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Hot and Cold

Anonymous: hello! could you please do one matt x reader imagine in which matt’s dating a mexican girl and one day she starts cursing a lot thinking he won’t understand but he does and he teases her? thanks

 Definitely a challenging idea. I hope it’s pretty accurate- With the curses and the Spanish, I tried my best. And, guys, (probably) tomorrow I’ll have a little surprise for you all ;)

994 words. Enjoy xx (not my gif)

After a long and tiring week of work and just dealing with people in general, Matt decided that you should do something relaxing. He could tell all week that you were getting more and more frustrated and exhausted, taking a toll on you both physically and emotionally.

You loved Matt to death, and so you were determined to try your hardest to relax and enjoy your time out. It couldn’t hurt, you really needed to calm your nerves down anyway. People could be so annoying, and your job didn’t make working with them any easier.

It was almost December, your breaths coming out in small white puffs as you walked hand in hand towards the small café. Matt’s thumb rubbed over your hand in circles, warming it up from the cold.

Your sour mood still remained as you went inside the warm building, only making you more frustrated. You just wanted to have a good time for once this week before going back to do more work, but your bad mood was only making it worse.

“Relax,” Matt said giving you a heartwarming smile, and you did, if only a little bit.

Soon, you found yourself enjoying yourself more and more. Your desserts seemed to sweeten your foul mood slightly.

But that dark cloud over your head never really went away, and as the evening wore on, you could feel your annoyance grow as your waiter got on your nerves.

First, he acted bored, which you totally understood. It was very late, and you wouldn’t want to be working either. But you really didn’t need his overall rudeness and sass as well.

It started when he brought your drink over to you after your dessert. He fumbled with it, spilling it all over the table and your lap.

“Mierda!” You glared at him, as he muttered an insincere ‘sorry’ and handed you a towel to clean up. You mopped up the mess on the table and your lap, also glaring at Matt-who could tell you were-as he covered his mouth in an attempt not to laugh. You huffed. He probably just found you getting covered in hot chocolate funny.

After that incident, your waiter was, well, just a plain old-

“Mierdero! That’s it,” you growled under your breath, glaring daggers at the waiter as he finally walked away again. Saying a few unkind words to you was one thing, but when he started to pick on Matt… Oh, that was a different story.

“Y/n,” Matt warned, trying to get you to calm down again.

“Hijueputa,” you scoffed, “thinks he can get away with everything he says and does? No way, buddy.” You said a few more strong choice words, the only one hearing you being Matt, but you didn’t think he understood anyway.

The next time he came around to collect the check, which Matt had paid, you stood up, throwing the chocolate soaked towel right in his shocked face. “Hey, mierdero, vete a la chingada.” You shoved him aside, grabbing Matt’s hand and stomping out the front door. The few people who were in there at this time of night had their eyes on you as the scene played out, but you couldn’t care less.

The cold air hit you like a brick wall, but you kept on moving, your face flushed in pent up anger. But you felt better. Keeping in your anger probably wasn’t good for you, although you could have maybe handled it better and not taken it out on someone.

Matt removed his hand from yours and placed it on your back comfortingly, walking faster to match your enraged pace. You started to calm down soon, the cool air working wonders on your hot temper.

You both walked in silence and you slowed down after a while, making Matt chuckle and rub your back soothingly. You let out a smile, your first real one in a few days, and laid your head on his shoulder.

Feeling Matt’s hand on your back, you stole a glance up at him and your smile grew. Maybe you should talk things out with him instead of waiting for it to explode next time. You knew he’d always listen to you, no matter what.

Matt hummed in thought, and you lifted your head. “What is it?”

His lips pulled up in a smirk, but it was gone a second later. You didn’t think anything of it, until he spoke again, “Así que, ya sabes que hablo español, ¿verdad?” *

You froze in the middle of the sidewalk, staring at him. Then you groaned loudly, bowing your head in embarrassment and defeat. “Oh, no.”

He only laughed louder, putting an arm around you and pulling you closer to his side. “No, se subone que debes decir 'mierda.’” **

You couldn’t help but chuckle, your face flushing red and heating you up in the cold. “Stop it, Matt!” You said with a grin, no real venom in your response.

“Alright, alright.” He laughed lightly, “But we should work on your anger issues.”

You rolled your eyes, punching his arm lightly.

“See? This is what I’m talking about,” he teased. “First the cursing, now the punching, what’s next-”

“This, you idiota,” you cut him off fondly, pressing your freezing lips to his in a kiss, warming you from head to toe. Your bad week didn’t matter anymore, standing here with Matt, kissing him in the cold.

He pulled away, smiling down at you, his hands cradling your head. “Maybe we can talk next time you get mad.”

You shook your head. “I was thinking the same thing.”

“…And we need to wash your mouth out with soap.”


You knew he was never going to let this go.


* So, you know I can speak Spanish, right?
** No, you’re supposed to say 'shit.’“