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Okay, I can understand not liking the poster, but I don't think leaving Finn or any of the other characters out was a race thing. To me it just looked like they're taking the three characters likely most important to the narrative, the hero, the mentor and the villain, and doing something symbolic with Luke representing the light side, Kylo representing the dark, and Rei doing Luke's iconic pose from the original poster. I don't think the designers were purposely doing anything offensive there.

I’ll answer with all the movie posters who all feature more characters, and which all of them have the same aesthetic except for the last one.

A New Hope poster:

Ft: Luke, Leia (wtf w that dress), Vader and the droids. Counting them, 5 characters. No mentor. Two of the 3 heroes and the villain. I’d say it’s more or less understandable since you could say that Obi Wan had a larger role in this movie than Han did (even if neither of them are in it), but i don’t know let’s make shit up and say the trio was not stablished yet. Was 3PO that important, too?

Empire Strikes Back:

Let’s see… Luke, Han, Leia (3/3), the droids again, Chewbacca and Vader. No mentor. Chewie wasn’t exactle crucial to the narrative.

Return of the Jedi: 

Like, all of them. Leia, Lando, Han, Luke, Vader, Jabba, etc etc. (but again no mentor). Another gross ass sexualised Leia is the only bad thing about the poster. All characters, 3 main + other important ones, are featured

The Panthom Menace:

Ani, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Padmé, Jar Jar Binks, the droids, Dart Maul. 7 characters total, 3/3 of the main trio, and yes, the mentor’s there. More than just the ~crucial~ characters. Qui Gon was as important as Obi Wan in Ep. IV so you could say that he didn’t need to be in the poster, since Obi Wan wasn’t

Attack of the Clones: 

Anakin, Padmé, Yoda, Jango Fett, Mace, the droids, Obi Wan. No villain (unless you count the army, but I think they are mostly clones and up to that point not evil). Was Jango Fett //that// important, to be front center?

Revenge of the Sith: 

Again, everyone. Anakin is there like 3 times. Was /that/ needed?

The Force Awakens: 

Oh my, look at this pretty 2015 poster! Rey, Finn, Kyle, Han, Leia, Chewie, Maz Kanata, C3PO, R2D2, Poe, Phasma, stormtroopers, the falcon! So much space for so many characters! There was no mentor in this movie (unless you count Han, kind of, but that wasn’t his main role). Phasma is irrelevant, Leia doesn’t have /that/  much screentime or plot importance, R2 and 3PO are .2 seconds on screen.

The Last Jedi: 

This ugly thing with no Finn and no Poe and no Rose and Kyle’s ugly head there where Finn’s head should be. 

So. Now that we got this out of the way, my interpretation: for some reason, this is the ONLY poster in ALL of the main trilogies that doesn’t feature at least 2/3 of the main trio. the only other one in which there is a “mentor” figure is The Phantom  Menace, it completely differs from the aesthetic of the other posters, the villain is Always featured on the back, behind the heroes, not parallel to them, if Luke’s role will be similar to that of Obi Wan in A New Hope then him being in the poster is as necessary as Obi Wan in the other (and he’s not there). It’s the only one with only 3 characters in it, too. 

The other posters weren’t exactly diverse with their characters (but then, the movies weren’t so diverse either). Episodes VI, III and VII are the only ones who feature at least one character of color. 

And do you honestly think that it’s SUCH A HAPPY COINCIDENCE that when the main trio is 2/3 made of PoC it’s just THAT ONE MOVIE in which they are NOT featured on the poster and the white chick is? And, like, this is the only poster featuring only 3 characters. The others have at least 5. 

Are you truly impllying that Finn is NOT RELEVANT ENOUGH TO BE IN THE POSTER? Like, look at the others and tell me that Phasma, for example, deserved to be in the TFA poster more than Finn does in this one (Even if we haven’t seen ep VIII yet). Tell me that the implication that he’s not as important is not enough to enrage his fans. 

Tell me that it’s not a race thing uwu when the villain is never as prominent as he’s now, that The Mentor™ (unless it’s in the prequels where he’s part of the main trio), is there now but not in other movies. JFC it doesn’t even make THAT much sense from a White Feminist POV because Rey is Smaller than Kyle and Luke! And why is this the only movie where there’s only 1/3 of the trio in it!??? When it’s the first trio with 2/3 poc! The only part of the trio that’s there is the white girl!

Mod A.

