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May I request for a childhood AU? If there's any? I love a good fluffy fic! Also, I just wanted to tell you that as a user who has been excessively stalking your blog and reading almost anything you've been recommending (Even Hogwarts AU, because I don't even read or watch Harry Potter). You've been the reason why I have been so excited the last few days, wondering what fanfic would I find again!

Wow! Thank you for all these requests! There are surprisingly not too many childhood AUs, so this was kind of hard for me to do! Nevertheless, I found some, so get ready for some of the fluffiest fluff ever! ≧◡≦  Please reply to this post if there’s some I missed! 

Childhood AU

Next Stop, Happiness by frolickingangels, Gen, 1.7k
Ever since Yuuri had learned how to walk, talk, and remember things, it had always been this one special person – him with his silver hair and blue eyes and kind smile. Thumbs up!

Blue Roses by Fauks, Gen, 40k
A royalty, ABO Soulmate AU collection of oneshots of Victor and Yuuri growing up together! Cute!

The Feeling That Never Goes Away by TheSilentOtaku, Gen, 1.9k
Yuuri meets his idol and Viktor meets his biggest fan. Years later, they meet again. Very sweet first meeting fic!

Music Worth Listening To by victornikiforov, Not Rated, 5.6k
Victor remembers him in the sunshine, one day when it was warm enough where they didn’t have to bundle up to sit outside in the schoolyard. He’s a year younger than Victor. His name is Yuuri Katsuki. I LOVE THIS FIC OMG! It’s so so amazing

Some might call it fate by Chessala, Gen, 5.8k
The Katsuki family moves to Russia after they had to close their Hot Springs temporarily. Little Yuuri has to go to a new Kindergarten where he doesn’t know anyone. He sees a picture of an ice skater on the wall of his new Kindergarten and is instantly fascinated. Kindergarten fic!

gays on ink: an epic love story by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 5.6k
Yuuri looks up from where he’s wringing his hands together in his lap, nervous, heart beating way too fast, and looks at his 73 copyrighted Victor Nikiforov posters, and the framed picture by his bed, and the copies of Victor’s artwork that he’s got lying on his nightstand. “Maybe it would be better to go somewhere else,” he chokes out, a bit strangled. Awesome highschool AU!

Whole World in Your Eyes by HQ_Wingster, Gen, 1.9k
He saw the world in Viktor’s eyes; Viktor saw something he never saw before in Yuuri’s. When they were younger, Victor and Yuuri met at one of Victor’s competitions.

My Favorite Fan by Jam_chan, Gen, 683 words
‘After a competition, Yuuri and Victor meet. Yuuri quickly becomes Victor’s favourite fan. Cute fic!

Winning Hearts by Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom), Teen, 19k
When Victor Nikiforov is 17, he meets Yuuri Katsuki, and they become quick friends. Rec’d by a follower! (And it’s also a great fic I’ve read, too!)

Whatever you want by MattLightwood (TanyaHarries), Gen, 1.1k
AU in which fourteen year old Yuuri meets his idol Viktor Nikiforov at an exclusive fan meeting. Yuuri is terrified to meet Viktor as he feels like he’s no one compared to him, but Viktor obviously doesn’t have the same opinion. Fun fic!

I’ve Known You Forever by AKAuthor, Teen, 2.2k (WIP)
Soulmates experience little bits of pointless information about the other throughout their lives. Yuuri unknowingly learns about Viktor’s ability to walk into glass doors. Viktor learns about Yuuri’s history of falling into pools -and then they start a life together. 

Bear Your Soul on the Ice by SassySalchow (diedraechin), Teen, 64k (WIP)
At age fourteen, Katsuki Yuuri had been determined to be Japan’s next great figure skating hope, but with no coach that would never happen, so his ballet instructor packs him up off to Russia to train with Yakov Feltsman. Cute!

