i don't ship these two but how cute is that

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I feel like the tree boys ship is made up of two entirely different characters than the ones in the show. Like, don't get me wrong, I think *some* of it is cute, but I agree that people have taken it too far. There's WAY too much of it out there when there are SO MANY other characters to appreciate!! Connor in the ship is practically based off of the lie that Evan created about him, and Evan seems super shy and blushy, rather than anxious, how he SHOULD be. I dunno, it just feels... wrong??

I have to say I agree, anon. In much of the content I see related to this ship, Connor is portrayed as just a gay emo kid who wears makeup and stuff, while Evan is portrayed as a shy and blushy gay baby (or whatever you wanna call it, I’ve literally seen people refer to them as gay babies). I feel like if people did try to pair them as they truly are as characters in the show, it wouldn’t work out very well, as the two both have stuff that they need to work on before they would be able to really sustain a healthy relationship. It’s like the Evan and Connor in the ship aren’t /really/ Evan and Connor, y'know? Also, Connor is not alive in canon, so that would also make a relationship challenging pfft (yes people can make AUs where Connor is alive but you understand what I mean) Oh and also, I just think we should focus a little less on ships in the fandom and start focusing more on what goes on in the show itself. Ships can be an escape from sad stuff in the show and whatnot, but there’s a point where it begins to drown out what was once there, you know?

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So in your older posts you always said when posting a picture of Ezra and Sabine 'I don't ship them' What made you change your mind? (I prefer them as Siblings, but your stuff is amazing)


Tbh I’m not exactly sure what did it.

It could have been S3 all together honestly. Even from the trailer they both looked so grown up… and their interactions seemed so much less awkward. 

Then the season actually started and wowzers. Their relationship was just so cute and perfect, all the awkward flirting was gone and instead we just got dorkyness and the two of them just being so supportive of each other. (GAH) 

I think before S3 I was so put of the ship because of how awkward it seemed. But now things are way different and it makes me see them in a completely different way! 

I know I’m stretching - but look at the way Jaebum is looking at Mark! Those heart eyes!!! The softness in his features!!!

Omg, my markbum heart! I need more of these two together in my life! When is markbum going to rise again?!! This era has been good for 2jae, 2young, yugbam and markjin (oh definitely the markjin!!!) shippers - and even markjae is popping up, with the occasional markgyeom (oh how cute was that tiny scene in Weekly Idol when Mark turned to Yugyeom for comfort when he messed up the pronunciation? *squeals*).

But I want my markbum! Please tell me I’m not the only one, that there are other markbum fans out there who love them just as much as I do.


get to know me meme → ☆ FIVE TEN FICTIONAL COUPLES 
                                                                  ☆ [6|5] » Beck Oliver & Tori Vega

T: How did you know? 
B: ‘Cause you’re Tori. You wouldn’t act like that unless someone was making you. 
T: Oh my God, you have no idea how happy I am that you know the truth! But… I didn’t tell you. I never told you I was faking… you guessed it!


I just love these two and I LOVE all their interactions. 

I wonder how the other Paladins would react to Pidge in a flower crown?

lmao ok but today i was at grandma’s n there was a movie with Julia Roberts on tv n Ginnifer Goodwin was in it makin out with some chick n i almost laughed out loud bc i remembered how Swen shippers were pissed when Ginnifer said something against the ship bc it was two women n like…….. look at ur filmography ginny, look at it

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>non-otp:</b> *looks lovingly at each other*<p/><b>me:</b> I don't understand how people can ship that omg.<p/><b>otp:</b> *are in the same room*<p/><b>me:</b> tHIS IS TRUE LOVE OMG THEY'RE GONNA MARRY EACH OTHER SOONER OR LATER I'M SURE JUST LOOK AT MY TWO LITTLE MARSHMALLOWS god they are so CUTE together I'm gonna puke rAINBOWS adfjkslkdjdjfkslqjxbqjxjfockskxk!!!<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

ok but like, when Bismuth is holding Pearl and bantering, Garnet comes over like “Alright, alright, settle down” and then Bismuth says “Oh, you’re one to talk. Oh, excuse me, two to talk.”

which I have to think is ‘cause of how affectionate and flirty Ruby and Sapphire are, so Garnet telling them to settle down on the affection is like “pfft, oh like you do?” sort of thing (like, good-natured though)

so, like, were they flirting? Were they being flirty? Bismuth compared her and Pearl’s exchange to a couple so, I dunno

anyway, my point is that its cute and I, predictably, am interested in this ship

Shipping is dangerous sometimes
  • Me: Broppy is soooo cute! But I don't ship JT with AK cuz first, JT is married and has a kid and I totally respect that, and two they seem to have more of a great friendship. So I'm glad that they're besties :)
  • AK and JT: *Post pics of each other doing cute poses and having cute smiles on their faces* *Does a slime diy and phone prank* *AK dare JT to rap on how wonderful she is*
  • Trolls official IG: *Posts even more pics of them together on set and all*
  • 107 facts about Trolls: *One fact is that JT often hugs AK on set but she's not a big fan of hugs so it's always awkward*
  • Me: Well, S***

