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If the art was that good people would see it anyway. Without the artist needing to reblog it 100 times

I see you’re stemming from liv’s @larvesta own answer about this and I’m not gonna lie, I’m really hesitant about saying anything on the matter bc i don’t do this kind of thing but I realise people actually think this way so here’s a proper answer. 

It doesn’t work that way. I should know, I should really know. People here on Tumblr get lucky often and you wouldn’t think that, especially if you don’t create content yourself. Things just don’t become popular all of a sudden, most of the time it needs to get reblogged by the right person and add the balance between having good content yourself as well as an ongoing status as a creator. Not to mention how you go about treating your followers, your personality and how you act here. And you’ll tell me; “But people with good art have so many notes! It must be because they’re good! See, you don’t need to reblog it so many times!”

I hope you know what it feels like to be an artist here because I do. I especially do. I have talked, reblogged, supported, and have met so many, too many artists here, some insanely obscure. Some whose work looks like it took so many hours and has very little over 50 notes; my work included. And I can tell you now that I can personally handpick and tell you that some of the work I’m most proud of and have took many hours on are not over 200 notes. I’m not saying I’m frustrated by that, because some of us are reassured in our skill but let me tell you that every time I think of a fellow artist out there who releases amazing art and earns very little notes who looks at their note count and wonders if they are good enough, my heart breaks. And there’s young artists who are still getting by, who are not as good yet but took the same amount of effort and time, they deserve to be cheered on. 

Because people think artists here are machines, capable of creating content without regards to who actually appreciates it. No one is like that, artists are fragile just like everyone else and people really forget that. They really do. 

People don’t just see the art out of nowhere, do you understand the huge amount in this platform? There’s millions of work everywhere, you need to be supported to be seen, you need to withstand the thousands of others around you and you might have to create something that’s away from the norm to stand out, you might have to take hours of your time. You don’t know unless you really indulge yourself this platform, you don’t know unless you yourself do work for more than four hours, no breaks and absolutely tired, and look at your note count to see a disheartening number. You have no idea, you really don’t.

And don’t guilt them, please. I could reblog my art so many times, but sometimes the thougt of ‘maybe it gets annoying’ always bears in my mind, artists are made to feel like it’s okay that they’re not being appreciated. I’m proud of those who reblog their art because they know they deserve better, and guess what? They do.  

There’s a difference between good content and popular content, popular content aimed towards a specific audience that you know will like and reblog that. Good content is a dangerous hit and miss. I really appreciate people who do art for things that are not popular, because sometimes they really do have to rely solely on their skills. I say it’s a dangerous hit and miss because you know it might not have that specific audience, but you still take the effort and time into it anyway. Imagine that; knowing something is popular but going for the alternative anyway; taking time, taking effort, putting your all into it. That’s absolutely insane, man. Imagine knowing you can put that time and effort into something popular that might attract way more notes, but still doing something else for the sake of that something else. 

Also there’s the matter of timezones, in which there’s a worldly concept that everyone is in different times and not everyone is here at the same time to see the same content. I don’t want to explain this; please at least understand the concept of time. 

Artists reblog their work because they want others to see it, to appreciate it. Because sometimes it’s the only way others can. Reblogging their own work is an artist’s way of supporting themselves and you think I’m going to let you let them think that that’s a bad thing? That they’re not allowed to do that? Go home, buddy. 

I don’t have anything against anyone, I just wrote this realising that people actually think this is actually how it works and even then, I don’t have anything against you, maybe you’re just misinformed, some just don’t know enough about this to really understand. 

So here it is buds: support artists supporting themselves. It’s as simple as that. 

i see all these posts saying that you shouldn’t have to pick a label if you don’t want to, which is fine, BUT it should also be known that picking a label is great too! no you’re not too complicated, or wanting attention, or faking.

labels bring people together and provide a good sense of self. if you don’t want to label yourself, that’s cool, but it’s also cool if you like to label your gender/sexuality. it’s okay if labels are important to you.

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You don't have to answer this but I just wanted to tell you. The original person who made that trash picture that you reblogged made it to mock you. They don't like you. That picture was meant as an insult

Don’t care. They may have intended it as an insult but that’s not how I’m taking it. I found it really really really funny. They can hate me all they want but that doesn’t give anyone the right to turn the hate back around. Also, like I said, I think it’s funny.

the signs as band of brothers
  • aries: stsgt william guarnere
  • taurus: pfc david webster
  • gemini: t-5 joseph liebgott
  • cancer: 1st lt buck compton
  • leo: cpt lewis nixon
  • virgo: technical sgt donald malarkey
  • libra: t-4 eugene 'doc' roe
  • scorpio: cpt ronald speirs
  • sagittarius: t-4 george luz
  • capricorn: t-4 frank perconte
  • aquarius: major richard winters
  • pisces: 2nd lt carwood lipton
Facts about the Why Don't We Boys!

