i don't think he has met her

Riarkle First Date One Shot (as quick as I could so it's not great)
  • : Knock on the door, Cory answers, Farkle is standing there:
  • Farkle: Hi, Mr Matthews...
  • Cory(surprised): Farkle, hi, come in…don’t you usually use my daughters window as your method of coming and going?
  • Farkle: Well yea, sir, usually I do, but I thought tonight I should use the door…
  • Cory: Tonight? Why tonight?
  • : Maya enters from stairs:
  • Maya(smirking): Cause he’s taking Riley out on a date, Matthews, duh.
  • Cory(staring confusingly at Farkle): ...Wha???
  • : Farkle raises his finger and opens his mouth to anwser, but nervously no words come out:
  • Maya(knowingly): Oh, I’m sorry, had you not heard?!?!
  • : Riley appears on stairs, her and Farkle lock eyes, they start running in slow motion towards each other:
  • Maya: Wow, you two nerds are made for each other.
  • Cory(Stopping them with his hands): Wait wait wait wait wait! America- I mean Riley- you were with Japan- I mean- but now - Canada? You-bowling? Huh?!
  • Riley(smiling): Yea Dad, Canada…taken for granted-
  • Farkle(smiling back): -But always there for you.
  • : Pause, Riley and Farkle just staring at each other smiling goofily, Cory looks horrified, pointing back and forth at them:
  • Maya(starts pushing Riley and Farkle out the door, scoots past a frozen Cory): OKAY, well run along now, have her home by 10 young man, you crazy kids have fun...
  • : Looking back at Cory:
  • ...Don’t worry, it'll be fine.
  • : Maya shuts door behind her:
  • Cory: Will they be fine? Is this a good thing or do I need to be terrified cause I gotta tell ya, I'm feelin a little terrified right now.
  • Topanga(patting him): Aw, honey, don't worry...I think it might be a great thing.
  • —————————————————————————————————————————
  • : Riley and Farkle walking down the street, Farkle has her arm and is almost dragging her he's walking so fast:
  • Riley(laughing): Farkle, slow down! Where are you taking me!? Where are we going?
  • Farkle: It’s a surprise! And no where, cause were here!
  • Riley(looking up): Cafe….Hey. You brought me to Cafe Hey?
  • Farkle: OK Zay told me it was lame, but our grandparents met here and I thought it would kind of a cool idea to-
  • Riley: -I love it.
  • Farkle(proud of himself): I thought you might say that. And it's a good thing you did-
  • Riley: Why?
  • Farkle: Cause it’s open mic night for poetry and I signed you up!
  • Riley: -say what now?
  • Farkle(dragging her in): You can do that poem you wrote based on Our Town for English class-
  • Riley: Farkle, I don’t have it memorized I can’t just-
  • Farkle: -Of course not, I know that! ...But are you gonna tell me you DON'T have it written down in the notebook you're carrying inside your purse?
  • : Riley is frozen, giving him the death stare:
  • Farkle: You'll do great! You were Juliet in the school play!
  • Riley: Farkle, that was pretending to be someone else. This is…me, being me in front of a bunch of strangers. I can’t do that!
  • Farkle: Riley you can’t be anything BUT you. And that poem is beautiful… Come on, what would great grandma Rosie do?
  • : Waitress comes up to get there order:
  • Farkle: Two mango smoothies, extra thick with spoons please.
  • (turning his attention back to Riley nonchalantly)
  • …So?
  • Riley(smiling admiringly from the order he made): She would probably thank you for making her go up there.
  • Announcer: Thank you, Cool Cat Joe, who once again has lived up to his name by reading us yet another piece on the riveting aspects of what it's like being a cat owner! Alrightttt, so next up we have...Riley Matthews, with her poem "Horizon"! Let’s show her some love, my people!
  • : Audience snapping, Riley suddenly looking terrified:
  • : Riley walks up to stage, trips a little up the stairs, gets blinded by lights, and blocks them with her arms. Lights dim so she can see. She looks out, terrified/horrified look on her face, but seeing Farkle smiling at her. She begins:
  • Riley:
  • It all seems to stop
  • Right at once.
  • I breathe in, deep-
  • As the whole world
  • slowly turns to gold
  • And sometimes it seems like
  • We are nothing but tiny specks
  • In our towns,
  • Our cities,
  • Our Universe,
  • Our lives.
  • But I stand up,
  • I stand strong,
  • Dressed in glitter and rainbows
  • Determined to find hope
  • Or some silver
  • In even the tiniest of linings.
  • And that’s how I know
  • There is no end
  • To my Horizon.
  • …Thank you.
  • : Pause of silence, crowd bursts with applause, standing ovation:
  • : Riley has tears in her eyes, looking out at crowd:
  • ;Runs down to hug Farkle;
  • Riley: THAT...WAS AMAZING! THANK YOU! This is the greatest date ever!
  • Farkle: Don’t say that yet. This is a two parter! You ready for what comes next?
  • Riley(pensive): Yea….I think I am.
  • ——————————————————————
  • : Riley and Farkle on a rooftop stars are shining extremely bright and clear:
  • Riley: Wow, Farkle this is…beautiful
  • Farkle(pridefully): I know, right?
  • Riley: It’s like we’re-
  • Farkle: -Tiny specks in the Universe?
  • Riley(laughing): Exactly.
  • Farkle: So this whole being on a date thing…do you think it's weird?
  • Riley(poking fun): Weird? Why, because it’s with you, Farkley, orange turtleneck wearing boy genius, who I’ve known since he was practically in diapers?
  • Farkle(embarrassed but laughing): Hey, I don't wear those things anymore! But-yea, cause of that.
  • Riley(Ponders, then says): ...No. Actually, it kinda feels like we should have been doing this the whole time. Is THAT weird?
