i don't think i got the color right


I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart
But you came around
And you knocked me off the ground from the start

Okay, so like, I know Whiskey has been kind of Problematic™ so far, but the boy has such a #look, ya know?

Anyway, I guess this is a companion to this piece I did before I even had a side blog of Tango wearing a flamenco tango outfit.

This is slowly becoming a series……

(Edit: Added a vignette for the #aesthetic)

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Hi Flockie, I would love your opinion on the following: I have a bad feeling about the "sandcastle" spotting of MM. This is so her innuendo MO. In Cape Town there are two hotels called "Sandcastle" and one of them provides safaris as well. Ok, que sera sera, I know, just wondered what you make of it. Would be such a pity when all the shippers, who are so happy now, get it on the chin again. I myself try to be as grounded and calm as possible and frankly, I don't think we've seen the last of her.

Sorry, boo. I got rose colored shipping glasses in my box of honey nut I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck-ios instead of an MM innuendo decoder ring. Last I heard, the sand dune pics could have been an SA hint but geotags fickety fucked that right up. As far as her actually showing up there at some point: one, I’m counting on it and couldn’t care less and two, please see this post regarding how I feel about any and all attempts of selling them as a couple. xoxo

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oh god, it pisses me off so much when I see people racebend canonically asian characters into other pocs. I... really don't see how that's 'progressive', actually changing ASIAN characters into something they are not? sometimes I feel like we're the schrodinger's poc. one day we're poc, one day we're not. we're used to defend a white person's narrative, and tear down other pocs. we're misunderstood by other pocs as having no problems whatsoever, and are ignored by them. it's frustrating and sad.


That isn’t progressive, that’s just erasing one group to represent another. If you want to racebend white characters, that’s fine I could really care less. White people got representation for the next million years anyway. But I don’t think People of Color should be racebending each other’s characters. That even goes for Asian folks as well. We shouldn’t erase someone else’s representation to represent ourselves. But anyhow, Asian characters especially should not be whitewashed, racebended, or whatever else. I’m personally not into fandom so I don’t really see much as to what goes on in fandom spaces but that needs to be called out.

And on people always playing tug-of-war with us, at some point, Asian folks gotta take our Clock Tower scissors, cut the damn rope, and say “not today.” Racist crackers need to stop using us to fuel their anti-blackness and white-worshipping Asian folks need to wake the hell up and stop allowing themselves to be used by these crackers. You’re Asian, you’ll never be white. Whenever the crackers call for a white nation, they mean getting rid of you too.

On the other side, People of Color who aren’t Asian need to stop aligning us with crackers. Asian people are not white nor “basically white.” I don’t give a damn how “privileged” or “white” your Asian neighbor or Asian friend acts, they don’t serve as a gateway to dismiss racism or perpetrate prejudice against any other Asian person.

Angry Asian Guy


📷 No Filter Challenge 📷 by @butterfly-tattoo ❤

I was tagged by the beautiful @dank-owski @ohnikkinikki @skadisim Thanks a bunch bebs!!!! 💕💕💕

RULES: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

Well, of course I chose my dear dear Bunny! 🐰 She doesn’t look that different! It actually looks like she is wearing heavy foundation without cc!! Like a baby’s bottom! AS SMOOTH AS A BABY’S GLUTEUS MAXIMUS!!! ((She also got a wee amount of plastic surgery beforehand))

I think a lot of people done this or have been tagged already so if you want to do it you should because it’s fun! Expose your cute sims!

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Hey Q, someone said I should fight you with kindness. So Buckle up, I've got some things to say.  First off, you're cute when you blush, its a good color on you.  Second, i don't think there are enough characters in this ask for me to tell you how much of an inspiration you are, considering all you've seen and done, to still hold that much compassion and love is amazing.  (part 1/2)

* …if i bothered to eat food, i think i might puke.

* what do you even want from me? you know you don’t have to bullshit me just to get me to answer questions, right?

