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White Eyes, Black Eyes | Demon!Dean x Reader Imagine | Request

I took a deep breath, stepping out from my apartment. When I checked the weather forecast this morning I was ecstatic to find out that it was cloudy.

I love it when it’s cloudy. The sun is always harshly beating against me whenever it’s sunny, making me sweat and readjust my glasses all the time. And when it’s rainy I always make my umbrella bump into people and walls as I walk. But when it’s snowy I can’t tell if I’m going to trip into a pile of snow, even if I laugh it off and make snow angels afterwards.

But when it’s cloudy? The air is cool, the majority of people stay indoors, and there’s even a lack of bugs. Perfect…

And from the perfection echoing around me I could definitely tell it was cloudy.

The pathway to the park was a memorized route for me, whenever it was cloudy I always went there. So I happened to go there quite often…

I always went there to read, to let my head fall against the soft grass while my fingers gently traced the bumps on the pages. It was great… I got to be away from the prying eyes of other people that I could tell were staring right back at my orbs that matched the color of the cloudy sky.

When I finally arrived to the park, being happily spared from an accidental bump on my shoulder that sent me reeling in surprise, I could finally relax in my little slice of heaven.

I was going to kill that son of a bitch.

Who does he think he is? Treating me like some dog. He thinks that when he says ‘Go kill him’ I’ll say ‘How painfully? Dammit…

I’ll be the one to decide who and how I kill, thank you very much.

As I stormed angrily through the peaceful park I couldn’t help but feel out of place. The park was so untouched, like it had never been discovered. It was perfectly in touch with nature, growing and bursting with life.

When can I get out of here?

Just then my eyes landed on a girl, small in frame and completely unaware. Perfect.

My hand fell to the back on my jeans, gripping the first blade. The blade seemingly sent out a pleasant hum, happy to be reunited with my rough grip.

I want to kill her. Who’s gonna stop me? Nobody.

My footsteps turned silent, creeping up on the dazed girl who was holding a book in her hands but not even reading it. Pathetic. With her sunglasses on and the slow rise and fall of her chest she could possibly be asleep.

My eyes flickered into their black darkness in anticipation, a demon reflex at the happy prospect of murder. So close now… So close to slitting her open…

“You know, it’s not nice to creep up on a girl like that” My breath caught in my throat, shock rippling through my body. How the hell did she know I was there? Not even the strongest beings on the face of this earth could hear him coming.

“Hey, I’m talking to you” She didn’t turn her head to look at him, only leaning up and stretching from her comfortable spot in the grass.

My curiosity got the better of me, halting my body from stabbing her right then and there. “How did you know I was there?”

“Let’s just say I have a refined hearing and leave it at that, okay?” She was hiding something. I know she was. But what was it?

Is she a demon? An angel? Some kind of monster?

“So, what brings you to my spot in the forest?” I snorted, looking at the girl while still holding the trembling dagger that was itching for blood.

“Your forest?”

She shrugged, running a hand through her H/L hair, “I’m the only one who goes here. Everyone else just stays near the jungle gym to watch their kids play”

The girl was about to turn around and I quickly held my hand behind my back so she didn’t see the sharp weapon.

“So why are you here? You’re obviously not a jogger…” Once again I was stumped. Who was she?

“How do you know that?”

She chuckled, pushing her sunglasses upward. “The jogger’s path is a quarter mile that way” She pointed.

“I was…” Think of something… “Just taking a walk”


My emerald green eyes widened in shock, once again this girl seemed to analyze everything I am so far and call me out on my bullshit.

“I don’t know who you are but don’t try to trick me. I usually win”

“How’s that”

She grinned cheekily, “I watch a lot of Sherlock”

I scoffed, fixing my gaze on her plastic sunglasses. “Why are you wearing sunglasses? There’s barely any sun out”

Sighing, she removed her sunglasses, and blinked up at me.

‘Oh…’ I finally got it.

Her eyes were a pale grey, a milky white, and they seemed to stare right into my soul.

“Don’t beat yourself up over it. Nobody really can guess I’m blind unless I spell it out for them”

I tried to think of a response. “W-Well… You’re not exactly the pitiful, bumping-into-everything type”

She giggled and for some reason my stomach did flips at her chuckle. “Thanks asshole, I’m glad you noticed”

“So… what were you doing with a book?”

At this her head tilted, waving the book in the air. “Never heard of brail before?”

“It sounds familiar…” When I got the black eyes I forgot a few miscellaneous things from my pitiful human life. For example, I didn’t have a clue what Football was for a few days. The last guy to make fun at my lack of knowledge ended up with a cut throat.

She waved her hand over, plopping down at her position in the grass and patting the green spot next to her. “I’ll show you”

With slow, wary footsteps I found myself accepting her offer, walking over to her side.

The blade was practically screeching at me.

‘What are you doing?!’

‘Kill her now!’

‘Hang her by her entrails!’

‘Cut out those useless eyes!’

But for some reason… I didn’t want to. There wasn’t any reason to kill her, and she sure as hell wouldn’t pose a fight. I could slit her throat right now if I wanted. But… I didn’t want to.

At my own command my black eyes flickered on and peered deeply into her pale white ones. There was something about the concept of being able to have my eyes stare right into hers and her not caring, not giving a damn about what I am.

So maybe sitting beside her underneath the cloudy grey sky wasn’t such a bad idea…

This was a request! I know you didn’t ask for the reader to be blind but I got the idea right as I started writing and I couldn’t let the idea die!

I hope you guys enjoyed your Demon Dean!

7th October

The day, when Max discovered she can rewind time.

The day, when Chloe Price was shot by Nathan Prescott.

The day, when these two reunited after five years of silence to experience the most strange week in their lives.

The day, that changed everything.

7th October… the day when it all started.

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