i don't think a piece of art has moved me so much as this one

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Hi Hiller- when I was younger I loved to draw. I'm an adult now and for some reason when I sit down in front of a piece of paper I don't know what to do. What advice do you have for a grown up who forgot how to draw?

Oooh that’s a tricky one. Sitting in front of a blank piece of paper is probably the most intimidating thing and has always been kind of scary for me. I’ve come up with a list of things for you to try to make drawing a bit easier.

A. Work on old paper/materials. End papers from discarded books, craft pads from second hand stores, a notepad from grandma’s junk drawer, a cool piece of wood you find in a dumpster, stuff like that. It takes away the pressure of having to create a perfect thing if the material you’re working on is already flawed or smells weird.

B. Draw a lot. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Only a small fraction of things I draw end up being shared, maybe every one out of twenty things will be decent. What people don’t see is the heap of not-so-great things I create in the process of making that one thing. If you’re drawing different ideas all the time, and thinking of how to make those ideas better when you’re not drawing, eventually you will get better and the good ideas will come more easily and more frequently.

C. It’s incredibly hard to draw when you are overly prepared to draw. Sitting down with the intent to create a perfect drawing adds a terrible amount of pressure and is the thing that trips so many people up and makes it hard to even start creating in the first place. Draw informally, when you’re watching television or listening to music. Watch a movie and draw a picture of something you hear that would be interesting when taken out of context. Try to not think too much about it. Approach drawing from an angle, not head on, if that makes sense.

D. Finding your subject matter can also be difficult and may be what you’re actually talking about here. A few things influence the content of my drawings:

  1. Inspiration from the world around me. Other artists’ work, books I read, music, conversations I have while waiting to buy groceries, things like this.
  2. My feelings and internal dialogue, what I’m thinking about or am moved by or want to express to others. Daydreams, real dreams, imagined conversations are all good sources for drawing material as they are things that no one else would ever know about unless you expressed them.
  3. My ability as an artist. I am less of an M. C. Escher and more of a David Shrigley. You have to find the right spot on the infinitely wide spectrum of art in which you can create work that you like and you think is good. I like drawing amorphous shapes and faces and fun things, so that is where I’m currently situated. Agnes Martin drew lines and dots and is well known because she was super good at it.

Hopefully, at some point, 1, 2, and 3 will come together and allow you to create something that you consider great or good or even okay will do sometimes.

I think those are four good things to think about. The very beginning is the hardest part when it comes to making art, I wish we could all just skip it. Hopefully this will help you, and maybe others, get started again.


Bendy was then promptly fired for scaring the total shizz out of all the passengers (because you shouldn’t hire a cartoon demon to comfort people.)

(woah omg; issa orignal bendo posting)

So I was rewatching me some Tenkai Knights (specifically my favorite arc; the Beast World one) and HOLY FRACK I FORGOT HOW FUNNY ORANGOR CAN BE ( I love EVERY SINGLE SECOND HE IS TALKING ON SCREEN; HE’S JUST THAT MUCH FUN)

Also some of his dialogue works with Bendy (I mean, Orangor is basically another toon who runs on toon logic and has a screwy trickster personality) so heeeeere weeee arrrrreee.

But you know how sometimes there are pictures you just won’t leave?

My internal monologue during this comic:

“Okay, I’ll just tidy up this lineart and be finished- NO WAIT I’M COLORING IT NOW APPARENTLY; but okay I’ll just color the poses and WHY IS THERE A BACKGROUND ALL OF A SUDDEN”

so yeah it took longer than i meant it to


Maybe someday I should actually not reference obscure things with relatively small fanbases that people are less likely to know about.


(And there’s actually another piece of mouth noises I want to use that comes from Orangor but that may take a while to get around to because this took three days anD M Y S H O U L D E R S W E R E A N D A R E B U R N I N G. AAAAAAAAH)

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Your recent reblog made me realise how mistreated artists are. I've seen many people simply reposting arts and not complying with the wishes of the artist. Far too many people just find a pretty picture on the Internet and either illegally use it or claim as their own. As an artist myself, I know how much effort goes into each piece. Especially digital art because I've seen many people saying that it's not real art. Far too many people don't care and they won't stop reposting no matter what.

Hi Nonny!

Firstly, I want to thank you for messaging me because I actually feel really strongly about this topic and I have a lot to say about it so. 

I’m going to sound old and crotchety when I say this (and I’m 28, which I know for a fact IS old and crotchety to some of ya’ll), but when I read about how badly the internet has damaged the music industry, the anime industry, the publishing industry or the movie industry, it always makes me think about fandom. Internet and social media have done us dirty too in a lot of ways.

The same exact arguments for why the movie, anime and other industries are struggling so much at present can be made for fandom creators. Too many advances and changes in too short a period of time. The fandom landscape changed so much in so few years that we are still dealing with the fallout. 

Fanzines, as just ONE example, date back to the 30s, but they are something of a rarity now in their original form and one big reason for that is the internet’s impact on the availability of content. The internet has encouraged the consumer culture we’ve developed, where it’s easy to right click and save a picture and save a fic as a pdf to your kindle without ever acknowledging the creators.

I’ve been lurking around internet forums since 2004/2005, though I first got involved properly in fandom in 2007 and I want to make it very clear that reposting and the general mistreatment of content creators is not new. When I first skirted on the edges of the Naruto fandom, reposts of fanart to catchy tunes on YT was a very big part of the fandom community in ways the Vine repost culture kind of is now. 

And obviously in retrospect, I personally didn’t know a thing about reposting at the time. I wasn’t the one uploading them, so I don’t even know if the artists gave permission (though…I doubt it). 

But reposters often claim one of three of the above as a reason that they should not be judged for their actions when the reality is that they didn’t know and should learn better.

The judgement for reposting doesn’t come from a place of being angry at ignorance. It’s from the unwillingness to learn. From deliberation and the actions of individuals refusing to not only read disclaimers but to ask questions of those who would be only too happy to answer their questions.

And I’ll be honest, it’s CRUCIAL that fandoms (not only Mysme) learn better.

It’s crucial that we as a generation move on from this.

I’ve been on tumblr specifically since 2011 and I’ve watched so many fandoms come and go. A significant weight for a fandom’s lifespan rests on the shoulders of content creators and when those same content creators are disrespected in a multitude of different ways, exactly why should we (I am including myself, by the way, as a writer) stick around?

If the fanbase reposts art often enough without credits, questions commission prices all while begging for free art etc etc, doesn’t it make sense to leave?

This is a problem that goes beyond Mysme Fandom. It stretches as far as Pixiv, where Japanese speaking artists place English disclaimers for Western fans asking that they do not steal, having had their galleries picked clean.

I’m not going into the BS writers face because that’s a whole other topic tbh

Content creators work for free and are usually not professionals. All they ask is respect. It is an enormous disrespect to take something of theirs and claim it as your own. Reposters lose the right to victimhood when they are inherently in the wrong. A lot of times I see people confronting reposters and it makes me uncomfortable, since the reposter flips the blame on the artist so quickly that it verges on gaslighting, which is-by the way- an abuse tactic.

Time for a game of reposter bingo:

“It’s online, it’s your fault!”

“I just wanted to have fun!”

“I just wanted to give X artist exposure!”

I think every fandom forgets that its content creators are fans too. They create from a place of love, but they share because they want their work to be seen and they are not in the least bit obligated to do so.

Sourcing that art properly is an obligation though and it is not difficult. 