here are a few facts about the boys:
~Jack Robert Avery~
•He is 18 years old
•He was born on July 1st, 1999 (Cancer)
•He is the second oldest of 4
•He has three sisters (Isla Stanford, Ava Stanford, Sydney Avery)
•He was born in Burbank, California but quickly moved to Susquehanna, Pennsylvania before he reached the age 1.
•He grew a fan base on his amazing piano and guitar skills.
•oh and his cute face
•He went on tour, IMPACT, along with Zach Herron and Corbyn Besson.
•Jack is known as the renaissance man in the band.
•He skateboards and plays basketball.
•His parents are divorced; he lives with his mom
•His dad remarried a Portuguese woman but then later divorced her. (dont ask why I know this)
•His older sister Syd, has her own clothing line and it’s freaking cute (sweetgirlco.com)
•His hair was originally straight but he permed it.
• He has an ex-girlfriend named Paige
~Zachary Dean Herron~
•He is 16
•He was born on May 27, 2001 (Gemini)
•He is the youngest member of WDW
•He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.
•A video of him singing “Stitches” went viral, having over 10 million views.
• He gained a lot of followers on his Instagram and YouTube channel by posting his own covers.
•He is the oldest of his other siblings (Ryan and Reese)
•He’s an older, cuter, hit-puberty version of Jacob Sartorius.
•He released two singles in 2016, Timelapse and Why.
•He went on tour, IMPACT, accompanied with Corbyn Besson and Jack Avery.
•He’s got these red cheeks that are frickin adorable
•His mom is asian and his dad is white. (?)
•His dad supposedly makes the best breakfast burritos
•He also loves those egg things w/ the mustard in it.
~Daniel James Seavey~
•He is 18 years old
•He was born on April 2nd, 1999 (Aries)
•He has three other siblings (Anna, Tyler, Chris)
•He is from Vancouver, Washington
•He appeared on the show, American Idol, season 14 and made it to top 9
•He was the youngest contestant on that season
•He impressed Jennifer Lopez right away with his young age and talent.
•After losing the show, he turned to YouTube to post covers and collabs w/ Lovey James.
•His father and him would play music on the streets of Portland.
•Whenever he smiles, the earth quakes and the girls’ knees wobble.
•He freaking loves watermelon
•Apparently he has pure hatred for stuffing
•He’s crafty and artistic.
•He plays too many instruments, I can’t even count that high
~Corbyn Matthew Besson~
•He is 18 years old
•He was born on November 25, 1998 (Sagittarius)
•He is from Texas but later on moved to Virginia
•He has 2 other siblings (Ashley and Jordan)
•He’s currently dating Christina Marie (YouTube/YouNow star) @beautychickee
•His fave ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip (my fave!)
•He’s the king at roasting people
•He’s aesthetic af
•Christina and him are goals
•He went on the IMPACT tour with Jack Avery and Zach Herron
•He dropped a single on iTunes called “The Only One”
•He has a YouTube channel where he posts a lot of his song covers
•He gained over 100,000 followers on YouNow
~Jonah Marais Roth Frantzvich~
•He’s 19 years old
•He was born on June 16, 1998 (Gemini)
•He is the oldest member of WDW
•He is from Stillwater, Minnesota
•He has two other siblings (Esther Grace & Zebulon)
•He was on the DigiTour 2014
•He gained a mass following on YouNow
•He owns a cute farm
•His hometown is so old fashion and flipping gorgeous
•He’s known as the foodie of the band.
•He put out an EP “When The Daylights Gone”
•He used to play baseball
•He loves to post about potatoes
•He got signed to “26” by Chad Grier (Nash & Hayes’s father)
•He gets underrated in the band but honestly he deserves all the love in the world :)
•In his farm, he has a chicken named Daisy
•There’s a tattoo on his upper arm of (i think) a duck.
I hope this helped! I made this post for anyone who’s new to the fandom or for the people who just wants to know them better. These are just a few facts I have gathered about the boys. If anyone wants to add a little facts to this feel free!

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Anyone who reblogs my beach McCree art with “cute are but I still don’t like the skin all that much” or “I’m still iffy if I like it or not” are not allowed? To reblog my beach McCree art? It’s only for people who support McCree and his frosted tips begone

11 p.m. is for single mothers
who cradle a glass of wine in their fingers
and wait for the sound of a child crying
they hope will never come—
it always does.

12 a.m. is for high school students
to do homework they didn’t have time to do
after lacrosse practice and dance rehearsal—
they yearn to rest their tired eyes
but cannot.

1 a.m. is for sneaking into your bedroom
on a school night at seventeen,
reminding yourself how tired
you will be in the morning,
convincing yourself it was worth it.

2 a.m. is for star-crossed lovers
rolling in bed sheets smelling of
alcohol and tragic dreams that
ironically lull them to sleep.

3 a.m. is for hopeless romantics
wishing under late-night skies
for someone to talk to,
for someone who gets it.

And all of those people think
they’ve got it bad, but
when 4 a.m. rolls around the corner,
the past sinks into your veins—

4 a.m. is too late for anyone to save you,
for when 4 a.m. tells you,
“You can’t do this anymore,”
you believe it.

—  4 a.m.

