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smallherosix’s animation challenge [1/10 - favorite film]

the iron giant (warner bros. - usa - 1999)

Sometimes I randomly start thinking about students in Sunnydale noticing Faith hanging around, I mean it doesn’t seem like a stretch to me, the High School doesn’t seem that big (possibly due to the high number of fatalities…) and Faith isn’t easy to miss. I always imagine some conversation like, 

“Is she new here? She’s pretty much always around, but I don’t know anyone who has any classes with her.” 

“No, I thought so too at first, but I think she’s just Buffy’s girlfriend.” 

“Buffy? Oh, you mean that blonde who’s never around except when like freaky stuff is happening and spends all her time with that British guy, the librarian? I thought her name was Bunny. Wow, learning all kinds of new things today, I didn’t know she had a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, I heard they’re always going on moonlit walks and stuff, and Buffy came out or whatever at her party remember, her mom threw a fit about it, y’know, and Buffy was all ‘this is who I am,’ and then those guys attacked.”

“Man that was weird, do you think those dudes were like a gang? I heard she was in a gang.”

“Could be, maybe ms. leather pants is in it, that’s how they met, haha?”

so I reached 5,000 followers, which is insane?! since i started this blog i didn’t think i would get even get 1,000 followers, let alone 5,000. i really do enjoy being on this site because i’ve come across many friendly people and i appreciate seeing the creative content people bring on here! (:

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My little bro came up to me like he was gonna tell me something important and then he just screamed in my ear and I thought “who even does that”

And then it occurred to me exactly who would

I drew this ages ago and never posted it whoops

me: i-
anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love enoch o’connor, we know, you love enoch o’connor so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love enoch o’connor , we KNOW , you love enoch o’connor you fucking love enoch o’connor  ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE ENOCH O’CONNOR. WE GET IT.

Noiao headcanon

Noiz discovers Cards Against Humanity and tries to answer all of Aoba’s questions by just holding up the white cards.

Aoba: “What do you want for dinner tonight?”
Noiz: *holds up ‘Edible Underpants’ card*
Aoba: “Noiz open your damn mouth and talk I swear to god-”


{ Alois Trancy,
Kuroshitsuji Season Two. }

“I wαɴɴα нιde тнe тrυтн
I wαɴɴα ѕнelтer yoυ
Bυт wιтн тнe вeαѕт ιɴѕιde
Tнere’ѕ ɴowнere we cαɴ нιde

No мαттer wнαт we вreed
We ѕтιll αre мαde oғ ɢreed
Tнιѕ ιѕ мy ĸιɴɢdoм coмe
Tнιѕ ιѕ мy ĸιɴɢdoм coмe.

Wнeɴ yoυ ғeel мy нeαт
Looĸ ιɴтo мy eyeѕ
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Doɴ’т ɢeт тoo cloѕe
Iт’ѕ dαrĸ ιɴѕιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde.

Doɴ'т wαɴɴα leт yoυ dowɴ
Bυт I αм нell вoυɴd
Tнoυɢн тнιѕ ιѕ αll ғor yoυ
Doɴ'т wαɴɴα нιde тнe тrυтн.

Tнey ѕαy ιт'ѕ wнαт yoυ мαĸe
I ѕαy ιт'ѕ υp тo ғαтe
Iт'ѕ woveɴ ιɴ мy ѕoυl
I ɴeed тo leт yoυ ɢo….

Yoυr eyeѕ, тнey ѕнιɴe ѕo вrιɢнт
I wαɴɴα ѕαve тнαт lιɢнт
I cαɴ'т eѕcαpe тнιѕ ɴow
Uɴleѕѕ yoυ ѕнow мe нow!

Wнeɴ yoυ ғeel мy нeαт
Looĸ ιɴтo мy eyeѕ
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Doɴ’т ɢeт тoo cloѕe
Iт’ѕ dαrĸ ιɴѕιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde…..”

- Imagine Dragons, Demons.

79. “I’ll still be here when you’re ready.”

It had been nearly three days since Castiel had finally turned back to Castiel. Three days of sleepless nights, yelling and murmured accusations from Dean. Three days of silence from Cas.

Even now, Castiel was as quiet as a mouse, sitting stock still and staring down at his hands on his lap without any sign of movement. It was maddening. And terrifying. And Dean had ran out of things to do. Apparently screaming at the guy wouldn’t work, nor begging. All Dean could do now was accept it for what it was, even if it was the most difficult thing to do.

Dean opened his mouth and shut it. He’d been sitting next to Cas now for about ten minutes and he still didn’t have a clue what to say or how to start it. Everything was a fucking mess. That was an understatement.

“I’ve been so pissed at you for not fucking talking to me,” Dean mumbled, choosing to go straight to the point. “But it’s not about me, is it? You’ve been through some shit. The only other person who could understand a bit of what you’re going through is Sam and he’s telling me to leave you the fuck alone until you’re ready. So I’m gonna listen to him. For once,” Dean huffed, rubbing his hand tiredly over his face. He felt like he’d aged ten years the past few weeks. He swore new wrinkled had formed.

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maplestory icons taken from the credits of Black Heaven. (sorry for the lower quality on luminous + aran)

all of them are 300px. x 450px.!

free to use, no need to ask, no credit necessary. I just think they’re really cute.

Oh my god humans are disappointing. So apparently my new iv drug has been approved which is all fine and dandy whatever but NO ONE TOLD ME and there is zero communication happening with anyone. The insurance said I have to start getting it at home instead of going to the treatment place like usual. Okay fine, I can deal with that. But that means the pharmacy has to ship me the drug like the day before so I have it when the nurse gets here. Sounds doable right? Well no because the home care company didn’t tell anyone when they were planning to come out so the pharmacy had no warning to ship my drug. Not to mention they didn’t even call me to see when I was available. So basically they were planning on coming in like an hour and hoping for the best but I don’t have any medicine and now I’m stressed. Why is it so hard to just communicate?


this is maybe a few steps up from rabbit lightning. maybe.

People seem to be getting worked up about Sweet Pool character ages again so yeah, as of the start of the game:

Youji’s 17. I can’t really remember how long he lives but his birthday is only 2 months after the start of the school year so yeah maybe he turns 18 during the game??? He’s easily the oldest, anyway.

Zenya’s 17, 6 months younger than Youji.

Tetsuo’s 16, 15 months younger than Youji.

Makoto’s 16, 18 months younger than Youji.