i don't think any of you understand how much i cherish these people

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Hey Mun, I got a quick question for ya, but please don't think of it like I'm attackin you or anything~! What kind of asks do you refuse to answer? Are there any topics or questions that are in general kinda stupid and you don't want your chars answering them? Or things you don't want to hear period? I'm asking cos I don't wanna send asks that;ll make ya uncomfortable or less motivated or whateva. u prob get many asks /day and a repeat of the same stuff is not all that good in certain context

Oh my whole hearted goodness, this’s a damn tasty question!! Thanks so much for asking!

Only a TEENSIE WEENSIE bit of things don’t agree with me. The tastebuds in my head & heart aren’t picky, so no pressure my dude! Asking should feel lemon squeezy.

BUTT the few things that I can’t digest are when people take this blog or its characters too seriously.
Believe it or not, Ripley- I get a lotta peeps who’ll try to get on Sanzu’s good side by comin in here with some heavy, heavy luggage (like, say, “my grandmother just died”) and using that to appease him. (”You can have her body” for example.) It happens a hell of a lot, and it’s totally uncool to say I’m not exaggerating in the slightest.
Please don’t use your super real personal tragedies as an olive branch to these super not-real characters, that’s not gravy.

Secondly, when y’all precious babes shoot me asks sayin you feel ignored or unheard bc my fellas haven’t answered yet, it rubs me the wrong way. Normally it wouldn’t, I’d understand! But I’ve had Drebae show off how incredibly full the inbox is several, several times, so those “I feel ignored” asks read more like “hey, Special👏 treatment👏 over👏 here👏 puh-leEEEZUH.👏” Like ya don’t care about the hundreds of thousands of other people goin’ unanswered bc I’m only half robot on my dad’s side & I didn’t get the genetic coding that allows me to answer everyone at the speed of light.

🎶 LLLLASTLY BUT NOT LEASTLYYY~! 🎶 This kinda refers back to the first whine I muttered about personal stuff, but I’m also not quite comfortable with people using their personal disabilities/situations as an introduction? I’m prayin to whatever god cares enough that y’all understand where I’m coming from here, because I do NOT want you guys to think you should stay quiet about your problems, but like I said– I just don’t like how serious some peeps are treating this blog! 
I’ve gotten people who are suicidal, people talking about their panic attacks as it’s happening, people talkin about family deaths and all this horrible stuff as if some comic-book characters on tumblr are the go-to instead of 911, and that shit’s scary, bro. Just, why? whyyyyyy, buddy??

Again again again! Have respect for yourself and your loved ones, don’t use personal tragedy as an ice breaker or a line to go fishing with. If you’re having serious problems, get professional help. (There are plenty of places to go or people to contact in case of a crisis, like I’mAlive.org or 7 cups! )

Phew, thanks for lending me your earballs- but damn if that ain’t a finger-lickin’ good question you asked.
Before I smother my typing fingers and put an end to this novel of a post, I just wanna clarify that ye, I DO get a lot of these kind of asks, but that isn’t what makes up my ask box. 90% of you babes have awesome, kind-hearted, interesting, wicked tasty, soul-thirsty things to say and ask and I cherish all you babies in the deepest chambers of my heart.

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I see you complaining about Scott Lobdell's mischaracterization of Jason a lot, but what exactly don't you like about it?

*cracks knuckles*

i am so glad you asked, anon.

okay. first of all: lobdell’s characterisation of jason isn’t my least favourite characterisation. that dubious honour goes to fabian nicieza’s jason in robin v2, as broken down by luka over here. but god, does it irritate me. bear in mind that i didn’t read all of rhato, because i couldn’t read too many issues before i just gave up. (warning: major saltiness beneath the cut.)

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Have you read that post made by saisai-chan about sasuke and vegeta, don't you think that some of the points she made are true, regardless of shipping goggles, vegeta has always been there for his family, he went bat shit crazy when bulma got hurt, he was willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of their child, he is a very good husband and father, sasuke is never really there for sarada or sakura, vegeta was willing to sacrifice himself for his friends and family, it is something

con. something sasuke hasn’t done in a very very long time, she made many other very valid points in her points, I don’t think you can really refute them

No I haven’t read that post, but their situations can’t be compared anyway. Sasuke’s a busy person, he can’t be “there” in the village 24/7. He’s their main man for reconnaissance, which requires him to leave. Vegeta doesn’t have a job; all he does is train, so yeah, of course he’s always there. It can’t be compared. That doesn’t mean that Sasuke cares about his family any less. It was reiterated time and again that he partook the mission for the sake of his family, and now that it’s done, he can start being “there” for them more frequently. But there wasn’t much he could do about not being there previously.