I will also argue that it is our obligation to educate reposting etiquette in the same manner that we do tag etiquette. There is something very wrong with the shape of a fandom where every artist I know has had their work stolen at least once and has to literally beg and plead in the face of people who -by and large- ignore them. I want to say that it should go unsaid that stealing art is wrong and people should not NEED to be taught otherwise, but it is becoming so ingrained in fandom dna that at this point it feels I’m being condescending by saying otherwise.

Here are some sourcing tools:

Google Reverse Image Search



These do not count as sources:




Here is a tool to disable right click

It’s important that we move past this and get our collective shit together, because this is not only a fandom exclusive problem, but it is for damn sure one that arrived with social media and it’s impacted everyone in a lot of unforeseen, harmful ways. 

If we fandom bloggers don’t protect one another and learn from our mistakes, then who is to stop the bigger corporations from taking advantage of us.

Elly out

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"I don't deserve to be loved" with either sprace or jackcrutchie

Whew. So I decided on Jack/Crutchie and this is a modern AU. Snyder was an abusive foster parent and Crutchie (as in that headcanon post I made.) Has a prosthetic leg which is why his crutch isn’t mentioned.


I run out of the gym because I can’t take it. That goddamn Delancy. “You know you gotta stop fidgeting with the ball before you throw it, then again you’re just an artsy piece of shit who knows nothing about sports so what should I expect” How was he supposed to know? He couldn’t have. I reach a bathroom, the one where no one goes because everyone thinks it’s haunted. I sink to the ground and put my hands over my ears. They won’t shut up. “No, no, no.” I keep breathing but I feel like I can’t. ‘You’re awful you know, stealing from those people.’ ‘Stop fidgeting Jack you look fucking stupid’ “STOP IT STOP IT” I yell. I can’t make it stop. I start to rock back and forth to try and calm myself. But this isn’t a normal panic attack. ‘Now that I think about it you’re pretty ugly’ ‘Who would ever love you? I certainly don't’ Why-why did he have to bring back all the things Snyder said. I can’t do anything so I just continue to sit while I wait for it to be over. I listen to the voices. I start to think that he was right. “Jack? Oh Jack.” I hear his voice but iI'munable to respond. It’s Crutchie. Crutchie he’s your friend he likes you it’s alright. But what if he just feels sorry for me? What if he secretly hates me? Of course he does I’m awful. I’m pathetic. I’m ugly. “Jack, if you can hear me I need you to breath with me okay?” I try to nod but I fear it doesn’t come across. “In, 1,2,3,4, hold, 1,2,3,4, release, 1,2,3,4.” I try to comply but the voices are loud and I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

It’s been… I don’t know how long. I’m kinda going along with Crutchie’s words. “In, hold and out” I begin to mutter. The voices are still there, spouting their truths but they keep getting more and more quiet. “Hey Jack, if you can speak right now can you tell me what’s wrong or how I can help?” I’m still swaying back and forth and an unstoppable reply comes out of my mouth.“I don’t, I don’t des,deser, deserve to be, t-to be loved.” I gasp and begin sobbing.

“Oh, Jack, oh no , that’s not true.” I keep sobbing

“I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m”

“Jack, if you can, listen to me.” He takes my hand and I squeeze it. His touch helps bring me back.

“You are beautiful and kind and amazing. You never fail to make me laugh; Which is a difficult feat, you should be proud. You give so much. You give to your art, to me to the whole gang, to those kids at the home. You have such an amazing smile.” My breathing slows. The voices are now barely a murmur. I lift my head and wrap my arms around his waist and cry quietly into his shirt. “You’re safe.” He starts to comb through my hair with his fingers. I move away and wipe my eyes.I’m fine now, the voices are gone. “Crutch i’m sorry”
“What for? Don’t be sorry there’s nothing to be sorry about.You have helped me through many panic attacks.” He frowns with concern. He cares I breath a sigh of relief. If he didn’t he would have left right?

“I know, I just, my brain and…. yeah.” He begins to shift uncomfortably and he won’t meet my eyes. What did I do?

“Jack I love you.” Oh

“What?” I say with disbelief. “Like in a friends kind of way?” He looks up and blushes. He’s real cute like that.

“Um well, um no. Inamorethatfriendskindofway. But maybe I shouldn’t have brought this up, you just had a panic attack and I was trying to let you know that you were loved and I’m sorry.” I smile. Crutchie loves me! He loves me, and I love him and–Oh. “Hey Crutch?”

“Uh yeah, Jack?” He meets me eyes.

“I love ya too.” He smiles and I think he knows where this is going.

“In a more than friends kind of way?” I nod.


“Oh.” I lean forward and put me hands on his shoulders.

“Can I kiss you now.” He blushes again. Can he try to be less adorable .

“Yes!”  Our lips meet and his mouth is warm. I move my hands to his cheeks. He has such soft skin. “Jack?” he mumbles against my lips.

“Mmm yeah” We pull apart.

“As much as I love this. We probably need to get back to gym the period is going to end.

“Oh! Sorry, how long have we been here?”

“About forty minutes.”

“Oh shit.” I stand up and grab his hand to help him up.

“You have nice hands you know that?”

“Sounds like you have a crush.” Crutchie sings and pokes my stomach.

“How could I not, you’re adorable and the literal ray of sunshine in my life.” I wrap my arm around his shoulder as we walk back to the gym.

“You’re such a sap.”

“What can I say? I write poems under only the light of the moon about how amazing you are.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Yeah.” I’m nod joking but he doesn’t need to know that. We’re suddenly faced with the gym door.
“Hey, how about we just grab our stuff from the locker room and leave?” I day with a bit of a tremble.

“Yeah okay.” Crutchie smiles but I can still see a lingering amount of concern. So I turn towards him and say; “Hey, I’ll be okay. Let’s just get through this day, alright?”


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I'm not really that talented as you but I love your comic! I read 78 chapters in 3 days and I wanted to ask if it's okay for me to draw a fanart of your Austen and Sunati? :> and send it to you, oh and also I have bad feelings about Always human 's ending ;-; please don't break my heart with it, I'm not saying it should end up like a Disney movie, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for a heart breaking ending, like I wish Austen and Sunati will be together forever 😭😳😓 I just love them so much

Firstly: Talent is a lie, art skills are 90% hard work and time and perseverance and finding good resources to help you learn. Don’t put yourself down, if you’re willing to put in the effort you will gain the art skills you want. You can do it, I believe in you :)

Secondly: Of course you can draw fanart I will love you if you draw fanart!
You can post it to tumblr and tag it #always human or send an email to still walking north at gmail dot com if you don’t have tumblr :)

Thirdly: No heartbreaking ending, I promise! It won’t be a “and they got married and had three kids and retired in a cottage in the countryside” ending but definitely a happy-for-now ending :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:i love u (and ur work)

Awwww, I love you too <3

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Can someone get a limb mod for a missing limb? Like if they were born w/o one? What about for paralyzed people?

I think that all and any body parts can be grown in a lab and attached (unless a person has an immune system that rejects the technology used to do the attaching, and even then as long as the immune system is very carefully dampened it’s probably still possible.) For paralyzed people it might depend on the cause, I don’t think I know enough about the biology here. But I imagine that someone could be placed in a healing vat for a few days while their spinal chord is rebuilt.