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May I ask why you don't take pets anymore for the birthday unending? Is it because people want to enter their dead pet friends and it gets overwhelmingly sad? Or were there just too many people entering pets?

Well, first, because everything about the Birthday Unending is entirely at my whim, and if I want to say I delete anything received on a Tuesday, that is my call and no one can stop me.  I didn’t sign a contract, I don’t get paid, I get to set any rules I want to.

Second, and more important…I asked, repeatedly, that people please think long and hard before sending in requests for pets.  They’re hard on me.  They’re hard on everyone.  The Birthday can be surprisingly emotionally cathartic for a surrealist nightmare with cake, but writing about a dead cat or dog is a lot more difficult for me, as a human being, than writing about a person I’ve never met.  Pets are more universal.  We’re socialized to cry over every dead animal we encounter, except the ones we’re eating.

I didn’t want to say “absolutely no pets.”  I wanted to be able to keep admitting your eighteen year old dog who just passed and left you gutted.  I did.  But every time I answer an Ask about an animal, I get ten more animal Asks, no matter how much I say “please remember this is hard for me, please remember that you’re asking me to grieve your pet in public, please remember that I have said all are welcome, and really ask yourself if you need the performance,” every time I get five to ten more animal Asks.  And some of them are clearly people taking the piss–”oh my goldfish died can he come in”–but I have to take them all seriously, because that is how the performance works.

So for my own peace of mind, no more pets.  The ones already in the queue will be answered, any coming in after this will be refused.

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I do agree with you that the additional abuse moment wasn't good for Nanaba OR her character. Anime-only people might only remember her as the girl who got abused (since final moments leave great impressions), and it pisses me off that people won't remember her for her bravery. However, I don't think it has anything to do with sexism. If it was any other character, I would still feel the same since it takes away from the character themself. Can you go into more detail into the sexism part?

Sure, I definitely try to go into more detail. This topic is actually more difficult to understand and explain because I’m not talking about an overt, purposeful example of sexism. This isn’t a someone at the studio writing the script and declaring in their most maniacal creeper voice “WOMEN ARE SO WEAK LET ME SHOW YOU HOW WEAK THEY ARE WEEABO WORMS”!

This is about pervasive, latent sexism in culture and language. 

Its about how we as people the world over have been taught certain thoughts and presentations about women are OK when they are actually micro-aggressions. Its about how even you, Anon, used the term “girl” to imply a weaker character instead of “woman” (and please understand, I not calling you sexist with this example). By the way, why does the term “girl” imply a weaker character? Why is a younger female less strong than an older female?

My point is that we are so used to sexism in our media sometimes we don’t recognize it in more subtle forms. Why did Nanaba have to be the character with the abused past?  Why couldn’t that have gone to Gelgar? It would make more sense to me that he would have a hallucination because he had severe head trauma. Yet he gets to go out the hero with the dark humor of not getting his last drink. Nanaba’s heroism gets over-shadowed now, as you’ve mentioned, by just being the abused girl. Even Mike, as awful as his death was, got more honor by continuing to proverbially stand up until the end.

By giving that plot point to the female character, there is also a subtle sense of the woman being put back in her place. In your youth you were put down and now in your death you’ll be put back down too. Not an INTENTIONAL message being sent, the authors likely just wanted to make it as horrible a death as possible. But that message still exists in that interaction regardless.

Does any of this make sense? Latent sexism is hard to explain unless you analyze discourse and conversation because we’ve been taught its “normal”. The fact that a woman screaming in her death throws about “Father please I won’t do it again” is normal enough that we consider it character development is what makes it latent sexism. The fact that the choice to make it the woman character is completely fine, or to include it at ALL really, is what makes it problematic. And deeply disturbing if you think about it.

I hope that helps!

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I don't know if you're taking prompts rn, but I've had a rough week so I thought I'd ask - any chance I can get some fluffy Rhodey/Tony (bros or slash fine) or dad!Stark with Peter? I'd love anything, but if you want a more specific prompt, I've got a dialogue one: "Do you think they remember you?" "I sure hope not, after what I did the last time I was here."

I’m so sorry this is so late? I was having a rough week at the time too, and things have only just recently gotten to the point where I don’t feel complete apathy about fandom things? I hope things got better for you! :)

I did like the dialogue one - I had some vague ideas for that and dad!Stark with Peter lol - but this turned out a bit of the first two more than that. Hope you like it!


“You’re telling me we’ve basically adopted a kid,” Rhodey responded after listening to Tony vent about Parker for a good hour.

