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Coming Home

Author’s Note: So @piecesofscully and I had been bouncing ideas back and forth last week and based on our conversation I started writing this AU family fluff piece that has morphed into something a lot longer than I intended for it to be.  So, enjoy!

Emily shifted back and forth on her feet, clutching her mother’s hand and trying to peer through the sea of travelers surging out of the baggage claim. She looked up at her mom, who wore a serene smile on her face as she texted someone with her cell phone in one hand, and squeezed Emily’s hand gently with her other one. 

“What is it, Em?“ Scully asked, feeling her daughter’s eyes on her.  She glanced sideways at Emily, tilting her head down to peer into Emily’s cherubic face.

"How will I recognize Auntie Missy and Auntie Monica when they’ve been gone for so long? What if they changed their hair?”

Scully smiled and knelt down next to her daughter, careful to remain balanced on the balls of her feet with the added weight of her pregnant belly. “When was the last time you remember seeing Auntie Missy and Auntie Monica?" 

"At their wedding.”

“Right. And when was that? How many months ago? Do you remember?”

“Ummmm…four?” Emily’s little face scrunched up, and a familiar furrow appeared between her pale blonde eyebrows as she calculated backwards in her head.

“Close.  It was five months ago.  It was July, remember?  Right after you and me and Daddy watched the fireworks for the 4th of July, right?”

Emily nodded. “And I got to stay up late two nights in a row!”

Scully smiled again. “That’s right. You got to stay up late to go to the wedding.”

“And I got to dance with Daddy! And throw flower petals!”

“And you did a great job throwing those petals, Em,” a low male voice said from behind them before a tall, brown-haired man swept Emily up and threw her on top of his shoulders. Emily giggled and wrapped her hands around her father’s head, almost completely covering his eyes with her small fingers.

“Mulder, please be careful,” Scully murmured in a tone that was meant to be disapproving but was failing miserably as she bit back a smile. 

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