i don't think harry actually cares

  • Draco: You're so patronising.
  • Harry: Leave it to you to use big words when you're smashed.
  • Draco: I don't think so.
  • Harry: Okay...
  • Draco: Why are you doing this?
  • Harry: I told you. You may have a concussion.
  • Draco: You don't care if I never wake up.
  • Harry: Sure I do.
  • Draco: Why?
  • Harry: Because, well then, I'd have to start taking out guys who actually like me.
  • Draco: Like you could find one.
  • Harry: Ooh, see that, there? Who needs affection when I have blind hatred?

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Draco, seriously, don't you realize that Harry could have someone so much better than you? Just think of who you are and who he is... (Sorry ! Draco is actually my favorite character, I just want to see their reactions, ignore this if it makes you uncomfortable and sorry if it does !)

Draco: Ah… I believe we have our first hater.

Harry: *incredulously angry* Do you people genuinely have nothing else to do?

Draco: *lightly* It’s alright, I don’t care.

Harry: I care! ‘Think of who you are and who he is’? What the fuck?!

Draco: Well, an ex-Death Eater does make an odd life partner, I mean, for the Vanquisher of the Dark L–

Harry: I am not inclined to make light of this, Draco. There is literally nobody else who’d be ‘better’ for me. I can’t be without you, you know that right?

Draco: *cheekily* Obviously. I’m still here, aren’t I? *sighs when Harry doesn’t soften* Come here… you’re awfully cute when you’re all riled up.

Harry: I hate these fucking–

Draco: Would you be quiet and kiss me?

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"I don't care what people think draco, you matter more"

(Confirmed to be a Drarry request via another ask)

“I don’t care what people think, Draco. You matter more.”

“Easy to say,” Draco muttered, peering through the window charmed to be one-way. “It’s actions that matter.”

Harry glanced outside too. More reporters than usual. He was going to throttle Ron for his drunken teasing. No one who knew was supposed to tease him about Draco in public. Not until they went public with their relationship. But Draco was right. He said things like that so often, and yet he always backed out of actually coming out. No more.

“Let’s just get this over with,” he said, taking Draco’s hand and tugging him to the front door.

“What are you going to—”

Even with his eyes closed, Harry felt blinded by the flashes of so many cameras capturing their first public kiss, and the announcement of their relationship, right on the doorstep of his home.

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Do you think that men in general genuinely dislike colors like pink/fucsia/violet which are stereotypically feminine colors or do you think they're just trying to protect their masculinity by not touching anything pink-like. I mean some of them like Louis and Harry don't care and use the color, I'm talking about like straight men. Their brain can't possibly be so opposed to a color, it's just a color?! I'm not opposed to blue or whatever, it's actually my favorite color and I'm a woman. I ...

… Really don’t understand. Like the other day my dad spent half a hour looking for his flip flops because he had to put on some to open the door because he wouldn’t just use my mother’s because they were pink and I was like iansnajajalk he also wears them around the house but he doesn’t want people to see him wearing them wtf

It’s because men grow up socialized to think that their humanity/worth as people depend upon their masculinity which depends upon a violent denunciation of and separation from everything feminine and everything coded as feminine, anon. Including the most random, stupid shit. Masculinity is highly policed.

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Sonja, can I ask you a question? Do you really think that you know more about Louis' career thant Louis himself? Do you think that you love Louis more than Harry? Because that's what I'm reading. Don't get me wrong I don't like some things about Harry's promo and I share some opinions with you. How the Azoff's manipulated the fandom? Did thet pay bloggers? They inflitrated here? Why Liam can't speak how he wants about Zayn. Do you know what happened between them? Cause idk and I think you don't

what is this condescending nonsense. how many times do i have do say i don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and that i am reacting to what limited information we do have before people like you actually read what i’m saying.

