i don't ship it now and i like how they handled it and it was cute

Thoughts on Supernatural 12x10

OKAY, I usually don’t do this but I NEED to say how I feel about the last episode of Supernatural (12x10) cause it was just so PER-FECT. 

  • Castiel’s female vessel : so important for the show 
  • They have the SAME BLUE EYES omg i’m dead x_x 
  • Great flashbacks about Castiel’s past where we get to see how he went to Earth when he was still on mission for Heaven.
  • GOD, I’d missed Badass!Cas so much xD
  • I love how Dean was in the beginning of the episode, like “Damn it, bae, you can’t save my life everytime you know, sometimes there might have consequences. No really you need to stop saving my asses, love.” 
  • “We’ll come with you” “Both of you?” IS DEAN COMING CAUSE OTHERWISE I’M NOT EVEN INTERESTED SAM #lmao
  • Dean being the grumpy husband and Cas the unsatisfized wife is the best thing that the writers could have done #they’re married
  • The Impala is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack ♥ I’ve missed baby. 
  • That scene in the Impala: they’re really fighting and snarking at each other like an old married couple and that’s so touching because it’s exactly what they are. Now everybody can see it ^^
  • Oh, he speaks” the sarcasm level has just exploded. 
  • Dean is jeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalous! It’s happening, guys!
  • Dean being touchy and easily offended when it’s about Cas like “What’s that supposed to mean?” WELL, It means he wants you to be gentle and kind and caring with him too, dummy! Come on, Dean! 
  • Can we agree Sam was Dean and Cass’ therapist in that episode? 
  • Sasstiel is back! “If I plan to do anything else stupid, I’ll let you know”
  • “And you’re gonna storm in riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight now” LMAO 
  • No one knows Dean more than Sam, alright? And Sam knew Dean couldn’t handle letting Cas alone, even for like five minutes. If that’s not someone who ships destiel, then I don’t fucking know what it is.
  • Dean being overprotecting with Cas is so cute :3 When he charged into that restaurant and just sat down next to Cas like “He’s mine, don’t even try to lay a finger on him, you asshole”, I was in Heaven! 
  • But where is the personal space? Like remember the time Dean was uncomfortable with Cas being too close to him? Remember that time he said “Cas, we talked about it. Personal space.” HE LITERALLY JUST SAT DOWN TWO INCHES AWAY FROM HIM. 
  • Sam almost falling off the bench seat, I was laughing out loud (like the guy is a freaking giant, give him so space, Dean xD)
  • Who wants some pie?” Dean Winchester, everyone 
  • Sam and Dean protecting Castiel, THANKS GOD! It was so necessary. Castiel has a serious self esteem matter and it’s always good to see Dean and Sam trying to fix him, trying to fix this crappy image he has.
  • Have some pie”, Dean actually considering it x) Pie is Dean’s true love!
  • Touching story about a mom and her child, loved it! #the feels
  • Dean and Sam whispering, thinking she can’t hear them, lmao
  • And she can hear you” LOL #sassy queen 
  • Dean fighting for Cas again, I’m not even surprised. 
  • I can’t believe Dean chose to not activate the angel mark to save his life because it was dangerous for Cas like “yeah you know I’m at the ground, wounded and powerless, and this is the only way to save my ass but it might hurt Cas so nope, not gonna happen” OKAY.  
  • Cas saved the day (agaaaaain) and that was perfect : he didn’t need anyone’s help, he did it alone, because that’s right, he’s still a badass warrior even if he has more emotions now. You can be humanly emotive and be badass as hell. And it’s exactly what Cas is. 
  • Cas seeking for forgiveness, I was like “my baby needs a hug!” 
  • You’re not weak, Cas” : Dean and Sam recognizing how strong and powerful Cas is, even if he hasn’t his wings anymore was awesome!
  • What do we do now?” “Let’s drink” kinda made me think about Castiel’s line “ I suggest we imbibe copious quantities of alcohol” lmao
  • I hope they’ll manage to find a solution about the nephilim! 


Shiro’s Nose

Anon: Let’s consider Shiro with a deviated septum from whatver gave him that bad-ass nose scar so he snores and is prone to sinus infections, which confuses Allura because “omg your brain fluids are leaking out!?”

A/N: CONSIDER IT CONSIDERED. I was actually just thinking about Shiro’s scar when this popped up! I also imagine his nose just generally being crooked and adorable.

