy he called is the guy who is supposed to recommend me to the honors program :))) My dad insisted he was civil, but honestly I have no idea what that means bc we have very different ideas on what civil is, like my definition of civil would have been for me to call for myself and ask how I can improve my chances, possibly e-mail because phone calls are too confrontational for this matter imo. He called the dude and asked why I didn’t get in. One makes me seem like I’m an adult who wants to do things herself the other makes me look like a child who didn’t get her way. Anyway the second wave of acceptance letters will be sent out this spring, I have been constantly stressed bc the honors college was my main reason for staying in state, and I’ll be able to handle it if I dont, but getting in is a huge deal to me.  But I’m worried all this stuff has hurt my chances, like I’m super super worried.  So please please pray for my peace of mind and that I’ll get in, and that if I dont I’ll be able to handle it gracefully and make the best of my situation. thanks


Peyton: I have one story. Well, Rowan, as I think everyone knows by now, is a complete klutz, right?

Tried drawing monster office stuff; accidentally gave Mackie a bara form instead

someone was talking about miracles the other day, and my mind somehow drifted back to gamzee makara.
um?? what year is this, 2012??

Honestly, sometimes I read posts about honoring and worshipping deities through praise and offerings and while I think those who do those things are fine and their path is totally the right path for them, but this always gets me thinking that I must be a damn rude witch. I, like, light a candle and say “Hey, dude, friend, pal, please take this flame and a little bit of my dinner and help me out with this sitch.” And if it works out, I say a quick thank you, but it’s not something I would qualify as ‘praise.’ I’m not quite a worshipper, I’m someone who needs their help for something. 

Sometimes I feel like I must not be doing this whole paganism thing correctly, but tbh I’m also thinking that maybe I’m more like a v casual worshipper. Y’know, someone who says ‘hey pal, haven’t talked to you in a while, wanna help me with this?’ instead of “Praise be unto you, o lord of trickery.”