i don't think a show has ever had this much of an impact on me emotionally

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You've talked about how Batgirl of Burnside mischaracterizes Babs but don't you feel Grayson does the same to Dick? He feels extremely out of character to me, nothing like his pre-boot counterpart.

I don’t, actually haha. In fact I think he hasn’t been this well written since preboot. But that’s just what I think. The thing here is that he is very… Misplaced? Out of his comfort area, comfort zone, comfort everything. But the reason I think it’s well written it’s because it makes sense how he acts and reacts - and it shows how well the writers do understand what he’s about, so it doesn’t really matter where he is. It’s who he is. [Sorry, I think this got long as heck]

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Do you think John gets too much shit? I don't think he was perfect, but he died for Dean, he loved his kids, and his kids (clearly) loved him. They even said that he "raised them right" when they were talking to Cas. John Winchester wasn't a perfect man, but he was a responsible father who loved his children dearly. Why does he get so much shit?

John does get a little more shit than he deserves but he was not a responsible father. John fits the legal definition of abusive, meaning that if child protective services had been called they would have had grounds for taking his children away. He left them alone in motel rooms for days which is criminal abandonment. He only got babysitters if it was convenient for him. In Swap Meat 5.12 we learned he’d hired a babysitter a few times but she was a maid at a motel they frequented, she was convenient. In Something Wicked 1.18 John left a 10 and 6 year old alone in a motel for three days and told them their emergency contact was Pastor Jim who was 3 hours away. He could have driven the three hours and dropped them off before starting his case but he didn’t, he left grade school children to parent each other and then emotionally abused Dean when he behaved like a normal 10 year old and went to the lobby to play video games. Emotional abuse can also be grounds for child services stepping in and we’ve seen John be guilty of that on many occasions. The show started because John had disappeared and Dean was worried something bad might have happened to him. Over the course of several episodes John sends text messages with job co-ordinates but never tells his sons what’s going on or that he’s in no danger. John was working to find yellow eyes and felt he had to distance himself from his loved ones to do it, that’s understandable, what’s not understandable is letting your sons worry about you. He works a dangerous job, Dean and Sam had every reason to believe that John could have been dead, imprisoned by a monster, or on the run from a monster that was after him. It would have taken him less than a minute to call Dean and say “I wont be around for a while, I’m working on something and can’t be in touch much but I wanted you to know that I’m safe, you don’t need to worry about me, and I’ll explain everything when I can.” That’s it, that’s all he needed to do in order to be a good parent in that situation but John couldn’t even take the time to do that.

John was a horrible father but he dedicated a large portion of his life to saving other people. He’s the action hero archetype that is great at saving the day but crap when it comes to his personal relationships. If Supernatural had John in the starring role people would be rooting for him, they’d talk about how many lives he’d saved. There’d be comments about him not being a good father but fans would acknowledge that he was a heroic character. Because the show stars Sam and Dean we don’t focus on the good things John did as a hunter, we focus on the impact he had on the leading men. That impact was pretty bad. Dean may have said that John raised them right but it’s been well-established that Dean has intense hero worship for the man and blames everything on himself, not John. In 1.18 Sam tried to tell Dean that he didn’t deserve the emotional abuse he got over leaving the motel room that night but Dean wouldn’t even let him talk, he truly believed that he deserved what John did to him. It’s not uncommon for victims of emotional abuse to believe they deserved it. The fact that John died to save him compounds the situation, most people don’t want to think ill of the dead.

John did love his children. Most abusers love their children, the stereotype of the parent who’s abusive because they hate their children is largely false. John wasn’t abusive because he was evil, he was abusive because it was easier than putting in the work to be a good parent. Leaving grade-schoolers alone for days on end was easier than driving three hours so they could be cared for by Pastor Jim. Telling Dean that it was his responsibility to keep Sammy safe was easier than doing the job himself. Giving Dean food money was easier than shopping for groceries, and when Dean gambled away that money and got caught shoplifting it was easier to say “Let him rot in jail” than to go pick him up. It was easier to get drunk every night and rely on your child to take care of you, himself, and his little brother than to be a parent who cooks dinner and helps his children with their homework. John saved a lot of lives, he loved his children so much he was willing to go to hell to save Dean, and all of that does qualify him as a heroic character. You can be a heroic character and still be a crap father. I will never approve of John’s parenting choices, ever, but I do object when people try to label him as a villain.