((Jolie’s input: lol you laid it on a little thick and now he just thinks you’re lying and buttering him up because you want something XD My dumb son is a strange juxtaposition of absolute confidence when it comes to his actual skills and looks, but he’s a bit of a hot mess when it comes to how he feels he’s carrying out his responsibilities. He never does think he’s doing enough, plus there’s the added burden he feels for essentially having kinda caused it all in the first place? Not that he knew any better or even fully understood back then, but that’s Q for you, lol. ))

More Spartan!Banter~!!!!
  • Spartan!Ruby, polishing her armor, the red spartan-III armor shining brightly against the plain white quarters the Spartans live in: Oh Ruby Rose you certainly out do yourself huh?
  • AI!Qrow, standing up out of the holobase fitted into a extension of the wall that forms a desk, yawns and speaks up: Hey kid, don't you ever get bored just hanging around? I mean, at least see if you can add some color to the room.
  • Spartan!Ruby, sighing, putting down the rag she was polishing her armor with: Yeah yeah, the base is already strict on supplies. You think I could go and get some paint just because my AI thinks the room needs some color?
  • AI!Qrow, laughing, a hint of mischief: Who said we need to ask eh? I've got the internal supply roster right here. Just a few encryptions, wasn't hidden very well. All you have to do is say the word and your request for some nice wall paint is 'approved'.
  • Spartan!Ruby, slowly narrows her eyes at the AI, after a long silence: ......can you get...team RWBY's colors...?
  • AI!Qrow, with a few hand motions: Annnnd, done. The delivery boy should be here in a little b-
  • AI!Penny, forming from the holo-projector that's fitted into the wall next to the doorway of each Spartan's living quarters: Spartan Ruby Rose. There has been a strange technical glitch that routed four cans of paint to your quarters. Is this something you know about?
  • Spartan!Ruby, panicky and looks over to Qrow for advice, who gives her a peace sign and disappears as the holobase turns itself off, then glances back at Penny and quickly blurts out: N-no no idea what that's about ahahahahaha.
  • AI!Penny, saluting the spartan: Understood! Good bye to you Spartan Ruby Rose.
  • Spartan!Ruby, stays perfectly still as Penny dissappears, then scampers over to glare at the holobase that Qrow was on just moments before from inches away: You...are an ASS.