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hi! i'm sorry i'm not sure who to ask but i'm new to nct and would like to know what blogs i should follow?

hi~ sry for letting you wait so long for an answer but we wanted to take our time to answer this properly (even tho i feel like i forgot some ppl … will add them if i remember it later!!) … these are great nct blogs owned by lovely ppl that we recommend you to check out~

@10795 @1aeil  @dovounq @doyoukki @haecha @hey-uta @pawjohnny @nakamotens @nakamuto @nakasyuta @nctaezen  @nctech @nctmark  @neocity @rookiies @scraemin @suhyoungho @taeyounq @taeyongd @taeiljaeh@taeiloves @ten-ie @t-yong @yonges @zeusmayo @nctinfo 

-caroline (suhocean)

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i just got back on to tumblr after a long break and i have been stalking your blog i hope you don't find this weird i got into khiphop wanna one and ikon and i know you reblog them. could you recommend some blogs that make content that i should definitely follow in those catergories, im sorry i know you probably get blog request all the time

not weird at all. actually flattered. here are the blogs I follow. fuck I feel so bad because I recommend them regularly and they’re probably tired of it. sorry :) I’m also missing some cuz my ass is half asleep as I reply to this ha.

khh:  @nuckle-flow @street-crush @streetrapshit @hanhaeoneday @hiphopkr @clubeskimo @thykingdomspazzes @whitefall @korean-hip-hop @seoulpimpin @aomg-dreamteam @nyaaaaaw @groovyroom @jayfatuasian @moxiepoints

wanna one @peachyniel @park-woojin @kangniel @extraongdinary @swoojin @woldiye even tho she denies it she a w1 stan @onqs @daeswhis @woojinnies @parkkwoojin @idaehwi @minhwangs @choigiraffe (sungwoon) @minsbugi @emperorhwangs @kangbaeks (pebbly will only see minhyun) @minhwangs  @alpacadong

ikon: best one is @ikonis best human is @bobhwa cuz she literally screams about them 24/7 and respects that I’m the only hanbin Stan allowed ;)

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Now in the OL fandom whenever I see "true fan" or "Be Kind" all I think of is the opposite. The ppl professing to be these things are ANYTHING BUT & their true colors are finally beginning to show. Total hypocrites. True fans live & let fan. True fans stay in their own lane & don't care what the other side is saying. True fans don't clog up S&C's timelines w/ TATTLE-TAGS. True fans want S&C to be happy/out as a couple rather than being worried it would "ruin the show". 'True & Kind' my a**.🙄😤

…Oops! I forgot 2: ‘True fans’ don’t stalk other ppl’s blogs to accuse them of “insulting, ridiculing, harassing and bullying” all the while they’re doing EXACTLY that to you, and ‘True fans’ don’t threaten to throw a drink in your face if they see you at a fan event. WT actual H??? Hang in there Julia. We love you! The truly vile troll fans are showing exactly who they are … and they aren’t shippers, that’s for damn sure. xoxoxoxo

aaaaallllll of this! thank you xoxoxox

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hi! i have become a huge fan of you in the past like day or so (i'm sure your activity page at this point looks like i'm stalking you) as all of your commentary is perfectly on point - i love moffat and i think he's done so much good for this show that it just drives me insane to see baseless commentary otherwise (especially when it's clear it's coming from people who don't even watch anymore). anyway you're doing the lord's work here and i thoroughly enjoy and appreciate it :)

Hi there!

Thank you so much! For the record, your blog is incredibly amazing also; I’m sure in the not-to-distant future your activity page will look just as obsessive as mine!

I love Steven Moffat so, so much too. The hilarious thing is that this wasn’t always the case. C.2013, I was definitively part of the Moffat Hate crowd! I was the first in line to reblog every “The Day of the Doctor hates New Who canon!”, and “Clara’s life revolves around The Doctor!”, and “River Song is a terrible, regressive female character!” post I could find. (Luckily my old old blog has long since been deleted!)

I think the thing to understand about Moffat Hate, (and i use that term accordingly. Legitimate critique of Moffat’s work is something I have no problem with, and something I partake in myself), is that it’s effectively a phenomenon. And one that can only ever have occured to a show like Doctor Who:

For people like myself, who sat down with their family as an eight year old kid to watch Rose as it first aired in 2005, Moffat’s takeover of the show coincided with adolescence, and therefore with our own blossoming social awareness and critical skills. By this point, Doctor Who had well and truly carved its place as a staple of British pop culture, and therefore as a staple of childhood influence. (I mean, I don’t know about in the US, but in the UK, you’d be hard pressed to find a primary school pupil across the country who wasn’t avidly discussing the cliffhanger at the end of The Stolen Earth the Monday after the episode aired! I can’t emphasise enough how utterly huge Doctor Who was as a child. It was literally all anyone talked about!) 