“No, of course not. I’m not even mentoring him, really,” Tony denied. “Just, I figured he needed a better suit, like I said. And then he was in over his head, and then he was obviously - he was going to get himself killed, I refuse to help him with that.”

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How did you figure out you were a bottom? Can I really be sure I'm a bottom if I've never had sex? And in broader terms of identity, I feel like I have a lot of my identity I've never explored, because I guess I'm afraid of embarrassing myself. Sometimes I think I'd be happier as a different gender, though at the same time I don't know if that's just normal thinking or actual dysphoria, since I'm not exactly unhappy with the way I am? Is there any way I can make more sense of this?

How did I figure out I was a bottom? I was walking out to my car with a woman who I was on a first date with, and I mentioned that I kind of like being bossed around, and she said, “Oh, you like to be topped?” and I’d never heard that expression before outside gay male relationship where the bottom is the dude who takes it, so I was was like, “What’s being topped?” and she suddenly pushed me up against a wall, leant against me with her hips, and whispered into my ear, “It’s more of this,” and I was like oh my god oh my god mgykgbakljerkgjbelaer

Honestly, though, for someone who has an ultra-responsible job like mine, for someone who’s had to manage her own household since they were in their teens, there is such peace in surrender. In not making decisions. In letting someone take over and just existing at their command. I love it. It’s almost trance-like, and it fosters such trust and intimacy in a partnership. 

Honestly? I don’t think you could really know 100% unless you’ve tried both. But that’s only my opinion - I’m sure there are virgins out there who love to imagine being topped and already know. For the rest of us, you need to experience it to know if it works for you or not XD

You don’t need to worry about being embarrassed, because you don’t really try things like this with people you don’t trust. And sex can be funny and awkward anyway, it’s nice to do it with someone who’ll laugh along with you and make it a shared experience while you experiment :)

The gender stuff is another conversation. Gender takes time to work out. You don’t need to rush it <3

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Wow you answered my request pretty quick! Think you can do one where they get caught too? (Maybe by Tom's parents? More protective Marco lol) I don't want Tom to have to go back tho, he still gets to stay. (That's up to you tho)

Of course I can! This was such a good idea, I will take any excuse to write about protective Marco! It’s my all time favorite thing!!!! I hope you like the second part, and don’t worry, I wouldn’t have the heart to do that to Tom!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/160531555357/of-course-i-can-write-that-i-cant-tell-you-how

Tom and Marco sat on the bench on the outskirts of Mewni. They were smiling and giggling with each other, watching the leaves fall and counting how many red ones there were. “I’m really happy you’ve cheered up the past few days.” Marco told the demon. “I just… couldn’t stand seeing you so… I’m sorry I’m just making things worse.” Marco laughed a bit and trailed off. Tom shook his head.

“No, it’s nice. Thank you.” Tom assured. He looked back out at the leaves, before his face fell a little bit and he got a look of anxiety. “Does Moon know we’re here?” He asked.

“Probably.” Marco responded. “Why?” He asked. Tom looked over his shoulder and got up, making his way back to the castle.

“Well… if my dad is looking for me… he might talk to Moon first because of how close I was with Star… I don’t really… I just think we shouldn’t…” Tom tried to find the right words but Marco cut him off.

“Hey, if you don’t feel safe here we can leave, you don’t need to explain yourself.” Marco assured. Tom smiled and the two made their way back to the castle. They would get Star and then go home. It was better for Tom to stay somewhere hidden for a while, just until his father stopped looking for him. Marco watched the demon carefully, he wanted so badly to reach out and hold his hand. And make him feel as safe as Marco was determined to keep him.

And that determination would be tested very soon.

As soon as the boys entered the castle, Tom’s eyes widened and Marco darted out in front of him, standing in a defensive manner. King Lucifer stood above them. “How did I know, that if I came around here enough times, I would eventually catch you trying to sneak through?” The large demon whose entire body seemed to be engulfed by black smoke stood up taller.

“D-Dad… how did you-” Tom was cut off.

“Find you?” He asked. “It was easy. I know you would go running to that Butterfly girl, just like you always did.” Lucifer explained. “Now I’ve had enough games, Tom. Come with me, now.” He demanded.

“He’s not going anywhere with you!” Marco cried out. Tom flinched at the harsh tone Marco was crazy enough to use against this man. Lucifer looked over at Marco and narrowed his eyes.