Also, there are probably some pretty cool mechanical prosthetic floating around, because naturalists will occasionally be in need of artificial limbs too :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Hi Ari! I just wanted to say thank you for unintentionally giving me the advice I needed to hear today. Since the start of the comic I instantly felt a connection with Sunati though I wasn’t quite sure why, until after reading the update. Coincidentally, I’m also having trouble making a career choice that could see me moving away from friends and family. I’ve heard different pieces of advice from different people, but they were all things I had considered so they didn’t really help me. pt1
Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:It wasn’t until seeing Austen ask Sunati if she ever made a decision without worrying about how it would affect others, that I realized I don’t think I ever have. It’s really put things into perspective for me. I may be a bit biased, but honestly, for all the fluffy and cathartic moments I think your comic is so incredibly important for a lot of people for many different reasons and I think that’s amazing. Also, happy non-dystopian sci-fi? How rare is that? Rebecca Sugar needs to read this. 

Oh, I’m so happy! I hope you figure out what it is you want to do. Good luck with whatever choice you make :)

(I’m currently living on a different continent to my parents, brother, and most of my friends, and working on Always Human has been very cathartic. I have a lot of feelings about the tyranny of distance.)

Thank you so much for the compliments, you’re too kind, I really am glad you like my silly comic :)
Someone please show Rebecca Sugar Always Human

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Your comic is just sooooo great! I love the characters, I love the writing, I love the art, I love Austin and Sunati’s relationship, but you’re making me cry with this updates! Why are you doing this to me?

Thank you anon, your tears give me life!
I’m very happy you’re enjoying Always Human <3

Tofu Guys Don't Eat Meat by Vicki Woods for Vogue, May 1990 (Part II)

So River’s handsome little head, from an early age, has been full of global concerns and the need to save water when you flush. This is fine, except when you’re a Hollywood star at the same time and writers jet in to ask you what you think of God, Harrison Ford, Rob Reiner, Sidney Lumet, President Bush, and all those other grown-ups. And you’ve been brought up to think for yourself, hold your own in conversation, stick up your chin and talk. So they take it all down as if it were gospel and you end up sounding like a real dweeb. River groans again at the thought of his early interviews. “Oh, oh, I just find them misleading. I don’t recognize myself… I sound kind of like… bright boy, teenage messiah, health fanatic… uh. Save the World… hippy-dippy background… the whole collage reads false. It’s the terms that are wrong. I mean… Save the World.”

As it happens, he did give me a long riff on God (“or Supreme Being or Life Force, call it what you will”), but you don’t want to read it here. (I’m an atheist, I said. “Good move!”, said River with tact and charm.) We talked about trees. He wanted to write something down on my notebook and I flicked over so he couldn’t see what I’d been writing about him. “Tsk tsk!” he said. “You could’ve used that bottom half. You shouldn’t waste paper.” Why not? “Why not? Because trees are a diminishing resource, that’s why not. The American Forest Council ran an add saying that we have 40 percent more trees in America now that we had eighty years ago. Sure! Yeah - in the form of toilet paper and used paper cups! In fact, we cut down an area of the size of Connecticut every year. The Forest Service plant trees, sure, but for wood pulp. I think wood pulp should only be used for writing materials. People waste so much paper. In every hardware store, you get acres of paper for every receipt. Three copies of all this crap - surely our technology is more advanced than this! I mean, if they can make a plutonium generator that will orbit Jupiter and stay out there for forty-three years, surely they can make a receipt than will save paper.”

River became pretty intense about orbiting Jupiter. “Drives me nuts! We have amazing superpower technology that will now never need to be devoted to… to arms, and instead of putting the money into building safe sewers and protecting the groundwater, they… they… can’t even make a damn birth control device that will limit the world’s population.”

Now, hang on a minute. How many brothers and sisters have you, River? Four, is it? Five of you altogether? Uh, not much population limiting going on there. His eyes opened up, but he took it on the chin. “My family,” he said carefully, “don’t waste the world’s resources. We eat what we grow, we don’t exploit animals, we use up less than our share of electricity and power, we have solar heating, we aren’t materialistic…” It was a spirited defense, and I thought he was sweet, and we changed the subject.

The waitress brought us a small bill (on a small piece of paper). “Let’s go to the smoke shop,” said River. He has to smoke in Dogfight (and presumably to shave, too), so he’s practicing. Gainesville’s smoke shop is a wonderful place, tall and airy with aluminum ashtrays and racks of books. I asked River what he was reading at the moment and he said, “Nothing”: he was busy with his music, he liked reading, though: he was always looking for good books; he liked big, universal themes; something that told him something large-scale about the human-condition. Did I have any recommendations? he asked with artful flattery, head to one side. He’d really appreciate my advice. Oh, mercy. I went totally blank. Er… War and Peace? The nice old guy in the smoke shop went off on a long search and came up with a dusty copy. River said it looked great. And big. We bought it.

Every time we crossed a street, some little person popped up to say, ‘’Hey, Riv!’’ and River would cross over to slap him on the arm and say Hey! back. None of the hailers were crop-headed, and they weren’t wearing bermudas: River’s friends aren’t among the thirty-five thousand college kids of Gainesville: they’re the cool dudes. Musicians, mainly. They’re all terrifically polite, just like him. River’s in a band, too: he loves it. He writes songs and plays guitar. It’s called Aleka’s Attic, and Island Records is very interested in it. One of his friends told me that he changes the band’s name periodically “so that people will go along to see the whole band, not to see River Phoenix.” River told me that he’d actually toyed with the idea of calling himself something else for musical purposes.


Rook Howard x Robert Joseph MacCready

(1111 Words, SFW, Established Relationship, Dadding, Fluff?)

A/N: It’s technically seventeen minutes since @losebetter ‘s birthday ended, but I am the Slowest Human Being and my writing brain likes to hide until the end of the day. So, here’s this. I’ve had the idea for like - a month or so now, having come from the fact that I, just like a five-year-old child, cannot draw. Not to mention Rook is The Best Dad, and Dog is The Best Weird Internet Uncle.

In short, here’s a kinda not-great, very rusty Fallout fic featuring the Wasteland’s best dad in order to celebrate one of my favorite people. Happy birthday, sweet pea! :D<3

MacCready carried the crayons around for months. They were nothing special—the paper sleeves were faded, the tips crushed in the small, plastic wrapper. A handful of old, slightly deformed lumps of wax he’d found beneath the counter of a dinner he and Rook had swung through looking for any untouched canned goods for diner one night. It hadn’t been an immediate thought—to pick them up and tuck them into the breast-pocket on his shirt. It had taken a few seconds and Rook calling his name, but they’d found their way there, a quiet, subtle hope for the future.

Now, they’re spread out on the floor of their home, well-used and stubbly, as Duncan scratches away at the latest in a series of drawings. The paper sleeves are gone, for the most part, torn away as the crayons became shorter and shorter, shrunken by Duncan’s constant desire to document his thoughts by the way of pictures that he would pass along to one of the other three people in the house.

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what the rfa (v included) would think of a famous ballerina mc?? ty!!!!

Jaehee is so, so stoked. Her eyes are practically sparkling when she sees MC on stage, she gets so captivated by it! She notices every little detail, and appreciates everything that happens. Sucks it all in like a sponge, and when she sees MC after their performance she instantly starts gushing about how fantastic it was, and what parts she loved, she can’t stop herself from rabling because she’s just so invested in not only their performance, but because it’s MC’s show. 

Zen feels a new level of respect for MC.

Inside those silky ballerina shoes there are grazed feet with blisters, abrasion wounds, with toes that have been injured too many times and even a few blood stains inside. The immense amount of dedication and willpower makes him feel so inspired and even more determined to shoot for the stars, y’know.