You don’t think Sasuke ever got angry when Sakura got injured? He broke Zaku’s arms when he boasted how he had harmed Sakura, and had to have Sakura herself stop him from going any further:

And in Gaiden, he also rushed through Orochimaru’s hideout because he wanted to locate Sakura as quickly as possible, and then proceeded to break every bone in Shin’s body for kidnapping his wife:

Is that not showing concern for her?

Sasuke’s never been in a position to knowingly sacrifice his life for the sake of his family, so again, that’s an unfair comparison. However, what what he did do was to be willing to essentially sacrifice himself in order to give Naruto enough time to escape from Gaara with Sakura:

He also had his body “just move by itself” in order to protect Sarada from Shin’s blades in Gaiden:

Is that not demonstrating how he’s also willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of his wife and child? I’d say that’s a very explicit example. He also ignored the village’s please for help, but when he found out that it was Sakura in danger, he rushed back. Yet another example.

You’re saying how Vegeta was willing to sacrifice himself for his friends and family, and how it’s something that Sasuke hasn’t done in a long time, but that’s not true at all. So many people don’t understand that Sasuke’s mission was the very definition of self sacrifice for the sake of those he cherished. He took on the mission by himself, for the sake of his friends, family and all the shinobi villages, so that they may continue to live their lives in peace, while he struggled alone, chasing a threat several times more powerful than himself, and opted to have them all kept in the dark on his activities. And why? Because he wanted them to continue living blissful, happy lives:

And you don’t think Sasuke has willingly sacrificed himself for the sake of his family and friends in a very long time? Never mind every other point I’ve made in this response which showed how dear Sasuke holds his family; but the very fact that Sasuke’s mission continues to be misconstrued as nothing but an example of his absence and “not being there” for his family is irritating. The lack of contact was a mistake on his part, but the incentives were full of self sacrifice. I can’t believe how this just flew over the heads of so many people.

Calm down, dolls

I think we all need to take a big, collective breath and just accept that some people are not going to like a character that you absolutely cherish.

Point in case, Nesta. I, for one, love her– however, I can TOTALLY understand why some people do not like her (hell, I understand why you HATE her). And you know what? That’s okay. You are not wrong for hating/disliking a character– you have every right to feel the way that you do.  You are not wrong. Neither am I. 

What is wrong, however, is sending petty messages to talented artists. You know what? They don’t have to draw Nesta if they don’t want to. They don’t have to like Nesta. Or any other character for that matter… If you don’t like that, then don’t follow them? I don’t know, man. I’m just not the type of person to waste my time bullying others. People have enough going on in their lives– they don’t need cyber bullying on top of it. 

I’m speaking for myself on this (though I think some people could agree?), if you don’t like something about a blog… It is okay to unfollow that blog. It won’t hurt feelings. In fact, I would rather someone unfollow me than send me hateful messages. 

Everyone can have an opinion about a character. We are all different beings that come from different walks of life that can cause us to look at characters and stories in different perspectives.  This. Is. Fantastic. We NEED diversity and we NEED people to have a differing opinion so that we as individuals can consider things differently. 

It makes me sad that people have the need to go and harass good, kind, talented individuals for an opinion that they have. 

I know I’m just a voice that’s going to be drowned out in the midst of the madness of hostility and pettiness… But come on, folks, let’s remember that there is a living, breathing person with valid thoughts and emotions at the other end of the computer.

Be kind. 

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Real talk and I hope you don't find me rude for asking, but why do you ship Cloti more than Clerith? I know you ship both but I wanted to know why you like Cloti so much more.

Hahaha nice usage of “real talk” and I guess when talking about FFVII’s ltd we are getting down to the juicy bits.

Everyone has vibrant opinions and “perspectives” as they put it. I have no idea what side of the fence (the overlapping dimensional fence) you’re coming from but I- for the first time on tumblr publicly, will give you my 100% honest and critical reasons as to why I prefer Cloti as a ship.

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Some thoughts about Frank Ocean’s “Blonde”

So at first I wanted to write a review for this album but the more I listened to it, the less it made sense to review this album…I think in many ways “Blonde” will be an album that will be remembered 10 years from now because of its rich content. So instead of reviewing, I just want to share some of my observations/thoughts about this album after spending more a week with it.