“How dare you speak against me!” He hissed, whacking Marco aside so he fell to the floor. Lucifer then reached down to grab his son roughly by the arm and yank him away. “And YOU! How dare you run away! Like an immature child!” He reprimanded. Tom let out a cry and tried to pull away. But Lucifer tightened his grip.

“Stop! You’re hurting me!” Tom cried. Lucifer yanked him upward and grabbed him by the neck.

“Put him DOWN!” Marco yelled, kicking the large demon in the knees. Lucifer was so shocked by this that he dropped Tom to the floor. The littler demon scrambled away and curled up in a ball, Marco stood between him and king Lucifer. “Don’t touch him! Don’t you EVER touch him AGAIN!” Marco screamed.

“Think for a moment about what you are doing, human.” He spat the name like it was poison. “Now step aside, and let me bring my son home.” He growled.

“No!” Marco yelled back. “You are never going to hurt him again!” He screamed. Lucifer gritted his teeth and took a step forward. Marco stood up taller. “Take one step closer to him, I dare you! Take another step and see what happens!” He yelled.

Lucifer threw a look at Tom, who flinched at just this. “Tom, I grow tired of this. Come with your father, NOW.” He demanded. Tom gulped and Marco turned to look at him, he got down on his knees and held the demon’s hands.

“Tom, listen to me. You don’t need to go with him, I can bring you home and you’ll be safe.” Marco promised.

“He’s coming to his real home, with me.” Lucifer hissed. He pushed Marco aside and extended his hand. “Come along, Tom.” He called his son forward and Tom hesitantly reached out to take his father’s hand. About an inch away he pulled back.

“I-I don’t… you hit me. Marco says that’s not what a parent is supposed to do.” Tom mumbled. Lucifer became enraged at hearing this and he grabbed Tom, hoisting him up by the horn. The demon began bawling and kicking and screaming as his father threatened him. “MARCO! MARCO HELP ME DON’T LET HIM TAKE ME!” Tom screamed. Marco ran between the two demons and pulled Tom down so he fell to the floor. Marco fell ontop of him and wrapped him in a hug. He peered up at Lucifer and seethed.

“Leave. Him. Alone.” Marco barked. Lucifer stood taller and took a step closer, Tom burrowed deeper in Marco’s arms and the human had fire in his eyes. “Take one step closer, I dare you. Just see what happens.” he growled. “You’re scaring him. You’re scaring my Tommy.” Marco yelled at him. Tom looked up at Marco when he said this. Marco just called Tom “his”. And for some reason, that made him feel very happy, even in such a stressful situation.

King Lucifer stood there silently for a long while, before looking down at Tom. “Thomas, come home at once, or you will very much regret your choices.” He growled. Tom stiffened and held Marco’s hand tighter.

“He’s just trying to scare you. It’s okay, I won’t let him hurt you.” Marco promised. Tom gulped and nodded. Marco wrapped Tom up in his arms, holding him close. He peered over at king Lucifer and growled at him. “Go now. He doesn’t want to go with you.”

Lucifer stood there, enraged. He looked as if he was about to attack the two boys, but stopped. “Fine. Don’t ever come home.” He spoke to his son. “You were a screw up since the day you were born, I’m glad to be rid of you. Stay on earth, die for all I care. But if you ever come back home, or if I ever see you in the underworld again, you are going to die, Tom Lucitor.” He threatened. And with a burst of black flames, he was gone.

As soon as it was over Tom burst out into tears. Marco hushed him and held him close, rubbing his back and stroking his hair. “I should have gone. I shouldn’t have said no to him.” Tom blubbered. “He’s going to.. He’s…”

“You’re okay.” Marco cut him off. “He’s gone now, he’s never coming back. It’s okay, I got you.” Marco promised. Tom wailed and the human held him close.

“What am I going to do? I can never go home and… I can never go home!” he sobbed. “I have to listen to him it’s what I’m supposed to do and… oh my god what have I done!?” Tom cried, sobbing harder. Marco just let him cry and held him closer. He was so scared and brainwashed from all these years of abuse, that no matter where he was he wouldn’t feel safe. Even if his father admitted to abandoning him, Tom still feared being hurt and found, and torn away from the only person who showed him love. But Marco would help. It would take a long time, and it would be hard and frustrating, but he would help his demon get better.

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This is a weird/gross question and google is not helping me out so is it possible for a hymen to prevent a menstrual cup from being inserted? I've been trying to use one and it will legit not fit. It feels like my vagina is too small. I've never had sex so I'm assuming my hymen is still intact.