This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

  • So this has to be Shallura because I’m weak
  • They’ve started sleeping together, both for sexy times and for helping Shiro’s nightmares and PTSD
  • And Allura did not sign up for snoring
    • She signed up for cuddles and sex with this beefcake of a paladin, she signed up for not being lonely at night and helping Shiro sleep better. She knew some snoring would be a risk, but she snores a bit too, how bad can it be?
    • BAD
  • He snores like a chainsaw, and she doesn’t even know what a chainsaw is but she agrees.
    • “That’s not even a word and I agree with you!”
  • And Shiro feels bad because he can’t help it. He’s been sleeping so much better with Allura, so he falls into deeper sleep and that makes it worse
  • After a few days of sleepless nights for the princess, she gets touchy and starts and gets into an argument with him
    • It’s not too bad, nothing hurtful was said, but it still leaves the two of them upset. 
    • But afterward, they apologize and work out a solution.
  • Shiro now sleeps with one of those strips that goes across the nose and widens his airways
    • Allura likes to put it right on his scar
  • And Allura sleeps with special earplugs. This doesn’t completely eliminate the noise, but it’s quiet enough for Allura to sleep properly
  • And then comes the sinus infection
  • It starts with a simple cold. Everyone on the ship gets it, Shiro gets it too, no one thinks anything about it.
  • But Shiro’s is lasting longer than everybody else’s. Even though he caught it last, this shouldn’t be going on for this long. And Shiro isn’t handling it well.
    • If it were a normal cold, he’d be functioning like normal. Maybe with less energy and a packet of tissues, but he’d still be Shiro.
    • Not this time. His head is pounding, his face feels like there’s cotton stuffed in it. AND he has all the symptoms of a normal cold.
      • Which makes him snore worse.
  • Everyone expects Allura to be angry. She’s getting less sleep, and Shiro’s not able to calm her down a bit when he’s in this state.
  • But instead, she’s panicked
    • “Shiro keeps leaking from the nose, Coran! Sometimes it’s clear, but sometimes it’s yellow and green, and sometimes it’s all bloody and doesn’t stop for a while! And he’s not thinking like his normal self!”
    • Coran jumps to conclusions because he’s Coran. “His brain fluids must be leaking out! And if it’s bloody, his brain might be hemorrhaging!”
  • The other paladins find the Alteans trying to push Shiro into a healing pod. They’ve gotten pretty far since Shiro’s not doing a good job with the infection.
    • In reality, Allura could just throw him in on her own, as we’ve seen before, but she doesn’t want to jostle his head anymore or else his brain might start bleeding again!
  • After a very intense Shiro custody fight, and after explaining what a sinus infection is and how he probably has a deviated septum, the Alteans finally relent and say the humans probably know more about the humans than they do.
    • They ask if they could fix his deviated septum somehow.
    • But it’s already healed, so that would require breaking his nose again and making sure it heals properly. Shiro doesn’t want this.
  • Now that Allura understands that Shiro’s just sick and miserable, she’s a lot more patient with his snoring. Even after the infection is gone, she’s happy to just gently roll Shiro over or wake him up just enough to get him to stop snoring for a while.
  • And she makes sure to give him extra kisses on the nose whenever she can.

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Hello~~~ I love Vanderwood and the things you write for them! Do you van any fluffy headcannons for them? I always imagine that when they're still getting used to all this 'having feelings for you thing' they stutter quite often because they don't really know how to handle all their feelings. Tho they also love cuddling you but they don't know how to express themselves very well yet, tho when they finally give in and just hug you they're beet red.

Oooohhh!!! My heart!!! It’s shining and sparkling!!! Thank you for the compliment!!

Those are SUPER cute headcanons. I totally agree with them just… not knowing how to deal with it! Seven deals with his feelings by burying them underneath a persona, while Vanderwood just kind of… collapses lmao? Their repression of choice is ‘not thinking about it’, so when they can’t do that…

They overheat and panic!

Anyway, here’s some fluff for you - I always love writing talking about Vanderwood!

  • They’re so starved for physical contact so when you hug them, it’s just - mindblowing? Like, woah. I can smell this nice sweet person and you’re soft and warm and they’re feeling so much right now. It’s unbearable, especially since they don’t know what to do - they don’t hug. What if they mess up? What if they hurt you? Is there some kind of hugging bible they can consult, here? Also, it’s like - embarrassing?? Ahhh???
  • So when they finally do hug you back, it’s really intense. Face completely red, and they’re gripping you really tightly - until they realize crap, they shouldn’t be squeezing you like that, and then they loosen up.
  • You realize what’s happening and tell them it’s okay - please don’t let go. Please don’t feel ashamed. You want to give them everything that’s been denied to them for so long.
  • H O L Y M O L Y
  • They bury their face in your shoulder and just breathe in. They don’t say anything - they can’t say anything, but they’re thinking so much and feeling so much, and being able to hold onto you helps so much.
  • They really like just sitting by you. Reading next to you with your shoulders touching, watching movies while leaning against each other…
  • If you’re working at a computer, sometimes they’ll just… sit down on the floor next to your computer chair and rest their cheek against your leg like a big puppy.
  • you ask them if that’s uncomfortable and they’re like
  • nope
  • this is good.
  • You run your fingers through their hand idly as you look through documents.
  • Vanderwood loves having their hair played with. Brush it, pet it, do it up in braids… plz touch their hair
  • For a really long time, they have a lot of trouble actually saying what they’re feeling or being mushy. They cover it up by being sarcastic and sulky. But you can tell how much they love you from the little things they do… like brushing your hair out of your face, or kissing the back of your hand, or pulling out chairs for you and opening the door for you…
  • After awhile of dating you, it ends up being that the first thing they want when they get home from work is a nice hug.

Also, gosh! I’m almost at 100 followers now - thank you everyone for your support! I’ve been wanting to prepare a post about a 707/MC/Vanderwood polyamorous relationship since I started this blog (loooookkk i ship 707/vanderwood o k…) So that might be what I do for 100 followers.

Or maybe I’ll blabber more about the ‘Vanderwood route’. Stay tuned!

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Save me! I just lied to my friend's mum saying that she's staying at my house for the weekend but in reality she's at a different person's house! I don't know why I did it! I'm dying of anxiety right now! - your friendly neighbourhood idiot



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Valentine’s Day Special #29

One Piece World 💙  Mutual Crush on Zoro requested by choppercuddles

It was painfully obvious. Even Luffy knew. Luffy. The two of you, however, avoided the subject completely, both utterly embarrassed about your emotions towards the other. Zoro treated you like the other members but you noticed the lingering gazes, the protectiveness (even though he knew that you could handle yourself), and the small things he did when you were around.The lingering touches and the pause that lasted a bit too long after saying goodnight. What really took the cake, though, was when Sanji started an argument with the swordsman. 

