i don't think bruce would ever say that

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What do you think Tim would be like if he was a bad guy? Because from what I've seen in comics, had he been raised differently or never met Bruce I think he'd have the potential to be one of those dangerous people ever. I don't mean like what his persona would be, I just want to know what your thoughts about Villain Tim.

I feel like I ghostwrote this because I kid you not, I was just thinking about this earlier today.

Okay so first off I wanna say that I don’t want Tim to be a villain in canon at all. I don’t want him to actually be a bad guy. Not only because he’s my son and I like him as a good guy, but like, do you ever have that character who’s super powerful or crafty and you know that if they wanted to they could probably take over the world? Like if they actually tried they could become one of the most dangerous people ever, and they know that they have that potential and they’re scared of it? Well that’s what I’m going for with Tim. I think he’s fully aware he has that capacity to be a worse villain than Ra’s or Lex Luther or any of them, which is why he tries so hard to make sure he doesn’t become that. And it’s true, because he’s a wicked genius, he’s conniving, and he’s always like ten steps ahead of you, and this could make him a formidable enemy whom you definitely don’t want to mess with.

So let’s say for the sake of it that maybe Tim never became Robin, or maybe something tragic happened that sort of hardened him and after a while he snapped. If that happened and he had no good influence to guide him, I’m certain he would be one of the worst villains ever because you wouldn’t even see him coming before it’s too late. He could pull off a huge plot right under everyone’s noses and they wouldn’t even know until he’s long gone. Or even better, he’d make it their fault by predicting their actions and moving all the pieces until pretty soon they’re digging their own grave without even knowing it. Not only that, but he’s a worthy opponent who can rival the best fighters in the country and come out on top. This is the kid who trained with Lady Shiva and the best fighters on the planet. This is the kid who fought Ra’s Al Ghul to a standstill. This is the kid who beat a man to death in a fit of rage after he hurt Stephanie. (The guy came back to life or something so it was all good, but still. In that moment, anyone could tell Tim could be dangerous if he actually lost it.) I’m telling you, Tim Drake is a force to be reckoned with.

This actually reminds me of that Red Robin comic in which Tim designed this huge plot to kill Captain Boomerang and get vengeance for his father. In that issue, Tim planned every single one of Boomerang’s actions to the minute, all of which would lead to his inevitable demise. There were thousands of paths, an infinite number of moving parts to this plan, yet it worked. And the scariest part is that Tim didn’t do a single thing. All he would have had to do was sit back and watch as Boomerang got himself killed. And that is freaking creepy if you ask me, because Tim is smart, he is patient, and he is calculating, and that is what makes him dangerous.

Besides, Tim has always been a little more lenient than the rest of the bats, (besides Jason I guess) when it comes to right and wrong. Tim knew that not everything was as black and white as Bruce tried to make him believe it was. The Red Robin comics especially proved this. It showed that Tim was willing to do what others weren’t to get what he wants. He knew that the world was full of grays, and that some rules need to be broken depending on the circumstances. If you ask me, that’s kind of a scary thing.

You know how in movies people work with a dangerous person and they’re like “let’s just thank god he’s on our side”? Well that’s Tim. If he wanted to, Tim could be a truly dangerous weapon. Why do you think Ra’s is always bugging Tim about joining him? Why do you think bad guys are always trying to turn Tim to their side? Because they know what he’s capable of with the wrong influences. And Tim said it himself that when he heard the Anti Life Equation, he almost agreed with it. Imagine if Tim made the wrong choice and actually joined a bad guy like Ra’s Al Ghul or any one of the people he’s supposed to be fighting. He would hands down be their most deadly weapon, and they all know it.

See, this is one of the things that makes me love him so much. Because Tim has all this potential, and if he wanted too he could become the most dangerous person on the planet, yet he chooses not to. He knows full well what he’s capable of, but he knows the difference between right and wrong and he chose to be on the good side. If you ask me, that’s a pretty strong thing to do. It takes a heck of a lot of self control to be fully aware of how dangerous you could be, but choose to stay on the right path because it’s the right thing to do.

So yes, I find Villain Tim very interesting, but I more so like him staying a good guy but being afraid of what could happen if he ever deviated from that path, because he understands that with the wrong influences he could be a truly dangerous sociopath, and it terrifies him.