i don't think her camera was on


i was rewatching this scene, and this is right after isak and sana almost get caught transferring the weed. and it’s all from isak’s point of view,  the camera mainly focuses on him, he takes up most of the screen and sana is only seen in the corner, we can only see part of her face. the viewer is meant to focus on isak’s relief at that moment, relief because he didn’t get caught, relief because what he’s mainly thinking of is the fact that he’s going to be able to give back the drug 

but if the point of view was sana’s, or at least an objective one, then we would get a shot of her entire face, and her reaction to her teacher’s words. how hurt and angry and confused she feels. the viewer would see that, feel that. because what is said to her is not okay 

imagine being a bright 16 year old, and you’ve got this class where you perform pretty well. you put in the effort. you’re never late, you always do the required work, you always listen. but you have this prof who is constantly on your case, who keeps making these ignorant/bigoted comments. we’ve seen that prof make such comments twice this season. and we haven’t seen sana in all her classes with that prof, only a few, and only a few minutes each time. so, yeah, we saw this happen twice, but god knows how many more times it has happened? 

imagine being a bright 16 year old, who enjoys school and learning and who is supposed to perceive teachers as impartial people who are there to make you learn, who are supposed to actually defend you when comments like these are made, who are not supposed, not allowed, to be the ones making them. but you can’t perceive that prof that way, you can’t trust her. and in the long run, it’s really damaging, because you find yourself feeling like even if they’re not all bad like this one, you can’t really trust any of your profs. and sana is strong. she is so so strong, and it’s great that she is, but the thing is that this is one of those times when she shouldn’t have to be so strong, this is one of those times when she shouldn’t have to have thick skin. she shouldn’t try to ignore the comments and tell herself that what that prof says doesn’t matter 

and i just. i hope that if sana is the next season’s main, they’ll do a follow up on that storyline. and i hope something is done about this situation. i know adults are not a big part of the show because the writers want the characters to solve their issues themselves, but i really hope sana denounces her prof’s behavior and something is done about it. because the way she treats sana is not allowed. it’s wrong on so many levels. and the viewer needs to understand that, needs to understand that this shouldn’t go unpunished 

I was thinking...

In Antibug we see Chloe is able to overhear Ladybug and Chat Noir’s conversation with her butler via camera.

Now,i’m not sure if the cameras only work from her room to the hotel hall or something but if they don’t well our heroes are in trouble:

Lady Wifi:

Kung Food:

(also why is this freaking hotel always empty i’m starting to think jagged stone is the only client they had in years)

Guitar Villain:


In Pixelator Marinette transforms in the (empty) elevator but nvm.

Conclusion: kids, transforming and/or detransforming in places with cameras is gonna fuck u all up someday.

#EDIT: also maybe transforming in museums is not the smartest thing @ marinette (once again why the fuck was a museum completely empty where are the ppl)


I’m no photographer… but, I think my skills are pretty A1 for a guy who can’t even use a digital camera. Anyways, my lil’ breakfast burrito is currently snuggle up in bed while I work on making her very own breakfast burrito… I think Skye wants to help me make hearts out of the toast (if she ever decides to get dressed and off the couch… please stand by). Daniel is still as confused as ever…. no, buddy… your stuffed animal is behind you! My lady love is currently napping the day away, but I thought I’d give her a nice little surprise to wake up to. Being a college girl is no easy task… after all. Pretty soon she’ll be taking the world on with a pair of scissors and a pink comb. I just wanted her to remember that I knew her then. No birthdays, holidays, or special occasions…. just because I love you, Pumpkin Spice. @xqueenofpink

P.S. Skye is upset because I told her that her and Dan have the same hairstyle. 

scamxnderiisms  asked:

“☽” (Hello :3)

Send me“☽” and I will pick a random tarot card and write a starter based on its meaning. 

Fool (Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit)

While crossing the street one day, the youtuber had accidently bumped into a guy. She had made him drop something, along with her camera. Quickly she picked up both items and offered, the man back his. “I’m terribly sorry, here.” Kate offer the cute man a smile as she apologized. “Again I’m really sorry. I got distracted, and didn’t see you.”