Frst, I want to talk about the original title of the album “Boys Don’t Cry” and why I still wish it was the title of the album. Obviously, the first reason is that it perfectly fits the cover art as Frank is covering his face in a way that looks as if he’s reacting to something painful by instinct, or maybe he’s just crying?? I think the big difference between “Blonde” and “Channel Orange” is that “Blonde” is way more autobiographical and introspective than “Channel Orange”, an album that was mostly about fictional stories and characters, whereas “Blonde” is an album that is more about Frank’s personal life experiences over the past few years. As a result, the album has a very strong and effective sense of stream of consciousness in lyrics that are present in many songs of the album. There are maybe 2 or 3 songs that have a “normal” structure, the rest don’t follow any structure whatsoever yet they’re crafted so beautifully.

Okay so I went off-topic…but, I kept thinking about why Frank would originally call this album “Boys Don’t Cry” – and few nights ago I remembered an article that I read two or three weeks ago about why most adults tend to cry more, or be more emotionally responsive to certain things than teenage boys and girls. Well I’m almost 20 and I’m pretty much considered an adult but I don’t feel like one at all. The article mentioned that it needs a certain level of maturity and vulnerability to be able to let go of yourself and cry – something that many teenagers or younger people don’t because of the lack of that maturity or vulnerability. Of course, it depends on the person too. Many people at younger age go through loss, breakup, etc. but they’re still not having the same amount of pressure and vulnerability that an adult usually has. And “Boys Don’t Cry” made even more sense as the title after I read Frank’s letter about the album and the magazine. In the letter, he says: “Boys do cry, but I don’t think I shed a tear for a good chunk of my teenage years. It’s surprisingly my favorite part of life so far. Surprising, to me, because the current phase is what I was asking the cosmos for when I was a kid.”

So for Frank, boys don’t cry…because it’s fact, at least for him. He’s 28 and for him his teenage years are still his favorite phase of life because he did not have the amount of responsibility, pressure and vulnerability that he has now, as he expresses in many songs throughout “Blonde”. Masculine vulnerability remains a big theme in Frank’s work, as it was throughout “Channel Orange.”

So with all that I said, I have a feeling/theory that Frank’s love interest in some of these songs is not a person, but his boyhood, his favorite phase of life, and how he lets of it at the end of the songs. The song ‘Godspeed’ for example, is very similar to ‘Forrest Gump’ from “Channel Orange”. Both songs are about Frank letting go of his lover while still remembering them. But I think ‘Godspeed’ is also Frank’s farewell to his teenage years; in his interview with Lil B he mentions that he somewhat misses those times even though he doesn’t want to be a kid again. So, he lets go of it, but he will always remember and cherish it. As a result, mortality becomes a very central topic of the album. In ‘White Ferrari’, Frank says: “If you think about it it’s over in no time, the best life.” A similar line also appears in ‘Segfried’’s spoken word interlude where Frank says: “A moment one solar flare we’re consumed”; one sudden event could end all of our lives, so why not live our lives to the fullest?

Furthermore, ‘White Ferrari’ has some lyrical similarity with ‘Pink Matter’ – both songs question the significance of our existence, but the difference between Frank’s views in the two is pretty interesting as Frank seems a bit pessimistic in ‘Pink Matter’ and optimistic in ‘White Ferrari’. In ‘Pink Matter’ Frank wonders if all of this is for show and the aliens are watching us from the above, while in ‘White Ferrari’ he is “sure we’re taller in another dimension” but his love interest thinks “we’re small and not worth the mention.” Also I just have to say ‘White Ferrari’ is the best song I’ve heard this year.

Finally, I want to talk about Frank’s philosophy on life and humans, other than his mortality, and how beautifully it is reflected in “Blonde”. In the final track of the album ‘Futura Free’, Frank talks about how music is “therapy” for him, and that he’s amazed that he gets paid for something so personal, and confesses it should be him paying and thanking us for listening to him. What I find amazing is also the fact that music is therapy for him. How come something so personal and meditative for Frank also connects many, many other people to him and his music?

Which brings me to this: in 2011, there’s a rare interview with Frank a little after “Nostalgia, ULTRA”’s release, and at one point, the interviewer asks Frank if he works with certain type of people, or if he has a certain philosophy on people and life, to which Frank responded by saying that it’s very important for him to work with people who have a very good understanding of the fact that we are all the same, even though we seem to be different in many other ways; a perspective that connects perfectly with what he says in ‘Futura Free’. Frank’s music is therapy for him, but it’s also therapy for us listeners and fans. It just goes to show how similar we all are, we share the same emotions, feelings, and phases of life as Frank does.