You had walked in to get a snack but stopped in your tracks at the two arguing. Sanji immediately looked over and got heart eyes, twirling over to you. As Sanji spouted romantic and flirtatious lines at you, you couldn’t help but glance at the seething swordsman behind him. His eyes were narrowed  and you could see how his fingers twitched on top of the hilt on his sword. If you hadn’t come up with a random excuse to leave with him, you were worried that he would have seriously sliced the blonde’s head off.

After some meddling from Nami and Robin (although if you asked, she would politely smile and walk away without answering), the two of you were awkwardly standing on deck with him scratching the back of his head and you were blushing lightly. You met eyes with him and a blush filled his cheeks too.

“Um…” He cleared his throat as you filled the silence. “ So… Nami said that you wanted to do something with me today.” It was Valentine’s Day after all and you were embarrassingly ecstatic when Nami told you. He cursed under his breath and reached up to cover his cheeks with his hand. 

“She told me the same about you.” After another awkward silence, he grunted and suddenly held his hand out to you. “Well, let’s go.” You blinked and blushed again. You put your hand in his and grinned, enjoying the touch and letting him lead you off the ship to get on the island.

The ‘date’ consisted of mostly walking around and visiting shops that the both of you wanted to visit, immediately getting flustered when shopkeepers called the two of you an adorable couple. Your cheeks were blushing but you were happy at the fact that he didn’t deny it but just dragged you away. Nami had given him a couple of beris to buy you both food (adding to his debt to her) but the smile on your face made the whole debt thing disappear from his thoughts. He watched as you threw the wrapper away from what he bought you and he motioned with his head to the outside of town.

“Carry, let’s go down to the shore.” You nodded to him and headed down to the shore. The two of you sat down on the sand and watched the ocean. Your fingers were touching his but you didn’t pull away and you blushed at the fact that he hadn’t either. Maybe it was finally time to confront the issue the both of you were avoiding.

“Hey, Zoro.” He grunted to let you know that he was listening. “Did you really want to spend the day with me or did Nami force you?” Okay so it wasn’t the question you should have asked but you were honestly curious.You saw a blush fill his cheeks and he sighed.

“She didn’t force me. I really did want to spend the day with you.” With his hand that wasn’t touch yours, he scratched the back of his head and you noticed the blush on his cheeks. “I mean, it’s been pretty obvious lately.” You giggled and rested your head against his shoulder, blushing lightly yourself.

“I have to admit, it’s kind of cute seeing you get jealous.” He grumbled to himself, making you laugh again at catching some of his words. 

“That cook better watch it. I’ll really slice him up next time.” You peaked up at him and grinned.

“Why’s that, Zoro?” He turned a darker red and he groaned. His hand fully held yours, surprising you, and he looked into your hazel eyes.

“Because we’re together now. You like me like I like you, r-right?” His nervousness leaked into his words. Maybe he mistook the signals or he was just imagining your affection? He broke out of his thoughts when he heard you giggle and felt you squeeze his hand. 

“You should know the answer to that.” He sighed in relief and rested his head on top of yours, his hand gripping yours tightly. 

Desus saves, but we don’t 2k17

Voting outcome!

The votings are closed and it is decided which fic is the saddest, and which author is the biggest heartbreaker in our ship! 💔  

Since many people voiced that they’d prefer to know more than just the winner because it was hard to decide on just one fic to be the saddest, I’ll share the top three sad fics with you.

The top three saddest fics:

Head over to AO3 now (X) to look up which fic was written by whom to see if your guessing was right or wrong :D

Thank you so much to everyone for participating, reading, and voting! It was really fun to me to organize and see this challenge through <3 I can’t wait for the next one! Feel free to still give me feedback if you want @abigailht for future projects or @desussquad.

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Why do most of people ship Talisto? I am new in this fandom and just don't understand why there are a lot of fans of Mephisto/Talia

Oh ho ho, this might take a while. 

Originally posted by normajeaned

There’s a lot of reasons people ship it, so I may not be able to pin point everyone’s reasons exactly, but I’ll do my best with the one’s I can think of…

  •  They look awesome together!

A lot of us like the physical appeal the two characters have and simply enjoy seeing them interact and being next to each other. This is a common influence on why people ship characters in the first place. We like the way they look with each other and want to see them canonly side by side or doing things together. Plus both characters happen to be extremely attractive, but it’s always played up as a joke or never commented on for Mephisto and Talia respectively. Like, c'mon look at them they’re just unf

  • The Dynamic

This is probably one of the most agreeable reasons we like the ship. It’s a “tale as old as time kind” of ordeal. The Beauty falling in love with the Beast and vice versa is something we have loved to see time and time again. A lot of us are total suckers for that “opposites attract” trope and if you’re like me, you’re always thirst for more “sassy cute and brainy hardworking type vs dark, cocky and witty genius baddie who eventually become twos sassy dorks in love” couples. (Ex: Rumbelle, Zutara, Duncney, WonderBat, Naveen and Tiana, Arnold and Helga, Nathina, Bulma and Vegeta) While Talia is mature (most of the time), self-conscious, strict, elegant, and practical, Mephisto is childish (not always but quite often), will do anything no matter how ridiculous it seems (aside from wearing a dress apparently), outgoing, a bit awk-okay very awkward, and spontaneous. She’s a planner, he’ll just run with it. She works, he plays. A lot of us like the idea of them balancing each other out. Mephisto is very similar to Auriana, who has shown the ability to get Talia to loosen up. Praxina, the one person to keep Mephisto in check aside from Gramorr, is very similar to Talia. I think they’d handle each other’s positive and negative qualities pretty well. Plus, think of all the sass! Talia is witty and salty af while Mephisto likes to argue. Bruh seemed to get a kick out of arguing with Missy and the idea of the two canon geniuses would be the best. Like, I can totally see these two nerds keeping count of who wins in arguments, and knowing just how to get under each other’s skin, but also knowing when to stop (though the others having to stop them would be funny too) and making up all sassy and embarrassed and being prideful about it. I’m sorry but their little interactions in  “Xeris” make me totally believe this is how they’d go about it. I think we’d also love to see Mephisto being a gushy lovey dovey boyfriend and Talia being the “fine you can kiss me but i wont like it but  i also love it so im low key happy do it again” girlfriend; or the “i will shove this magical staff so far up ur ass call my boyfriend a loser again missy i dare you” talia and the “ha my girls a badass  and she flawless get dragged” mephisto lookin hella smug like yes plz SORRY i got into lala land but yes, dynamic. Also, tension. All the sexual tension these two could give. Or just as well, fluff. These two are both so awkward and adorable, they could have really cute bad dates or really sweet good dates. Honestly both would work really well for both of them.