  • Farkle(looking down): It's not even a little bit weird.
  • : Long pause, Farkle looks back up at the sky:
  • Farkle: …So did you hear they’re thinking of making pluto a planet again?
  • Riley: Yea, how ‘bout that.
  • Farkle: They said by 2018 it might be officially reinstated as part of our solar system
  • Riley(beat): Do you know everything, genius?
  • Farkle(shrugging): Not everything thing, just most things...and I dunno, I guess maybe I check up on stuff that's important to you sometimes...just to sure good things happen cause I know it'll make you happy-
  • Riley: -Farkle?
  • Farkle: Yea?
  • Riley: I really like you.
  • : Farkle smiles, they both look back up at the sky. Farkle grabs her hand, starts to hold it, Riley looks surprised:
  • Farkle: Is...this OK?
  • Riley: It's perfect.
My theory on The Heir's ending...
  • This is the first time in my fiction-reading life that I cannot choose or predict with confidence who I think would ultimately end up with the protagonist.
  • ((Curse you Kiera for creating such adorable guy contestants!!!))
  • But my bet is that Eadlyn would ultimately choose between Kile and Erik, two of the guys I believe she has the most chemistry with, but at the same time both have to overcome respective conflicts to be together.
  • To be honest, when we were first introduced to Kile, a guy Eadlyn wouldn't want to be with who happened to be Marlee's son and was conveniently placed into the Selection, my first reaction was "Oh no, this love story is gonna be sooooo predictable."
  • But as the story went by, I felt myself rooting for Kidlyn. Unlike Aspen in the first trilogy, Kile was interestingly different and quite out of the norm from the regular predictable love interests. His chemistry with Eadlyn during the Selection was surprisingly exciting, although for now it's mostly physical.
  • Kile might fall for Eadlyn for real. But we all know he's not the type who would want to be roped down by the Royal Family, and he's made that very clear. People may think that since Kile's the "childhood friend", he'd automatically belong to the trope where he'd never in a million years be chosen in the end by the protagonist.
  • What they don't understand is that Kile doesn't exactly fit that trope. Sure they grew up together, but up until the Selection, they didn't like being with each other. In fact, both abhorred the thought of them getting paired together (I really think either Josie or Marlee put his name in the Selection).
  • But unlike the "Childhood Friend" trope, Kile isn't a bland character who you would immediately toss away as soon as you find out he's in love with the protagonist.
  • And unlike the "Hate-At-First-Sight-Which-Turns-To-Love" trope AKA the Tsundere type, Kile DOES know the real Eadlyn, mostly her negative side, and honestly it's more or less justified. And he's DEFINITELY not pissing her off because that's how he shows his affection.
  • He said it himself, he let his frustration for being trapped into the castle walls into his actions towards Eadlyn.
  • His actions are quite understandable, and it's great how even though he's known as someone Eadlyn grew up with, we're still getting to know this love interest, and only during the Selection did both Eadlyn and Kile realize that there really is more to a person when you get stuck in some bad situation.
  • Plus, they'd make a really good Designer couple <3 they could collaborate and make beautiful creations together!
  • Erik, while a part of me hoped that he didn't start developing romantic feelings for Eadlyn in this book (I wanted a slow, gradual pace. But I still ship them too), I knew that something was going to happen between the two the moment they first met.
  • As their relationship developed, especially when Erik led Eadlyn to safety during the Kitchen wars, I began thinking "Oh, maybe there really is hope between these two!".
  • Erik has somewhat became Eadlyn's safety blanket during the Selection, a genuine friend who has no ulterior or romantic motives to become close to her, which is what exactly Eadlyn needs at this time. I don't know if Eadlyn realized that her feelings for Erik have turned romantic, but it's obvious that Erik has fallen for her.
  • Except (gasp!) He's not part of the Selection. The only reason he's there was to be Henri's translator (whom I absolutely love in this book! Henri's just an adorable sweetie pie!). It's clear that this guy's struggling between the rules and his feelings, also since he adores Henri as well.
  • Which brings him into the same category as Kile in which either one of the two contenders or Eadlyn would have to sacrifice something huge in order to be with Eadlyn.
  • The easiest route for Eadlyn would definitely be choosing either Hale or Ean. But we know these two would never really have a chance, although I guess we can't say for sure about Ean but we'd definitely know that it wouldn't be because of love.
  • Henri... as much as I love him, he's never gonna be it (although a little part of me wants him to be The One).
  • It all boils down to Kile and Erik, two people whom Eadlyn would have to sacrifice for if she decides to choose either of them.
  • So my theory about the conclusion is... *drumroll please*
  • That Eadlyn would NOT become Illea's future Queen.
  • I believe that the crown would be passed down to Kaden.
  • There MUST be a reason why Eadlyn keeps complaining about having this responsibility, and why Kaden seems to be so wise and knowledgeable about the kingdom's problems WITHOUT being forced to, even moreso than Eadlyn.