They would definetely bond on another level, two passionate performers with dreams, and encourage each other a lot. For instance, give each other feedback if needed? They dance different styles (Zen uses more typical showdance in his musicals), but there are some things that are in common and they can give each other constructive critique, or genuine praise from someone who kind of knows what they are talking about!

V also really appreciates the artistic behind it, like Jaehee.

He gets very into the storytelling, symbolism, how it’s expressed and explored in the dance, and becomes so enchanted and succumbs to the new, temporary world he sees on stage. The entire concept behind the performance moves him, and even though he’s not 100% able to see the details like how their hands and fingers moved he sees a lot in the way they use their body and express with that, combined with the music, attire, and so-on.

Yoosung is really amazed by the technical difficulty! Even the “basic” things. Standing on the tip of your toes? Lifting your leg so high up? How?? He’s so over-enthusiastic and a really good ego-booster, to be frank.

He notices very small things that some might not. Like how damn, that one spin was so perfect, and I think he has the ability to make MC feel like all their effort (especially when it comes to details) has been worth it? Not just broad, generic compliments like they often hear, so getting these oddly specific ones would feel very nice, since it’s another form of recognition than what they usually receive. This boy can hardly touch his toes while standing, so hearing that even that guy can notice all the effort put into some things and really understand it would be very validating? In a sense.

Saeyoung found it out when doing research, and he did find himself watching many taped videos of their performances online. Ballerinas, man. He wasn’t really that into dancing, or performance arts in general, but (especially when he starts developing feelings for MC but isn’t aware of it yet) he starts reading up on it, on how the competition structures are, the etiquettes, ballet lingo (which he will overly use to a silly extent), the history behind it, you name it.
He’s so curious, he’s got to know everything, but he reads up himself a bit first before running to MC to ask about it all. Lowkey wants to try out a ballerina dress. 

Jumin will want to see their performances, no matter where. No matter how long, he’s going to see every single one of them. 
Cancel the meetings. Post-pone these and these activites. Fill this out for me while I’m gone, Assistant Kang.
He will insist that they should fly together in his private jet. Let’s use the grandest suite of all, on the top floor with an amazing view, and have a rented driver that will drive them anywhere so they don’t have to call out for new taxies all the time, room service 24/7, and pretty much unlimited access to goods.
He’s got a lil’ smile on his face everytime he sees them, and is kind of smug (but he won’t say that aloud) about them.

Also would want to try to help with the “””small things”””, tailoring outfits, hiring people to compose musical pieces if they want that, and will make sure to make a room in his house with proper mirrors and other things one might need when practicing.

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Beach Biter Dex & Mermaid Lardo
Inspired by this post from @glamwell​ and @dexondefense​ and this post from @dexthecryptid​ and of course the tweets where Dex cannot imagine a manager other than Lardo. 

Dex feels his chest get tight and his hands get clammy. Lardo won’t be here next year. “They have to know our schedules –practice times, game times– GAME DAY PROCEDURE,” Dex sits down to catch his breath. He will not start hyperventilating in front of Nursey, and he will not allow Nursey to tell him to chill. Lardo looks at Dex and pats his knee. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave you out to dry.” She winks at the last bit, and Dex scowls. They’ll have to talk about this later.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Stanford Pines trudged back towards home in the pouring rain, thinking about anomalies. 

He had been out cataloging migrating cryptids in the grassy fields above town when inclement weather had rolled in from the West, turning the sunny evening dark and dreary.

Head tucked down into his collar, he clutched his journal close to his chest to protect it from the wind and rain. A chill ran through him as the temperature dropped and the evening grew darker. He raised a six-fingered hand to the top of his head to shield himself from the rain. Of course this would be the day I forget a hat, he thought with a chuckle. Ah well, c’est la vie.

Thunder rumbled in the distance, but no lightning illuminated his path. The windswept grass was soft underfoot. The wind howled and the rain fell in sheets.

At one particularly loud crash of thunder, Stanford looked up and over the town laid out before him. The grassy hill rolled down to the treeline below. Small soft lights that marked homes and business shone through the downpour. Thick fir trees and tall pines and spruce swayed in the wind. In the distance, the crash of waves from the lake could just be heard over the noise of the storm.

Stanford was hit by a wave of nostalgia and memory. 

A thousand rainy landscapes flashed across his memory. Purple skies over white forests, dark grey clouds pouring rain so blue it burned your eyes, dark green forests drenched in rain made of light, serene grey skies over a town so similar to this one (but it wasn’t, he knew that at the time, but it was perfect; it was so hard to leave that dimension, and he missed it sometimes), skies that defied explanation and belief and filled a person with wonder and awe and fear. 

Skies that were not home.

He stood in the cold and the rain, lost in memory, for a long time. Long enough to get soaked to the bone and start shivering. Long enough for the evening to grow into night. Long enough to remember the family probably waiting anxiously for his return.

Stanford Pines trudged back towards home in the pouring rain, thinking about family.

Everything was so different now from when he had first arrived. When he and Stan had been at each other’s throats and too stubborn and bitter to try and fix things. When Dipper had worshiped him like a hero and he had drunk up the praise and adoration, monopolizing the boy’s attention in a bid to make up for so many years spent alone and unloved. When Mabel had been unsure of herself around him and had been desperate to please him and win his approval. 

When he had been closed, and guarded, and alone because of it.

As he neared the Shack, he caught sight of a small brown-haired face in the window. It disappeared, and a moment later the back door burst open with a cry of “Grunkle Ford!” Stanford smiled. Dipper came running towards him, obnoxiously large umbrella open and threatening to lift the boy off the ground in the wind. Huffing and puffing, Dipper finally met him and stood on his tiptoes to hold the umbrella over Ford’s head.

“You forgot to bring an umbrella! I didn’t know if I should have come and gotten you when it started raining, Mabel said you usually bring a hat so it was probably fine, Stan said you were too smart to catch a cold, and—“ The boy continued to ramble as they made their way back to the house.

The umbrella was discarded and the door shut as Dipper pulled Ford into the kitchen. “—reassured her that the power shouldn’t go out, it’s not that big of a storm, but Mabel still insisted on getting all of the candles out and going through and making sure all the flashlights have batteries in them. Anyways, I think she’s making hot—“ Dipper’s rambling was cut short as a squealing Mabel barreled into them.

“Oof – Mabel! Careful!” Dipper said. She ignored him in favor of grabbing Ford’s other hand and beginning to chatter herself.

“You’re just in time, Grunkle Ford! I’ve completed a batch of Mabel’s uber-fantastic marshmallow madness hot chocolate! It’s sure to warm you right up! Waddles even tested it for me, didn’t you?” she grinned at the pig sitting in one of the kitchen tabled. Waddles snuffled happily back at her. “Good pig,” she said.

Stanford was directed to sit in a chair close to the stove. He laid the journal on the table, out of the way of any table traffic. The warm smell of hot milk and melted chocolate drifted over from a pot bubbling merrily on the stovetop. Stanford shivered. His coat left puddles on the floor and the chair.

“Has the nerd finally returned from his quest?” a gruff voiced called out. A moment later, Stan walked into the kitchen. 

“Whoa, Poindexter, what did you do – jump in the lake?” He let out a loud laugh and slapped his knee. He wiped a tear from his eye before moving over to Ford. “No but seriously, get outta that wet coat. You’re dripping water all over my floor. Do you WANT to catch a cold?”

Stanford rolled his eyes at Stan but shrugged out of the coat nonetheless. “That is not what causes colds, Stanley. I have told you that a million times.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Stan blew him off as he took the soaked jacket and disappeared into the other room. Ford rolled his eyes.