  • Development and Interactions

This kind of goes hand in hand with “”Dynamics”; not only would these two be amazing to watch interact, it would create prime opportunities for a couple of interactions we never get:  talisto, of course, but also Praxina and the girls,  Praxina and Mephisto with Izira, , and possible insight to the twins background and maybe even some Lev and Talia since he’s currently on the twins’ side. We’d also get that rivalry with Talia and Praxina we all like and honestly I’d love to see Big Sis Izzy vs Big Sis Prax. On another note, we could see Talia and Mephisto bond over living in their sisters’ shadows and I’d love to see Talia appreciating or nerding out with another spellbinder over illusions and spells and WE COULD FINALLY LET THESE CHILDREN EAT HURLEY BEEF STEAK. But I digress, it would be nice to see these two change for the better around each other. Mephisto’s influence could easily make Talia more open-minded, playful, and secure with herself; Talia could make Mephisto more confident in himself and capabilities as his own person, less dependable, and a little less chaotic. We all know neither would completely change who they are, but I can totally see the two finding a balance with each other; playing each others’ “yin” and “yang”.

  • It’s Unexpected 

No one sees it coming. Not the girls, not the viewers, not even Talia and Mephisto! That’s something I love about it personally and I know others do too. It would have to be kind of slow burn to build it’s way up, so we’d have time to adjust. I’m sorry, but from the relationships we’ve had so far, they’ve been predictable, made obvious, and haven’t really developed into anything other than being crushes. It doesn’t help that  its a little forced either. 

*stares at kyle*

Ahem, anyways, I’d like to see this  develop and evolve and totally knock the teams off their rockers. Not only would the reactions be funny, the story would have to be more complicated and we’d finally see that, “oh these two like each other boom they’re canon now lets move on” thrown out and get some character growth. Nobody expects the most uptight princess whose so set in her ways to fall for the goofy evil sorcerer whose blowing up the city. No one expects the devious snake boy that’s always trailing his master and sister’s capes  to fall for the blue haired beauty on the other team that’s yelling at him for blowing up the city. Its unnatural. Its unheard of. We want it.  

  • Forbidden Lovers Trope/Starcrossed Lovers

This is something we’d technically get with all of the princesses, no matter who he’d end up with, but personally, the most forbidden princess would be either Talia or Iris. Iris, of course, because she’s married to Nat, fight me. Okay, no, but they should be. She’s the “savior” so no no, Meph, don’t touch that.  Plus you insulted her pink hair, you don’t deserve her. And murmurlr has dibs already, so tough nuts kid. But who is the most untouchable princess aside from Iris? Talia. She’s the designated leader of the team by Princess (possibly Queen) Izira, she’s Iris’ main teacher, she’s the one who makes the decisions to stay for a fight, or retreat, she’s the one everyone trusts to lead them on the Earth away from whom and find the oracle gems. She’s the eldest, most mature, most responsible. She’s the one the girls look up to. She’s the strongest person Iris knows. Not only that, but Xerians are held very highly back on Epehdia and are known internationally. Hell, she’s the guardian of the Ancient Ephedian Spellbook and she’s only 16 years old.  Talia is up there in terms of Ephedia’s list of “do not touch”. And let’s be real; Mephisto is pretty high on the list of “NO”. He’s evil, he likes to blow stuff up, he’s evil, he’s  tried to destroy the princesses and he city, HE’S EVIL, like he’s known by Izira even though they haven’t been on earth. He’s snagged an oracle gem from Iris! They’re on opposite sides and at opposite spectrum. They wouldn’t dare. Would they? Secret dates, the girls getting suspicious of why their leader is going out and brightening up, Prax getting annoyed over her brother’s strange behavior, sneaking kisses, Lev knowing all along and blackmailing these dorks, giving them advice and being Meph’s wingman; sneaking kisses, flirting in battle, sneaking through that window above Tali’s bed, sacred dates. Them learning to trust each other and  enjoying earth and terribly hilarious scenarios of talia almost getting caught  and hiding him in her room; or better yet, all this happens behind the scenes and we see talia is a little awkward or suspicious but we just don’t know why and at some point everyone just finds out and is like “WHAT.” All these scenarios seem like they’d make some quality comedy  and provide some change of pace to the show which  would be refreshing.

