i don't think i ever read the first two parts

close as strangers // daniel seavey (part two)

request: a lot of you guys wanted a happy part two so here so is!

this took me forever to write i deeply apologize but i hope you guys like it! close as strangers is one of my favorite things i’ve ever written so i hope i did the first part justice lmao. enjoy!

triggers: none i think (but if there is pls tell me so i can add them)


six months since i went away, i didn’t know everything has changed, but tomorrow i’ll be coming back to you.

daniel’s anxiety seemed to be rising along with the plane as he looked out into the azure.

he was finally going to see her.

it had been two months since his fight with y/n, and there had barely been any communication between the two since. he had called her, texted her again and again, but she wouldn’t answer the calls or texts. it was like she had completely gone off the radar.

but daniel had not given up on their relationship, despite the fact that they had technically broken up. he would never give up on y/n, she was the most important thing to him, and he would go to the ends of the world for her.

daniel couldn’t sleep, he could barely think without her. and after their last phone call, well, the impact their breakup had on him was evident. he only ate a little bit at each meal, the bags under his eyes were darker and deeper than before. his eyes, that usually sparkled at every hour of the day, were duller, less lively in every way possible.

the boys were concerned, the fans were distress at the state daniel was it. the sheer amount of phone calls, text messages, and dms that were sent y/n’s way were overwhelming, so she simply went offline.

almost no one had heard from y/n since the breakup. she had gone m.i.a, off the face of the earth.

daniel couldn’t bring himself to sleep on the plane because one, the seats were too uncomfortable. and two, well, his nerves about seeing y/n were skyrocketing.

what if she won’t take me back?

what if she doesn’t want me anymore?

what if she doesn’t love me?

what if she loves someone else?

his throat tightened at the thought of the last one. it had been two months, and a lot could happen in two months.

daniel quickly shook the negative thoughts out of his head.

no. i’m going to win her back, no matter what it takes.

and he sat there with only his thoughts for hours, trying to come up with a plan for when he sees her. should he hug her? kiss her?

he sighed for what felt like the thousandth time and decided to just wing it, whatever happens will happen.

after what was only a few hours but felt like days, the plane finally landed. daniel practically ran off the plane, almost forgetting to pick up his luggage at the carousel.

once his luggage was back in his possession and he had said goodbye to the boys and the crew, he hopped in an uber to y/n’s house. his nerves were at an all time high and he could barely breath, this was it. he was going to see her again.

his fingers drummed anxiously against his thigh as he stared at his blurred surroundings, heart practically beating out of his chest. and at last, he arrived at the door of their shared apartment.

he smiled and thanked the uber, retrieving his luggage from the trunk and began to walk up to the door. the door that held the love of his life on the other side.

he raised his hand to knock, hesitating for a few moments before bringing his fist down onto the wood, the distinct knocking sound ringing in his ears.

“i’ll be right there,” his heart nearly stopped at the sound of her melodic, but tired, voice.

the door creaked open, revealing a bleary eyed y/n. she was visibly different from the last time he had seen her, she was thinner, more tired. the bags under her eyes were dark, and her eyes had become seemingly lifeless.

her eyes widened at the sight of the tired and broken boy on the doorstep,  beginning to brim with tears.

“daniel?” she breathed out, not believing her eyes.

“hi baby,” he sighed, taking in the sight before him. despite the changes, she still looked more beautiful than ever.

she stood, absolutely petrified before she quickly came to her senses. y/n’s body barreled into daniel’s, her legs wrapping around his waist. he quickly caught her, his hands supporting her thighs as she held him tightly.

“i-i’m so sorry,” she mumbled into his ear, tears beginning to make their way down her face.

“don’t be, i’m sorry too,” he whispered, pressing a kiss into her hair.

“n-no, it’s all my fault. i’m the one who made such a mess of us,” her voice cracked at the end,

“it’s both our faults babe. but that doesn’t matter now, the past is the past. what matters is i’m here,” he kissed her cheek. “i’m here right now, and i’m never going to leave you again.” he affirmed her.

she pulled away slightly to get a look at the face she so dearly missed.

“i love you so much,” she exhaled, crashing her lips onto his. they kissed with such fervor and passion, making up for the fights and the distance with their movements.

he pulled away, breathless as he rested his forehead, looking into her eyes that seemed to have regained their sparkle.

“i love you with all my heart, and nothing will ever change that.” he said, smiling.

he kissed her again, sighing into the kiss.

and they stood there kissing, in the bright sunny afternoon. two broken people finally reunited, finally becoming whole again.