A steaming mug of hot chocolate was pushed in front of him. At least six marshmallows floated in the drink. He smiled up at his great-niece as he wrapped cold fingers around the warm mug. “Thank you, Mabel. This is wonderful.” He took a sip. Ah. That hits the spot. Warmth spread through his center.

Mabel laughed. “No problem! And there’s LOTS more where that came from, so drink up!”

“Please do,” Dipper piped up. “She’s already had three cups and she does NOT need any more sugar tonight.” This earned a playful shove from his sister. Dipper just grinned at her.

Shuffling footsteps marked Stan’s return. Before Stanford could turn to greet his brother a large, warm quilt was thrown around his shoulders. A small noise of surprise left Ford.

“Science or no, I’m not having you freeze to death on me,” Stan said. He shuffled over to the counter where Mabel’s hot chocolate supplies sat. “I smell hot chocolate, and where there’s hot chocolate there’s gotta be – AHA! Marshmallows!” Stan scooped up one of the bags and popped three marshmallows in his mouth.

“Hey! Grunkle Stan, save some for the rest of us!” Mabel jumped up from her seat.

A wicked gleam lit Stan’s eyes. “Oh yeah, and what are you gonna do about it, pumpkin?”

“Oh,” Mabel said, cracking her knuckles. “It’s on.”

Stanford looked around the kitchen at the warm, bright, laughing family. Stan and Mabel were using spoons to shoot marshmallows at each other from across the room while Dipper kept score. The small projectiles bounced everywhere, giving the already messy room a fluffy white sprinkling. He pulled the blanket Stan had placed around his shoulders a little bit snugger and took a long sip of hot chocolate. The warmth sitting comfortably in his chest grew, as did the smile on his face.

“What are you grinning at, nerd?” Stan shot in his direction. Mabel used the distraction to bombard him with marshmallows. Stan shouted something about ‘marshmallow war misconduct’ before renewing his siege. Dipper shook his head, grinning, and muttered something along the lines of ‘all is fair in love and marshmallow wars’ as raucous laughter from his brother mingled with his great-niece’s cackles of delight. Ford’s smile grew wider still. The warmth he suspected had nothing to do with the hot chocolate (and everything to do with the people around him) spread to the tips of his fingers and toes.

“Nothing, Stanley. I’m just happy.”

At his words, there was a lull in the festivities before a very warm, very marshmallowy great-niece barreled into him. Dipper set down his notepad in order to hug his other side. Stan chuckled before walking up behind Ford, pulling him into a partial headlock, and giving him a good noogie. Ford protested but could do nothing with his niece and nephew still wrapping him up in identical bear hugs. The headlock soon shifted into a genuine hug from Stan. Ford felt the warmth inside him grow impossibly stronger.

“We’re happy too, Sixer,” Stan whispered.

The cold rain beat down on the roof and windows of the Shack, but inside the family was warm and happy and whole.

This is a little gift-fic for the lovely @miss-azura who made this beautiful piece of art earlier, which inspired this little fic of mine. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful artwork. You are an inspiration and a truly gifted individual. Keep being lovely!


“I can’t do this anymore, babe.”

It all started with gifs from @jacksepticeyeliner on iMessage and it turned into this jointly written piece of evilness.

Pairing: Syndisparklez
Swearing, alcohol, violence and SO. MUCH. ANGST.

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yuri-puppies  asked:

Oooh, prompts! I'd like “i got cursed and turned into an animal and taken to the shelter and ended up getting adopted by someone who is really hot OH NO” AU for the Leverage OT3, please! (or like, anything that involves someone getting turned into an adorable cuddly creature, that's the important part.)

Hardison figured his dog type would be the big chill kind, maybe, some kind of sheepdog who would go out on runs and have fun with Hardison and flop on his lap on the couch at night when Hardison wanted to play video games. Or maybe some kind of little terrier with plenty of energy who Hardison could chase around while waiting for his code to cycle.

Apparently Hardison’s dog type is “probably actually a wolf,” because he sees Fang’s cage and falls in love instantly.

“Oh, um,” says the girl who’s escorting him around the shelter, who introduced herself as Amy. “He’s a bit of a tough case.”

“I work from home,” says Hardison, staring at what must be the world’s grumpiest probably-a-wolf (maybe with some pit bull mixed in, on second glance). He looks miserable and he’s chewing on a rawhide. “And of course he’s a tough case, you named him Fang. Not even White Fang, just Fang. He deserves something a lot more noble than that. Caesar, maybe. Achilles. Spartan.” The dog’s tail thumps the ground once. “There, see? He likes it.”

“Maybe I can let you two get acquainted,” she says, a little dubious, but way more willing than before. “He doesn’t actually attack people, but he intimidates them, we think he was rescue at some point.”

Hardison crouches and sticks his hand through the bar until it’s a couple inches from the dog’s nose. After a few seconds of glaring, the dog lifts his head and deigns to nose Hardison’s hand. It’s definitely deigning. He has never met a dog who treated affection like it was doing the human a favor by accepting it. “There, see? He likes me.” He twists around to look at her when the dog actually licks his hand. “So what do we think? I’m liking Caesar. He’s definitely regal.”

“If you’re sure,” she says, but her face softens when Hardison stands up and the dog follows as far as he can in the enclosure when they walk down the hall.


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lavenderlunaart  asked:

helloo, it's me again :p i don't know if you're busy or something, but i wanted to ask, could you give me/the people who are reading this, some tips/hacks about drawing? Like, to someone who's starting and needs a "base" to start training? I love your way/ability on drawing, principally when you draw pidge, or lance, or keith... you don't need to do, like, a professional manual, just a simple base on drawing faces or hair... anyways love ya, i'm glad that you exist :D <3

agh thank you so much, this is the first time I’ve tried to explain this so grab your seats, people! (I am going to make this as professional as I can and no one can stop me)

So if you’re just starting off the number one thing you need to do is practice (obviously). Don’t focus on developing a style, just focus on making your drawing at least mildly similar to what you have in mind. You can try to learn on your own but that takes a shit ton of time, OR you could skip the lineup and look up tutorials. Use other people’s art as inspiration and motivation to keep on going, and know that no matter what you do, you can only get better. 

Here is a video that describes how to draw the face (it’s not the only one, there are many, many more out there). It’s quite technical, and takes up time, but knowing basic proportions is REALLY important and the more you practice, the less you’ll need all those guidelines. Personally, I tend to do this:

Keep in mind that the way I draw my guidelines may not work for you! The cool thing about art is that no one’s way of doing things will ever be the same, and you WILL eventually find a way to do things that fits you and you only.

This is really important: you won’t be as “good” as other artists with much more experience right away, and that will most likely make you doubt your own art, and in some cases, stop completely. I learned this the hard way, but I also learned how to fix my problem: I stopped comparing myself to others and instead compared myself to… myself. If you look at a drawing you made a year ago and you’ve practiced a lot since then, I’m absolutely positive you’ll see a whole lot of improvement. You probably don’t need proof but I’m going to give some anyway because it’s, like, really important!!!

I think that’s all I have to say for “starting” to draw. So, you’ve gotten yourself into drawing and your creations don’t look like circles with vague eyes and mouths anymore. Now, what?