  • The Unknown

We haven’t seen these two interact like the other two princesses have with Mephisto. We’ve seen them interact mainly in “Xeris”, and they fight one on one in both “Batty” and “The Haunting”, but we never  get to see them fight for long, let alone have a full blown discussion. We’re thirstin for that interaction! Just as well, some of us don’t like, or have any interest in canon ships in general. A ship does not have to be canon to be shipped. That’s the beauty of shipping.There’s so much wiggle room as to what we can do with this unexplored territory and its fun to play around with it. Even non-shippers seem to enjoy seeing these two interact or put together out of curiosity.  It also doesn’t hurt that they’re both fan and crew favorites as well. Its almost ironic that they’re so distant. I personally have a lot of questions about the interactions we have had; anytime we’ve seen them fight, Talia’s less precise, less put together, she can’t for a plan, she has to improvise, and she’s quicker to get frustrated in angry  - she has to fight dirty. Mephisto himself has to use stronger spells and concentrate more, and once again that taunting in “Xeris” was a little too cocky, a bit to enjoyable for him; and its not like it was Prax’s idea, because she wasn’t doing it, she was relatively quiet for Praxina; that was his personal choice and its probably the shipper in me, or maybe the fact that Mephisto is a little shit, but any time I watch that episode I’m side eyin this fool cuz he’s like low-key flirtatious in tone, whoooops. But that’s just me :P

Now, its 2:32 AM and I have work in the morning so I’ll cut this off here. I’m too tired to remember anything else I was going to type! And in some of these my fan girl goggles slipped on so forgive me nonnie for being shippy trash but my thirst has no curfew and I regret nothing. Now, keep in mind, I’m not telling you to ship it. You are perfectly fine if you don’t, and I love you, and you are special. If anyone feels like I’ve missed anything or wants to add on for their own two cents in why they ship Talia and Mephisto, please do!  I also ask that everyone in the fandom, and you all are really courteous, please be kind. If you don’t ship it, or hate it, leave it be. Please keep the peace! We’re a really chill fandom, so let’s keep it chill. Sorry its so long, but ya’ll know me. I give ish out in essays! Mwa ha ha!

Anyways,  I guess this is here for thoughts now right?

They're Cute and They Don't Even Know It: A Solangelo Request

(( for @run-dontwalk ))

In many ways Camp Half-Blood was like high school, but more so in the way the couples worked (with the exception of magic induced breakup revenge.)

You had your new couple who could not be separated for more than two minutes, the honeymoon phase couple who seemed to live in a state of pure happiness, the roller-coaster couple who were fighting one minute and making out the next or breaking up and then getting back together, the you-never-see-their-face’s couple since they are always sucking face, the cute couple-which there was a few of, and then you had your oblivious couple.

Nico Di Angelo and Will Solace were that couple.

Even before becoming an official couple, they were the oblivious couple.

Oblivious to the fact that they both habored feeling for the other, which in turn changed to oblivious to how the other felt about them, right to oblivious to just how cute of a couple they really were.

The camp even ranked couples on cuteness…okay more so the Aphrodite campers, but there was a lot of others from different cabins-even the other camp!- who also did. And currently number one was Percabeth (which everyone was 100% certain would never be outranked,) coming in a close second was Solangelo, and third was Frazel.

And yes they did give them ship names.

And there was fanclubs.

And Solangelo’s fanclub was vast. With Jason being the Captain and Founder, Hazel being Co-Captain and I-Knew-It-Would-Happen-Eventually, and Piper as Assistant Co-Captain and professional matchmaker and I-Could-See-It-Coming-A-Mile-Away. While Percy and Annabeth were the number 1 fans. Yes they tied.

The club had but four simple rules, starting with the most important:
First rule of Solangelo club- you do not talk about Solangelo club
Second rule of Solangelo club- you DO NOT talk about Solangelo club
Third rule of Solangelo club-you do not let the couple catch you observing or collecting evidence of their cuteness
Fourth and final rule of Solangelo club- if you get any cute photos or videos or witness a cute moment, you MUST share it with the club.

If you couldn’t guess, Percy and Jason made up the rules with help from Annabeth.

Anyways! On with the Solangelo!

“Hey, did you notice a lot more campers have been ….. looking at us lately?” Will asked as he practically dragged his boyfriend to breakfast.

“Hm?” Nico sleepily hummed out as he leaned his head on Will’s arm, still very half asleep.

Will made it a habit of his to go get Nico every morning and escort him to breakfast, partly so he could make sure Nico ate breakfast, and partly because he got to wake him up and see him in his pajamas. Which he was still in by the way.

Hazel had gotten them for him, they were fuzzy black pajama pants with little skulls on them and a black shirt with white sleeves to match.

Will smiled down at his sleepy boyfriend. He looked so cute! He gently brushed a strand of hair out of his face, which he knew was pointless, but he still tried, and chuckled. “I said, did you notice that more campers have been looking at us lately…it’s kinda creepy.”

“Probably looking at you.” Nico mumbled as he now started to wake up a bit and attempted to rub the sleep from his eyes.


“They’re probably looking at you. Not that I can blame them or anything, I mean you are pretty great to look at.” The dark haired italian mused softly with a small smirk as they approached the dining pavilion.

That was another thing Will liked about waking up Nico, he was always more affectionate when half asleep.

“I doubt that’s it, but whatever. You have to teach your class today, huh?” The blond asked as he led Nico to the Apollo table.

Nico nodded as he took his usual seat at the end of the table with Will right beside him and Kayla across from him. He liked Kayla, she was easy to talk to, she gave him space when he needed it, she was funny, and he liked her sass. Will however playfully disliked when they got together, he always said he couple handle the amount of sass, he also didn’t like the fact that that bomb of sass was almost always dropped on him.

“Morning Nico.”

