i don't think he was exactly lying to her

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"I mean how many guys have come out and said she lied about me?" - Only one I can think of was Mayer - & I'm sorry but I don't believe a word he said about that given his reputation. I think he was only pissed because she got him exactly right in Dear John & his ego couldn't take it or believe someone had finally called him out. I mean it was a bit rich coming from someone who's written countless songs about exes & talked explicitly about them in interviews in very derogatory ways.

Yep. You’d think if she was lying, these men would defend themselves, not say they are good songs, like several of her exes have actually said.

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“Him.” Yuri pointed out to Kumi, a young man that looked to be in his early twenties wandered the school courtyard. Kumi frowned.

“He looks a bit old to be in highschool…” she said coldly to herself, the girl turned her back to the window and closed the shades quietly. “He just get here?”

“Yeah, it’s your job to greet him.” Her boss ordered her while peeking through curtains. A slight smirk on her lips at the thought of him joining the group. Kumi nodded hesitantly, greeting people made her nervous. She turned her eyes away and walked to the door, loading her gun.

Small clicks came from her weapon. “I’ve got this,” she walked out the door, squeaks from the floor rang in her ears as she made her way down to the track field. She grinned broadly when she caught up to him, the feeling of nervousness was stuck to her like glue, her hatred of adults and people in general was probably the reason she yelled in such a harsh way. “Hey, dumbass! Go that way and the principal will think you’re some kind of rapist!” she wasn’t exactly lying, he did look unkempt.