The RTD era of show therefore has a real place in the hearts of many, and so, as is the way with nostalgia, we link it directly to our childhoods and romanticise it. Add to that a burgeoning social media platform built on synergetic hyperbole and herd mentality, (I mean gosh look at the “your fave is problematic” discourse, and how hard everyone here collectively turned from Superwholock Stans to agressively hating all three shows in the space of a few months), an unfortunately normal dose of self-critical cringe culture, (what we engage with and enjoy as tweens is automatically horribly uncool and terrible the older we get), and Moffat’s era never really stood a chance!

It was only upon doing a complete rewatch of the show after Matt Smith’s final episode, that I finally allowed myself to view these episodes out of personal context. With retrospect. And with Russell’s era, I discovered a goofy, passionate, indulgent melodrama that’s as clumsy and nonsensical as it is engaging and moving, while with Moffat’s era, I discovered a thematically rich, witty, macabre modern fairytale that’s as sumptuous and stylish as it is full of glorious glorious soul. They were both completely different to how I’d remembered them, both a bundle of triumphs with a few falters, and yet both standing on their own feet. It was only upon rewatch that I truly discovered, and appreciated, Moffat’s high-concept, darker, more visceral, and therefore more controversial, version of the show. It had guts! it holds a punch! Without negating the beauty of triumphant storytelling to do so! And it doesn’t half carry conceptual and thematic weight! River’s diary. Amy’s glasses. Clara’s leaf. Bill’s photos. Simple objects and items that Moffat pours entire universes into. There’s something so sweeping, so rich and so compelling about the imagery filled, picture-book way Moffat writes. He’s less a screenwriter, and more a storyteller. That’s the distinction I’d make, and the distinction that, in my mind, puts him head and shoulders above Russell T. (who is a tremendously brilliant writer himself, I might add).

This totally goes without mentioning Moffat’s ever-increasing embrace of social issues. There’s no way to view River’s story as anything other than a celebration of female freedom and female agency. There’s no way to view Clara’s story as anything other than a celebration of female defiance. And there’s no way to view Amy’s story as anything other than a celebration of female courage, of female kindness. Steven Moffat champions his characters, he champions his female characters, and there’s no getting away from that. He makes them suffer, because good drama depends on that, but they have always, always stood triumphant and proud at the end of it all. That’s a track record worth cherishing, I think.

All of this stands amongst an unbowed, unbent, unbroken, pro-female doctor agenda, and a current series which has given us shameless, open, positive, political commentary on the disgraces of historical whitewashing, on racism, on slavery, on capitalism, on colonialism, on indoctrination, on militarisation, on media bias, on fake news, on heteronormativity, on sexism and on the gender binary system. Oh, and the show’s first Black Lesbian Companion to boot. When it comes down to it, Steven Moffat really is pretty great!

Gosh, this turned into something really extensive and a little bit histrionic! But I’m so beyond passionate about this wonderful era of my favourite show, and, like you, I am so beyond frustrated by the constant mischaracterisations and misreadings, (in many instances, categorically and intentionally false ones, delivered by people who haven’t even watched the show since 2013), of the work and words of the man behind it all, that I think I deserve to be a tad extravegant! 

Thanks so much again! xx

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Hi, I'm an ENTP, or so I think. I've sort of stalked your blog, and I found something that said to not use the site 16 Personalities. That was where I first took the test, and I got ENTP. Since then, I have done tons of research about ENTP, and I really relate and believe that it is my type. All in all, I'm asking why you believe it's an unreliable source and if you have another site I should take the test on. But I'm also happy with my type, and I don't want it to change.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of online MBTI tests are shaky at best. Many of the online tests give you a good feel for the MBTI itself, the types, and a brief glimpse into function theory. If you’re a pretty clear-cut type, you’ll probably test as such, but if you’re a little more nuanced or don’t really understand yourself you’ll type as something entirely wrong. The only surefire, 100% accurate way to get your type down to a t is to study how the cognitive functions work with each other and how you see these forces at work within you. So, read up.