“Mornin Kayla.” He mumbled back with a small wave as he again leaned on Will and yawned. The Apollo campers were used to this. The prince of the underworld was always like this in the mornings, sleepy and slightly clingy to Will, not that they minded because of course they were honorary members of the Solangelo club and currently held the Cutie Patootie trophy for best cute photo of the two.

Will smiled lovingly down at the son of Hades and pressed a small kiss to his unruly mane.

After Will had gotten their breakfast, Nico always woke up just a bit more, and sometimes contributed to the talking going on, but mostly he just ate as he leaned against Will, the blond of course was leading the topic and laughing and being his usual happy self but had an arm wrapped around Nico’s waist to keep him close. And Nico of course would eat at least half of his breakfast, maybe a bit more on a good day but it was mainly only half.

After breakfast Will would walk Nico back to his cabin as always.

“I’ll see you at noon. Remember today you’re gonna help out at the infirmary.”

“I remember. Will I be on cleanup or nurse duty?”


“Alright.” The dark haired demigod said with a thin smile as another yawn escaped him.

“Go get some rest, Lord of Darkness.”

“Yessir.” Nico responded with a playful salute as he turned to walk up the stairs to his door, that was until Will caught his hand.

“You’re forgetting something.”

“I am?”

“Yup. This.” And with that Will stole a kiss and then headed off to the infirmary. Nico stood there just smiling at him before he too made his way into his cabin for a couple extra hours of sleep.

By noon Nico would be fully awake and showered and ready for the day, with his now favorite shirt on, it was the Ramones one that Will had gotten for him, his classic ripped skinny jeans, and of course black converse and at his hip, his stygian iron hung. He would wait on his porch for Will and then they would head over to lunch hand in hand, sometimes they wouldn’t though, sometimes Nico would have one of those days where he just did not want to hold hands, and Will was totally okay with that.

It would go much like breakfast, only Nico would maybe contribute a bit more to the conversation and would actually be listening as he ate, with the occasional side conversation with Will, they of course would argue about how much he ate and how it wasn’t enough, but in his defense he “ate a big breakfast” which was total bullshit he knew but would never admit. But they would always make up and Nick would begrudgingly eat a little more of his meal.

Then he would go help out in the infirmary, which some thought would probably mean that he and Will would goof off, but nope, Will was as diligent as ever with his nurse by his side. Though they would sneak in a kiss or two, and if it were empty, Nico would attempt to teach Will some italian, or Will would serenade Nico, or Nico would even try to explain the rules of mythomagic to his significant annoyance, to which Will would start to zone out at, causing Nico to pout. But once Will so much tried to explain something medical with all the large vocabulary and such, Nico would do the same.

After his shift at the infirmary Nico would go teach sword training with Percy and sometimes Jason if they were available. He, surprisingly got along with the kids since they thought it was cool that he could summon skeletons for them to spar with before actually sparring with each other. Will on the other hand would be forced out of the infirmary by his siblings and told to go do something, which he took as go watch his boyfriend teach for a little bit then go strawberry picking with Lou Ellen, since Cecil was always attempting the lava wall.

Then dinner would roll around, sometimes they walked together or like tonight they would walk separately with their friends. Nico would eat with his friends if they were there like tonight while Will stayed with his siblings. Though they would always share glances and smiles with one another.

Then came the camp fire, that they would walk together to of course. Nico would help roast marshmallows on bones, go figure, for the younger kids, the older ones could do it themselves he always declared before taking his seat by his boyfriend who would immediately cuddle into his side as one of his siblings led the sing a long. Will would mumble the lyrics he knew into Nico’s ear as Nico drew soft circles with his thumb against the back of the tanned boy’s hand.

When the campfire ended Nico would walk Will back to the Apollo cabin, give him a chaste kiss on the cheek before returning to his cabin and getting ready for bed, only he couldn’t fall asleep right away so he would recount what Will was muttering in his ear at the campfire and smile as he mumbled the lyrics to himself quietly until he fell alseep.

Hazel got a video of this and you would not believe all the squealing, flailing arms, awws, and swoons she got when she showed the club. She almost won the Cutie Patootie trophy if it weren’t for Austin proudly showing a picture of Will in one of Nico’s sweaters sleeping so soundly.


Hey everyone! Here’s a one-shot filled with slight angst but a happy ending. :) I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. 

Summary: It’s been two months since Lisanna got back from Edolas. Everyone is excited for her return, except Natsu? He’s feeling pretty lonely since his best friend Lucy started hanging out with Lisanna more and more every day. Fairy Tail Universe. Twist on the cliché.

Rated: T

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy [NALU]

Genre: Angst/Friendship/Romance

Word Count: 3904

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Warning! This is a nalu story!!!


Don’t get him wrong. Natsu was glad Lisanna was alive and well. He felt his heart soar when she was reunited with her sister and brother, and of course he was one of the ones partying that night to celebrate her return from Edolas.

But shortly after that, Natsu noticed he was seeing less and less of a certain blonde celestial mage. It wasn’t that she was being ignored by her teammates now that Lisanna was back. It was actually the opposite.

Natsu was the one being ignored.

And he didn’t like it one bit.

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a/n: part deux to the kissing prank/youtube drabble

w/c: 1.2k


Niall squints at the number, back hunched over, with his fingers hovering over the keys of his laptop.

“I told you having him would help,” Louis says after a moment, grinning widely as he pokes at Niall’s side.

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Gruvia, Lyvia (for the topic thing)

Mira: Ah, finally something we don’t agree on!

Mun: Yup! We have pretty different views on this one.

Mira: Of course I love Gruvia! I love Juvia and want to keep her close to our guild. Not only that, but I grew up with Gray so of course I want to see him happy. 

