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Okay, so like, I know Whiskey has been kind of Problematic™ so far, but the boy has such a #look, ya know?

Anyway, I guess this is a companion to this piece I did before I even had a side blog of Tango wearing a flamenco tango outfit.

This is slowly becoming a series……

(Edit: Added a vignette for the #aesthetic)

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I'm so confused with Spartos' and Darius' eye color...Spartos' eyes are black or terracotta? Darius have gray or terracotta eyes? What do you think?

I made this a lot bigger than I had to… also sorry for some bad quality pics, resizing them didn’t always go very well.

So let’s talk about Spartos first. In the anime his eyes are either red or black. So we won’t get much of an answer there as you can see.

The manga wouldn’t give us much information either. Because of the dark red eyes, it would be colored black anyways. The only panel where his eyes aren’t totally black is the panel where child Spartos is crying, but I don’t know if we can count that.

So… I tried to see if I could figure something out with the official colored art. Too bad that all the examples I could find aren’t of the highest quality so you still don’t get to see his eyes really well. In the left one, his eye looks a little red, while on the right it’s clearly black. The one in the middle is a bit harder, it could be red, it could just be light. I don’t know.

But then again when we take official art of snb…

Clearly red.

I guess if I had to say anything for Spartos, it’s that his eyes are mostly black with some parts of deep red in it.

Spartos… when will you give us an answer here? 

Then on the Darius!~

The same thing with Spartos and the anime applies to Darius, but then his eyes are either gray or red. 

Then the manga

In both versions his eyes are colored white, which would mean he has a light eye color. So I kinda feel like gray is more his eye color. Once again I’m also taking official art into this, which would be the cover art of volume 6 here

But it once the picture isn’t big enough to clearly tell… So if anyone has found any better resolutions of these that could probably help.

That being said, I also don’t think the snb anime got all eye colors right (as with the well know ‘are Ja’far’s eyes gray or green’ discourse. Because if I compare Mystras through the art (manga/official art/anime) his eyes are black except anime.

I kinda hoped the Magi character encyclopedia would help me out here, but while it tells their height, weight and so much more, the eye color will stay a mystery for now.


…Shizuo and Vorona, they have a good thing going there…right?
Well, they look like they’ve got something of that sort going…or do they?
Or is it just me?

— Tom Tanaka (Durarara!!x9; Chapter 3)


And, oh, we got time, yeah
So darling, just say you’ll stay right by my side.


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