i don't ship them but cute pics

Ok so literally I just started to accidentally ship two characters and I didn’t even realize it I was just look at some fan art of this one cute character(Todoroki Shouto) and there was a pic of him snuggling with the main character (Midoriya Izuku) and all of a sudden I shipped it
Like what

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oops im the "90% kids" anon - dont think my first ask went through haha - there's a post on the official descendants instagram rn asking whether people ship harry x uma (the pic is so cute i cant) and while its gotten some good attention, so many of the comments are like - 9 year olds going "nooooo it has to be harry and mal bc thomas and dove are together!!" and then i remember this movie is supposed to be for kids rip us all LMAO

Damn I lowkey feel like Tumblr is getting tired of me being a hot mess in answering these asks but idgaf. Can’t stop won’t stop. But if comments are looking like that then yikez. I get ppl liking when couples act together (I still lose my shit watching Brad and Angelina movies), but this isn’t where D and T should shove their romance. Harry x Mal makes no sense book canon or movie canon. If I wanted to watch live action fanfiction, I’d rewatch the Twilight Saga.

When it comes to what I like to see, I’m a fan of book > movie or whatever came first. (Book in this case).

Kenny’s been doing so well following the books and with his history with Disney, I’m just praying he does what he knows is right.

Disney Channel’s target audience might not be me or people around my age, but they’re dragging us in with all this decent representation so that’s not our problem.

Shipping is dangerous sometimes
  • Me: Broppy is soooo cute! But I don't ship JT with AK cuz first, JT is married and has a kid and I totally respect that, and two they seem to have more of a great friendship. So I'm glad that they're besties :)
  • AK and JT: *Post pics of each other doing cute poses and having cute smiles on their faces* *Does a slime diy and phone prank* *AK dare JT to rap on how wonderful she is*
  • Trolls official IG: *Posts even more pics of them together on set and all*
  • 107 facts about Trolls: *One fact is that JT often hugs AK on set but she's not a big fan of hugs so it's always awkward*
  • Me: Well, S***

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Hey :D I got a question :D why is "love pants" a thing in so many fanfics ? :D I mean it's cute but is there a particular reason for it? :D thanks :3

Lily posted this picture on instagram a while ago and everyone went crazy. (anyone remember?) I think that’s where it all started. Why love pants? You gotta ask Miss. Rabe. *wink wink*

so i was thinking about melissa's twitter account and her larry pics and this happened
  • niall: sooo melissa you should know something about harry and lou-
  • melissa: I ALREADY KNOW
  • niall: ………
  • melissa: ……………..
  • niall: what??
  • niall: OMFG ME TOO THEY’RE SO CUTE ( of course niall knows what shipping means, duh! ) LET’S SHIP THEM TOGETHER AS A COUPLE
  • melissa: YES