16 Personalities takes the brunt of a lot of discourse in MBTIblr for many reasons. One of the issues 16P faces is that it’s one of the more popular online MBTI quizzes and it just doesn’t do a good job of being an MBTI test. Its popularity and accessibility is how many get into the MBTI, which is great. It’s passable and even intriguing for the newcomer, but if you know your stuff 16P is just not good. Since it’s the biggest, it will receive more critiques than less popular tests. Essentially 16P is the Starbucks of the MBTI. Incredibly accessible, most people’s first experience with the subject, but pales in comparison to lesser known but higher quality product. So, as a person who believes in only recommending ‘The Best’ to people, I could not give 16 Personalities my OK.

That is only my opinion and my penchant for quality shining through though. Here’s the facts, figures, and everything in between. 16P is nothing more than a poorly assembled Frankenstein of a personality test. Slight editorializing, sure, but 16 Personalities on their Our Theory page touts how their test combines aspects of the MBTI (including ideas from both Keirsey and Socionics), Four Temperaments, and the OCEAN onto one cohesive/simplified test. Which sounds great in theory. However. You cannot, CANNOT, C A N N O T, just weave all of these tests together and have the perfect personality test. That’s not how test making works, especially for well-developed and well-documented tests such as the MBTI and the OCEAN. You cannot expect anyone who knows anything about personality testing to take it seriously. Additionally, the MBTI falls back on ideas from Jung who was a founding father of psychoanalysis and generated ideas such as the collective unconscious, archetypes, and dream interpretation. Jung, while important to the study of psychology from a historical perspective, ain’t got nuthin’ on modern day psychology, which is what the Big 5/OCEAN originates. The Big 5 is so comprehensive and infallible that it can be legally used in the court of law in the US as evidence for a trial. Comparatively speaking, the MBTI is just a hobby when compared to the Big 5.

 What 16P is to personality testing is likened to pitching an 8 part SuperWhoLock saga to Joss Whedon and expect to even get in the door to his office much less have the movies received well. That’s literally how bad combining these tests is to someone who knows an inkling of academic/reputable personality research methods.

 A big thing about test making for personality psych is that above all, your test has to be simple. The more variables you include, the longer it will take to get your results. Also, the more likely your raw data will get lost in the 4 or 5 other tests you’re running. Effectively watering down the significance of the results you do obtain. The most efficient way to obtain the most accurate data for a personality test is to find the significant correlations between two different tests. Such as, there is a significant positive correlation between those who test as Extroverted from the OCEAN and test as an EXXX from the MBTI. Or that high-Fe users test as Sanguine. Stuff like that. Taking a 25 question quiz using the Likert scale of on a scale of 1 to 5 how do you feel about caring about other people will not be able to obtain the accurate data necessary to tell you your MBTI, Temperament, or Big 5 much less all of them at once. It can make an educated guess, but the result obtain should not be trusted fully. When describing yourself you say things like, I’m a SCUAN, ESFP (throw in socionics if that’s your thing too), 9w1 sx/sp, Hufflepuff, Gemini. You don’t say I’m a ESw1sx/puffini-N without getting sheer confusion from anyone who does not know you, which is basically what 16Personalities is trying to do. If you wanted to know more aspects of your personality with greater detail you need to take more tests and add them to an ever-growing list of adjectives of self. @kendrixtermina made a pretty comprehensive list here (x). Use these to describe different aspects of yourself rather than using 16Personalities. Don’t smush them all into a singular word unless you’re cool being Frankenstein’s Monster in a world of Ms. Universes.

Another one of my personal problems I have with 16P is the fact they lock away content behind pay walls. However, from what I know the content behind the pay wall is stuff you can find online for free. While it is their intellectual property and a decent business tactic, I just find it dishonorable. Meh, to each their own.


Every online personality test sucks. 16 Personalities is one of the worst by far though because it tried to Perfect Cell itself into the supreme personality test. Literally asking peoples star signs/Hogwarts Houses are more accurate indicators of personality. 16P does a good job of introducing the MBTI to people, but if you actually want to know more about the MBTI, you have to read up and figure yourself out.

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Ok I've been stalking your blog for an hour now and first of all your art is so amazing and I'm just in love with it but I also read about a crack ship/ brotp between Hankcock and Buggy and I'm so curious on the reasons and I don't know if you actually have elaborated it yet. If you did I'm sorry to ask you again

hahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaah oh boy I never thought this day would actually come

Well, sit over there, child, this will be long

IN EVERY SINGLE AU I HAVE, Hancock is this crazy stalker who wants to murder nami and every woman that comes near luffy (though all of her hatred is placed on Nami) 

SO, she first started with MASTER PLANS drawn by herself to kill her(this is the first one)


of course, she failed miserably and came up with other ideas (which failed, too) here you have some examples:


and after a really long discussion, Hancock convinced buggy to be her ally/partner/evil sidekick

(of course this is an AU guyys, everything can happen, even this kind of atrocity)

AND SINCE THAT MOMENT, Buggy became hancock’s evil sidekick/ servant!
He helps her with her useless plans and shit (he’s also her personal assistant).