Based on this prompt

Not so secret Santa: a Lucaya fanfic
  • Every year there was this secret santa game that all the classmates liked to participate. They would randomly select a name from a bowl full of name tags and give the name owner little presents until christmas when the Secret Santa would be revealed.
  • Everybody was excited, except Maya. Every year was stressful around secret Santa time. Having very little to no mony to spend on gifts was sometimes hard, she had to become resourseful. Recyclin, going to triftshops, flee markets, and sometimes making the gifts herself. And the kids didn't wanted those gifts... They wanted expensive candybars, of new toys, cute fashion accesories. One time in second grade, she made a picture frame with some recycled materials, and it ended in the garbage because the girl who was meant for didn't liked it. And it just broke Maya's heart, she came home crying and Katie gave her Money to buy a bracelet and a candy bar for the Secret Santa.
  • So this year, even when Maya had more money to spend on little gifts, it was still a very hard time for her, while everyone was happy and excited, she was anxious.
  • Riley: today is Secret Santa day!
  • Farkle: Yes! I hope I get awesome gifts...
  • Lucas: You guys play this game every year?
  • Maya: Yea... It sucks... I'm going to art room. Forgot something there yesterday. See you later in class...
  • Lucas: is Maya ok? She seemed a little sad...
  • Riley: Maya doesn't like Secret Santa
  • Lucas: How come?
  • Farkle: No one wants her to be their secret Santa.
  • Riley: Farkle!
  • Farkle: what? Its true!
  • Lucas: why is that? Don't they like Maya?
  • Riley: Maya is not the problem.
  • Farkle: Its her gifts. They are mostly hand made from recycled objects.
  • Lucas: But that's awesome. Like little works of art.
  • Farkle: Yeah... I guess not everybody is into it...
  • Riley: I liked my gifts from last years...
  • Farkle: o yeah? And how come you are not wearing your noodle bracelet right now?
  • Riley: murmurs...I don't have it anymore...
  • Farkle: what?
  • Riley: I said I don't have it anymore!
  • Farkle: what did you do to it Riley?
  • Riley: I lost it?
  • Farkle: lier!
  • Riley: Fine... Is in my room. Somewhere. and I don't wear it because I don't want to break it.
  • Farkle: is made of noodles Riley, not glass.
  • Riley: people already think I'm weird. I can't wear noodles, they'll make fun of me... Lets see if you wear yours this year!
  • Farkle: I don't have one!
  • Riley: not yet... But since last time she was my secret santa, now is your turn.
  • Farkle: No way!
  • Riley: farkle!
  • Farkle: Sorry Riles, No can do. Got to run, library book to return, see you later!
  • Riley: Farkle! You can't do this to me two years in a row! We had a deal! Damn....
  • Lucas: ok, what just happened?
  • Riley: Farkle bailed on me...
  • Lucas: what deal?
  • Riley: one year is my secret santa, next was suposed to be his. And is his turn. Last year was mine. That was the deal.
  • Lucas: don't worry Riles, I'll take Farkle's place.
  • Riley: Really?
  • Lucas: Gladly.
  • Riley: You are so nice. Thank you! You always coming to rescue me.
  • Lucas: yeah...
  • Riley: lets head to class to make the special Secret Santa arrangements with dad. He knows about the deal.
  • At class, Mr Mattews puts all their names except for Mayas and Lucas in the bowl, and calls each student forward to take a little piece of paper in the front desk. On purpose he calls Maya and places two pieces of paper both with lucas name on it and Maya grabs one.
  • Maya: (unfolds paper) great...
  • Mr Mattews calls Lucas and he takes the last remaining paper, and nods at Mr Mattews knowing that he'll be Mayas Secret Santa.
  • After class...
  • Farkle: so what did you get?
  • Riley: I can't tell you! Is ruins the purpose of the game. Is called "secret" santa for a reason...
  • Farkle: c'mon... Not even a clue?
  • Riley: No!
  • Lucas: I got a very nice name...
  • Maya: I got the worst...
  • Farkle: It can't be that bad.
  • Maya: it is.
  • (Riley and Lucas look at eachother with worry)
  • Riley: why is it so terrible?
  • Maya: because is gonna be hard to please this one... Is gonna take a lot of work.
  • Lucas: how come?
  • Maya: It just is. Stop asking things. I better go... I need time to think.
  • Riley: let her be. She's worried because she wants you to like her presents. Now she'll isolate herself to think about and make the gifts.
  • Lucas: I can hardly wait.
  • Next week they were suposed to start with the gifts...
  • Maya was nowhere to be seen.
  • Farkle: good morning Riley. Guess what was in my locker?
  • Riley: a secret santa gift?
  • Farkle: yes! How did you know?
  • Riley: Look! (Opens locker door)
  • Farkle: Nice teddy bear!
  • Riley: I know right? Is the cuttest little teddy beat with the cuttest little sweater. I'm so happy. What did you get?
  • Farkle: just a card...
  • Riley: sure is just a card?
  • Farkle: for now... Yes. But is musical. And says that more is to come! So I'm happy.
  • Lucas: hey guys.
  • Riley: hi lucas. Look! A teddy!
  • Farkle: card! You?
  • Lucas: i don't know. Haven't found anything.
  • They get to class and in his desk is a red box with a green bow.
  • He smiles and puts it in his bag.
  • Farkle: aren't you gonna open it?
  • Lucas: not yet.
  • Farkle: would you let me see?
  • Lucas: later dude.
  • (Maya walks in)
  • Riley: what did you get?
  • Maya: nothing yet. I guess my secret santa forgot about it.
  • Farkle: or maybe later you'll find it.
  • Lucas drops his books on purpose and as he gets down to get them up he puts a little envelope in Maya's bag when she's not looking.
  • After class everybody heads home. Lucas can't wait anymore to open the little box. He carefully removes the green ribbon and opens the red box to find a very artsy horse sculpture made of clay. Is a white horse. And Lucas liked it so much he put it in his bedside table.
