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You guys are incredible. You’re the reason I get to do what I do every day and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks for always having my back and giving me the opportunity to do what I love :D appreciate it #cuties

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So I've been wondering why Loki goes along with Thor so easily in TDW. It could be argued that he was always going to fake his death, but I don't like that idea and I know you don't either. xD Did he just miss the old days, and want to adventure with Thor for the sake of it? Why didn't he argue more/escape sooner? I wondered if you had an opinion on this! :D

I don’t think Loki could’ve escaped on his own, earlier, despite what I’ve written in fic, or he definitely would have. If anyone knows how to control and contain Loki’s magic, it would be Asgard, and more specifically it would be Odin. 

As for why Loki agrees…well, definitely a big part of it is about Frigga. I mean, Thor says it straight up: he’s offering Loki vengeance, and Loki desperately wants vengeance. 

Frigga’s death kind of shatters him, not least because I think he feels guilty about it. Complicit. He offered guidance to the Kursed, no matter how slight, and he’s tormented by the fact that the last time he saw Frigga, his last words to her were to deny her. That hurts. Loki pinned a lot of his love on Frigga, and now she’s gone. And, selfishly, her absence leaves him completely alone: she was his only visitor. An eternity of solitude stretches out, and that terrifies Loki.

So Thor comes, and says let me give you this chance to avenge Frigga, and Loki grabs at it with both hands because he needs something. I’ve written before about Loki’s almost manic behavior in the next scene: Loki’s been spiraling pretty hard since the end of Thor, in a lot of ways, and I think Frigga’s death is where he hits rock bottom. And Thor is giving him something to anchor himself with. Loki needs that to keep from losing it completely, and he knows it.

But then there’s another part of it that I think is about Thor. And is about, on some level, missing being at his side, working with him - not just not being alone but specifically being with Thor. He talks about shared grief mockingly, but I do think to a certain extent there’s that, too. Loki can’t possibly share his grief with Odin, but he can, a little, with Thor. And Loki does love Thor. He hates it, sometimes, resents it, but he does. 

And, you know, getting the chance to give Odin a big “fuck you” by going against his wishes doesn’t hurt either. 

This right here is how I picture the first time Deborah meets Tommy. The power’s out, Jason’s probably in the vicinity somewhere, she’s focused entirely on staying quiet and alive, hoping that someone heard her message over the radio… and all of a sudden there’s someone there in the house with her that she didn’t hear come in.  He kind of had to put his hand over her mouth because she was 100% ready to scream her head off.

I think I’m getting a little better with doing backgrounds and stuff, though wow this pose was hard to plan. And I’m still not entirely happy with the feet. XD Or Jason outside either; I didn’t want to show him fully, just the impression, but it’s hard to really know it’s JASON if you don’t see the mask.

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Can you please explain why Dazai x Chuuya is called soukoku? I just got into this fandom so I don't know the reasoning. I mean it doesn't have either of their names in it...

Okay, so, before Dazai left the Mafia, he and Chuuya were in a team together. Dazai was the brains, Chuuya was the brawn, (they were both the beauty *fans self*) and theyy had a reputation of being a fearsome pair. 

“Soukoku” means “Double Black.” Because, well… they both wore black. XD Plus, their blood runs “Mafia Black” and I like to think it’s also symbolic of the death and destruction they left behind.

Basically, they’re both aesthetic hoes. But pretty badass. <3

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Hey! I think your thoughts on Hide make sense, I just feel like, if Hide is just an ordinary clever human, then why don't we know anything about his past? Compared to everyone, we know very little about him. I just find him sketchy. Doesn't have to mean he's from the Garden haha, and of course he wants to help Kaneki. I don't know, in chapter one, especially in the redraw, he acts very suspiciously. Especially after seeing Rize. Of course that's just my opinion xD.

We don’t know anything about Yoriko’s past or parents either. It might just be that they’re not relevant to the plot, and since Hide functions more as an extension of Kaneki’s character - the manifestation of his humanity - rather than as a proactive character in his own right (although he has been edging more towards this recently), they would kind of be unnecessary elements. We only meet Takizawa’s parents so that he can eat them later on, after all. 

I’m guessing the “Ghoul closest to you” was just a joke on Hide’s part. If he genuinely was hinting that he’s actually a Ghoul, then why would he risk his cover so recklessly? I think it was just meant to foreshadow the reverse scenario in Kaneki becoming a Ghoul, or else Hide’s future as a Half-Ghoul. I don’t really see the suspicious behaviour myself. I’ve heard people say he was trying to either encourage Kaneki to go with Rize or stop him from going with her, in both cases because he knows she’s a Ghoul. I think the former is disproved since Hide starts off by discouraging him, and the latter is disproved by Hide not being adamant on the subject and letting Kaneki do what he wants. He jokes around and then gives serious, friendly advice afterwards, just as Hide normally would.

