i don't sleep i wait

things that have promptly ruined my life

“one more chapter”
“one more episode”
“one more fanfic”
“just five more minutes”

Two years is long after all. But they’re willing to wait.

Stills under the cut.

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How to tell DAY6 apart in fancams of their live performances:
  • Jae: the one who sticks his head up as if he's drowning but he's really just feeling the song
  • Sungjin: the one who looks the saddest/angriest
  • Junhyeok: the really cheesy one who clasps his hands in Habits
  • Young K: the turnt up one
  • Wonpil: the one smiling the widest while making hearts with his fingers
  • Dowoon: the one you can barely see bc he's always blocked by either Brian, Sungjin, Jae or their instruments.

i got the sudden urge to draw outertale!papyrus(even though it’s like almost midnight right now) because i really like space and also undertale so

i was gonna wait until i could go onto my laptop to draw this but i couldn’t so i just drew it on my phone

good morning guys ….!

Emily Kaldwin from “Dishonored 2”.


Nathan is just Merlin waiting for Arthur and no one can convince me otherwise

Also i dedicate it to my wonderful babe romie, with whom i shared some great tlatd/merthur discussions ♥

I meant to go to bed but I wrote more for complications instead