(psa?) YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GET BETTER IF YOU DON’T WANT TO!!!!!! Art takes a whole lot of motivation, time, and creativity, and if you realized those aren’t your thing and you’re physically pushing yourself to draw when you really, really don’t want to, you’re not going to get anywhere as far as I know. Maybe just art isn’t your thing, and that’s completely okay!!! Everyone has a thing they’re good at and if you tried really hard but drawing just doesn’t yield any satisfaction, feel free to move on. (-psa over-)

BUT WAIT. huh. You find yourself doodling more and more in the corners of pages, and not just stick figures, either. You find yourself subconsciously saving up for a tablet or more art supplies, and when you draw, time goes by like… something that goes really fast. hUH. Now what? You enjoy drawing but still want to learn. Your thirst for knowledge seems unquenchable. You’re starting to get noticed. You’re getting compliments, and people want to see more. Now, you see that sketchbook over there? Fill it up. When you’re done, fill up another one, and so on. You can never, ever stop improving, so don’t use this attention as an excuse to stop learning! Move on to more advanced tutorials, possibly even go take some real art classes at a university or something. Set goals for yourself, and try to reach them. 

Alright, rereading this whole thing made me realize I’ve gone really far forward and now I don’t know what to do so I’ll link you to some tutorials that helped me when I first started getting into art:

braids, eyes (anime), eyes (more realistic), bodies

Also, speed drawings on youtube can be very helpful and motivating as well because you can see the whole process behind a finished piece of art. Watching other artists’ streams can also be surprisingly inspiring and motivating, my favorite being Elentori’s stream (she streams twice a week! How lucky we are)

So yeah! I really hope this was helpful, if not, let me know and I’ll try again! Please remember that I’m not a professional and also not very qualified to teach so if everything I just said fails, blame the aliens. (just kidding. Don’t do that. No wonder they probably hate us)

Again, thank you so much for he kind message and I wish you the best of luck on this amazing, really confusing, also very frustrating journey.

P.S. don’t let drawing hands discourage you. They can wait. In the meantime, hide them. Trust me.

P.P.S. I’ve been drawing my whole entire life, so you could say I got a head start. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get one, either. I recommend caffeine. I also recommend you don’t listen to my advice.

P.P.P.S. flip. the. canvas. Just do it. It’s probably the best way to fix any mistakes you may have made on a drawing. trust meeeee.

swooping is bad ★

Summary: in which garrett hawke desperately tries to turn into a dragon, lest he be eaten by a shark. loosely based on this gorgeous piece by greendelle ♥
Characters: Alistair, Cullen, Fenris, Hawke.
Warnings: this short drabble is basically a cluster of crack. i’m not kidding. cullistair heavily implied because what did you expect really. fenhawke a given. grumpiness. terrible puns. terrible humor. sap that may cause second-hand embarrassment. shoulder touches that i’m still not over maker help me. and now for the obligatory gif; alistair judging me.

Up. Down. Up. Down. Down… Down, faster, spinning swift and out of control, and the ocean takes him with an eager surge, a nose dive into its depths. The scream he screamed still resonates in the air about them, shrill, rippling over indigo waves, and there’s a tongue clicking as it fades, a growl grating its way past gritted teeth, and the Champion of Kirkwall emerges from blue and green, waving frantic and completely daft from a fair distance.

U g h.

“Oh, well. That went…” Alistair clears his throat, a careful glance in Fenris’ direction. “That went well.”

To be fair, he did manage to fly, glide, wings and all, even scales, but Cullen won’t have it.

“It could have been worse,” he grouses, shaking his head, and Alistair doesn’t see him but he knows, feels, behind him, because he stands so close. “He could have snapped his neck, falling from such heights. What was he thinking?”

Thinking? No, thinking certainly isn’t involved here, and Alistair crosses his arms over his chest, leaning back, slightly, and the three of them stare curious at the man in the ocean, Hawke, the mage, the Champion.

The pseudo-dragon.

“I called it,” Alistair says, and Fenris sighs beside him—he suspects his eyes have already rolled in the far back of his head, but the sunglasses he wears manage to hide what the noises bubbling up his throat cannot. “Swooping is bad. I should have warned him. Saved him the trouble and the pain, and—”

“And you would have wasted your breath, as always.”

“…Ouch. I’ll just… stand here and pretend I didn’t hear that.”

“No, I…” and there’s another sound on Fenris’ tongue, raw, and he sighs again, white locks of hair caught in the breeze as he shifts, straighter on his legs, ready to run, to fetch the idiot he’s fallen for. “He wouldn’t have listened. He never did, and he never will, to anyone. I do wonder how he has survived this long considering all the trouble he gets into.”

“He has you,” Alistair smiles, light, barely there, and he feels the gentle pressure around his shoulder, Cullen’s breath soft on his neck, and Fenris smiles as well, covert, because he knows, they all do, the meaning behind such simple words.

“I suppose he does,” he agrees, a reserved nod, and the sweep of his mouth vanishes as quickly as it came, tighter now, disgruntled, and his skin seems brighter.

“Perhaps not for long…”

“He’s about to try again, isn’t he,” Alistair winces, watching as Hawke moves underwater, shifting, growing, breaking the surface in hesitant circles. “He’s…oh. He doesn't—hey, did you see that? A seal. With wings. Is that a new trick of his, ooor… is that… a… shark.”

“Maker’s breath. There is a shark, right behind him.”

Fasta vass. Hawke!”

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anonymous asked:

As a (possible) INTJ, what would the dominant Ni make me feel/think when I'm using it? I'm unsure as to whether I'm an INTJ bc I don't have incredible foresight or sudden "mystical" moments of clarity. I just tend to think about the future regularly and plan ahead.

Ni is not mystical moments. It’s hard to describe and honestly, up until recently I didn’t know how to explain it. Everything online made it bigger than it actually was. It was when I had a discussion with my friends about how they think that I realized how crazy it is.

Ni is like a giant theater with a thousands seats but only one audience member (you). You come to see a specific play, in other words you come to focus on one idea, but as you watch, the play becomes more than a title or that “play” in other words the one idea expands. That simple “Random name play” is now more than it appeared to be. It has lighting, sounds, acting, characters, lines, meaning, depth.

So the play is going on an on and on, and as it plays you (the solo audience member) begin to move seats randomly. Maybe I’ll sit here, or here or here or here, soon you’ve seen the play from a thousand different perspectives. And by the end of the performance, you’ve found your perfected seat (your perfected perspective). The thing about it is though- you’ll never stop watching this play cause like every great piece of art, not all of it can be taken in the first go around. You’ll return to that play over and over again and never stop seeing more in it or adding perspectives to it. You could discuss its meaning with someone, wait a year, then discuss it again just as much passion. You never stop seeing the play, you never stop pondering the one idea.

This is Ni. Taking one idea and expanding it into a web of discovery and depth. Not like Ne who rabbit trails to more ideas, but a function that breaks down concepts and theories to get universal truths and a level of intensity that blows some types minds, bores others, and seems useless to some. And while spiraling down into its cavern of meaning, you examine the idea from different perspectives. When talking about the idea, you choose a perspective to take which becomes your opinion.

All of this goes on, day in and day out, sometimes on a subconscious level but other times not. When people say “Magical moment” they are talking about the moment the idea clicks with all its depth. You see all of this searching for meaning and all its perspectives happens often without you being aware of it, then suddenly it all sort of comes to you in a flash, aka magical moment; however at the time you don’t realize it’s magical you just think you’ve thought up an idea. It’s after realizing you didn’t do a lot of thinking, and that others minds are occupied with much different things ( like- Si- web of past memories and possibilities) that you see what Ni can really do.