And for me that’s why “Blonde” is an album that will be remembered for years to come. I’m 19 but I think this album will make even more sense when I’m the same age as Frank.

if i gotta go first, i’ll do it on my terms (you’re gonna lose what you love the most)

[or: what it means to love the commander. // ao3.]

if i gotta go first, i’ll do it on my terms (you’re gonna lose what you love the most)
i’m tired of traitors always changing sides / they were friends of mine / don’t hang around when the promise breaks / or you’ll be there when the next one’s made / we’ll welcome the new age covered in war paint / you’re not alone in anything / you’re not alone in trying to be
—bright eyes, ‘ladder song’


On her twenty-third birthday, Lexa tells you that the average life span of commanders is twenty-four years, one month, and seventeen days.

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You Make Me Numb

{You have been best friends with all five of the boys and you join them on their tour, but you get in a really bad car crash and end up in a coma }


External image

External image


‘Let’s have a moment of silence for Y/N Y/L/N and pray that she will be okay.’ Paul says as he comes on stage. They have been doing this for the past six months, the six months I was in a coma. They barely sang any sad songs, because everything reminded them of her. Of Y/N. Tonight was going to be slightly different though. They made a short movie about you. To cherish you, knowing they won’t be able to visit you since they are on the other side of the world. As the tape starts to roll, the boys sit down and watch it. 

Fragments of you goofing around being the silly girl you are, are being showed on the big screen. Fans start to cry. The boys all say something about you while little clips of you are shown.

She’s probably one of the most caring people I’ve met. She’s always there for everybody. Her heart is made of pure gold. I don’t understand why she had to be the one to get in a car crash. She’s like the little beam of sun on a dark day. She just makes everyone so happy, and I love her so much for that.

Oh god, I’m already crying. 
Ever since she has been with us, she’s been like a sister to me. We talk.. well talked about everything, stupid problems or female problems. She never fights with anyone, and if she does, she starts to cry and apologizes immediately. She is such a good person. I can’t believe she’s not with us. I wanted to protect her, but the one time I wasn’t with her, I couldn’t. If she.. if she dies… I won’t be able to forgive myself, ever. 

She was, still is, my little teddy bear. Everytime we saw each other, we would hug. Even if it was in the hallway or when we saw each other two seconds ago, we would hug. And now… that she’s not here, I still hope to see her someday. So I can hug her again. So I can feel her tiny arms wrap around me again. I miss her so much. She made my day, always. I love that girl to bits. 

We were the ones who always annoyed Paul. We would run around chasing him or throw stuff at him. She always made me laugh. Only the way she giggles when she’s done laughing and thinks about it again, makes me smile. I don’t want to think about the fact that she could… that she could die. A person like her can’t die. She just simply can’t. She always makes people laugh. I miss her laugh. I miss her.

I could go on forever what I love about her. I love her smile, her nose, her eyes, her hair, her hands, her legs, her lips, her voice. I loved it when she was singing with her amazing voice. I don’t think I ever heard anyone with such a beautiful voice. I love how her eyes would shine whenever she saw one of us. I can’t imagine a life without her. She is such a big part of my heart, I wouldn’t even feel alive if she’d pass away. I love her. I love her way too much. She’s my girl, and I don’t want to lose her. I can’t lose her.

All of the boys were crying. Not hard, just tears slowly leaving their glassy eyes. What they didn’t know, is that you’ve woken up three weeks ago. You chose yourself not to tell them, because you wanted to surprise them. Weird? Yes, but you’d love to see their reaction. It would make you feel loved. 

You stand behind Paul, who is now next to the stage. As the boys are having a group hug, you slowly climb up on stage. A few fans gasp and scream. You push your finger on your lips, gesturing them to be silent. You creep up behind them and tap Liam on the shoulder. He turns around and screams. All the boys look his way and see you.

'Wh… Y/N? Y/N!' Zayn screams as he drops his mic to wrap his arms around you. All of the boys grab you, holding you tight. You feel Harry’s shoulders shake as he sobs into the crook of your neck. Liam holds your hand as he kisses your cheek a billion times. You smile widely and tears roll down your cheeks. You’re so happy to see them again. Niall wraps his arms around your waist and lifts you up, twirling you around.
'Finally I can hug you again.’ He whispers, putting you back down on your feet. Louis can’t stop looking at you and Harry is still crying.