Hi anon! Admittedly, this isn’t something I’ve ever looked into before, so my answer is only based on what I already know about hymens and menstrual cups. For a better answer, it’d probably be best to talk to a gynecologist, if that’s at all possible.

But basically, the hymen is a membrane that ‘covers’ the entrance of the vagina, but for most people, it already has an opening whether they’ve had anything in their vagina or not (there are cases where someone’s hymen is completely un-perforated, but that’s a condition that needs to be taken care of by a doctor, as it means menstrual blood can’t get out of the vagina at all). So even if you’ve never had sex and your hymen has never been torn, it still has an opening - though the size of the opening and the elasticity of the tissue varies from person to person. Also, since the hymen is a stretchy membrane, it never has to ‘tear’ at any point, even if you’ve had sex and regularly use menstrual cups (I’ve had sex and I use cups, and I’m relatively certain mine never tore). On the other hand, plenty of non-sexual activities can cause it to tear, so it’s possible that yours has torn even if you’ve never had sex. I have a friend who tore her hymen jumping in a lake!

So my assumption would be that an average hymen shouldn’t be able to completely prevent inserting a menstrual cup, because the average hymen is flexible and open enough to be stretched gently without tearing. However, it definitely takes preparation and actual stretching to deal with it comfortably. If you don’t have much experience with having anything in your vagina, it’s really helpful to work your way up to a menstrual cup by starting with your fingers and slowly working on stretching things out (masturbation is good for this, if that’s something you’re comfortable doing). Make sure to use lots of water-based lube and keep things as relaxed as possible. If something hurts, slow down or stop for as long as you need to. I may love menstrual cups, but if they cause you any pain, they’re not worth it!

If you’ve had any menstrual flow before, that means your hymen is perforated, so there technically isn’t anything completely stopping the cup from going in. That being said, some hymens have smaller openings or are much less flexible than others, so while I doubt it’s possible for it to prevent the cup, it’s probably possible for your hymen to make it difficult or painful to insert it. If that’s the case, and it’s something you’re worried about or unhappy with, I believe there’s a procedure a gynecologist can do to essentially ‘tear’ the hymen for you, if it’s too stiff or closed to stretch it comfortably on your own. However, I’m pretty sure that’s not a common occurrence. My advice would be to keep working on stretching it out yourself (remember to be nice to yourself!), and maybe try finding a smaller cup if you think you’re getting close but still can’t quite get it in. 

But remember that the average hymen isn’t supposed to tear, and you shouldn’t put yourself in any pain just to use a menstrual cup. The most important thing is to take care of yourself and keep yourself comfortable, even if that means giving up on using the cup. If you’re really struggling with it, but still want healthy, reusable menstrual products, you can find some amazing reusable cloth pads online! They’re just as money-saving and eco-friendly as cups, but without the hassle of having to insert anything! 💜💜💜

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Why do you and the rest of the fandom think you can change Pixelberry's minds about getting diamonds? They've explained millions of times that they don't take requests or anything like that on Tumblr. A lot of us outside Tumblr uses Facebook and they listen there and we have told them millions of times to make us earn diamonds in different ways. So why would you make it any different just because you belong to the Choices "family?"

I’ll speak only for myself, Anon. :)

“Why do you and the rest of the fandom think you can change Pixelberry’s minds about getting diamonds?”

I don’t expect PB to change their mind about diamonds, but I certainly can hope there are coming alternatives to earning diamonds so it can be more inclusive.

“They’ve explained millions of times that they don’t take requests or anything like that on Tumblr. A lot of us outside Tumblr uses Facebook and they listen there and we have told them millions of times to make us earn diamonds in different ways.”

Choices has a tumblr account. While they don’t interact with fans here the way they do on Facebook (private messaging), they do reblog some of the fans’ posts and sometimes even comment on blogs. This indicates that they do observe what the fans like and dislike. It’s also one way that shows they are quietly listening.

Some of the folks here don’t have Facebook, and that is why their conversations about Choices, and diamonds, happen here.

“So why would you make it any different just because you belong to the Choices "family?”“

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘just because you belong to the Choices family’. But what I do know is that while the requests may not be any different from what has been shared on Facebook, it shows how passionate the fans are in wanting to enjoy the storytelling more.

Would you have any suggestions on moving forward? That would also be helpful. Thanks for the ask.