  • When Maya got home, she opened her bag to find her keys and felt the heavy envelope with her hand, took it out and opened it. It was a beautiful bracelet for charms with a single snow flake charm. She liked it. A lot. She had a feeling this secret santa was gonna be different. But for now she needed to finish her next secret santa proyect.
  • Would Ranger Rick like the horse sculpture? She'll know tomorrow for sure.
  • Next day:
  • Riley: so, what was it?
  • Lucas: a beautyful sculpture.
  • Farkle: can I see it?
  • Lucas: is in my room, but sure, someday.
  • Maya was smiling when she heard he liked it.
  • Riley: so Maya. What did you get?
  • Maya just held her wrist for her to see.
  • Riley: ahww that's so pretty!
  • Farkle: so mine was the worst!
  • Riley: relax farkle, is just the first...
  • Lucas: yeah buddy, you might get a charm bracelet next time!
  • Farkle: ha ha
  • Next week: was second gift time.
  • Riley: guess what I got?
  • Farkle: Another teddy?
  • Riley: No! But is just as cute!
  • Farkle: what is it?
  • Riley: A puppy calendar! Look, it has the cutest puppy pictures you can imagine, there's even one with a bunny!
  • Farkle: yeah really cute. Look what I got!
  • Riley: that isn't so bad...
  • Farkle had a pen and a little notepad with little pine trees.
  • Farkle: yeah, is true. At least is something I can use.
  • Riley: That is true. Hey Maya what about you?
  • Maya: notting yet, I mean wasn't in my locker.
  • Farkle: Lucas?
  • Lucas: my locker was empty too. Lets go to class.
  • And there was again. A little red box with green bow on his desk. Only this time there was one silver box with a pink bow on Maya's desk too.
  • Lucas: see, I did got something.
  • Maya: Me too.
  • Farkle: what is it?
  • Lucas: can't tell yet. I'll open it later.
  • Maya: I got more charms, a candy cane, a ginger bread man and a christmas tree. And a real candy cane. Yummy.
  • Lucas smiled to himself.
  • At home he opened his box. There was a coin, a very special coin that he knew so well. The one with the cowboy ridding a bull. The same one his grandfather promissed to give him so many years ago but didn't. But how did she get it?
  • Next week, third secret santa day.
  • Riley found the cutest little candy abd ginger bread house.
  • Riley: can you believe it? Su cute and delicious!
  • Farkle: yea yea...
  • Riley: didn't liked yours?
  • Farkle: look... A calculator. I mean, is useful but not thoughful...
  • Riley: yea, I guess you could say that.
  • Maya: lets get inside class (smiling)
  • Farkle: Maya eager to get to class... That's a new one...
  • Lucas: I wanna go in too, there must be my gift waiting for me.
  • And it was.
  • The usual red box. But now it was bigger and read Fragile! Do not shake.
  • Maya: look more charms... No, just one a snow man and a gift card with 25 dls, this is so cool.
  • Farkle: home?
  • Lucas: yeah. Not until home.
  • And when he arrived home he opened his gift. His favorite. Cherry pie. Only when he tasted it he knew, it wasn't just a cherry pie, was his grandma's recipe. He smiled so much it made his face hurt that afternoon. And he ate it all. Didn't share one bit. And he loved it.
  • Next week. It was cheistmas eve. The last gift, when it all came down to telling who was their secret santa.
  • Riley: Omg Look at this!
  • Farkle: what?
  • Riley: just when I tough it couldn't get better. A snow globe with me inside in a cheerleading outfit. And it says "I'll always believe in you" omg! Farkle?
  • Farkle: (smiles) yeah... Tough you would like it.
  • Riley: I live it... Omg please don't open yours!
  • Farkle: why not? (Opens locker)
  • A really unexpected thing happened, some colored watter got splashed on his face and he got a recorded message saying: "you bailed on me! ME! And you thought that was ok, well time to think again pal. Happy Christmas not! Enjoy making calculations and taking notes on how to be a better friend! "
  • Farkle: Riley!
  • Riley: Sorry! I was mad at you. I tried to warn you!
  • Farkle: your gift sucks big time. I bet Maya's was better.
  • Riley: Serves you right for bailing on me.
  • Maya opened hers to find a single heart charm and a letter that said "thank you for all those amazing gifts. They made me feel like home and it was special. I know this was hard for you but jeep doing what you love. And you are an amazing artist Maya, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. -yours Ranger Rick"
  • When Lucas got home he opened his box. And it was empty, no present. Just a note in the bottom, with an adress. And so, he took his phone and jacket and the little piece of paper and went there. Nothing could prepare him for it, it was a mural in the side of a drugstore. The picture was amazing with so much detail. It was Lucas' favorite horse from Texas. And himself ridding it in a very beautiful prairie. He took pictures of the mural with his phone and stayed all afternoon admiring the artwork, must have taken her so much time. Days maybe.
  • When he turned she was there.
  • Maya: taking pictures of my art?
  • Lucas: don't you mean mine?
  • Maya: touche
  • Lucas: nice gift. I just wish I could take it home.
  • Maya: I have the sketch at home if you want it.
  • Lucas: I do, thank you. Most have taken you days...
  • Maya: it did... But for you, it was worth it.
  • Lucas: you are really somehting you know...
  • Maya: yeah... I've heard...
  • Lucas: so, you talked to grandma?
  • Maya: yeah
  • Lucas: I knew that was her pie!
  • Maya: Heeey, I made it! And it took me like 5 pies to get it right.
  • Lucas: it was perfect. Thank you.
  • Maya: anytime huckleberry.
  • Lucas: so, 5 pies?
  • Maya: yeah?
  • Lucas: have any left?
  • Maya: sure, lets go home.
  • Lucas: lead the way mah-am
  • Maya: you are such a huckleberry.