External image

All of the boys are extremely happy, but Harry is sobbing. You grab his hands and look at him. 'What’s wrong?’ You ask him.  He grabs the small of your back and pushes you against his body. 'Please.. don’t ever leave me again. I can’t live without you.' Your heart melts while you put your hands in his neck. 'I’m here now.’ You whisper. 
'Okay, okay guys, we know that you are glad to be back, but don’t make out on stage! The fans will get mad!' Louis laughs. You let go of Harry and jump on his back. 

'I swear to god, Y/N, if you ever leave us again, I.. I don’t know what I’d do. But don’t do it again!' Liam says, while laughing. You smile back and realise how much these boys actually mean to you. 


I apologize for this, weird imagine. I just had this idea in my head for 2 days now and I had to write it down. Sorry if this is offensive to anyone in any way. It’s kind of an Harry imagine, not really. But, ya. Sorry if there are any typo’s xoxoxo


- Creds to the gif makers -

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I don't understand how someone can "come out" as polyamorous. It's not a sexuality so that doesn't make sense to me.

Hey there, Anon!

Thank you for the question, I think I can help clear this up for you.

Polyamory, or being polyamorous is not a sexuality (as defined as a a persons sexual identity and the gender(s) or traits that they are attracted too), however; for some people who are polyamorous/non-monogamous it is an identity, a part of how they define themselves and something that is innate/something they were born being. 

Some people call this a romantic orientation, or a lovestyle. Some simply call it an identity, while others may view it as secondary to their identity/not part of who they are, but as something they do

It’s a really mixed bag, and it really depends on who you ask! 

For example, being polyamorous is something I identify with as closely as my bisexuality. They are both labels that are a really strong part of who I am as a person, and both are something I had little choice in being. I am polyamorous in nature, which doesn’t mean that I can’t partake in a monogamous relationships - but rather I’ll always feel that capacity to love, and feel most comfortable in a non-monogamous/polyamorous arrangement. 

Now, I’m not sure if you’re hinting that polyamorous people shouldn’t “come out” because of X,Y, or Z (usually along the lines of “poly people don’t have it bad!” or, “you’re appropriating LGBT+ stuggles!”) or if you’re not sure what “coming out” as polyamorous means.

I’ll try to address both, but please let me know if you meant something specifically. 

“Coming out” can mean a lot of different things for different people, but generally it is used as a way to be open about your orientation, which can aid in self-acceptance and self-discovery however, this can bring on abuse and marginalization depending on circumstances and how people react. 

“Coming out” as polyamorous can serve an almost identical purpose, and can also come with a slew of risks as well. 

(I am NOT saying the marginalization/oppression of polyamorous people is worse in comparison to that of LGBT+ individuals…)

Telling your parents, your family, friend, co-workers and neighbours can (especially, perhaps, if you’re noticeably in multiple relationships) be really freeing, and boost ones self confidence but it can also cause familial and societal backlash. 

Using our relationship as an example, so of our parents took it well - while others have completely cut contact. One of us has been fired from our job, and the object of ridicule and physical violence..

However, we felt the need to ‘come out’ because this is how we live, this is how we love, and this is a part of who we are. I don’t want to hide my partners, I want to cherish them. I don’t want to have to live the rest of my life coming up with excuses why four of us live in a house together. I want my family and friends to have the chance to know who I am, and how much I care for my partners. 

We aren’t ‘out’ to everyone, we’re scared of what might happen. However, we’re not going to hide forever, and I look forward to the day when we can be ‘out’, without fear!

I hope that answers your question, please let me know if you have any others


(PS. Anyone else have anything to add? Feel free! I’d love to hear more/different opinions)

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Excuse me but you explain to me what an omegaverse fic is because I see people talking about omegas and alphas and I have no idea what that even means in that context so yeah. Don't wanna be a bother but I would appreciate if you could explain! Thanks 😘


Putting it under the cut because I know it’s not to everyone’s tastes and some people are squick-y about it.


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You know, considering that the flashback is only what Kaneki remembers (so there's place left for more), I think Kaneki subconsciously assumes that Hide gave his life (does eat= get killed?) so it fits with his "in a cool way,I want to die" thought. Kaneki doesn't think his life has value, but we don't know that about Hide. I doubt that Hideyoshi Nagachika wouldn't prioritize happiness together over sacrifing one life.