Mun: I just think he’s so mean to Juvia. Lyon treats her like a princess and it’s really cute- Even the way he gave her up was sweet, like he knew he wasn’t the one who could make her happy.

Mira: I think they would be cute, but I really want her to be with Gray. I think she is good for him, even if she is a bit over-zealous. 

Mun: But is he good for her? He took away her rain, he cares for her, but he’s also cold to her and doesn’t seem to know how to handle her.

Mira: He’s just shy~~

Mun: Uhhh he did essentially tell her “no I don’t want to date you” in a pretty obvious way. 

Mira: He’s shy!

Mun: You’re saying a guy who habitually runs through crowded cities butt naked is shy?

Mira: Well he is when it comes to girls~~!

Mun: I’m not so sure about that…

Mira: They totally belong together!! Just give them time, they will figure things out I’m sure. They both just need to grow up a bit and then they can have 33 beautiful babies.

Mun: Well I agree given time they may work out, they’re both pretty young and immature. 17/18 is a very young age.

Mira: I’m 19.

Mun: You’ve been raising your siblings since you were a preteen you don’t count you’re like Fairy Tail Ghandi or Buddah or Mother Theresa.

Mira: I have no idea who those three are but I’ll take that as a compliment~~!

Mun: Well I think that about wraps it up. I think Gruvia has a long ways to go, and Mira here–

Mira: I think they should get married right now!! ♥♥

Mun: But we both just agreed they need to grow up a bit…


Mun: R-right…

My encounter with Gillian Anderson at the Sa-Yes benefit party

So meeting Gillian is technically a two parter because I spoke to her during the benefit QA and then again for the photos

Part one:

So they were only taking questions about Sa-Yes so I tried to come up with a question I could ask that could lead into me giving her the shirt.

For starters I came up with my shirt design during the school year and I did intend to ask her to sign/wear it (either or but she took it as both so I went along) and auction it off for one of her charities. So heyyo, why not ask if she could donate the funds to Sa-Yes.

Ok ok so I should note that I’m literally a foot from the stage, maybe 6 feet max from her the entire time. As soon as I raised my hand we made eye contact and I’m shocked that I didn’t pass out from that because DAMN that stare can pierce the soul.

I started off by asking if she ever considered doing a TED talk on the importance of charity work or feminism and she just pursed her lips and the crowd started laughing. She replied “honestly the thought of giving one makes me want to go to bed.”

After that I said “though I’m not old enough to be a part of the mentor ship program, I made this shirt that I was hoping you could sign or wear donate the funds to the charity.”

I handed it to her and she laughed and smiled. The shirt says WWGD (what would Gillian do) with a silhouette of her to the right of the lettering. After staring at it she goes “oh I should show you guys!” She shows the crowd and everyone sees and she did the same and then looked down at it again and smiled.

This is when I pull out the rest of the gift that I had put together with my friends. I told her we came out from all over the place and just wanted to give her a little something. I thanked her for being such an incredible inspiration for women.

She pulled out the Blanche doll my friend made and she was soooooo in love with it. I yelled “yeah my friend made that!!!” And turned to point at her.

Side note: I promised my group that if they were unable to speak I would be like a lil mama bear and handle the talking because I could talk forever and I’m just a slight extrovert lol.

She then asked if there was anything chewwy related, and sadly we didn’t have anything, but I said “I found a mask the day before I left where you can wear it and make chewwy noises!!”

She says something along the lines of “did you see the video that went viral??” Pauses, “yeah I have. Hasn’t everyone???”

She ended it by looking through the bag and thanking us, and finishing with a smile while saying “ok back to the charity!!”

Unfortunately I kind of opened up the doors to everyone sending there gifts forward. I didn’t intend for that to happen, but at least I gave her something that she could use to raise funds for the charity.


I wanna give a shout out to Zahra (lifecanbeso) for offering to split the photo fee with me and then standing there graciously while I blabbered endlessly with Gillian. You’re the real mvp and I owe you everything for it

So we are waiting behind a curtain to take photos with her in the theatre. After we were let in literally the first thing she yelled was “COME HERE IM GIVING HUGS”. Even in heels she was so tiny and I had to bend down and she threw her arms around my neck and I swear to god that was the softest jacket I has ever touched. She also smelled amazing???? Anyway

We pulled apart and I instantly apologize for handing her the gift bag on stage because so many other people did the same after me. I told her about the shirt design and how my friend who’s a director for marketing helped me with the design.

I said I was from Seattle and that I came with a bunch of other women from all over the place. I should note that she was smiling and laughing during all of this. She never broke eye contact and actually looked like she cared about what I had to say

I told her that my friend and I went up to Vancouver this summer on the one weekend they weren’t filming and she laughed and was like “oh nooooo!” I told her I included pictures of that adventure in the bag I gave.

Lolololol so of course we all discovered she’s now on tumblr so I said “we found out you were on tumblr and honestly you’ve opened Pandora’s box. Good luck. ”

Ok there’s probably more that was said but I got caught up in the moment and my memory is frozen.

However I do remember the last bit of our convo. I thanked her for being an amazing role model for women and how she’s such an inspiration for us. She was bashful and said thank you kind of shyly because Gillian literally cannot take a complement without looking down or smiling like a little kid.

I mentioned that I went into streetcar blind because I wanted the full effect during the show. Pretty sure I rambled about how she was bomb and I was completely blown away.

This is when she cupped my face and thanked me for my presence there tonight. Not to be that creep, but she has the softest hands.