  • Simple as that, if Eadlyn abdicates the throne, then there wouldn't be a problem with her choosing either Kile or Erik.
  • Now I know this would not sit well with some readers especially feminists or plain ol' readers who're sick of seeing female protagonists throw their rationality out for love.
  • I mean, why would she give up the throne (not to mention becoming the first female ruler of Illea) for a bunch of losers whom she's fallen in love with???
  • Well, I would've been the first to complain if it weren't for the fact that Eadlyn keeps complaining and complaining about becoming Queen to the point of irritating me.
  • If anything, the fact that she's the future Queen isn't something positive for her even though it's supposed to be. Rather, it destroyed something inside her that could've made her happier as a human being even without romance to think about.
  • Not every person is fit to rule a kingdom or rather feels forced to do the job but is somewhat failing. It just so happens that Eady's one of them, and coincidentally she's female.
  • I'm not trying to put down women since I'm a girl myself. What I'm trying to say is that man or woman, this could happen to anyone. It's just a cause of bad timing.
  • So in conclusion, I think Eady's not going to be The Heir. She may choose a guy during the end of the Selection, but that doesn't guarantee that everything will sail as smoothly as Maxon and America's love story.
  • Now returning back to Kile and Erik, although it's really difficult to decide whom Eadlyn might end up with, I'd have to say that I'm leaning a tad bit more to Kile.
  • It can't be a coincidence that America and Marlee's offsprings are given a chance to develop feelings, or the fact that both are interested in designing (granted, in different courses) and freedom beyond the castle walls.
  • Erik may be a really nice guy whose understanding, comforting personality compliments Eadlyn's rather outwardly harsh but surprisingly fragile personality.
  • But Eadlyn might not really need that anymore when she's free of her reign.
  • Kile already understands Eadlyn, not to mention they have been technically living together since they were babies. They'd definitely relate to each other more than Erik would, and seeing their progress in The Heir, it wouldn't be so far-fetched to see them grow together until they just couldn't bear to leave the other.
  • So there. That's my take on how The Heir series would end, or rather who Eadlyn would end up with. Note that this is only a theory and does not have to be taken seriously.
  • All this aside... HOW CAN I WAIT ANOTHER WHOLE YEAR FOR THE NEXT BOOK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Hey Tokyo Ghoul Characters, You just discovered Touka and Kaneki in bed? How do you read?
  • Hinami: ….
  • Hinami – Covers her eyes-
  • Hinami: Yay! Onii Chan and Onee Chan!
  • Nishiki: Wow, how does it feel losing your virginity?
  • Itori: Go for it, Touka Chan and Kaneki Kun!
  • Yomo:
  • Yomo: Cut it out both of you!
  • Uta: What, why?
  • Itori: Yeah, what's wrong?
  • Yomo: You have to let Kaneki and Touka do their things alone.
  • Uta: Are you jealous or angry, Renji Kun?
  • Yomo: -Glare-
  • Uta & Itori: O-okay!
  • Banjou:
  • Banjou: Wow! This is much better than the books I've read.
  • Hinami: Yeah, Banjou san! This is so great! Onii chan and Onee chan doing it!
  • Banjou: So good and sexy!
  • Sante: Wow, look at that!
  • Ichi: Yeah, he is pretty handful for everything.
  • Jiro: And pretty flexible too!
  • Tsukiyama:
  • Rize: ...
  • Tsukiyama: B%tch gotta die! Amore is only mine! Mine! I TELL YOU, HE IS MINE!
  • Rize: He has some part of me. Give it back B$tch! I don't want some ugly odor in my half kagune!
  • Tsukiyama: I can only do that to Kaneki Kun! Get away from him!
  • Yoshimura: Oh dear, I hope you have children! Don't be too reckless
  • Irimi: Man, we don't want to see that.
  • Koma: Wow, sure Kaneki san is a great player!
  • Irimi: At least could you lock the door!
  • Ayato:
  • Eto: Noro, control Ayato!
  • Ayato: Let me go! That piece of $h&t kind of reminds me of my peaceful father, he has broken my bones, and now his f%cking my stupid aneki!
  • Tatara: Dude, calm down.
  • Shachi: Yeah, boy calm down.
  • Naki: Narcissistic guy, is no good!
  • Miza: Yeah, man is no good.
  • Eto: Yeah, even though Kaneki is having sex with your sister, doesn't mean you have to lose control!
  • Tatara: Yeah man, calm down.
  • Amon:
  • Hide:
  • Amon: That is Kaneki Kun, correct?
  • Hide: Yeah, he is unfortunately.
  • Juuzou: Wow, his moving way faster than Marude's Motorcycle.
  • Shinohara: Juuzou.
  • Hanbee: Captain, please you mustn't tell things so bluntly like that captain.
  • Juuzou: Why, is that truth isn't? And just looks at those movements.
  • Arima: Why didn't he showed me those movements when we were fighting? I will spank you!
  • Akira: Jesus Christ, lock the door!
  • Seido: Wow, if we don't stop this. Things will get more wow, wow, wow.
  • Seido: …..
  • Seido: Wow, that girl has fine curves.
  • Shirazu: No kidding!
  • Hide: I call that. Since the day, Kaneki and I met her. That body has being over my mind.
  • Amon: Hey, stop staring. You're starting to look like creeps.
  • Amon: But,
  • Amon: ….
  • Amon: All I gotta say that girl has nice movements.
  • Mizato Gori: Stupid Amon, don't stare!
  • Akira: Yeah, everybody stop it! But even though he is my subordinate, I can recall and think over and over that he has some fine big and sexy muscles.
  • Mizato Gori: Yeah, but Amon's are way better that this.
  • Akira: That's true.