the azoffs infiltrated the fandom via harry in 2013 (people got anons talking about how irving was going to take over the band) and made sure we all kept talking about them like the ‘saviors of the fandom’ when in reality it’s clear they’ve only ever cared about harry. they’ve done nothing for the band and they’ve especially done nothing for louis and if you can’t see that then i wish you luck with the serious case of cognitive dissonance you’re dealing with but i can’t help you.

and you’re right - you don’t know either. so why don’t you keep your patronizing tone to yourself and stay out of my inbox. and don’t forget, my track record lately has been far better than most of the blogs here when it comes to predicting and speculating what’s going to happen. i may not be privy to all of the behind the scenes details but my head’s not firmly lodged up jeff’s ass so i can actually look at things more objectively.

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Looks like Liam may be wearing womans clothing in his newest insta. Where's all of the larrie think pieces about how Liam is breaking gender norms. ...Oh right they don't actually care about gender norms just how they can paint Harry. farfetch.)com/shopping/women/gucci-gucci-print-rose-embroidered-hoodie-item-11915264.)aspx


remember when liam wore a pink hoodie right after larries went off the wall about how gay harry was bc he wore pink and then just ignored liam? bc i do lmfao 

I don’t care what people say when it grows longer

Inside “Another Man” Magazine featuring Harry Styles: Interview made by Chelsea Handler
  • CH: So do you feel like you're going o get married and have kids?
  • HS: That came out of absolutely nowhere.
  • CH: Well, that's our conversation. It's just like any other conversation we have.
  • HS: It's actually tame for you. I'm a little disappointed, if I'm honest.
  • CH: Well, don't worry about it. I don't care if you're disappointed in me.
  • HS: Oh. Well, I think so. Probably.
  • CH: Do you think, "When I meet the right person"? Or do you think, "I'm going to have as many experiences as possible and I'm going to date as many people as possible"? Do you think about having a family?
  • HS: I can't wait for a time when that's a thing for me, I look forward to that in my life. For now, I feel like you enjoy experiences more when you go with people you really want to be with and really care about. I'm enjoying working right now and if you're enjoying working you should make the most of it. I'm enjoying being in the studio and doing this movie and I'm not too bothered about going on vacation. I feel pretty lucky right now. I feel good about everything that happened with the band, I have no complaints or regrets.








let me just get my hair out of my eyes 








let me just run my hands through my luscious locks




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You know actually I don't care about Larry/Louis/Harry much (I'm more Ziam), but what TMZ is doing now is so embarrasisng! they're making fun of Louis and his situation! just...fuck!!!


Just kidding. In fact, you not really caring that much but suddenly taking notice that something here’s not right is probably a good indication of the general public’s sentiment at the moment. And I think that you are completely correct, because THIS 

…is embarrassing. 

What’s worse is that people are like, “Yassss TMZ slayyyyyy!” And I’m like

I think that I’ve been very honest with y’all on what I think and published multiple articles trying to rationally outline all the reasons that nothing makes sense, but I’m over that because when I saw that goddamn tweet with that guy from TMZ holding a doll I was like

What in holy hell are they playing at? A couple of weeks ago before the Brits there was at least some inkling that they were setting the end of this up for some logical court-based paternity denial due to a custody fight. But now they are taking the fucking piss out of everything. And when it comes to whatever TMZ has to say at this point I’m like

People are saying that TMZ doesn’t care about Larries and that this has nothing to do with them, but fuckin Larries have been saying since the beginning that Babygate has nothing to do with them! Take Harry and his relationship with Louis out of the equation and there is still nothing that makes an iota of sense. In fact, take Louis Tomlinson out of the equation and put, say, Tom Cruise into the situation. Oh, wait, no don’t do that because when people talked shit about him as a father this happened:

You don’t think insinuating that someone’s child doesn’t even exist is libel? That starting a public poll about whether or not the child is real and whether Louis is in fact gay and with Harry is acceptable? 