We then took pictures and I asked if we could take a nice one and then one of us flipping off the camera and of course she was like “yeah let’s do it!!” I’m really glad I opted for flats because I still had to bend down to reach a height level closer to her but hey, the pictures are cute and I’m forever grateful for the experience.

So yeah, that’s my story. Overall, she was so bubbly and adorable during the entire benefit, and bless her soul for taking so many pictures with people. We were the last ones which is probably why we got to chat so long but AH pinch me I still feel like this entire night was a dream.

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idk why i'm doing this but I've been following your blog for about a week now. I just wanted to ask why you like the ruby/sapphire scene so much? what makes it so special to you? It might sound harsh and it might just be my experience (i've had a bad time relationship-wise recently) but I don't see why these two fictional characters designed to be together are so important compared to real life people who find the same kind of thing despite the odds (or those who don't)

They’re so important because of what they represent 

You see, WE know that they are Nonbinary Lesbians, which in itself is just AWESOME because that’s just a whole slew of representation. But to CHILDREN, They see two female identifying characters in a loving and whole relationship and it is shown that its OKAY to be like that.

These children, who may be queer and haven’t properly figured it out yet, are seeing this and seeing that it’s OKAY, they can be like Ruby and Sapphire!! It’s just a very good representation~

For me personally, My biggest goal in life is to become an animator, so I can make something that can give more representation to minorities.Rebecca Sugar is my idol, and I want to create something great like she has.

Also, Ruby and Sapphire are just so. CUTE. I LOVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP DYNAMIC SO MUCH, And the concept that they love eachother so much that they create a new being out of that love and she turns out to be my favorite character is just so GOOD TO ME AHH. Garnet herself just has such delicious character development, she went from this stoic and cold character to one of the most loving beings in existence in such a way it makes sense and ahh I just really love it 

I know they’re fictional, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. To some people, like me at times, cartoons and fictional characters just mean so MUCH. These characters have made us happy when we’re feeling down and have inspired us to be better, and have taught us many different things, its hard NOT TO form some kind of attachment to them! Everyone is entitled to their own emotions and how they feel about certain things and everyone is unique with them~

Now I also know that it’s not for everyone, people have their own personal preferences and I dig that, like I’m not going to fly off the handle if you dont ship my OTP lol that aint cool, so all of you can talk to me about anything, I’m not gonna discourage your ships, im just gonna be over here in my own little area doing my thing and you can go have fun doing your things thats awesome~

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if you don't like lizzy you should read the ship arc in the manga because i guarantee you will love her after that. the anime didn't really develop her well so she's disliked because people don't know her.

Ah darling believe me I have read the many a many,many,many times. And I am terribly sorry but her character is not to my liking.you guys might think that what she is very noble and so on,that she is doing the right thing but not in my eyes. She is pushing too much into,is oblivious, pretty much selfish since she wants the old Ciel back witouth even trying to understand the one having now before her. She is very impulsive and is hiding her true self,yes she is doing it for Ciel-to get the lil naive boy back who found her cute and smiled a lot….I mean here is once again her wish,her desire—-she wants old Ciel so she throws herself onto him and suffocates him ,she wants him to find her cute so she plays an innocent baby, right in the Campania arc she refuses to get her dress off when for gods sake she could have acted more mature and push through to save herself AND Ciel….what she does?she pretends again.
I know that as a girl or woman you had it hard in Victorian time,believe me I do,I made so much research on this that my head hurt.but that again, her mother is a strong woman and shows it with pride,while she still lives in her dream world of her Ciel.She is strong both mentally and physicaly but omg she …she is 14 I know and therefore does not know many things but she is downright forcing it all on Ciel instead to listen and it pisses me off so immensly. Yes she can use swords….wow…a shocker. Is am sorry but did you notice that all more important women in Kuro have two faces????
Madam red - lovely aunt that went through hell but is so damn amazing,she is my favorite female here, BUT she is a murderer and can do things with her little knives.

Frances - another aunt who is fierce,brave and can handle swords,guns……BUT is a woman with a broken heart since she has to watch her daughter suffer.she had to give her only baby girl to the Queens Watchdog.she had to train Lizzy into a sword mastering machine because she knows that with Ciel her life will be in danger 24/7 .have you people ever thought of that???
Lizzy DESERVES BETTER, Ciel loves her…as family and the last little human he has from is warm past,but he is a danger for her and already now makes her sad.

Then we have Mey-Rin - a clumsy maid ,who actually can shoot you from a distance of god knows how many meters - again two sides of her and again ONE IS HIDDEN

I know many hate the anime but - Angela was the same,a little scared and loving maid who is actually quite a strong angel and can slice you up.
Same for Hannah - a timid and obedient maid who is a damn demon that holds more weapons than your whole country.
And Ran Mao - silent,pretty girl that seems shy…but oh boy once she gets her weapon out you are going down.
Beast as well - a broken girl wishing for love, but can starngle you with just flick of her wrist and whip.

I just mean I was so not surprised that Lizzy went ‘bad ass’ ,not with Frances as her mother. There are so many other things but the females in Kuro all then out to be masters in sword art,with weapons,or are a bit psychotic. Yana has a pattern here,kinda…..and I dont like hate Lizzy but all her cuteness and smiles are so…fake to me. Maybe because she reminds me of my ex-best friend that honestly fucked me up a bit, and you can’t forget that Ciel most likely has a mental disorder? and srsly needs some space and quiet as well. Lizzy needs to start see behind her own selfish desires and finally get a grip on reality which is not nice. I really would love to see her happy,she just won’t be with Ciel and all this shit happening around you know.

So yes I do not hate Lizzy I just find her character as ‘not to my liking’ and she irks me ._. I’m really story but that is just how I feel ._.