Yeah, we are totally on the same page!
Kaneki already believed that the moment he gave in to his hunger he would have lost his humanity together with his control. To me this chapter alone was confirmation enough of my theory: Kaneki probably believes that his hunger really killed his best friend. And we all know just how much he cherishes Hide. He’s one of the most important people in his life and also his symbolic tie to his humanity, to the good things he still could see in himself if he dug deep enough. Hide was one of the people he associated with his goal of reaching an understanding between the two species after all. If he really thinks that not only Hide died, but also for his sake, man that’s a kind of pain I can’t even begin to understand. If Hide is dead, then also the small, almost nonexistent part of Kaneki that worked so hard to fight the monster inside himself is dead. All he ever struggled for is also dead. One of his strongest bonds he was ever able to create with someone else, and his only really healthy relationship is also dead. And he thinks it’s his fault, because Hide shouldn’t have been there, wouldn’t have been there if not for Kaneki. Can you even imagine a guilt like that?
This alone is a reason enough to make him suicidal, imho. And it’s been confirmed that he wanted to die as he was fighting Arima.
Now he remembered, and it only added another heavy strain on his back. He was already planning to do something reckless. Now he has a motive, too. He’s punishing himself. Or redeeming, if you want to see it from that angle. He’s doing both a bad thing and a good one, just as he said, to be loved by everyone (because he thinks he isn’t already; he doesn’t see any worth in himself, the killer of his family).

But, there’s a but.
As you said (and as I alredy pointed out before), this was just Kaneki’s side. We shouldn’t forget that:
A) He is an unreliable narrator. Of course he would only believe in the perspective that casts the darkest shadow on himself. He’s already done this plenty of times (he thinks he killed Amon but we all know that he didn’t, and in his case there was even less evidence than in Hide’s for Kaneki to believe it). He has all the reasons to do this now of all times. This is the most stressed out we’ve seen of him.
B) Kaneki only remembers half of what happened because halfway through it he lost consciousness. It could have been easy for Hide to disapper once Kaneki was out.
C) Hide has never been suicidal, not even for Kaneki’s sake. He always values his life the most (he was scared shitless as he surveyed the situation with Marude. He was afraid he would die because ghouls were too close. This isn’t the reasoning of a reckless character). Hide is also confirmed to be one of the strongest strategists of the manga. Marude saw this after only a glance at him and he wanted him on his team. There’s absolutely no way Hide went down there with no plan. That’s not how a strategist and a smart character like him thinks. There was Kaneki’s happiness at stake, he wouldn’t have messed with his own life. He’s not stupid and he knows Kaneki: he realizes that something like that could easily ruin Kaneki forever.

So yes, I believe that this scene didn’t tell us anything that we already didn’t know. It didn’t erase the strong possibility of Hide being still alive, but I already talked about that a lot before, so I won’t repeat myself.
The only good thing that comes from this is that at this point only a good news could probably stop Kaneki from his self destructive path. And as I see it, that news can only be that of Amon or Hide being indeed alive. I wonder if this is what Ishida is really planning, though. We’ll see.
To everyone reading: don’t lose faith :)

