i don't ship them as much as i used to


Wilson Fisk & James Wesley + text posts

ON another note if you ever feel like your characters are being neglected/ignored please don’t hesitate to throw them my way! Especially my lady muses out there it’s a hard knock life 4 us

I'm not surprised

Honestly what did i say earlier? I was so ready for them to fuck us over, I’m not even that upset? I guess is because I never had as much faith as everyone else.

Like yeah it totally fucking sucks that we were queerbaited again but I was so ready for it because when do we ever catch a break?

We’re just the fandom, we made them think we’d watch and love anything they aired because of all those posts stating we’d watch ninety minutes of Mycroft eating cake. We made them think we’d love anything and then we put too much faith in them. I’m just not surprised that in the end that fucked us over.

                i’ve not been on much the past couple of days bc i’ve been working on moving my main blog and bc school started back this week, but i’m gonna try to work on things here in between homework assignments so

                         have a PLOTTING/SHIPPING CALL

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  • Lipstick or Chapstick: I barely use them, but IF … then Lipstick
  • Last song I listened to: Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont
  • Last movie I watched: Tangled
  • Top 3 TV shows: Sense8, Shadowhunters, The Expanse
  • Top 3 Characters: oh shit, only 3? Zoe Castillo, Wonder Woman, Ciri from the Witcher game
  • Top three ships:  Kalagang, Malec,
  • Gender: Female
  • Nickname: Izzy, Lisl
  • Star Sign: Virgo
  • Height: 5′5
  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
  • Hogwarts House: I used to be Hufflepuff but the new test said Ravenclaw 
  • Favorite color: Sunset red
  • Favorite animal: DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGSSSS!!! 
  • Average hours of sleep: 6-8 hours usually 
  • Cat or Dog person: Both, really, but I have a slightly bigger part for dogs in my heart
  • Favorite fictional characters: alksdfjaldskfj JEEZ. Bruce Wayne, Crow (from the TLJ series), those three I said above, Dorian Pavus, Ezio Auditore, Alistair Theirin, Grunt, Mordin Solus, Dick Grayson, Jean Grey, Jessica Cruz, aaaaand many more
  • Number of blankets you sleep with: 1-2
  • Favorite singer/band: I don’t have someone I actually stan, but I love Robin Schulz’ music
  • Dream Trip: New Zealand, going back to Ireland, Brazil, Canada, so many places, so less time
  • Dream job: being a Teacher (achieved!)
  • When was this blog created: last year in June? Or July?
  • Current number of followers: 69 (yay)
  • What made you decide to get a Tumblr: my roommate sorta forced me too, It’s a love/hate relationship with this site but it’s cool

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Okay I think I just need to come out into the open about this whole YurixViktor ship. If you do not ship it, I understand. I get it but, please understand that I see it differently. 

If the mun’s age is of consent then I see no reason why it’s wrong to rp it.

Plus, the age of consent is different everywhere. Russia use to have it at 14 and then to 16 but keeps flipping it constantly and it’s the same in the USA. Different states have different numbers. So, ask yourself. What’s really the age of consent? I say for muses it shouldn’t matter too much. My personal limit for muses is 15. For muns it’s 18. I might even look over it if your birthday is close but, I do not accept a liar and if I find out you’re lying I’ll confront you and try to have a civil conversation because that’s how I handle things. If you won’t be civil I’ll block you.

Now, if you still can’t stand the ship but like my muse I will now start tagging that ship as tw: age. Blacklist it. 

Anyone is more than welcome to reblog this if you agree! 

I am now a Fannibal

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Just LOOK at these two! Look at them! I throughly blame the internet for making me want to know more about our beautiful Murder Husbands (coined by the writers of this show, aka they ship Hannigram too)

Here I am a week later and all three seasons, numerous fanfictions and video’s under my belt. Clearly its my newest obsession. I am need of more though, honestly it doesn’t help that Hugh and Mads like love each other IRL and it clearly translate to their performances and it mades it that much more heart wrenching.

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THIS SCENE! I could NOT handle this, who could? Not even the actors could, thats how much they were invested in this show and I can’t say I blame them. The story lines, the art, the interactions, the blood and the cooking of ‘meat’ were all done so artfully that even a squeamish person like myself could handle it, well more or less. I’ve seen some messed up stuff in my life but damn this show, whole new level.