I don’t ship them, it’s a 100% nonsensical crack ship but still, personally I found this relationship quite funny!


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Hi, I really like your blog and I wanted to ask a question that's been nagging at me. I like Killing Stalking for the story and memes that the fandom creates but I feel like im the only straight person in the fandom. Is it ok for me to be a fan of killing stalking? I've just seen a lot of antis saying that straight people fetishize gay ships and I'm not doing that at all but I don't want to offend anyone. I just really like the artwork and storyline.

Hello! Thank you for liking this ridiculous blog.

Trust me, you aren’t the only straight fan of KS– the fandom is very diverse, so I promise, you aren’t the only straight fan. 

Please dear, don’t be scared or worried to like something over what antis say– they’re extremely intolerant, ignorant, and delusional. 

You don’t need anyone’s permission to be a fan of anything– you can certainly be a fan of KS! 

Don’t listen to antis, they’re extremely idiotic.

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I freaking love your blog! All the Destiel in it is adorable and I absolutely love the other posts too! It does justice to the characters which you don't see often :) And as a Destiel shipper who gets anon hate each time I post something Destiel related, well stalking your blog made me feel loads better. So thank you so much! <3

Thank u so much this means a lot!!

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Is it just me or does 2p!Japan just seem like 1p!Japan, but more violent? I dunno, might be just me (p.s. I don't stalk this blog, what are you talking about)

((shhh don’t worry bby, stalk my blog all you want))

And well, I think there are definitely more differences between 2P!Japan and 1P!Japan. For example:

  • Kuro is not going to freak out if you touch him. If anything, he’s just going to scowl at you and tell you to get your hands off him.
  • He’s way more blunt and perverted. He’ll say random sexual innuendos or comments with that monotonous voice and not be embarrassed about it at all.
  • He’s more into hentai and guro and all kinds of weird anime kinks, instead of Kiku’s more normal and common likes.
  • He deeply believes honesty and loyalty are the most important traits in every human being. He sees them as ‘honorable’.
  • He can be as polite as Kiku to people, but only if he sees them as respectable. If not, then no, he’s not going to go out of his way to be polite.
  • If he’s sworn his loyalty to you, there’s no way he’s going to betray you. He decided this after he betrayed Zao. So, he’s very loyal to Luciano and Lutz, even if they get on his nerves.
  • Obviously, any type of contact between he and Zao is filled with extreme tension, at least in non-AUs.
  • He only expresses his emotions when he’s angry or irritated, usually. However, he’s prone to smirking and chuckling, but the latter is rare.
  • He’s not shy around girls and isn’t afraid to bluntly tell them if he finds them attractive or is interested in some other feature of theirs.
  • More headcanons to be added, jfc

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I wish that lime would go away. I don't even follow people like you or takashi (I'm not always up for discourse, so I just browse your blogs directly rather than having anything appear on my dash), but that lime just never shuts up and I see it all the time. Also it's always dumb shit like whining about how when it stalked takashi it found porn. Shut up, no one likes you. Even people who'd never heard of you before don't like you. I've never seen you not be an asshole papilloma. Be quiet

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they went the way of memeu. 

Takashi doesn’t even advertise or talk about his porn. Lime Disease found it by actually signing onto derpybooru, turning off the NSFW filter, and searching Takashi’s username for porn… Just to make fun of him for having pony porn and turn around and call Takashi obsessed with him. 

Someone cancel him.

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Hey, do you have any advice for starting a rp blog like this one? I've been internet stalking at least 40 different fire emblem rp blogs alone and I have been wanting to start one, but I've never known how. Any advice?

Oh, wow. How long has this been here? I’ll definitely try answering this to the best of my ability, but I’m not even sure if I’m the best person to ask, haha. It should be worth noting, though, that I’ve been a dedicated rper for like. Over a decade now (I think I started when I was 11, and now I’m 24, so yeah. I’ve literally been doing this for over half my life.) So a lot of this will just be me struggling to put into words stuff I’ve been more or less doing automatically.

