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The Beatles - Interview w/ Sandy Lesberg, 1965 (Part 1)

On May 9th 1965, the Beatles spoke at length with Sandy Lesberg at the Dolphin Restaurant in London, following a full day of shooting for their second feature film, ‘Help!’ The group appears to have an unusually comfortable and fun rapport with Lesberg, as they chat humorously about film producer Walter Shenson, and candidly about American news journalist Walter Winchell. 

In later years, Lesberg would describe his interview with the group as “…more like a rap session. All four Beatles were completely at ease. I tell a joke and Paul McCartney says, ‘I don’t think that’s very funny.’ There’s a lot of banter… They were running roughshod all over me, quite frankly.” (beatlesinterviews.org)

Q: Would you like to do a little bit of that song that you wrote for the picture, Paul?

PAUL: Uhh… I’ll tell you what, though. What we’ll do is we’ll promise to send you a copy just before it’s released. Right? So you’ve got the– That’s an exclusive. Isn’t it? I mean, that’s a favour.

Q: I’m not Hedda Hopper [columnist], I don’t need…

PAUL: (jokingly) Right. You won’t get it then. If you’re gonna be like that.

JOHN: If we thought you were Hedda Hopper we wouldn’t have let you in here… Hedda Hopper was coming in on her bike.

Q: (laughing) Did she ever interview you?

PAUL: She was at a party with a big hat. She’s great. Good. Good girl, yeah. In Hollywood.

GEORGE: She hopped past us.

PAUL: Hopped past, yeah. Who’s that other fella, though, that we don’t like?

JOHN:That other fella!” What do you mean, “that other fella”?

PAUL: (laughing) I mean… I mean, who’s that fella?

Q: Bye, Hedda.

PAUL: Who’s that fella? Walter Winchell!

Q: What about it? Did he interview you?

PAUL: Don’t speak to me about him!

JOHN: He’s stupid.

Q: Why is he stupid, John?

JOHN: He’s stupid ‘cause he just lies and writes a lot of trash.

Q: Have you ever met him, John?

JOHN: No, but he keeps writing things about Paul which are lies, y’know, so he must be off his head.

PAUL: I’ve said many a time that he’s just a bit off his head. I think he’s, um– I don’t know what’s happened to him, y’know. Everyone said he used to be good. But he’s– I tell ya, it’s just lies. He says I’m married, you see. And I’d like to say, Mister Winchell– Walter sir, if you’re listening– I’m not! (jokingly) I told him, didn’t I?

Q: Is that the lie he’s been telling about you?

PAUL: Yeah! I mean you know, that’s pushing it, isn’t it.

JOHN: But he goes on and on writing it, you know, as if he knows. He doesn’t know anything, that old Winch.

Q: Goodbye, Walter. (jokingly) I’m taking inventory of the people I’ve lost as friends on this show. 

PAUL: No, look–

JOHN: I like Hedda Hopper. She’s nice.

PAUL: Hedda’s great, yeah. Everybody else is great! 

Q: (laughs) 

PAUL: It’s not that we’ve got anything against Walter– is it, Walter! No, of course it isn’t.

Q: What, George? What, George says something I want to get– What do you say, George?

GEORGE: Walter Wimpy.

Q: Alright, bye, George.

so idk if i’ve ever posted about this on here but i just wanna say real quick that i cannot. for the life of me. begin to emphasize how much i recommend turning off the anon option on this website. i entirely realize lots of very nice anon messages come through, but i have had anon off for like. 2 or 3 years now. and wanna know how many hateful messages i have received in that time period?

absolutely none. not a single. hateful anon. 

and i still get really nice messages from people too!!!! it 100% doesn’t get rid of nice messages. but it does 100% get rid of nasty ones. and it’s wonderful, tbh.

the struggle that is acrylic painting

on ikea cardboard because yay recycling

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Yeah not a lot of bad posts on the tag lol so that's a relief. Also age isn't a big deal so I don't know why it's causing such a problem. I always thought the cadets were around the age of 18-21. Anyways, has there ever been a model or actor who you see Keith and shiro as?

ur lucky you missed majority of the war lol but that aside INTERESTING QUESTION! can’t think of anyone for keith rn but I can totally see hideo muraoka as shiro…..he’s illegally beautiful just look at him 








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Now, seriously, I’M SOOOOO sorry for this sudden hiatus, I had to do it y’know (SCHOOL HAS BEEN KILLING ME PLUS SOCIAL LIFE)

And I’m afraid these random hiatus will be frequent (sadly) so if I don’t post anything after a week, consider it as a sign that I’m not going to post for two or three more weeks (but not one month and a half like now, haha) 



But wait I have some random OP shit/doodles I made in school for you guys!