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I know you're not a gender blog, but I know you're nonbinary and I don't know any other blogs to turn to. Could I possibly use they/them pronouns and still be cis (I'm afab)? Or bind and still be cis? Those things sometimes seems appealing, but I think I'm a cis girl and I don't know if I should take that away from the genderqueer community. Or if this possibly makes me part of gender queer community. (I'm also ace, if this has anything to do with it.)

You absolutely can use any pronouns you want regardless of how you identify. If you are more comfortable with they/them and ID as cis, then good on ya. 

Also think of it this way. I’m going to use a hypothetical person named Alex. Alex can have an understanding of their gender. Perhaps Alex feels they are cis male. Just because Alex is a cis male, doesn’t mean they have to adhere to male gender roles. Maybe Alex is uncomfortable with toxic masculinity? Maybe Alex has some other thing in their life that makes them not comfortable with he/him pronouns? That doesn’t make them any less male. Alex can choose to use they/them pronouns without compromising their gender. Even if that gender is cis. 

Also! The thing is that normalizing they/them pronouns actually helps the trans/non-binary community. It ever so slowly lessens the stigma against gender neutral terminology. Which is in everyone’s best interest tbh.

So, for me personally, I think it’s a great idea. If this opens the door to you questioning your gender then that’s a good thing too. Many people who ID as cis, have never questioned why they ID that way. So I fully encourage you to explore what cis means to you, and to use they/them pronouns if that helps. I don’t think that using they/them pronouns is “taking away” from these communities at all. 

Also in this ask I talked about binding when you don’t ID as trans. There are countless reasons why a person would want to bind (perhaps to save all of china? perhaps for dysphoria? The reasons are endless). Binding is common in the trans community, however it is not exclusive to the trans community.

As far as being apart of the gender queer community, I can’t tell you what to do. The definition of gender queer that I am familiar with is “denoting or relating to a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders.” 

I can say that the reason I joined the gender queer community is because the way I experience gender deviates from societal norms. I have gender related experiences that are distinctly different from the vast majority of society. 

This sounds like you’re asking yourself a lot of important questions about your gender, and I hope you get the answers you are seeking. Good luck. 

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NIALL SAID HE LOVES TO HOLD HANDS. By the time this week is done I'm going to need to take a vacation just to calm down and get a good nights sleep. I just .... I was a teenager during the great age of the boy band (BSB, *NSYNC) but I have to say when it comes to Niall - I don't think I have ever crushed so hard on someone I don't know. My poor heart can barely take it any more, lol (but also never wants this to end)

I grew up on NKOTB, watched my friends lose it over BSB, and had a crush on JC from *NSYNC in college.

Nothing. And I mean NOTHING compares to my frighteningly intense love for Niall Horan.

there are new boys that occupy my mind now. i let them slip their hands on my leg and kiss my neck too. and when they try to hold my attention and give me what you couldn’t, I spit it fiercely back at them. how could they invite themselves in and make themselves at home in a heart that wasn’t taking any guest. what you did was make me realize that I am more than that, I am more than them. my heart is a home and maybe someone will be lucky enough to get their own set of keys. but for right now it’s just a soft song of solitude and there is no sadness in this house, it is full of confidence and pride and no one can utterly destroy my home again.

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Do you any advice or tips to offer in terms of memory recollection, unlocking your natural abilities, etc? I feel so far behind the other angels, my brethren, and I don't feel worthy. I just want to remember more about myself and my relationships with other angels, mankind, and Father. Thank you for reading this and I appreciate any help/advice/tips/etc you have to offer!

First of all, I promise you that you are not too far behind or unworthy. All of us are at different stages in collecting memories or practising our abilities and there is no shame in that. We can help each other out. Think of your past life memory and other abilities as a muscle. You haven’t really exercised it in a long time so it’s going to take some time and practise to get it working strongly again, but you can get there. Heck, even I’m still learning things. 

