i don't ship them but this is a funny scene

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honestly at this point, i'm always wary of WHO is wishing for 'hot' malec kisses because a large chunk of this fandom fetishizes mlm couples (as pointed out by actual mlm in the fandom and how uncomfortable they are about it). do you want it because you want physical intimacy between two men to be normalized or do you want it because you find it hot and want to get off to it? :\ it's really colored my views on things (that's a general you, not you specifically)

Totally understandable, Anon. I am also very sideeye-y whenever I read about people wanting this stuff. I mean I am not a m|m but I am just tired of them constantly panning away from Malec scenes f.e. I mean apart from the wedding kiss every single kiss imo after that has the exact same adjustment. Just the heads, no body. While I am just here whining like…. where are their hands??? Why aren’t you showing them touching each other? Siiiiigh. 

As for my personal opinion regarding that matter: I would be already happy with them lying in bed, head on chest and a forehead kiss, you know? I don’t need to see heavy making out against a wall or whatever. On the other side, imo it is important to also show this passionate and sensual side of a relationship on tv when it comes to same-sex-couples and to normalize it finally. And not constantly pan away from these scenes and/or show pecks only (which are also nice, don’t get me wrong but yeah…..) and no touching. Like excuse me, but this is also a couple who kisses and touches and who is allowed to do just that openly, it’s not reserved for the straights only. Especially when they have no problem showing explicit a straight couple heavily making out/having sex in the very same episode (I am so baffled that they actually did that and nobody said a thing against it, wtf?!). Showing physical intimacy of same-sex-couples is not something where you need to throw a blanket over it because it is sinful or whatever. It’s 2k17 ffs. I wish they would just stop with this nonsense. 

I mean even an idiot can see the different treatment of straight couples and the lgbt+ couple on the show (wondering how this will be when Heline happens). Especially when the lgbt+ couple is actually endgame (not to mention a fan fave and the most popular ship on the show) and the straight couples, who get all the sensual and intimate scenes, are not. 

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Hi! So I have these characters who've just gotten together, and their friends who ship them like all get out don't know yet. I'm stuck on the reveal scene. I want it to be funny/lighthearted, but I just can't think of any good scenarios. Any thoughts?

Ah, yas!!! The ship has set sail!!

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Okay, my first thought upon reading your question was “Art imitates life”. By this I mean, if you want your scene to be lighthearted and funny, yet realistic, think of situations that have happened in your own life where someone revealed a happy surprise or secret. Personally, engagement videos on Youtube are my go-to for inspiration on this sort of thing. Those, and the baby announcement ones where the to-be-grandmothers freak out. Anyway, with this spring board, you can easily mold your scene. Simply change a few details and the scenery and you now have the basics for a reveal scene! However, there are a few things to remember.

  1. Keeping It Lighthearted- If your reveal happens in a group or with each individual friend separately, keep them smiling and congratulating the couple. Imagine it like an engagement announcement, lots of hugs and squealing girl friends. No one should be frowning or sulking if the mood is to stay lighthearted. Also, under the penalty of death does a character bring up that Character C used to crush on Character A or that Dead Character would have loved to be here.This kills your mood and you are back to the drawing board.
  2. Making It Funny- Honestly, humor can be difficult to add into a story. Something easy to do and that your readers will appreciate is pulling one liners from previous chapters that are an inside joke to the group or that have a deep meaning to them. These are always fun to use because it’s like the reader was there and is now part of the joke or moment. Personally, these are my favorite and always make me fangirl. :)
  3. Keep It Real- However you decided to write your reveal scene, try and keep it realistic. Character A of the couple wouldn’t tell their mother at a funeral that they were now dating Character B. How awkward would that be? Not at all lighthearted. Instead, have your couple reveal it in a more relaxed setting like when the friends are out at coffee or just watching a movie. Your reader can relate to the group of friends being told in this comfortable setting, they can’t with the funeral setting.

Bonus: Who figured it out first? Is this a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. situation where everyone slow finds out, but keeps it secret because Clueless Cathy still doesn’t know? How do the siblings react vs the friends? If they find out in a quiet place like a library, how do they react? Who are the huggers? Who is already planning the wedding? (there is always that person) Does anyone panic about the relationship?

But dear Anony, don’t sweat it. Reveal scenes are terrifying. You want to write them perfectly, right? It’s okay! Just write it and come back to it with fresh eyes the next day. At least then your ideas will be on the page.

Happy writing!


so I’m rewatching TGG right now and I’m at the pool scene where Moriarty says “I gave you my number… i thought you might call” and I’m just imagining how funny it would have been if Sherlock had actually called him and said something along the lines of “hey jim just checking in if u still fake-dating Molly? cause i’d love to hit that. and by that i mean you. you free tonight?”
i mean just imagine Jim’s reaction i’m sobbing

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woah woahhh but do you remember the scene where enchantress gave harley her vision of a perfect family or whatever lmao the part where the joker and her have a normal family I'm shook bc of how good they look i don't ship them but it looked really nice omfg

omg yyeess, it was weird to see them like that, but they looked so good and happy and everything, so i loved that they didn’t decide to cut that scene out as well ( ☺️🔪)
but you know what’s funny? or, not so funny. the scene where joker was waiting to hear news about harley, laying on the floor, surrounded by all these knives and guns etc. when they zoom out of the picture, you can see, that at the edge of the circle there’s also baby clothing. the joker had surrounded himself with guns and baby clothing. either harley’s not the only one dreaming about having a family/she had talked about it to the joker and he wants to give it to her, or could it be that harley had already been pregnant? what if she was pregnant – for example, before the car crash?

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Hi! I totally ship cockles, they're my OTP but this year.. I don't know, they don't wear their rings, and I haven't see them together.. you think they're "done" like a broke up? :/

hi anon, i actually think they only wore those rings from 2009-2010 and yeah i did notice the have been pretty distant this year, bUT they also havent????

here’s a 2014 cockles recap

director misha takes a pie in the face

mish & jen recreate a kissing scene (jibcon 2014) (shit happens in rome im tellin u man)

(Mish is n t even IN the pic tu re the girl is taking)

(never gonna be that funny Jen)

(lol chillax, misha,)

(stop lookin at him like he holds the secrets of the universe in his eyes Mish)

(lookin at the photo op with Mish)

(pls control urself) (comic con 2014)

(thisisanextremethirst.png)(nerd hq)

(flustered idiots)



(lmao right there with u jen)


(never 5get) (dallascon 2014)

jensen directing misha

misha directing jensen

External image

(this actually says a lot about their personalities but i aint gonna get into that right now)

and another thing, jensen couldnt keep his hands off misha in his photo ops like basically never ???? example n1


and like, im sure i missed at least another 40 moments (cue fan stories from photo ops and autograph lines) but yeah as distant as they r from each other, they never rlly are tbh,