Oh and how it applies to be future is since you’ve worked through all this stuff subconsciously, you’ll get gut feelings about how things will turn out. You’ve basically though through all possibilities and arrived at a conclusion without even thinking about it. Then when it comes to planning for be future- it’s like taking one idea and working towards it to create the depth you have for all other ideas that interest you. But just cause you don’t have one goal doesn’t mean you aren’t an Ni dom. Not everyone fits all descriptions of their type

anonymous asked:

So lately I've realized that I'm never proud of any drawing I end up finishing, during sketch and lineart I'm always thinking it looks good, then once I got to adding color, I'm usually still excited for it, then once I'm nearing the end or finish it, i still think it looks good, but it's once I post it, I just look at it and realize how bad it looks, the things I should fix, then I get down on myself and hit an artblock afterwards, and this has been happening a lot and I don't know what to do

Good morning dear Anon❤ I am so Sorry it took me so long  to reply to you!

Gah I understand the pain ; - ; This feeling you have is actually very important! It is because you care DEEPLY about your drawing, you notice all the things that can be improved and that can be very VERY powerful! You just need to turn it into a positive and happy force >:D!!!

It is important to appreciate your own work! Congratulate yourself/pat yourself on the back for obtaining more EXP after finishing a piece. I know it can be difficult sometimes :((( but every time I feel down and sad after finishing a dissatisfying drawing I will keep reminding myself that one day this piece will turn into an ‘evidence’ on how much I improved in the future. ( That they will all become a happy memory one day.) It really helps with all the frustrations.

Also I am just going to quote my graphic design lecturer back in university, though its graphic design but I think it applies to everything in life. Back when we were working on our projects, we will just sit there and move the text 1mm left, 1mm right and 1mm left again for 30 minutes. Or fixing the same thing for weeks, constantly going back and do small tweaks.  He commented on our working behaviour and suggested for our future work: [Just finish it, post it, get feedbacks/constructive criticism. Don’t spend days dwelling and tweaking the same mistake.  There is no point keeping yourself stuck in the same spot, learn from it and move on. Just Keep creating. You will improve faster that way.]

What he said really helped me and I hope it will help you too :) ( sorry I don’t really know how to word this morning and rambled ahhhhh, hope I am making some kind of sense…-cover face-) Anyway wish you all the best and hope you will conquer ALL the art block! YA❤

nemesis729  asked:

KC: I took a bunch of free condoms from health services just because I could and they all fell out of my bag at once and now you’re staring at me weirdly. (I may have given you or someone else this prompt. Sorry in advance if I did. I don't mean to be greedy.)

What better way to jumpstart my creative juices than filling a prompt I’ve had for ages? I was an RA in a university that ensured condom machines were free and available in every residence hall, and I often saw students take advantage of said machines. The desk attendants know more than you think, people. That said, personal safety is super important, and I highly encourage everyone with similar access to take advantage of free condoms without shame.

Thanks for the prompt, @nemesis729​, I’m sorry it took so long!

We See All || Klaroline

His eyes burned in exhaustion. Hours of staring at the blank page of his sketchbook had earned him no inspiration for a worthy portfolio piece. An MFA was no guarantee for success as an artist, but Klaus needed to make his education count for any hope of paying off his student loans – and he couldn’t graduate if his dry spell delayed his progress any longer.

Even though his job in the residence hall earned him decent hours working the front desk, Klaus still needed the loans because his ass of a father refused to pay for an art degree.

His pencil twitched, a violent desire to draw a truly hideous image of Mikael rising within him. Klaus’s dark thoughts were only broken by the sound of a door opening down the hall.

It was a three-day weekend, And Klaus had expected the dorm to be deserted. Most students at the small college used the short holiday after midterms to celebrate their brief respite from exams. For Saturday, that meant off-campus parties or home for the weekend.

He was surprised, then, to see a pretty blonde shuffling past him in flannel pajamas and Barbie slippers. She seemed agitated, muttering to herself as she messed with an empty plastic bag from Target.

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anonymous asked:

May I ask for your personal thoughts about Taylor Swift? And her latest album (with the assumption 'half if it was inspired by Harry')? I think Taylor is a talented artist and a smart businesswoman. I like her music (some). I hope I could find out why I have this love/hate RS with her. You can ignore these ridiculous questions if you don't want to answer, but please please consider it. Thank you very much.

Yeah, of course I can talk about Taylor. But first, I want to clarify that most of what I have to say is about her music and her career, not necessarily her as a person? Because she does have a lot of faults (most notably: 1- her super second-wave interpretation of feminism and the fact that it has become part of her brand, and 2- the fact that her “art has value! artists deserve to be paid!” campaign feels a lot more disingenuous than that of, for example, an artist like Amanda Palmer, who also believes that art has value and that artists deserve to be paid, and therefore chooses to utilize things like Kickstarter and Patreon, so that her fans are paying a fair price for the art they consume while cutting out a lot of the bullshit bureaucracy of the music industry) buuuuuuuut those faults would require an entirely separate post to explore! And given that this is a One Direction sideblog, I’m guessing you mostly want me to talk about her from the perspective of a 1D fan! So, moving right along…

It took me some time to get into Taylor Swift as an artist. As I said in my most recent ask response, I mostly grew up on punk and hardcore, so I didn’t really have much of an interest in a country artist with pop leanings. She first started becoming famous when I was in high school. I worked at a library, and we had a really limited CD collection, but we ordered Fearless the day it came out, and of course I listened to it at some point. Sure, I was into hardcore, but I was also seventeen, and I was the secret girlfriend of somebody who treated me like shit, and you can bet your ass that there were nights when I was driving all over my small town with the car windows down, moodily wailing “you don’t have to caaaaall! anymore! I won’t pick up the phoooooone!” 

And I think that moments like that are the basis of Taylor’s success. Even if you don’t like her as a person, or you don’t like her sound, you can probably find that one lyric one of her song’s that hits you where you live. It’s the difference between a lyric that’s generic and a lyric that’s relatable. Generic songs are about nobody; relatable songs are about anybody. I think it’s so bizarre that some people hate Taylor Swift because of who she wrote her songs about, because in all honesty, I don’t give much consideration to the artist’s personal life when I’m listening to a song. Did Taylor almost definitely write “All Too Well” about Jake Gyllenhaal? Yeah. But when I hear a verse like “time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it / I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it / after plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own / now you mail back my things, and I walk home alone,” I’m not thinking about her shitty ex-boyfriend and his fucking stupid plaid shirts. I’m thinking about my shitty ex-boyfriend and his fucking stupid plaid shirts. Did Taylor probably write “Last Kiss” about Joe Jonas? Sure. But if you think that I hear “so I watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep / and I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe / and I’ll keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are” and start contemplating the social entanglements of a goddamn Jonas brother, you are sorely mistaken. The music swells, and Taylor gets emotional, and my ass is on Facebook, hunting down my ex-girlfriend because I’m “just curious” about whether or not she’s still dating the dude she left me for. 