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I've always been a big fan of your art, your grasp on the ability to colour is amazing and quite beautiful. Do you possibly make digital art? If you don't, you should try (: I bet you could improve substantially. Maybe even do some collabs with talented artists such as Rin. *whispers* Oh I also got some good news, the next update of MIB should be out within the next week or so<3

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The signs as stupid things I've done
  • Aries: Kicked my laptop on the ground and forgot to make sure it was okay. The next day I wanted to go on it and the screen was completely shattered.
  • Taurus: Ate all my Easter candy in one night which made me sick. I remember puking and everything. Such a fun time.
  • Gemini: Threw popcorn at an old lady at a baseball game hoping it would go on the field. My dad had to apologize to her. She was really pissed.
  • Cancer: Started bawling when I saw my dad excited af because he won tickets to the Olympics. Reminder, I was 2 and I never ever saw him that excited before in my life, so it was quite scary for me.
  • Leo: Shoved rocks down a kid's throat because he was dating my bestfriend/crush. He should've expected it.
  • Virgo: Threw a toasted ravioli crumb into someone's eye because she was trying to kiss me.
  • Libra: "Married" my bestfriend in 1st grade. I still have the plastic ring she gave me.
  • Scorpio: Got extremely angry when this guy told me he liked me and when I told someone else about it he said it was not true. He would literally tell me this right in front of everyone, but he would still deny it.
  • Sagittarius: Accidentally got high off sharpie because I was coloring my case with sharpie.
  • Capricorn: Made a project the night before it was due and it turned out extremely bad but still got an A+ on it. Even my friends told me it looked like shit.
  • Aquarius: Made my 8 year old neighbors think I was an alien that could time travel. So basically the doctor. They still don't talk to me because they're scared of me.
  • Pisces: Walked by kids throwing rocks and acted like the rocks hit me so they would get in trouble. I was a devilish 6 year old.

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So I just have to say that like right off the bat I'm not super attracted to guys with darker skin like even tan, honestly I like em pale but like if I got to know a black guy and fell in love with him I'd marry him it's just like when I image what an attractive guy looks like to me he's pasty and pale AF and I don't think that's racist....I honestly don't see it any differently then preferring a certain eye or hair color...

It most certainly is different because while you can prefer a certain eye/hair color, there’s almost certainly going to be someone with that feature in every race across the board. How your preference differs is that you’re straight up discounting entire races of people. Your desired pool is small, and pretty much monoethnic. People that, say, prefer blue eyes have a significantly bigger pool that’s much more diverse and polyethnic. And people can dye their hair or get colored contacts, but we are pretty much stuck with our skin color.

It’s a shame because that hypothetical black guy you referenced is going to have to work extra hard to get over that hump of his skin color just to get you to that first stage of “getting to know” him.

Also, fyi, you feeling the need to say, “and I don’t think that’s racist” pretty much sums it up.

I really hope this works. I would ask if you had gotten any of my submissions but I dont have a tumblr so that won’t work ;w;

ANYWAY I really hope you get this, I’m sorry it’s so rushed but I wanted to catch you before you went to bed :) I love Caper’s design and I love the suction cup feet and I was thinking what if she accidentally ran through mud and they got stuck? And this happened ;w;

I didn’t have exactly the right colors but… I hope you get it and like it and yeah :)






also who submitted this it says I did but that’s not possible also I didn’t and what is going on here??!??