Now sit down and get comfy ‘cause I’ve got a bunch of info for you, feather. You don’t have to do it all. Everyone has different methods that are comfortable/convenient for them. My advice for memory recovery and such is the following:

  • Start a journal: Write your dreams down in it. You’d be surprised about what kind of memories or important symbols can filter through dreams. Especially if you get repeating themes. Write any little tidbits of info that catch your attention in there. Doodle or describe your interpretation of how angels look. Write poetry. It’s like a free space to create while reflecting. Since your brains busy making things, you can stir up some old memories like that, Even if you don’t, it’s relaxing and gives you something physical to tie your divine feelings too.
  • Meditate: Something I should do more often as it really does help. If you aren’t sure how it’s done, there’s lots of tutorials online or guided meditations on youtube. If you want to make more of an event out of it, burn some incense and set things up like a ritual, or go to a meditation class. Buddhist centres usually offer free sessions in breath control and clearing the mind. Piece of advice, don’t try to stop thinking altogether. That just distracts you. Instead, let your mind flow and do it’s thing. Something interesting may pop into your head.
  • Astral project: Like meditation but it feels more like you’re doing something. Once again, tonnes of guided sessions and tutorials. I reblogged a really nice one a few days ago called “Crystal Lake”. You can fly around very easily while projecting, and it’s often a good place to practise my next point.
  • Talk to other angels: Not just the ones online or on earth! Research how to talk to spirits and such, and ask for angels to come to you. If you’re able to start conversation or get signs from one, they may be able to lend you a hand or give tips on what you’re doing. Also you can pray, if that’s your thing, or just strike up verbal conversation if in private. It can help.
  • Research: Look into the hierarchy of angels, associations with famous angels, lists of names, our true forms. Read, read, read. You don’t have to stay on boring topics, follow what interests you. Something may catch your eye. It doesn’t have to be all non-fiction and studies. There is plenty of media inspired by us that can offer different views or standpoints.
  • Visit holy/historical places: Churches are the obvious one, but anywhere you feel holy works beautifully. For me, my local beach feels like a holy place, but that may be due to my dominion over water. Places with history work as well. There’s something about standing somewhere that’s been there for years that stirs up feelings inside of you. I actually got one of my most vivid flashes of a memory whilst standing atop of a building in the Roman Forum next to the Colosseum.
  • Reminders: Anything that reminds you of home is good. Certain textures (for me it’s soft things), or foods for example. You may want to go places that remind you of home, or do things that you used to or feel like you have an association with, such as helping the sick, or travelling etc. That’s why I have the aesthetic stuff here ^^
  • The Craft: Witchcraft and other such things is actually super helpful. Obviously, it’s not for everyone, but since it’s a secular practise (no particular religious view needed) anyone can do it, and you can tailor it so that it honours the deity you follow if that’s what you like. Or you can keep it separate from religion. Here is where you get a lot of tips on unlocking your abilities and communicating with angels that aren’t incarnate right now. Tumblr has a pretty good community for it, and I try to filter through things that are helpful to us specifically. 
  • Focus on what you want to do: Naturally, you’re going to want to get as much done as possible. However, it’s not a race. Focus on areas that interest you. If you want to strengthen your empathy or prophetic skills, focus on that. If you want to study the intricacies of interactions between angels and humans, do that. If you want to try and astral project or build up a mindspace where you can invite spirits in, go for it! There’s no rules or time limit, and if you need help, we’re all here together trying to work this stuff out. Shoot someone a question and we’ll be more than happy to help you as best we can.
  • Finally: Don’t ignore stuff that pops up into your head and seems significant. I know from experience that something that seemed like a random intrusive thought was a part of a memory. Basically, if you seem to dwell on it, or it feels important, maybe write it down and think on the subject for awhile. It might be something note worthy.

anonymous asked:

What do you think is the aspect that could be considered 'unhealthy' in Eruri? Because I've seen some people calling it unhealthy/abusive but I don't seem to be able to identify which part of the relationship could be twisted to that

Well clearly Erwin is being manipulative and abusive by coercing Levi to remain in the Survey Corps by bribing him with contraband tea. Good god Anon, how much more evidence do you need?!  


Sorry Anon, I know this is a persistent perception that seems to linger around some parts of the fandom.  I personally don’t think there is any justification for it but I can take a guess as to where it comes from.  

It’s partially ship preference of course, but I think a lot of this attitude stems from the circumstances of Levi joining the Survey Corps.  There’s no denying that Erwin starts out as a manipulative bastard in ACWNR, but considering that Levi originally joined the Survey Corps to kill him, I think that kinda levels the playing field.   I know there are different versions of ACWNR, but in every version Levi chooses to follow Erwin and remain with the Survey Corps.  Erwin does not coerce him to stay. To deny Levi his choice is to deny his agency and, tbh, fuck that.

But of course some people don’t see it that way.  Some people being Erwin Smith.  Erwin himself believes he has manipulated and lied to Levi.  