My point is, 1989 isn’t “about” Harry Styles any more than any other album by any other artist is “about” their ex. It’s “about” Taylor, and her feelings and experiences, and I think it’s incredibly dismissive and dehumanizing that people always care more about the dude who made her feel like shit than they care about how shitty he made her feel. Her experiences are her own. She has a right to talk about them, and she has a right to draw inspiration from them, and she has a right to feel whatever the hell she feels and interpret her emotions in any way she wants. It’s the entire point of a song like “Blank Space.” This is a woman who has had the entire world telling her that she’s insane and obsessive for writing music about her experiences with certain men while simultaneously buying her albums for exactly that reason, and she’s been putting up with that since she was a teenager. She put out “Blank Space,” and people applauded her when she told GQ, “That is not my approach to relationships. But is it cool to write the narrative of a girl who’s crazy but seductive but glamorous but nuts but manipulative? That was the character I felt the media had written for me, and for a long time I felt hurt by it. I took it personally. But as time went by, I realized it was kind of hilarious.” Two months later, she put out “Style,” and people wanted to eviscerate her for daring to use a word that they thought was too much of an on-the-nose reference to her ex-boyfriend’s name. This fandom is ecstatic at the image of Harry Styles writhing around on an ottoman and singing, “if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about, baby, I’m perfect,” but people want Taylor Swift to be drawn and quartered because her last single mentions a piece of his jewelry. Does that not strike anyone as… a little bit of a double standard?

Earlier today, I saw a post in which someone went off about how “disgusting” Taylor is because she and Harry dated when they were 23 and 18 respectively. This blogger was adamant about this idea that, if Harry had been 23 and Taylor had been 18, it “wouldn’t have sat well with anyone.” It’s frankly ridiculous, because Taylor was 19 when she hooked up with John Mayer, who was 32. She was 20 when she dated Jake Gyllenhaal, who was 30. She’s 26 right now, and she’s dating Calvin Harris, who is 32. Even the people who made jokes about the age difference with John or Jake didn’t actually give these guys any legitimate trouble for it. It was all fun and games when everyone was making fun of this young woman for having the gall to date more than one person ever, but she came out with a song called “Dear John” in which she says, “Don’t you think nineteen’s too young to be messed with?” in reference to a man thirteen years older than her who treated her like absolute shit, and suddenly she’s psychotic, and he’s a martyr, and everyone has to listen to him be a whiny pissbaby because he got name-checked in a song? It’s ridiculous. The double standard isn’t even subtle

At the end of the day, I feel like it’s absolutely okay to not be into Taylor’s music. It’s okay to have problems with some of her views. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that you probably should have problems with some of her views, because some of her views are shitty. She’s not perfect. She is in fact very human. But when people’s issues with her are things like “I don’t like that she dated this particular celebrity” or “I think her relationship with this other person was faked for PR,” then we’re getting into idiot territory. Taylor Swift does not need to date people for PR. She does not need to date some dude in a boy band for fame. She is already famous. And outside of the insular word of the One Direction fandom, she is absolutely more famous than Harry Styles. She sells more records, and she makes more money, and she is more of a household name than he is. The idea that she was “using him” for attention makes sense to absolutely no one outside of this fandom. Considering the hate that she gets anytime she steps out of the house with a man, it’s completely illogical to believe that she would date someone for any reason other than that she really wanted to date him. And if that guy turns out to be an asshole, or doesn’t treat her right, or hurts her feelings, she’s allowed to write a song about it. She’s allowed to write an entire fucking album about it. She’s a singer-songwriter; it’s kind of her job. 

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Hi! Same anon who asked about the Minhyuk analysis. If you don't mind, I would like to read about your thoughts/analysis of Minhyuk?^^ It can be as broad as you want or you can pick a certain topic about Minhyuk, anything is fine. I just wanna read^^

note: thank you so much for requesting; it really means a lot to me that you like reading my work! i think i should start off by saying minhyuk isn’t one of my biases, so i apologise in advance if this isn’t as in-depth as you would like, because naturally i’ve paid more attention over time to the members i stan ;n; if there’s some aspect of him or dynamics between a certain member and him that you were hoping i’d include but didn’t manage to this time, please feel free to come back and leave feedback or ask me to focus on that next! ♥♥ 

i think minhyuk is a very interesting person, because there are several nuances to his personality and the way he portrays himself that are rather surprising, or at least hard to cover in a blanket statement. even so, the overarching description i’d give for him is that he thinks very quickly. this can be seen in any monsta x video in superficial terms of his being great at talking: he’s often the MC, or takes it upon himself to be, and there isn’t any awkwardness when he takes charge of organising an activity or recording. he’s really flexible and goes with the flow well enough to be amicable and supportive, without seeming like he isn’t in control. a good way of solidifying this concept is by comparing him to i.m: they’re both very good at adapting to their surroundings and audience, but while i.m takes his time getting it just right for the long haul, minhyuk’s mind is very fast-paced and works in the moment to keep firing on all cylinders.

in fact, in the prep video for his and kihyun’s exhibition, i think a rather poignant moment to illustrate minhyuk’s personality is when he left jooheon alone with his painting of his hand, jooheon signed it, and minhyuk returned to be slightly miffed, but only for a moment, saying he knew this would happen, then deciding quickly to roll with it and make it a collaborative effort (i’ll touch more on this later). this highlights several things. firstly, minhyuk knows his members well, but since his mind is always so quick and based in the present, he doesn’t often think about potential future consequences, so when they happen, they catch him off-guard, but in retrospect he could’ve predicted them. secondly, he’s quite good-natured and optimistic, and rolls with the punches without much complaint–what’s done is done, and he can only make the best of whatever situation he’s found himself in, at which, frankly, he excels.

this brings me to how creative he is. i don’t just mean artistically, though he has shown how impressive his art and creative forays have been–even without judging with a technical perspective, the thought he puts into his artwork, such as the meanings and feelings he wants to portray, is all very specific and well executed. he’s well aware that the exhibition is for monbébé, and every piece of work he did was to convey something he wanted them/us to feel, especially for those who hadn’t had the chance to experience said feelings, or meet the members in person. minhyuk is like a human brainstorming machine, coming up with innovative ideas to keep things fresh and interesting all the time. this is shown also when he MCs, or even records: he’s always suggesting activities or “corners”, and when the focus isn’t on him, he’s planting little seeds by mentioning embarrassing things, for example, or even helping to keep the conversation flowing with small comments to the hosts.

this is not to be confused with him wanting the spotlight! in actual fact, i think minhyuk is definitely a people person, and being around others brings out the best in him, which in turn means he can bring out the best in others (or at least the best entertainment value in the situation). however, when the tables are turned, and the others (read: kihyun) put him on the spot, or even worse, make him do something sexy, he gets embarrassed and shy, to the point of stuttering, and tries to incorporate other members as well. he really seems to draw confidence and strength from monsta x’s presence, and even when he disagrees with the members, one thing i strongly admire about him is that every step is a step forward. he might shoot down a suggestion, but he’ll always replace it with another, keeping things moving forward. 

i think when it gets a bit much, i.e. when he’s very excited, this can come off somewhat dismissive or uncaring to other quieter members. similarly, sometimes he says things without thinking, such as the comment about comparing zico to jooheon, and this lack of foresight lands him in hot soup. most of the time, he isn’t excitable to the point whereby this becomes an issue, and i think after that small incident, he’s been a lot more careful with his public image. regardless, i believe minhyuk is a genuinely caring, non-malicious person, and this has been proven time and time again with how he remembers things about his members, and always finds ways to go the extra mile for monbébé. 

in a nutshell, i would describe minhyuk as bright, flexible, and quick-thinking. he can think on his feet, and it’s a skill that makes him an excellent presence during recordings, as it helps lubricate the flow of the show or conversation to put everyone at ease. i think his heart is in the right place, but his mind works so fast that sometimes it can seem too much to more relaxed people. minhyuk is an essential member in monsta x: someone loud and high-energy enough to kickstart interest and enthusiasm, but generous and selfless enough to use that gift for everyone’s benefit, as opposed to solely his own.