Also I guess this will go under a cut since I’m guessing most of the people in FERP don’t need a tutorial on how to make an RP blog, since you’d have to make one to join, haha. 

Keep reading

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I've been stalking your blog for the past 3 hours already, it's actually amazing. I love your writing! I don't usually request things, so I'm sorry if this is weird, but can you make a gif reaction to being friends with BTS and changing in front of them because you thought that they were gay

Ahh~ This was really fun to write c: I tried not to say that they weren’t gay, because for all we know they could be, but we do know that they at least like to flirt with girls because they know most of their fans are female, so I kind of went about it like that?? Anyways, I hope you like it!

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin didn’t know what to think at first, but memories of him feeding his dongsaengs in front of you made him realize why you may have thought that he was gay. He hadn’t ever denied it - he didn’t think he needed to - and he’d never flirted with a female due to the fact that the only females he interacted with were the ones that did his hair and makeup, and he thought that that would be unprofessional. So, with a quick apology for not making his sexuality clear to you, he left to let you change in peace.

Originally posted by jinful

Yoongi didn’t care that you thought he was gay. He couldn’t ever recall doing anything that would make you think that, but he did know that his band mates could act a little too comfortably with each other. Still, no matter why you thought he was gay, it didn’t bother him, nor did you changing in front of him. He told you you could keep changing if you wanted to, but he would understand if you wanted to change in private; he wasn’t going to watch you change, gay or not, but you only had to ask him to leave once if you weren’t comfortable.

Hoseok immediately understood why you thought he was gay; he was often seen cuddling the other members, and he could see why you would have come to that conclusion. He was just surprised that you trusted him enough to change in front of him. There wasn’t much he could really say about it, though, so after apologizing for making you think he was gay and assuring you that he hadn’t been checking you out while you were undressing, Hoseok would give you your privacy to allow you to change comfortably.

Originally posted by jinkooks

Namjoon, rather than assuring you that he wasn’t gay or asking how you could think he was when all he seemed to do was flirt with women - even if it was jokingly most of the time - would find it funny that you’d started changing in front of him. But, instead of just laughing and leaving, Namjoon would cheekily state that he could be gay if it meant you’d make a habit of changing in front of him. Immediately after saying that, though, he would leave, not wanting to make the situation too awkward since you weren’t fully dressed.

Jimin would find it absolutely hilarious that you thought he was gay, especially since you’d been so convinced that he was gay that you’d started changing in front of him. He hadn’t thought he gave off that vibe, but he could understand why you’d thought that. He’d leave so that you could change alone, laughing on his way out, only to remember much later that he hadn’t actually told you that he wasn’t strictly gay; he was definitely interested in females, and yet he would quickly amend that statement by assuring you that he hadn’t seen anything while you were changing, embarrassing himself further.

Taehyung wanted to know exactly why you thought he was gay. Had he told you he was gay? Was it just the way he was so touchy-feely with the other members? How long had you thought he was gay? But, more than that, why hadn’t you asked him? He’d probably be more concerned with the fact that you’d changed in front of him without actually asking him if he was gay. Doing that in front of someone else could have gotten you into a lot of trouble, and he wanted to be sure that you didn’t do it again with someone he deemed untrustworthy.

Jungkook knew why you thought he was gay, but that didn’t make him any more willing to let you keep on thinking it. No matter what his sexuality was, he needed to give off the image of a macho, cocky lady-killer. Sure, he’d probably embarrassed himself in front of countless women, but his winks could make girls weak in the knees, and his abs could make them faint. So, from that day on, he acted as macho as he could, both around you and in front of the camera, making sure everyone knew he could make any girl swoon.

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Kay I read your first angst with Aomine and I cried... T-T You know, your writing style is really good and your blog is super awesome //thumbs up I always want to make a request of Midorima and Mitobe, just something fluffy when they cuddle with their s/o or something~ can you make it happen? It's ok if you don't want to, just keep running this blog because I STALK you everyday...............

Are you talking about the “I no longer love you” one because it’s one of my favs!!!! I CRIED WRITING IT. Thank you for feeling my feels if you know what I mean. THANK YOU STALK ME STALK ME ALL YOU WANT. 