However it’s important to realize that Erwin is the most unreliable of unreliable narrators, and at this particular point in the story he is absolutely at his lowest ebb.  He truly believes he has lied to both himself and to Levi and that he has sacrificed his comrades to fulfil his own selfish dream.  But that is a flawed reading of events of course, and Erwin’s perception is twisted by depression and despair. If there’s anything unhealthy here, it’s Erwin’s own state of mind.  But you only have to look at Levi’s reaction to Erwin’s despair, offering reassurance and support, lifting the burden from his shoulders, to see that there is nothing unhealthy in the relationship they share.  Whatever anyone might believe, I can only read this as a relationship that is based firmly on mutual trust, respect, and understanding.

And aside from all that, Levi in abusive relationship?  Really? I don’t think so.

anonymous asked:


who gets sick more often: i actually hc otabek to get sick more often, though they probably get sick about the same amount (which is not a lot - they are healthy boys). 

who is the better caretaker: otabek has more of natural knack for caretaking in general, but when it comes to each other they are both a++. they’re both very attentive and thoughtful and tend to go a little overboard to make sure the other is comfortable. yuri hovers more. 

who is the most needy when they’re sick: yuri. with anyone besides otabek, he would close up and demand to be left alone, but when beka’s the one caring for him he doesn’t hesitate to ask for tea or another blanket or to put in a movie or whatever it is that he wants. otabek, on the other hand, is a bit more self sufficient when sick (though yuri scolds him for getting about of bed).

who gets startled/worried every time the other sneezes: i think yuri tends to worry more, but neither one of them worries too much. if yuri seems like he’s getting sick, otabek just quietly makes sure he takes medicine and vitamin c. when otabek starts showing symptoms, yuri tries to mimic him and do the same, but he’s less calm about it.

who stocks the house with cold medicine and orange juice: otabek. it doesn’t occur to yuri to do it.

who is more careful not to spread their illness and who doesn’t care: when sick, they’re both pretty careful not to spread it to the other since they have training to do, if not competitions. but when healthy, they both don’t care if the other one gets them sick. they just want the other to feel better asap. 

who gets cuddly when they’re feverish: yuri, poor thing. he acts touched starved when he’s feverish. 

who tries to pretend they’re fine: yuri. he goes to great lengths to prove it, too, so that he doesn’t miss training time. otabek is more practical, and knows that when he starts getting sick he needs to take medicine and rest so that he can get better as soon as he can. 

who tries weird/old-fashioned remedies: i don’t think either of them would bother with it. they just take regular medicine. 

Chalex and Lintz Parallels

Okay, so the Saving Hope writers have paralleled Chalex and Lintz twice as far as I can remember, but there may be more times than these.

1. Both Chalex and Lintz were asked by patients whether they wanted kids, taking them by surprise, but also giving them a couple moment where they both said yes and then stared at each other like their whole lives filled with love and babies were flashing before their eyes.

2. Another strong parallel was when Sydney walks up to Maggie in the airport in 5x12 and says “Hey Beautiful,” and then they lived happily ever after. Charlie also snuck up on Alex and said “Hey Beautiful” in season 3 (maybe s4?), right before Alex took off her engagement ring and dumped him.

I think one of my fave things about the internet and having online connections is the fact that you’re not forced to react real-time. Like people can unintentionally say something that bothers you or is offensive and you don’t have to immediately reply. Instead, you can take a few minutes/hours/whatever to calm down and come up with the best way to redirect the conversation. I literally have no concept of why some people feel the need to lash out when they can just step away from the computer and calm themselves.

Over the past year I’ve been figuring out my sexuality. I’ve told a handful of people about it and was finally ready to try to come out to a few friends and maybe even family members. Then Orlando happened and I think I retreated back into the closet so fast I slammed the door on my fingers. I’m scared and angry and sad. But then through all those emotions I saw Mara Wilson come out and I thought “If an actress I’ve looked up to my whole life can come out during this horrible time for our community, why can’t I?”

So I want to take a baby step today and come out to you all.

My name is Emily. I am bisexual. I will not let other people’s hatred keep me from being who I am. And I will be here for all of you who need someone.

bad news: it doesn’t look like city college has any calc classes i can take during the summer

good news: they have physics

bad news: i’m shittier at physics than at calc and might probably will fail

good news: if i win the class then i can transfer it and my schedule in fall won’t be shitty so i’m gonna sign up for it anyway and pray