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Oh! I ship Baloo and Bagheera too! And a lot of my friends who went and saw the new one said they shipped them too. So don't worry friend you're not alone out there, I love their relationship in the animated classic and the new one. They're precious ^^

I’m so happy that I’m not the only one that thinks these two old losers are cute! I love how much they both care about Mowgli and work together to make sure that their baby is safe and sound!

  • me @ Julian: wow stop flirting with Barry
  • Julian: I was the odd duck.
  • me: okay so you're gay!! tragic backstory unlocked!! but like honestly with the flirting
  • Julian: You can stay.
  • Barry: Do you want to maybe get a drink?

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So I'm kind of the WORST KnB fan, as I'm really behind on the anime, and I'm not really reading the manga. I like the characters and plot, but I get a little bored with the games (that drag on way too long for me). So one relationship I don't quite understand, but I think is cute, is Akashi/Furi. I totally want to learn more about these two, and since I know you are a fan of the ship, do you have any information or resources on the appeal of this ship? Do they interact a lot later in the series?

Oh. My. God. 

Are you asking for a meta on AkaFuri?? 

How do I explain this in the light of it being positive? Hmmm~ Well. AkaFuri is pretty much a crack pairing (a really adorable crack pairing, but a crack pairing nonetheless).

(pardon me, this is gonna be spoiler-ish)

The moment in which this pairing was born, is documented in the manga (anime obviously will take a while for it to show up). But it’s the kind of birth that exploded like a volcano, to me anyways. Basically, the appeal on this ship is how you read the manga itself, AkaFuri is a minority on the popularity basis (it’s much more popular in Japanese KnB fandom, however). If you want to see how AkaFuri is appealing, we need to get a few things clear, we have to see how the characters are, personality-wise.

1. Akashi Seijuurou

Perfectionist. Natural born leader. Exceptional in ALL areas, Heir to a wealthy family. Has a split-personality issue - in which the other persona is pretty much a crazy dude (he’s the one with one discoloured eye). He’s had a rough childhood for having to live through the expectation as an heir to his family, which twisted him and caused his split personality issues in the first place.

2. Furihata Kouki

A generic anime background guy. He joins the basketball team cos he’s been told by his crush to “be no.1 at something” in order to get noticed. Gets overshadowed by the others’ awesomeness, yet he still works hard. He’s in the library committee with Kuroko, also known as ‘one of the First Years Trio’ other than Kaga+Kuro. He’s been outed for several games as a ‘secret weapon’ to reduce the pace of the game due to his completely normal way of playing (Seirin’s style is fast-paced offence games, sometimes it gets too much). Anyway, he’s very ordinary. Doesn’t get any spotlight whatsoever until S3.

This pretty much sums up their first meeting in a game:

At the game Seirin vs. Rakuzan. Btw, he tripped and fell down in front of Akashi, poor baby.

Reasons as to why he’s scared of Akashi:

1. He saw Akashi shanked a friggin’ scissor at Kagami that one time (he was there to accompany Kuroko).

2. He’s seen Akashi went on crazy mode with the Shuutoku vs. Rakuzan match, with his Emperor’s Eye ability.

3. Akashi’s massively intimidating, it’s been commented in-universe that them facing off is like a Lion vs. Chihuahua.

To summarise this: Dude is scared shitless of Akashi.

But the thing about Furihata, that while he’s scared shitless of Akashi, he doesn’t back the f*ck down. He seems unreliable, he looks weak, he’s not as good as the others - but one thing about Furihata, is that he doesn’t back down despite everything in his disadvantage, even against Akashi “Emperor’s Eye” Seijuurou. This is why I admire this character.

Also, he did the same in the match with Kaijou, against Kasamatsu.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of Furihata. He’s very relatable.

Anyway, about AkaFuri. 

It’s something of a classic thing, really. They are both very different from each other, very lopsided, but this is the exact reason why AkaFuri appeals to a lot of people (AkaFuri fans are a passionate bunch, believe me). Akashi is near flawless. Furihata is very much flawed, but has his own good points.

In my interpretation, because Akashi has always been expected to be ‘perfect’ (an unrealistic doctrine that runs in his family), when he sees someone like Furihata - a complete opposite of him, it’s very likely that he finds him really off, and in a way, becomes somewhat interested in him. 