I have a legit question though. Does Mitobe not speak on his own will? or is he just at shy level 1000? or is it that he can’t speak? I was always curious, and never seem to find an answer. 

Mitobe Rinnosuke: Mitobe loves hugging you from the back. Whenever you brush away your hair to one side of the shoulder, your beautiful nape revealing, he can’t help but blush. He’d gently pull you back into a hug from whatever you were doing, and would smile at the feel of your body against his. He would nuzzle into your neck, breath tickling you in delight, and you are convinced that he is whispering indecipherable words into your ears.

You’d laugh at his display of affection and rustles his hair, his long bangs falling to cover his eyes even more. He always blows them away with his mouth, refusing to let you free, and gives you a sheepish smile. You grin at the thought of how many hours you’ve already spent on the bed just cuddling, continuously falling asleep and waking back up this morning. You give his cute cheeks a little squeeze and peck a surprise kiss there before releasing his reluctant hands from your waist. Though he pouts, his reddened face is inevitable and he naturally interlocks his hands with you, promising himself to never let go. 

Midorima Shintarou: After shower smell spreads aromatically through the living room as you step out. The familiar scent tickles Midorima’s nose, and he looks up in recognition to find you dressed in black shorts and his baggy white shirt. You trudge your way towards the couch, plopping next to him. He raises his arm that was holding a thin novel, and lets you snuggle in closer to you. 

When you comfortably position yourself under his arm, he brings the novel back down again and continues reading. The sound of his breath makes harmony with his steadily beating heart and you let it lull you to sleep. He willingly lends you his chest for you to fall asleep and moves his book to another hand to hold you against him. 

Whenever you stir, he smells his shampoo from your hair, which gives him butterflies every time. He can never get used to having you, physically by his side, loving you, and more importantly being loved back. And each time he feels his insecurities rising, he gently takes your hand, his thumb drawing small circles on your soft skin. Midorima finds comfort in it, as you do in his presence. 

By this time, the words on the pages become meaningless, and he sets it aside along with his glasses and places a kiss on your head. The sweet fragrance envelops as both of you silently fall asleep, in perfect repose.

We are just alike. You’re as alone as I am.

Hello, everyone!
I finally managed to finish something, yaay! This is actually not my first version of this drawing, but I went too overboard with details on the first version and decided to settle for this one xD
Anyway, I hope you are all doing great and having an amazing day <3

Also, I’m almost reaching 300 followers, thank you!! ❤❤ Sooo, I’m thinking about opening prompts to celebrate that. What do you guys think? c:

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hello you. i've been stalking your blog the last week and i think your writing is awesome. maybe you could grant me a wish? i sooo wish for an adorable!exhausted!sleepy!Sam who passes out mid-sentence a few times during research until gorgeous!BigBrother drags him to bed... there are so very few fics with sleepy!Sam and i don't even care if it's a fic or a short drabble but pleeease make it happen? please??? *-*

Hello anon! Your wish is my command! I decided to go with an earlier Wincest for this prompt, but I hope you like it!

They’re at Bobby’s house in his all purpose room where all the books are piled high and the outside lamp shines in through thinly curtained windows. Sam is at Bobby’s desk, naturally, while he explains the Irish lore behind some kind of knowledge fish or Salmon (christ, where the hell did a fish of knowledge come from?) or whatever when he suddenly stops. Dean’s on the floor somewhere looking through a volume about Nordic sea serpents wishing Sam would give up on it. He doesn’t look up the first time Sam goes silent. He’s just glad that Sam’s stopped because if he had to hear another thing about gills or cursed seafarers, he’d have to get up and leave for another beer just to deal. He doesn’t care about the damn thing. It’s not even important right now and Sam doesn’t even seem to care too much so what’s the point?

However, a couple times Dean hears a thud, then Sam starts up again but on a different topic. It goes one like this for three hours before Dean actually looks at his brother the  fourth time he stops talking. Sam is hunched over his book with his arms extended on either side and his hair falling from behind both ears. He has dark crescents of purple under his eyes. His mouth is still moving but just barely like he doesn’t realize he’s slipped into unconsciousness and is still trying to explain himself.

“Hey, Sam?”

“-And then-” Sam jerks awake, “-they’d offer up the town’s virgin-”

Dean raises a brow.