Yeah I have a little problem with drawing hancock’s forehead but SRSLY her forehead is beautiful 

OK sorry for the long post gottA GO DRAW AND ANSWER QUESTIONS BBBYE (love you all <3 )

So yeah remember I posted that I’m picking 2 winners for the recent giveaway I’m helding? I think I’ll pick the winners in the weekend. I’m sorry I haven’t been online. I was busy with real life stuff. I hope you guys understand.

R.I.P. Kyoko M: A DragonCon 2016 Story

Disclaimer #1: Calm down, I didn’t actually die.

Disclaimer #2: This is going to be incredibly hard to believe, but I don’t fucking care–it actually happened and I’m going to tell this story anyway no matter how unbelievable it sounds. But before we start, I just want you to know this is not a fantasy. It. Really. Happened.


Today is the day that I attended DragonCon in my Agent Peggy Carter cosplay. I worked hard on the makeup and I spent a few months finding just the right the pieces to make it look fantastic for this con. Yesterday I grabbed Will Friedle’s photo op and autograph, and so today I decided to concentrate on James Marsters. As luck would have it, right when we arrived this morning, he was at his autograph table, and so I got in line.

I get up to the table and literally the first words out of James fucking Marsters’ beautiful mouth when he saw me is, “You look fabulous!”


So in spite of the internal screams from the compliment, I explained how I actually became a fan of his via his incredible voicework for the Dresden Files audiobooks and I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed his performance, to the point where if I think of Harry Dresden, I always think of him first, and it added such a vast layer to his character being read by Marsters. He thanked me and mentioned that the reason he’s so passionate when he does the audiobooks is that he used to travel a lot to visit his son and he hated it when he had to listen to dry, lifeless audiobooks. He then signed my copy of Grave Peril and was kind enough to record a video message for my lovely best friend @femmephantom‘s belated birthday.

So a few hours go by and then it was time for the photo op. I waited anxiously in line and then it was my turn, and as soon as he saw me, his face lit up and he went, “It’s you!” and I giggled and asked him if it was okay to do a hug for the photo. 

Him: Oh, my wife said I’m not allowed to hug pretty girls.


So we take the following photo together:

And just when I thought this heavenly experience was over, what does he turn and say to me, with his arm still around me, smiling that million dollar smile?

“You’re gorgeous.”


I know some of you won’t believe me.

But that.




James motherfucking Marsters–aka Spike the hottest TV vampire of all time aka Harry goddamn Blackstone Copperfield Dresden–called me fabulous, pretty, and gorgeous.

I am on Cloud fucking Nine, people.

And I need you to understand that (a) boys hardly ever compliment me in real life and I’m currently single (b) I honestly don’t even care if he says that to every girl he meets. This interaction has 100% made my life. An incredibly attractive man that I admire complimented me.

Let me die. 

P.S. I also bumped into Will Friedle again on the Walk of Fame show floor heading over to his table and got a smile and I patted his shoulder; I also just happened to walk by Tom Mison heading to his table and I smiled and waved and he smiled and waved back, so yeah, this is the best day since the day I met Captain America in January. 

Kyo out.

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I just... I just saw a rowan defense post where the op said that Aelin was "egging him on" and that he had every right to hit her because what she said "was like condoning the holocaust" and IM LITERALLY SCREAMING. I don't ever think i've felt more disappointed in the human race then I do at this very moment. Sorry I just needed to vent to someone

OMFG nothing burns me up more about Rowaelin shippers than them saying she deserved it.



Jared Padalecki at Tough Mudder 2015

A while ago someone commissioned and paid for a looped gif of humanstuck Psiioniic rolling his eyes.  I don’t think they ever got back to me after I sent it so I never did get it posted, and I don’t remember their name, but there it is!  


Think About This..

Chloe spotted Beca at the Activities Fair when they were recruiting a new set of Bellas

She ignored Aubrey’s comment about her also


But then Beca rejected the offer

Chloe looked disappointed about Beca’s response.

Then weeks have passed after that moment when Chloe was in the shower and she heard someone sing. And there goes her instant orgasm..

It was Beca. She also threw off her signature very seductive wink to her. Her first wink to her.

Chloe tried to convince Beca to join the Bellas and asked her to sing her lady jam. Then they started singing Titanium. They couldn’t get their eyes off their eyes and lips.

Beca decided to go to the auditions but Chloe thought she will never come..

And then.. With Chloe’s really bright blue eyes she spotted her immediately or she just has a built-in sense.

She likes those “cups” though (credits to my cousin about this dirty pun)

Then Beca became a part of the Bellas. There’s that really seductive wink again.

Let’s all agree Chloe’s a prophet

Now Chloe is invading’s Beca’s personal space. The people in the background though..

And she gives away these kind of things ever since she had nodes or she met Beca.. I think it’s because of Beca.

She always stands up for her..

And she said Beca makes “them” better

Let’s jump 3 years later

And the Bellas are graduating now and of course it includes Beca

Chloe says this..