Because it isn’t. They might be achieving maximum shock value with whatever they’re about to reveal, but the insinuation that this is going to make Louis look sympathetic is wildly optimistic. I have tried to avoid talking about the baby itself or posting photos of it at almost all costs because there are only a few possibilities here and none of them are great. It’s a pretty dire state of affairs when the possibility of the baby actually being real is probably the worst case scenario.

The fact that TMZ is using this photo is extremely concerning as I challenge anyone to look me dead in the eyes and say that baby looks 2 months old, or real for that matter. TMZ are the ones currently repeating the word “doll” and mocking the situation with a doll of their own and people saying that some people don’t get the “obvious innuendo” clearly have no idea what an innuendo is. 

I also doubt that Briana suddenly decided to dye her hair brunette in the hopes that it would make her fit the mould for Louis’ type. I imagine that the end of this is not going to be pretty and that someone has probably been like  

Because none of the outcomes seem like they are going to be even slightly beneficial to her reputation as a human being and I certainly wouldn’t want my fifteen minutes of fame to end with people thinking that I had walked around pretending to be pregnant for nine months and then paraded around an empty baby carrier for another two months.  

On a final note, I saw someone say “I’m ready and we just have to pretend when it comes out that we didn’t know all along.” Which, high key - fuck. That. Not that I’m going to be like

More like

For creating the biggest shit show to ever be dragged across an eleven month period. And to what end? I don’t know, I don’t even care anymore. But the ample opportunities for everyone to exit quietly and put this whole thing behind them has passed and the aggressive attention TMZ is giving it is more worrying than anything in regards to the way in which they intend to end this. 

I would really like to be able to say something like, “I would love nothing more than to be wrong,” but every single possible outcome at this point is some degree of fucked, so pardon my lack of enthusiasm but I agree with your message completely. Thanks for taking the time to send it xx 

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don't you think it's weird eleanor was a bridesmaid? please don't ignore me like always.. i'm happy harry's there (even though it doesn't matter really since so many people not close to them are there as well). it just sometimes she does things like i don't think beard has to do..

Alright fine. I really couldn’t care less about starbucks but you want an answer so here you go.

First of all, don’t say it doesn’t matter that Harry was there. It matters a hell of a lot actually since anything connecting Harry and Louis or Louis’ family at all is kept under lock and key and hidden in an underground vault these days. Harry could have gone to LA this past week like everyone was anticipating, but he didn’t. He stayed for the wedding. Nobody thought he’d be allowed to go, or even be invited at all, but here we are. And Anne and Robin were there too! That’s so cute. It’s good to know that the rumors and their sons’ ruined friendship didn’t affect the parents eh? I don’t care that almost all the boys were at the wedding too. Harry was there. That’s a pretty big deal. And that’s more than I ever expected.

Second of all, do you see how public this wedding was? Do you see all the pap pictures we got? The Mirror already covered it and made sure to spotlight Eleanor. And I’m sure more articles are being written as I type this. She had to be there. If she wasn’t that would’ve been weird. Not only would fans be suspicious, but Louis’ family and wedding guests who aren’t in the know would raise some eyebrows too. He has to keep up this charade in parts of his personal life too, unfortunately. And it’s no secret that Jay actually gets along with Eleanor. Louis’ sisters love her whether they know her true role or not. After all this time, I’d hope they’re all on good terms to make the situation somewhat bearable. So yea. She was a bridesmaid. Made it into all the pap shots and everything as usual. I wonder if she would have been photographed at all if she wasn’t in the wedding party. All I’m saying is, the loved up couple who’s been together for three years never looks too loved up to me.

Also, who was in Lottie’s instagram photo? Who was in the photo Jay tweeted? They both made sure to let us know that Harry was there before any of the pap photos got out. I see where Louis gets his “subtlety” from. The photos were literally off center so we could see that Harry was in the background. it was deliberate. This wasn’t even my wedding and I feel like it’s been the best day of my life. In conclusion they’re all doing what they have to do. It’s a sucky situation that it’s got to encroach on their personal lives like this, but Eleanor has been around all this time. She gets along well with the family. She’s technically doing Jay’s son a “favor” even though I hate to call it that. It is what it is.