steverorgers  asked:

nina i'm sorry you're having a tough night but i hope it gets better <3 on a side note i saw the martian only a few nights ago and johanbeck are soo cute ^,^ what are some of your favorite headcanons for them?

Thanks, sweetheart! I hope it gets better too *sighs*. And yaaasss, glad you like them <3 Here are some of my favorites:

  • Beth is a little awkward when it comes to physical affection because she isn’t used to it, but she is so here for it and Chris is so here to give it to her. That’s why she is always like “DON’T TELL ANYONE I DID THAT” “DON’T SAY I SAID THAT” and Chris just smiles, she so cute in his eyes.
  • She adopted a fat cat, her best friend takes care of him while she is on mission and when she gets back, she can finally take him to therapy to get into his actual weight. Since she started working at NASA as one of the high profiles programmers and technicians, she asked Chris to pick him up; she doesn’t know he is allergic to cats (well, basically to all animals lol) but he is such a sweetheart, he gets Piper anyway and when she finally knows about it, she tried to compensate him with sexy love making in the couch but his allergy liked them out of it.
  • That happened again when he move in with her. At the end, Chris decided to teach her how to inject him when the allergy goes too far.
  • And there is a problem: Piper is 100% in love with Chris Beck, in fact, his sister shits on him a lot because she says cats are always following him. Mark tries to prove this theory right by getting a cat himself and observing her around Beck, turns out Mark’s cat also loves Chris and Beth and him are so amazed by this. Meanwhile, Chris is dying of sneezing all day.
  • They never talked about getting married or have children, these were things that just happened in their path together. The did get married with a big party because a part of Beth always wanted that, while their family life is really normal even with the constant calls form NASA and other government things. At the moment, they have one kid and are considering a second, maybe.
  • Beck is like the dorkiest dad ever and Beth loves that. She loves it so much she could live of just seeing him play with their child. He makes noises while playing or feeding the baby, he takes long baths with the kid so they can play in the water too, he likes to read to the children and tell stories about all the times he went on missions (remember that the mission on Mars wasn’t his first out Earth mission with NASA :3), and he just have their kid all the time on him.
  • The can be kinky and they take their time to be, they love to have fun together and to share their hobbies, even when the other isn’t really good in the thing. Beth is okay doing certain high risk sports with Chris and he is really okay playing video games with her, even when he really sucks at it.
  • As for their bed life, they can be really into roleplay and various sex positions. They have date nights every time in a while, sometimes even once a week. They celebrate important dates together and are really into the other. They laugh a lot on bed, so that makes it even better in their opinion.
  • They suck at cooking at first, then learned because they didn’t want to rise their kid based on fast food and junk food. Beth is better than Chris on it, that’s because she follows Martinez’s wife recipes like a manual.
  • Chris admires Beth a lot, he basically worships her and consider her one of the most brilliant minds he has ever met. It also helps that she considers him that too, and they just see the other as total equals, even when they secretly may think the other is just too much to be real.