Chloe also says this in front of Beca’s face

Which made Beca got weirded out because she knew what Chloe meant

She also remembered Beca’s audition song after 3 years

Beca’s graduating right? 

Come on now. We all know that’s not the only reason..

But seriously..

Without Chloe’s convincing blue eyes and attitude, Pitch Perfect’s story line won’t progress without Beca being convinced to join the Bellas. So yeah, BeChloe for the win!

  • Kane: Abby?
  • Abby: Yeah?
  • Kane: Where's my gun?
  • Abby: What?
  • Kane: WHERE. IS. MY. GUN?
  • Abby: I uh... put it away.
  • Kane: Where?
  • Kane: I NEED IT.
  • Abby: Greater good? I am your WIFE. I AM THE GREATEST GOOD YOU ARE EVER GONNA GET.

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It is evident that Riley's actions in the last few episodes have stunted Maya's growth, but would you be able to explain in more depth how poor the Riley Committee was for Riley's growth? People are very concerned with "the now" and focus on how Riley is selfish for wanting Maya to stay the same for these last 3-5 episodes. But I think we all forget that Maya literally recruited OTHER PEOPLE(& herself) to prevent Riley from ever growing, and if that's not selfish too then I don't know what is...

Yeah, I swear it’s like people forget how Maya very clearly said the point of the Riley Committee was to keep things from Riley and PREVENT her from ever changing. Combine that with the whole “whatever you want” thing and Riley’s current behavior makes a whoooollllle lot of sense, tbh.

Anyhow I’ve got a post on this in the works, along with a post about why I think Cory sheltered Riley so much to begin with (as well as why Topanga apparently didn’t object).

I have waaaay too many drafts right now. 😂

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I don't get it. The point of tv shows and movies is entertainment and education, which means that it's for the audience, not for the actors. You're supposed to do shows for your fans. So I don't get the article. Benedict and Martin aren't doing us a favor by playing in Sherlock, it's part of their job. When I read the article I felt like there was an expectation for me to bow to them for agreeing to do another season. I really appreciate their acting, but I don't like the tone of this article.

(referencing this post)

Hey Lovely!

Yeah, I understand how the tone of the article comes off as rather condescending, which is in part done by the writer of the article, not necessarily Moffat’s fault. In truth this show has always been for Mofftiss and for the people. They didn’t even think it would make it past the first season, so honestly, this show was made to fulfill seeing their Johnlock fanfic on-screen. Nor did they ever expect that it would gain a cult following and skyrocket the careers of their leads. This show has always been a little side project for the actors, and they do it because they enjoy doing it.

I’ve worked in news; journalists tend to take things out of context to make their story more “exciting”. It’s unfortunate that this journalist seems to have a bit of contempt for the actors (I mean the hiatuses are long and probably annoy the mainstream audience), but Mark and Steve have ALWAYS been good about working around Ben and Martin’s schedules. I believe both actors have said that they want to continue on as long as they can, and I trust that.

Take everything you read in the media about Sherlock with a grain of salt… These are all the same people who speculate that every new female lead is Sherlock’s new love interest, believe that John and Mary are a happy couple, and think that this show is “confusing and the worst thing ever” despite the numerous Emmy nominations and wins and the actual fans who understand the subtext loved it. These are the same people who 95% of the time read the show with a heteronormative lens. Honestly, news people are a bunch of crusty buggers because they are forced to be in constant competition with even their own colleagues; I suspect the writer of this article isn’t even a casual fan, just someone who looked back on past articles and copy-pasted quotes from their interview with Mofftiss. 

A good way to see if the actors are still interested is reviewing their performances on the show. Ben and Martin were FANTASTIC in TAB, and the chemistry is STILL there, even after all these years. They love what they do when they are there, and they take pride in being in the show. You can see it in all the behind the scenes interviews.

I think we should be grateful that even after becoming top-rated actors who have tight schedules, Ben and Martin STILL want to be a part of this show. A lot of actors tend to jump ship once they become big. Obviously if they keep saying yes, then they still want to do it.

Just know that this show was and has always been for the fans. Don’t let this article get you down.

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I don't think I've ever seen someone lose subscribers so fast.. If you reload the page his subscriber count has already gone down a ton o.o

yeah, but despite me giving my half of the story, I don’t want to ultimatly destroy him either. 

Plus I’m not the kind of person to just trash someone like that. I hate what he did, and I hate that this is public drama and even I don’t know if he deserves this, but at the same time, part of me does. but either way, I’m definitely NOT going to make a post on my channel about it. I don’t want to be too affiliated as one who supports hate of any kind, because I don’t. If anything, I find this whole thing to be really sad. 

I was super salty about this at first, and kinda spit some fire but I already regret it. (not the post about me giving my story, that I’m fine with because it wasn’t in a hateful manner.) but this needed to come out.