Aparently when i find myself looking at pictures of kimonos on the internet the first thing i can think of is US!Undyne 

especially after in one streem miss queennati said that she draw her with smol breast, and kimonos look fine~ with smol breast :3

So this is for @queennati / @ask-mttblook for your amazing science fish  (ノ´з`)ノ

Am I the only one who’s not actually bothered by the fact that Isabela doesn’t wear pants, like… it would bother me if she was sexualized for it, like if when you meet her the camera pans smoothly over her exposed buttcheeks or something, but that never happens. I can’t think of a single time the camera treats her as a sexual object, she’s an intensely sexual character but all of that comes from her, it’s her choice to be sexual. It presents itself very differently from how female characters are usually treated wrt sexuality in games. She’s not a passive object, she is in fact the Zevran of DA2 in that she projects her sexuality as she pleases and that sometimes includes deliberately showing off her body. So it doesn’t really bother me that she just wears a long shirt and underwear and really long boots, bc it feels more like a deliberate choice on her part (at least to me) that she would make because she felt like it.

I mean, if you disagree by all means that’s fine, that’s just how I see it I guess

Okay so now that Taylor has been exposed. Do you think her friends were in on it too? For example, during her speech at the Grammys, the camera panned to Selena Gomez who looked really emotional. Do you think Selena knew about it? Did Taylor lie to her friends and family too?!?! If Selena did know about it, does that make her a 🐍 too?

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what if.... HGTV AU?

Root is a high end high tech designer (think Candace Olsen).
She is gorgeous and flirty.
Her accent makes people melt.
She takes beat up, low tech homes, and makes them sexy lovely high tech and wonderful.
While cameras follow her around (of course).
Shaw is a contractor. A wicked good one. She doesn’t talk much, is a genius at math, and has finished like 70% of her jobs on budget and on time (which, um, MIRACLE).
Shaw has no friends besides her therapy dog, Bear. He stays on site with her. She tells him all her secrets (when they’re alone).
Shaw doesn’t think much of Root, has seen her show a few times, thinks she’s too bubbly and most likely a fluff-monger who probably inflates all her prices and uses WAY WAY WAY too many throw pillows, water features, and recessed lighting. Like come on. Water features aren’t even practical.
Then Root gets asked (by the Ellen show!!) to makeover a house for war hero John Reese and his agoraphobic “friend/roommate/bunkbuddy,” Harold. No, no last name.. Just Harold.
Root is super into it.
But guess who gets hired to be her contractor.
Sameen, black tanks and ratty cargo pants, Shaw.
Shaw doesn’t have much to say to Root.
Takes all the measurements of the property, gives Root an estimate.
Root frowns, “are you jacking your prices because you know this is going to be televised?”
Shaw glares. Fuck this woman. She silently shows Root her faded Marines tattoo, it should be answer enough.
“Oh,” Root murmurs, “ok.”
She bends her head over the spreadsheet, bites her lip, doesn’t even reach for a pencil.
Nineteen seconds later she looks up, straight into Shaw’s eyes.
“Oh, I see what you did here…” and Root finds a calculation error. An error that Shaw, who has a bachelors in physics from BC, missed.
Oh that does NOT endear her to Shaw.
You know what else doesn’t endear her? When she shows up in jeans and boots and cutesy plaid shirt to help with demo day.
Ok maybe Shaw gets some respect for her.
And maybe while they’re arguing about numbers and installations and such, their faces tend to get awwwwwfully close.
And maybe one night Shaw is working in her trailer and Root shows up with beers and pizza.
“Psh, you probably don’t even drink beer,” Shaw says instead of thanks,
But Root brought her favourite beer!
She takes one and drinks half of it, staring Shaw down while her throat bobs and her bottle slowly empties.
Shaw is transfixed.
They rock the trailer that night.
“Nailed it!” Root says the next morning, waving Shaw’s electric nail gun haphazardly.
“Oh be quiet.”
Root grins.
She shows up to the site to help with painting…. wearing Shaw’s signature paint-splattered tank.
The camera crew totally notices,
So does the audience.
The next season, they have a show together, where they flirt and bitch at each other while fixing people’s houses.
Shaw never gets her tank back.
She doesn’t much care.


I like to think that Malcolm is in fact quoting exactly the words he used when he dictated the prepared statement to Sam and it’s only because Sam ran it through her special Tucker-to-text translation software that it didn’t end up being the actual “apology” Terri had to memorize for the cameras.

(You know, I still can’t believe there was no callback to the Sweary Woman of Whitehall in 406, not even in the deleted scenes. Such a HUGE opportunity wasted!)

Remembre girl meets Riley town when Riley’s talking to the bully, they dont actually show the bully, Riley’s basically talking to the camera and look at us now, one season later it would all fit with her addressing her haters, so that’s what I like to do, think of Riley town as a reminder to always be yourself no matter how many people judge you, a year ago it was one bully judging Riley for being herself and actually loving herself the way she is, unique, now it’s half the fandom but I guess it’ll come to an end, everything does :’)