I’m buying the seasons on DVD the next chance I get.


||I finally got my hands on the WIT studio collector’s box. I recall that I saw these images elsewhere but I don’t know if anyone else scanned it. Sorry if some of the scratches are still visible here and there…since I guess it got banged around during shipping. 

 Please credit if you decide to use them. Thanks~||

Honestly I wish that Mika and Yuu can just be happy together

Like honestly

is it really 

(look at that
a picture of them for fricking VALENTINE’S DAY
you can’t deny it the creators ship them)





sorry I just have so much feels about Mikayuu(more than I ever did on any ship honestly)


it is so much more fulfilling to ship something based on a deep canonical friendship than on the shallow, automatic, development-less het couples mainstream media tends to throw at us.  and we get a lot more well-established, complex male-male friendships, which I think is part of why m/m slash ships are so popular even in shows that are supposedly aggressively het.

so maybe if there were more great, platonic friendships with women in them, period, there’d be less frustration for OP? also, more strong canon basis for f/f ships? win-win.


So I read this: http://askfriskandcompany.tumblr.com/post/132831302437/use-your-imagination-sans

and it got me thinking.

Do you have any idea how adorably demonic Sans and Toriel’s lovechild would be?!

I don’t have a tablet or any program on my computer other than ms paint, so I had to try to sketch it out by hand. I did it in like five minutes, so bare with me.

(Why the fuck are you sideways?)

(Giant homemade scarf because Toriel wouldn’t want them to freeze~)

I really just love the idea of this little skele-goat/cow/dog thingy. They would be so fucking cute, and then they’d grow up to a scary pun loving motherfucker.

If someone else would want to draw them, or maybe even suggest a name, that would be AWESOME. 

  • chloe: *constantly pressures max into doing dangerous things, takes advantage of her powers even after seeing multiple times what using them too much does to her, shames her for not wanting to do crazy shit like attempting to shoot someone, jumps out and yells "boo" at her in a stressful situation mere hours after she saw her friend jump off a roof (and if kate ultimately survived, acts like it's nbd, even though max is probably still really upset and stressed out and possibly traumatised), gets irrationally mad at her for taking 10 seconds to answer a fucking phone call when they're not even doing anything that important*
  • fandom: wow such a good relationship!!!! she's so good for max, i love best friend romances, look how good this couple is. there is nothing wrong with any of this for the sole reason that chloe has abandonment issues even though that's not even relevant to everything she does. there's no reason for anyone to dislike this ship other than being a homophobe or too harsh on chloe
  • warren: *looks around a corner and through a window to see if max is on her way one time for like 1 second, makes a slightly distasteful comment and rolls with it instead of getting defensive when she calls him out on it, harmlessly texts her a lot in a way that's perfectly normal for friends to do (which they are), tries to hug her & awkwardly backs down when she doesn't notice (rather than insisting or overtly pointing it out at all), and in the timeline where she watches kate die he repeatedly tells her it's not her fault & texts her with reassurances that she doesn't have to spend time with him anymore if she wants some time alone to grieve but he's there for her if she wants him to be*
  • fandom: EW WHAT A FUCKBOY FEDORALORD CREEPER. CLEARLY HE JUST WANTS TO GET IN HER PANTS. THIS IS A BAD SHIP AND IF YOU SHIP IT YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. THIS IS FORCING UNNECESSARY HETEROSEXUALITY ON THIS GAME (even though they've both shown hints of possibly being bi or pan and being in an m/f relationship wouldn't magically make them 100% straight) AND WARREN IS AWFUL FOR MAX AND A HORRIBLE PERSON
Because of Kumirei...

Okay. Because of Kumirei, I’m either 

 A. In love with their love and thus can’t even think about a romance involving myself 

 B. Mood and emotion wired to them and just seeing them can make a horrible day be the best day in my life, better than sitting on a throne of toaster strudels (and let me tell you I REALLY love me some toaster strudels)

 C. Overly protective like a (god)mother with a spatula on maternal fire to all who even say one thing negative about them being together or say they are “just friends" 

 D. Thinking of making my own country where our goddesses are kumiko and Reina of the Kumirei religion and we all celebrate at festivals under the night stars and on the special Jupiter and Venus coming together days, we offer up all our best fanfictions, fan art, and devotion etc to them. 

 E. Buying all of the posters with them and soundtrack, re watching the series and so forth to the best of my abilities Orrrrrrrr


 I’m circling F.