Tbh, Furihata doesn’t really have much to go on, average looks, average basketball skills, average everything - but he has a strength in him that drives him to face off his opponents because it’s his ‘job’, even though he knows he can’t win. That’s his strength. And I do think it’s something Akashi doesn’t really understand (why Furihata refuses to back down, or why he fights so hard for his team), since he’s perfect at almost everything.

Furihata did score during the game, btw.

In my opinion, Furihata makes Akashi grounded. In a way, it humanises Akashi, who’s always been portrayed as perfect and ruthless (the Crazy Akashi, so far). And this is the main reason why I’m attracted to the AkaFuri ship. 

But, in the end of the day, AkaFuri as a ship is something more of a guilty pleasure than that of rationally canon; you either like it or dislike it, it depends on how you view them.

Phew, okay I hope I haven’t dragged on for too long? I do hope I shed a light to better understand this pairing.

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Hey there! <3 I was hoping you could do a post/ spam/ analysis on Chanbaek flirting with each other? Thank you!! (P.S. Thanks for answering my dumb question last time. XD It's just that a lot of people who do Chanbaek blogs don't really think they like eachother and they just ship them. Thanks anyway!!)


I will do a spam plus a little teensy analysis kind of thingy at the end~

(does this even count as flirting? Lol it’s close enough)

(Chanyeol was speechlessish afterwards)

I love it so much when these two have those little flirty moments, where it’s playful yet something friends might not usually do. Actually they might but the reactions (yesssss the reactions!!) are way different from how you would act with your friend. Like how one of the two (usually Baekhyun I see) would just be so cute and fluffy, would you be like that with your friend? All shy and stuff? I know I wouldn’t if it’s all for a laugh or something. To me when they flirt it’s not fan service, I think they mean it, their facial expressions and their reactions are just the sweetest things ever. Like seriously even when they are playing together, it just feels so special, like it’s so much more sweeter, than when they play with other members. 

And they don’t have to actually be playing with each other for those sparks of love (or it could just be me) to fly~

Baekhyun staring at Chanyeol while Chanyeol just happens to decide to sit near Baek.



That’s one thing I love about Chanbaek. It might seem to be an oh so normal fanservicey moment to other people, but then why does it seem so special and loving to me? They just seem like such a perfect couple and match, they don’t need to be flirting to show the love between them. It could be staring at the other, subtle touches, eye contact, and then the happy smiles while looking at the other. 

Everything about them is so genuine! But even though they do flirt time to time, I think of them as a pair who relies on discreet things like hand symbols, stares and subtle touches. So they play a lot but not too much of actual flirting (yes I can see the difference between the two and no I am not a wizard), although when they do it’s seriously the cutest thing ever. But doesn’t that make you wonder? Such an outgoing and dorky pair like Chanbaek relying on such secretive things like that? That preposterous (you probably aren’t even thinking that but just go along with it)! But that’s the couple they are. You don’t see Chanyeol and Baekhyun off doing subtle touches and signs, and even the loving stares to other members do you? And if you do show me so I can see~

And flirting is another thing too. :)

And if subtle touches and stares count as flirting then…. I sorry

(I think I took this question another way! I am so sorry if this is not what you wanted teepoone! And don’t think any question of yours is dumb! It never is! I promise! No question is dumb in my eyes! Thanks for messaging teespoone~)

Diaval and Maleficent

I first want to say that Maleficent was awesome. I have a post talking about how cool the film was.

In the film is a character named Diaval, a shapeshifting crow who stays by Maleficent’s side throughout the whole film once he meets her and she saves him.

External image

I’ll first say that I love how they don’t focus on their relationship throughout the film. Maleficent isn’t seen as someone who gets better because she grows close to Diaval. She becomes better through her own changes, not a relationship with a guy.

External image

I like that they weren’t thrown together at the end, that Maleficent didn’t need him exactly in a deeper relationship sort of way to become a better person in the film.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t think they would be great together, and that I half wished they showed in a subtle way that they had deeper feelings for each other. I at least hope they get together sometime after the events of the film pass.

So listen, I swear I was really trying to avoid getting sucked into the @littleblackchat x @philsterman01 ship ever since the start of April, mostly because I don’t know either of them that well, and would feel like a total creep trying to draw two real-life people I’ve never even talked to before, buuut ~


Nearly two weeks later, and god knows how many hours trying to make it look decent, here’s my first contribution to the new otp that is PhiLBC (I heard Phil needs some sleep)

P.S. partly inspired by the rude anon that complained that there’s too much PhiLBC fanart. Screw you, rude anon.