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If Mary had had a plan to shoot Sherlock, or felt like he was in the way or some sort of problem in her life, you’d think she would have a) shot him sooner, b) arranged it deliberately and more tidily, and c) pulled the trigger in the end without a warning. 

I don’t think Mary shoots Sherlock because it’s part of her grand plan. She shoots him because he’s found her when she meant for him to keep John occupied and out of her way. She tells him not to come any closer or she’ll kill him, and instead of taking that threat seriously, Sherlock steps closer to her. 

Prior to that moment, it doesn’t seem like Sherlock is any kind of problem to Mary. She didn’t recognize him when she first met him, so presumably he wasn’t really on her radar, other than as stories John has told her. She uses Sherlock to get John out of her hair, and it seems that she needed that as much as John did. I think she does genuinely like Sherlock.

Sherlock overestimates his ability to deduce people, and underestimates what Mary is capable of.

Mary does what she feels she must, no matter who she ends up shooting. Even when it’s a friend.

anonymous asked:

So there's a bts pic of Hood pointing an arrow at Regina. I don't know if it's a scene or just messing around but if it is, then life has been breathed into the shady hood theory(that is unless they say he was controlled or some bs) but things are getting interesting.

Oh come on, Anon, you know he would never hur…

…okay I guess there was that time he shot her when they first met - for the second time. Seriously, though, this is just Sean and Lana goofing around as far as I can tell.

I do think eventually we’ll get an explanation and I’m sure there’s something about him or his history we’ve yet to hear about. I was thinking if Emma and Regina are flipping, maybe our answers lie in Emma’s life. Regina completely turned into the Evil Queen after Sidney killed Leopold for her. Sidney didn’t know her, he fell for her looks and she played him. He turned around and wanted to possess her. Now, Emma’s turning into the Dark One, so Hook’s her Sidney. Superficial in the sense that he didn’t want to know her completely and he also wanted to own her. So if they’re doing the same thing with Regina, then Robin Hood would have to be similar to Neal. Neal loved Emma, but he still betrayed her. So I’m expecting that he loves her, but will somehow betray her. The other interesting thing is that Neal got Emma pregnant and now Robin got Zelena pregnant. Is was wondering if the sentence “Nothing can stop the Darkness except for their unborn child.” will come to apply to Zelena and Robin’s child…

I also still think that “Get away from him.” dream meant something.

There was the time he claimed she’d given him gold-tipped arrows to thank him for helping her to break into her castle during the missing year. Except she was heartbroken at the time and working hard to push him away. While it may be true, it’d be so much more interesting if it wasn’t.

I googled the gold-tipped arrows and the first thing that came up is that Cupid/Eros uses those to make people fall in love. Seeing how now Greek mythology has been introduced into the show with the Furies and the Underworld, it seems plausible that they’d bring in the God of Desire… Who knows, maybe some ground up arrow-tip hidden in a drink makes you feel like you love someone for a while?

As you can tell, still no shortage in shady Hood theories here… but I assume we’ll get more answers in 5B.

anonymous asked:

If you think this is all legit you should be pissed off that they are going against what Louis wants. He wants privacy and she is out here letting her friends and their family put Freddie all over social media. I don't know how anyone can defend her.

Not only Freddie, but their location with Freddie. Especially considering all the stalker fans Louis has, that extend to his family (remember when fans met Jay + company at the airport), in addition to the threats that were made against Freddie. It’s fucking messed up and if you think this is all legit, you need to realize that Briana, her family, and friends are jeopardizing Freddie’s safety in a number of ways.