So, You're Thinking About Joining Tumblr (a work in progress)
  • 1: You must have a tagged/me, tagged/gpoy, tagged/my+face, etc. even if you don't leave a link on your page or as part of your theme.
  • 2: If you send anonymous hate then you honestly are not even mature enough for Tumblr, which is really, *really* saying something.
  • 3: If you send anonymous uplifting, supportive, or mildly flirty messages, you are the salt of the earth.
  • 3: If you post something that you yourself did not actually create, source that shit. Do it. No excuses.
  • 4: It's your own blog, post whatever you damn well please. People don't have to look at it. Don't be afraid to block people. Be as private or open as you're comfortable with. Your tumblr is your place, not anybody else's.
  • 6: If someone sends you nudes, it is understood that you aren't supposed to share them with anyone (let alone everyone) unless you're given explicit permission. (Also, exercise caution when you send nudes.) Depending on where you live, it's actually a crime for you to disseminate nude or partially nude pictures of women without their permission. (I don't know if the same is true for nude/partially nude protections for men, but I know for a fact that
  • 7: Don't believe everything you read, even if it's presented with pretty pictures and fancy graphics. It's easy to lie with statistics (like, crazy easy). Please exercise caution and discernment, within reason. Check sources to see if they're fishy before you believe claims that set off your BS alarm.
  • 8: Sometimes it's okay if you offend someone, because they're basically just a bundle of nerve endings instead of a reasonable person, and almost no matter what you do it'll be offensive to them. That being said, never go out of your way to harass or offend someone. Come on. Be the better person. Ignore them if they're just egging you on.
  • 9: Being racist is never okay. It really isn't. It has never been okay, despite social norms through the ages. Discriminating against people and harassing them due to immutable facts of their biology (the color of their skin, their gender, their sexuality, disabilities or proclivities, etc.), where they were born, or their deeply held spiritual/religious beliefs is not just uncool, it's wrong. Reevaluate your life and your worldview if you think it's okay to do those things.
  • 10: Beware nightblogging. Do not fall into that trap. It is a slippery slope. This site is wonderful and beautiful and terrifying and terrible, but it is not worth losing a wink of sleep over. Nightblogging doesn't just hurt you, it hurts those who love you.
  • 11: Sexuality is a fluid and confusing thing for most people. (Like, a majority, not just a plurality.) If you don't think so, you're probably new to this site. You will name your blog and follow your first blog and think you're the straightest guy or gal that ever was or will be. A few months of scrolling through hot people of all sexes and genders later, someone will ask you what your sexuality is, and you'll be like "??????" You like what you like, that's cool. Don't feel ashamed for not falling perfectly into some silly, rigidly defined Sexuality, and certainly don't let it define you. You're gay? Cool! You're straight? Good for you! You're bisexual? You're not confused or greedy, everyone else just fears what they cannot understand! You're pansexual? My god, he's having sex with our pans! You're asexual? Awesome, I respect that about you! (The "A" in LGBTQA+ doesn't stand for "Allies", ya dingus.) You don't know what your sexuality is called? Doesn't matter. It's yours. It changes and evolves and morphs and probably involves more kinks than you'll admit to having or even know you have yet. (Yet.)
  • 12: LGBTQA+ is kind of long and cumbersome and seems like a mouthful at first, but it's better for everyone if you spend 5-10 minutes familiarizing yourself with it and coming to accept it. (Didn't make a dick joke here, but I definitely thought about it.)
  • 13: Sex gifs are going to happen to you. They are going to happen to you in the safety of your own room in the dark in the middle of the night, and they are going to happen to you in broad daylight out in public. "Puppies to porn in seconds" is not a joke, it's a fact of life on this site. That's not necessarily bad, it's just something you should keep in mind if you're going to scroll through your dash in your place of worship or on the bus or in the middle of a family reunion, etc.
  • 14: Superwholock is a thing. Consider yourself warned. Steel yourself. No one is safe.
  • 15: The memes. Oh God, the memes.
  • 16: Subcultures are cool. Or scary. Instead of bashing a subculture for no reason, why not spend that time doing something constructive (like your homework) or invest it in a subculture that you do enjoy.
  • 17: Don't ask me what Homestuck is, I have literally no idea.
  • 18: For you to understand that referential all humor is, I need. I need this because of reasons.
  • 19: Don't be afraid to make friends on Tumblr. Yes, they can be real friends, who you will love and cherish. You will develop inside jokes with them, you will take truly, horrifyingly ugly selfies and share them with each other. You will cry on each other's shoulders (probably over a beloved fictional character experiencing difficulties, but also because of life and how much it sucks sometimes). Maybe you'll skype with them. Maybe you'll get drunk and maybe send them some texts that you shouldn't have. Or pictures. Or videos. Or large sums of cash. But you're real friends and you'll laugh it off (maybe in a forced, awkward sort of way, but you'll still laugh it off). Unfortunately, they probably live 1,000 miles away. And you'll both get busy and maybe not talk with each other as much anymore and fall out of touch for a little. That's okay. Everything's going to be okay, buddy. Drop them a message in their ask box, even if it's 4AM and you just remembered how much you love your stupid perfect useless beautiful derpy tumblr friend, and say hi. The beauty of the internet is that people can get in touch anywhere, any time (even if you have to wait for their time to be right for them). And maybe they ignore your message, or it's lost in the shuffle and they never see it. You'll lose friends too, and that's hard (like, really fucking hard), but learning how best to cope with that is extremely important for living a successful life. You can take something away from any experience. You'll be okay.
  • 20: There's plenty more, but I can't think of anything at the moment.