In any case, it’s the original first chapter and not the redraw that is the true canon. We should definitely pay attention to hints in the redraw, but also keep in mind that it’s not the true version of events.

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(previous anon) I know absolutely nothing about homestuck and I don't think any of my friends do either xD

ooo.. well its just a webcomic that is even longer than war and peace satirizing stereotypes of online trolls and peoples behaviors that turned into a plot based on a game of survival and lots of conflicting and interchanging time lines and stuff. Its full of ridiculousness.

 Its separated into acts and the first one was written by the author on a forum asking people what the person should do next. Then when it gained traction he took it and ran with it spectacularly. This means though that many find the first act hard to get through.

The entire thing is made up of comic, videos, video game segments, snapchats, like basically everything that could possibly be used as a medium to represent it, it did. The fandom died down because there were big gaps in updates after it was consistently updating for years. Finally its at its at its end.. sorta.

The fandom was so big and people didn’t understand how to seal their body paint that it caused a lot of issues, as well as mimicking things from the comic that shouldn’t have been, and harassing artists because they didn’t like the ships they were drawing. What fandom unfortunately doesn’t have that artist problem though?

Everyone was quick to make cosplays of things in a few hours after each update. It brought out the creativity in everyone. It was so versatile that everyone that opened their mind to it could relate to it and which is why it was and is such a valuable thing to many.

 Not only that but its canon that each character was basically up to interpretation as to how you wanted them to look. They were drawn so plainly for you to self insert or run wild with it.

It was so easy to make friends, everyone was so open. It was like a giant club that accepted anyone really. There were promstucks every saturdays at cons and massive photoshoots so you could always find someone to relate to. 

I miss it so much. It was when I was happy and life felt easy because you always had someone there and there were so many someones! Full of openness and fun. Sure not everyone experienced it this way because of bad eggs, but I stayed away from bad eggs. 

The comic itself though helped me through a lot and I felt for the characters so hard. Theres not one character I didn’t like because I saw the value in all of them, having human flaws, being a villain because thats how you make stories interesting, by having conflicts! It’s insane, but its an amazing hell of a ride and I recommend it to everyone. 

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"Gah! S-stay away from m-me! I don't know who you are!" For Tatsu (darknexsurrounds)

Tatsu had been thinking on what to do next for his travel when he accidentally bumped into the person. “S-sorry! To be fair I don’t know how you are either!” He rubbed the back of his head. Its not like he intended to bump into anyone. “Please calm down…People bump into others every now and then..” (XD best he can do)

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Hey, Lysical, are you taking part in that Batfam Content War, a.k.a. make-your-readers-cry-day? If so, maybe you could do a bad ending ficlet of Retrograde Motion, where tiny!Jason's magic curse snaps while he's on the plane flying back to Gotham. I'm sure big!Jason would want to die surrounded by his family & friends, right? And you'd probably make dozens of readers cry & break a few dozen more hearts, so mission accomplished., lol.

i don’t write angst

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Your posts about TES Legends has me thinking about what would happen if one of your babs (maybe Bron lol) discovered the game and tried to play it. I don't know if there is a card for Vex or Marcurio, but what if he played against their cards and lost xD

I don’t know why, but for some reason I feel like Vex would be infuriatingly good at this game… :’D

Not pictured: somewhere in the corner Marcurio whispers “get rekt, scrub” into his mug of mead.

So far I haven’t come across any cards for either Marc or Vex in-game… So, naturally I had to make some. :> Not sure if I’d put any of these into my deck, though.

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Hello! I've been writing/reading Tsukkiyama fics for a while now, but I still don't know what color Yaaguchi's eyes are...xD the information isn't specified in wikia either, and fanfiction isn't exactly reliable... so, can you tell me if it's a hue of brown or green? thanks in advance! bless~ ;3

They’re brown! It’s kind of hard to tell with how small his irises are drawn, but the colour is easier to see in screencaps from when he was a kid.

Thanks for thinking I’m a reliable enough Yamaguchi information source to answer this question though LMAO……

@kurosamaofsuwa || Prince

There were a lot of factors that can contribute to how he was in this predicament. Could be that he was blonde and a bit feminine despite being a guy. Maybe it’s the village that hated him from the start or maybe it was the fact that a vampire supposedly comes at night and sucks the blood from people and scared the rest to death.

In any case, being hung from the highest tree with rope wrapped tightly around his body in the dead of night wasn’t what he would count as a good night out. In fact, it was terrible. A sacrifice they said, maybe it’ll please the vampire, they said. 

Either way, the village will get what they want. Two birds with one stone. Though Yuui can’t think things can possibly get worse.