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can you imagine when they start interacting on stage again? They'll probably be so hesitant at first because they've been training themselves to be avoidant and have been so careful of their behaviors for so long, and then when it just /hits/ them like, 'I don't have to do that anymore, I can actually do this now' idk, I just think it will feel so surreal and freeing for them both and i'm emotional

it will be interesting because I think a big part of why they don’t interact very much is because they don’t know how to act platonic. They’ve been together for 4 years so I imagine hugging liam the way harry does is a lot different from the way he would with louis because naturally hugs come with kisses and the like. So yes. Interesting. And exciting.

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can't stop thinking about Louis reaction to Harry saying he wants kids even as young as they are like he looks so fucking happy like he can't believe he's actually got harry. also like 'shit harry don't look at me it's too obvious' but also like 'shit Louis stop grinning its too obvious' and it's adorable. I think that's one of the most obvious hints tbh

They both don’t even care that’s the best part. They are literally telling Barbara Walters and the rest of the world that they 100% want to get married and HAVE CHILDREN WITH EACH OTHER even as YOUNG AS THEY ARE. Louis looks at Harry with such conviction and love and excitement with no hint of embarrassment or doubt like some couples have when asked about having kids. And they are fucking 20 and 18


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god, it's so humbling that people get pulled into the fandom through means other than 1d and STAY.. I mean, their love, it's so real and so powerful we get shippers who are not fans!!!! we actually get people who don't care about one direction and don't listen to the songs but can still appreciate harry and louis and cheer them on and get emotional when they're being beautiful boyfriends in love!!!! but non-1d-fans who are larry shippers: BUY THE ALBUNS!!! SUPPORT OURS SONS JOB!!!

Aw, they are multi-millionaires already, I think they’re okay.

I mean…I’m so whipped that I buy their albums, tour tickets, etc., but I think it’s amazing if people support their love even if they never spend a penny.

Although I DO hope that if they come out while 1D is still active that even people who are not fans of their music will show they support by buying tickets/albums/etc. I think it would be great if there was a noticeable bump in sales every time an artist comes out. If we can show that being openly non-straight is not a financial liability, that will help decrease the pressure within the industry to stay closeted.

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Is my imagination or when harry is walking to louis and he sees him, in the exactly moment that niall sings " I don't care , I'm not scared of love " I swear I heard , he answered " oh yes " , Did you heard that too ?

Actually yea. I do think I hear him say “yes” XX O.o 

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I personally think Harry looks way hotter now than he did during tmh, his long hair was what actually first attracted me into the fandom :P long hair don't care :)

*passes out*

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don't worry we're being called disrespectful over the jay's bracelet and blue bandana thing because "harry just lost his nan and you stupid larry shippers only care about 'proof'" and the oooly toooly thing is apparently just an inside joke with nanny s or gemma (reaching much??????) lickylic,tumblr,com/post/96782275587/stronger-in-doncaster-what-if-oooly-toooly seriously these fans have been conditioned so much to hate us that they're trying waaay too hard to do it now

Of course we are, must be a day that ends in y. 

I do think the Oooly Toooly thing might actually be to do with Nanny Styles, especially because of Gemma’s retweet, but that’s neither here nor there. 

If they’d been paying attention, they would have seen that we were all freaking out about the wedding bracelet and the blue bandana well before we found out the reason why Harry was in the UK in the first place. And then as soon as the news of Nanny Styles broke we were sad for Harry and angry at Modest for having forced him into that situation. 

Meanwhile, who are they angry at? Us. Funny that. 

I know they still think they’re hating us with the full support of the boys and 1DHQ, but it’s so ridiculous the way they’ve got to misinterpret and twist everything around to make us the villains. Boy are their faces going to be red some day in the not too distant future…