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Can Fatal's and Blue's baby be Bluescreen? Because I don't think any child of Fatal's would be stable.

That’s also an adorable name and idea, but there’s already a cutie named Bluescreen by @7goodangel and @askinfresh, who is an ErrorxBlue child/fusion! (ps their design is great, ya’ll should go have a peek~)

I know I’ve seen a couple of cute Fatalberry kiddos before and I’m pretty sure I’ve reblogged them before, but one day I’ll make a little reference post with links to them or something! If anyone who’s made one sees this post, feel free to tag me in it! I’d love to marvel at their cuteness :D

MCSM fandom, I have just one request

Can we please make it a thing where if one of us yells “BLAZE RODS” in public, anyone in this fandom who hears is obligated to yell “SHUT UP GILL” in response

because holy cow

can you even imagine the beautiful chaos of yelling this in public + the even greater chaos of having a random person holler back???

Pass this on.  Share this with your fandom friends.  LET THE WHOLE FANDOM KNOW ABOUT THIS BECAUSE HOLY COW THIS SHOULD BE A THING

I Don't Have Anyone (Nightwing x Reader)

I wrote this months ago. Hell, last year actually so it’s very terrible. You have super weird shadow powers in here btw. I’m taking a risk posting this because lately barely anyone has been reblogging any of my new fics. It makes me worry and think if I’m really cut out for any of this.


You ran and jumped on top of Bludhaven’s many buildings with a bag of money and jewels hitting your back as you leaped across the night sky.

“Stop right there!” Nightwing yelled as he chased you.

You chuckled and landed on the concrete floor, “Oh come on pretty boy, you could do better than that!” You called back.

He leaped on the floor and landed about 15ft away from you, heavily breathing, “You….are…something else.” He said, leaning down to place his hands on his knees.

You leaned against an abandoned car, “Wow, I have the power to make the handsome Nightwing tired? I should win a prize.”

He started to growl but stopped, “You think I’m handsome? I didn’t know the villainous (your villain name) had good taste in men.” He smirked and straightened up, “Now, I’m going to ask nicely, give me back what you stole.”

You place your finger under my chin and looked up, as if you were thinking, “Hmm nah, I don’t think so,” You used your dark shadow magic to morph into the floor, with the money of course, “You’ll have to find me first.” You hissed.

Nightwing was observing every movement around him, “Why would you steal? A beautiful (woman/man) like you shouldn’t be into this kind of stuff.”

You bumped into a garbage can but hid right away before he could examen where you were, “And why should I listen to you?”

In shadow form, you grabbed a rope from a near by dumpster and came up with a plan.

“Well, don’t you have a family who’s worried about you at this time?” His hands slowly reached for his escrima sticks.

“I don’t have anyone.” You murmured. Apparently he heard what you said and walked hesitantly towards your trap. You moved a little further and used your magic to flip him over, using the rope to tie his body upside down.

He grunted, “What the hell?!” His escrima sticks fell.

You changed back into human form and stared at his dangling body, “Growing up with a broken family isn’t easy you know.” You said, reaching down to pick up his escrima sticks.

He stopped struggling, “I’ll help you then. You don’t have to keep living this way.”

He froze as you touched the side of his face. This kind of reminded you of the time that spider guy and his girlfriend when they first kissed, “No one can help me anymore, Nightwing.” You leaned in and pressed your lips against his, trying to savor the moment.

Before everything started to get heated, you pulled back leaving him in a daze, “Why did you…?”

“Don’t act like you never wanted to.” You smiled and started to sashay away.

He took a moment to react, “Hey! Wait, let me go, I wasn’t done kissing you!”

You let out a heartfelt laugh as you started running, “I’ll see you tomorrow night, cutie! I’ll give back your escrima sticks while I’m at it!”

  • Me: I don't exist
  • Person: Of course you exist! Don't say that!
  • Me: no like the person you think is me is really just the parts of myself I have put forward to please you. I'm different with pretty much everyone according to their needs, because I need everyone's approval, attention, and admiration. I'm a fraud.
  • Person: .....
  • Me: 🙃

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You should probably remove some tags from posts you reblog so people don't think that it's actually your art you're reblogging

I dont edit the posts tags I just reblog as they are, since anyone can see the original post info and the tumblr it should be transparent that the tags are from that the original post.

Also Im just a brain in a jar.

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A Look at Love - Jinyoung

He was clad in his leather jacket with a white button-up dress shirt under that he paired with black jeans and Vans. He wasn’t one to club, but the guys told him it’d be good for him to have some fun instead of coop himself in his room.

“Hyung, it’ll be fun.” Yugyeom, the youngest who was finally going to experience the club life, reassured. “Don’t think too much.”

Mark came by and nudged the weary one. “Come on, I’ll buy you a drink when we get there.”

Jinyoung tried to turn up his mood, but it wasn’t working. All he kept thinking about was how things went down between the two of you. He couldn’t even pinpoint what the problem was that led to the break. He wasn’t a believer in breaks and neither were you, but it was better to leave it like that than an official breakup for the time being.