“Hm?” Sam rubs his face and stretches, mouth cracked open in a wide yawn that makes tears prick the corners of his eyes. He shakes his head. “So, d'you catch all that or do I hav’ to repeat myself?”

“Sam, you fell asleep halfway- …Sam. Sammy!”

His brother’s head dips again. Hazel eyes flutter closed against Dean’s attempt to get his attention. With that, Dean leans back in his chair, sighs, and looks around them at the table cluttered with uncatalogued lore they haven’t even touched. Then he glances to his brother whose forehead has dropped to the open sheepskin bound tome.

Dean puts his research away the best he can considering the mess they made of everything.The chair legs scrape lightly over the floor as he pushes away from the table. He goes around and pulls Sam back, closes his book even though Sam whines slightly at being moved.

“No… Dean, no…”

“C'mon, you’re dead tired-”

“Not tired. Can do it.”

“You’re tired, Sammy.”


“Are to.”


Dean blinks and looks up at his brother as he pulls back slightly with a dopey smile on his face.


He rolls his eyes despite the small smile on his features. Dean slings an arm under Sam and starts walking them to Sam’s room. 

“Shut up. C'mon, you’re going to sleep.”

“Mmmm. Don’t think so,” Sam hums with his face buried in Dean’s neck. He presses little kisses right under his ear but eventually it gets in the way of him walking straight. They almost fall as they head up Bobby’s steps. 

“That’s it." Dean lifts Sam off the ground, long legs thrown over his arms and Sam now cradled against his chest. His hearts flutters at the feel of Sam smiling into his chest. "I see how it is, Sammy. Lazy ass.”

“You love my ass-”

“Doesn’t make you any less lazy.”

Dean doesn’t honestly care. Sam knows this. He’s carried all the way to his darkened room with one bed and books scattered in tall piles near the window, all along the wall, and these weird little tribal symbols plastered over the floor accompanied by his open duffle bag spilling clothes everywhere. He has to kick a path all the way to the bed but when he gets there, Sam doesn’t let go. Even though he’s half asleep, Sam’s grip is strong as he drags Dean down on top of him. 

Only one side of Sam’s face is lit but Dean can see everything even if it was completely dark. He watches Sam’s mouth work over the words he can’t properly articulate because he’s delirious with exhaustion. Stay please stay Dean please

To which Dean can only respond with exasperation as he shakes his head.

“Spoilin’ you Sammy.”


And then Sam looks up and his hazel eyes are glassy and his forehead his scrunched and he’s trying to raise himself for a kiss that Dean eagerly meets him halfway for.

“Ok.” Dean murmurs. He pecks Sam’s lips again, twice, kisses Sam’s nose just to see him wrinkle it. Dean settles next to him because he can’t resist his baby brother’s eyes, the sudden shyness of Sam’s hands falling away from him so he chases them with his own until they’re entwined between them. Sam’s head is tucked under Dean’s chin, their legs are slotted together, and as soon as Sam passes out Dean follows not long after. 

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Thomas, is it bad that I stalk your blog constantly? I don't know what it is but everything here just makes me so happy. :) Not only do you reblog some quality content, but seeing you interact with your fans makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And watching your vines also makes me so incredibly happy. I've been having a tough time recently but watching your vines helps me forget all of that even for a little bit. Thank you so much you precious smol bean! I hope you'll always be happy. :)

Goodness, why would that be bad?? I mean, I love sharing things that I find funny or moving, and it’s so awesome that you enjoy so much of it!! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a tough time, but these rough moments are just that: momentary. They will give way to good moments, but in the meantime, anything I can do to help ya smile is awesome! There’s no secret I have for happiness, I’m just like you! We all have our low moments, and that’s perfectly fine! Low moments help us to better appreciate the better ones. Hope you get to your better moments soon! <3

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My ex admitted to stalking me on Tumblr a few months back, and THEY ARE STILL DOING IT APPARENTLY. My friend checked on their blog and they've been going through my posts, clicking the source and reblogging it, and adding in all sorts of creepy tags. I don't know what to do anymore. I changed my URL, blocked them, deleted every piece of them from my blog, but they won't leave me the fuck alone

what a creep :/ I think you can report them to tumblr for harassment but idk if they can ban someone for that and they’d still be able to access your posts from outside tumblr;; but if you block them they won’t be able to reblog stuff from you at least