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Target: Evermore Chapter 2

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And we’re back with chapter 2 of the best book you’ll ever read: Evermore. The chapter starts out with class officially starting, and Damen Auguste, the boy we’re supposed to be lusting over, waltzes into the classroom and causes everyone within a two-mile radius to drop their panties. Even Honor’s (Stacia’s best friend) boyfriend thinks he’s smoking. Damen is told to sit all the way in the back by Ever. 

I nod, refusing to look any further than his sleek, black, motorcycle boots. The kind that are more GQ than Hells Angels. The kind that looks very out of place among the rows of multi-colored flip-flops currently gracing the green-carpeted floor.

Hngh a bad boy 

So metal

Take me now 

Also, I forgot some high schools don’t have 90% of the classrooms mostly consisting of white tile floors that you play a bunch of rhythm games on when you’re bored in English class because who the fuck cares about learning Shakespeare for the fiftieth time.

Damen and Ever share her book, he laughs, and it apparently sounds like he’s “light and amused, but like it held something more.” And then Ever listens in on her classmates’ thoughts. 

I sink even lower, cheek on palm, eyes on the clock. Determined to ignore all the withering glances and critical comments directed my way. Stuff like: poor hot, sexy, gorgeous, new guy, having to sit next to that freak! That emanates from Stacia, Honor, Craig, and just about everyone else in the room.

Really laying on that “I’m such a freak nobody loves me : ((((((“ sob story a little thick there, aren’t you, Alyson? WE GET IT. I know you want people to feel sorry for your shitty ass protagonist, but this is so contrived and makes everyone roll their eyes (or at least I do every time I wander across this sentence and all of its 564 variations). Want me to feel bad about a character? Don’t try to force me to. Do not try to make me deep throat this sappy bullshit.

Thank god I bought chocolate milk today.

Lunch time! Everyone’s talking about Damen, and Haven too is on the “yummy Damen train” plaguing the school. Do most schools act like this when there’s a new kid? At my hometown, when new kids appeared, we basically went “oh that’s cool welcome to our town” and that’s about it. Oh wait. I think there was one kid my grade flipped over. I’ll never forget him. Misspelled Colorado on a geography test because the teacher pronounced it as “Colorada” and he got it stuck in his head. 

“Are you guys talking about Damen?” Miles whispers, sliding onto the bench and placing his elbows on the table, his brown eyes darting between us, his baby face curving into a grin. “Gorgeous! Did you see the boots? So Vogue. I think I’ll invite him to be my next boyfriend.” 

I’m sorry but that long ass sentence.

Ladies and gents, say hello to our token sassy gay friend, Miles. I remember nothing else about his personality other than that he’s gay. Because that’s… all there is to it if I’m remembering correctly. 

Haven gazes at him with narrowed, yellow eyes. “Too late, I called dibs.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were into non-goths.” He smirks, rolling his eyes as he unwraps his sandwich.

 Can I please stop being told her eyes are yellow every time they’re mentioned

I’m getting 50 Shades of Grey flashbacks and I’d like to forget that book (no, I didn’t like it).

Ever spills that she sat next to him in English class. Haven is gobsmacked that Ever is exploding in thirst like the other two of them are, and then whines about how lucky Ever is. Bonus, another sentence describes Ever as a freak because of course it does. 

“And your hood? Up or down?” Haven asks.

I think back, remembering how I raised it right as he moved toward me. “Um, up,” I tell her. “Yeah, definitely up.” I nod.

“Well thank you for that,” she mumbles, breaking her vanilla cupcake in half. “The last thing I need is competition from the blond goddess.” 

Two things.


2)      Who the fuck legitimately calls their friend a blond goddess when it’s not in an attempt to cheer them up or when you’re joking around with each other 

I cringe and gaze down at the table. I get embarrassed when people say things like that. 

Wow thanks for telling me this when I could easily figure this out myself.

Apparently, I used to live for that kind of thing, but not anymore. 

You… you’ve admitted to being like this. There’s no “apparently” about this.

So not only is Damen in Ever’s first and sixth period classes, he also apparently parked next to her. By the way, this is the page where I have so many marks because this author has a tendency to start sentences with “and”, “so”, or “but” to the point that this page alone has ten sentences in this format. Most of them are clumped together near the bottom. I’m making a game of it to mark them all or else I’m just gonna fall asleep hahaha.

I did find a line I actually laughed at. 

I roll my eyes and squeeze between my car and the poorly parked VW Bug that’s angled so awkwardly it looks like it’s trying to mount my Miata.

I’m sorry, but that sentence was actually hilarious. I’ll give the author that one. 

And even though Miles starts waving at me, glaring at me, and basically giving me every signal he can think of to abort the mission and return to headquarters—I can’t. I mean, I’d like to, because I know I’m acting like the freak everyone’s already convinced I am, but it’s completely impossible. And it’s not just because Damen is undeniably beautiful, with his shiny dark hair that hits just shy of his shoulders and curves around his high-sculpted cheekbones, but when he looks at me, when he lifts his dark sunglasses and meets my gaze, I see that his almond shaped eyes are deep, dark, and strangely familiar, framed by lashes so lush they almost seem fake. And his lips! His lips are ripe and inviting with a perfect Cupid’s bow. And the body that holds it all up is long, lean, tight, and clad in all black.

I mean, he sounds yummy, but does that one sentence have to be so unnecessarily long?? It’s just one sentence going all the way from “and” to “fake”. Think about that. Why am I not surprised he’s dressed in all black? Gotta keep up that bad boy image. Duh. Maybe he’s like me wears black because he’s bad at color coordinating clothes so black is the safety net (don’t judge me).

Damen asks Ever if he can borrow her book, and she complies. Turns out nothing happens when they touch hands. She freaks out over how she creepily stared at him for an awkward amount of time (understandable) and Miles chimes in to remind us Haven called dibs. 

Oh, and Damen doesn’t have an aura like everyone else that’s living does. Definitely a better note to end on than the first chapter. Nothing really happened though except for Damen appearing and Haven calling dibs,

-Mod Royal