i don't ship them at all but this is cute


I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  

  • Me: I don't think I like That Ship™.
  • Artists: *draws cute art of That Ship™*
  • Me: This just in, I was wrong.

Snuggle up it gets cold ❄️

I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re doing any kind of httyd AU, the dragons kind of…can’t be human?  not unless you want to change up their relationship with the “vikings”.  I mean, it’s not as though the dragons in canon are exactly…subservient, but at the same time there’s this feeling of “and now everyone has one!” that wouldn’t sit well with me were they, you know, human people.

so the conclusion would have to be just a simple “and now we’re all friends” instead of “and now we have augmented our society with the powers of these former enemies!!”  also, the whole “we’ve killed thousands of them” thing would be a lot harder to just gloss over.


get to know me meme → ☆ FIVE TEN FICTIONAL COUPLES 
                                                                  ☆ [6|5] » Beck Oliver & Tori Vega

T: How did you know? 
B: ‘Cause you’re Tori. You wouldn’t act like that unless someone was making you. 
T: Oh my God, you have no idea how happy I am that you know the truth! But… I didn’t tell you. I never told you I was faking… you guessed it!

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hey buddy. since you're takin requests, how about a little kustard ship fluff? something cute with classic sans and fell sans bein' all lovey. love the art, btw.

Sorry, this isn’t very lovey, is it?

I hope it’s still sorta close to what you were expecting

My mom and I playing Cuphead (Cala Maria)...
  • ----------
  • Me: hey sweetheart~ i heard you like bad cups, is that true?
  • Mom: Hang out with her and she will probably bet your soul to the devil
  • Me: you gotta admit thats a little bit kinky
  • -------------
  • Mom: *Dies*
  • Mom: Dang! those hips keeps distracting me!
  • (same tbh)
  • --------------
  • Me: Hey ma'! Would you like finger this boss to death?
  • Mom: shut up, what would i finger anyway? She is a mermaid!
  • Me: her gills~
  • Mom: you mean, like erotic asphixia?
  • Me: OMFG!!
  • -------------
  • Mom: Don't tell your dad anything of what i said
  • Me: why? She is a cartoon
  • Mom: his ego is that fragile, believe me.
  • --------------
  • Me: Can we parry her cheeks?
  • Mom: what? No!
  • Me: if i was her, after everything this tiny cups said i would be as pink as those fishes.
  • Mom: Mugman didn't said anything, we said all that shit
  • Mom: he is a gentleman
  • Mom: I think Cuphead would be the one with the tounge out and whouling like a wolf.
  • (mom's headcanons)
  • -----------------
  • Me: So basically...
  • Mom: ???
  • Me: You ship Cala and Mugman, right?
  • Mom: yes
  • Me: Internet will hate you
  • Mom: tell them to suck a d*ck, i ship what i want and if they want to start with all that "political correctens" bullshit there's pillows where they can whine like the crybabys they are.
  • Me: wow
  • Mom: i might be old, but i not stupid
  • Me: dropping thruts like a boss
  • Mom: you can't tell me they don't look cute togheter
  • -----------------
  • *Winning*
  • Us: YES!!
  • Mom: Suck our tiny ceramic d*cks!!
  • Me: O-o
  • -------------
  • Me: sooo, who you ship Cuphead with?
  • Mom: with a boot in the ass...
  • Me: ....
  • Mom: or with the fish fishing lady! She was cute
  • ------------------
  • Me: im making an OC based on you
  • Mom: seriously...
  • Me: yeah
  • Mom: i want to be a teapot!!
  • Me: :)
  • Mom: :D !!!!
  • -------------------------
  • Notes:
  • -As you can see we are gay for the marmaid
  • -My mom ships mugs and cala
  • -She is woke af
  • -She has her own headcanons
  • -And she wants to be a teapot
  • What you guys think? wanna see the oc when its finished?

I just love these two and I LOVE all their interactions. 

I wonder how the other Paladins would react to Pidge in a flower crown?

You know what, Booth and Brennan will always be my #1 otp because they gave me so much as a couple. I mean, I’m not talking about sex or smut because that’s fanfiction material (like you go girl, want to see your fave ship bang on a piano? go and read that !!!! that’s what that website is for) but everything else. The ‘platonic’ aspect of their relationship has always been the best part of their dynamic to me, but they were still able to overcome that phase and be a family. This being said, that original dynamic has never been compromized, not to me at least, because when it comes to the important stuff, Booth and Brennan are still partners first, they are still the people they would give up their life for, they would fight for each other. While the majority of other ships kinda change once they get together. Booth and Brennan never completely changed, so much that people complain because they’d rather have them being romantic the 100% of the time. I don’t. Also, it’s the little things that matter to me, like it might sound stupid, but I find it extremely adorable and precious that Brennan knows Booth by knowing his injuries. Every time something happens, she’s able to compare factures and other stuff to Booth’s. And that’s so IC, that’s something I really want to see because it’s them. And it’s been this way since she first found out about his past in 1x15 and it never changed. She imagined him on that autopsy table in 11x01 by looking at the bones, just like it happened on 12x04 with Aldo and in other many occasions. Brennan saying like I know that because of your brain tumor. She knows his brain scans. YAAAS. Give me this stuff. Give me Booth and Brennan that can’t sleep without each other at night when one of them is struggling with something, give me them talking about taking someone’s life and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Give me them hurting each other to save each other. They would never cheat on each other or hurt each other because they want to. They only do it because it’s the only way. Yaas. Screw sex, just give me this stuff.

tfw you love both Hanzo and McCree but don’t ship them together while still supporting those that do

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I love your girls so much!! Dunno if you take prompts or wanna draw other ships, but would you ever consider drawing Anzu/Mai? *v*

Girls that play together stay together

Anzu/Mai is super adorable and I’m all here for it!!!