i don't ship hate anyone


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

honestly fanon Lotor is awesome with Lance but…also….keith is awesome…hunk is awesome…pidge is awesome…shiro is awesome…LITERALLY ANYONE YOU SHIP WITH LANCE WOULD BE COOL AS LONG AS THEY LOVE AND SUPPORT LANCE. DON’T LET THIS BOY BE IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP. LANCE DOES NOT DESERVE THAT.


Please don’t ever feel stuck in a ship with me, even if we’re the best of friends. If you don’t want our ship anymore, if you want something else for your character or the ship just isn’t working the way you’d like, please tell me. I 100% understand and we can work something out in the storyline for the ship to end.

Do not feel forced to stay in a ship with me because we are friends, Your characters are yours. end of story. I support any and everything youd like to do concerning your characters.

Right so I just remembered that when Allen and Kanda were sparring right after the Level 4 arc, Chaoji was fanboying over Kanda during the fight, and at first I was kinda confused by his enthusiasm?

but then I remembered that nick-of-time dramatic entrance where Kanda saved Chaoji from Tyki back in Edo

and then Kanda saved Chaoji again when he was about to get pancaked by a chandelier during the assault on HQ

and I have concluded that Chaoji developed a little crush on Kanda after that, because honestly, who wouldn’t.

friendly reminder that Chaol initially point blank refused to go to the Torre Cesme even though it was his only chance at ever walking again because he didn’t want to leave Dorian again.


Well, I might as well confess it now before posting the other two pictures. I ship this pairing, and I know that it is going to be the end of me. :’)

(I actually finished this in a day along with the Mark and Boss picture actually…wow…)

Orginal Characters: @saveraedae

Art: Me

Feel free to use! Please ask before using and do not claim art as your own!


talk shit get hit

Bryke: That felt a bit forced to me.

Bryke: If it seems out of the blue to you, I think a second viewing of the last two seasons would show that perhaps you were looking at it only through a hetero lens.

You can be just the way you are.
You don’t need to change anything.
Say what you want to say
Do what you want to do
Just be smiling by my side.
Marry me.


Why has no one written a fic yet about how Theo is the only one who remembers Stiles? And thinks it’s completely ridiculous that no one else remembers him also??? Because come on, “Why wouldn’t I remember Stiles?”!!!!! Theo straight up told Stiles he came back for him and like now he’s the only one who remembers him and he’s so shocked the others so easily forgot!

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I just hope people aren't gonna be a-holes because Keith's age has been revealed... Yes he's 18, no I still don't ship him with anyone. I'm not an anti but I hate shippers who start acting like that just because of a number on a page.


You know I see where you are coming from, but let me enjoy the schadenfreude. Because this was a long time coming. And a lot of sheith shippers and attest to this, we’ve put up with anti nonsense for what was it… a year almost a year and a half? Them spamming tags and constant cyberbullying, and people telling us to drop dead and such (to be honest if they really wanted to kill us they would have done it themselves but they are cowards, no surprise there). Please understand, I don’t feel like taking the high road today, I’m pretty sure others will agree. Because:

Petty, I know, but after dealing with all their bullshit… well..

“How could I have missed what Mary Jane and Norman Osborn and everyone else so blatantly saw? How could I have failed to notice that Felicia was still smitten as a kitten?”

“Do you want to really fight about differences tonight?
Take a look around, we’re the same in all different ways.”

Because I actually think Chloe and Nathan would get along really well if it wasn’t for all the shit happening in Arcadia Bay.

I hope the JohnRoxy buildup ends with it looking like they’re going to kiss but instead they high-five because John still thinks romance is dumb and boring and Roxy spent a lot of time unhealthily seeking romance as a form of validation and needs to look for strength in herself first. 

Hey guys! Just as a reminder, pls don’t bash people for liking a ship you don’t ship!! (whether it be pewey, or really any other ship for that matter) (๑´w`๑)

Let people ship what they want to ship, it doesn’t affect you as a person in any way, so just kick back and do ur own thing! You’ll be a lot happier in the end when you stop focusing on the ships you don’t dig, man. B)

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When I ship SansFrisk romantically my mind doesn't immediately turn to sex. I like the connection they have, and their relationship. But for some reason the people who are against it think that is all there is to the ship, which greatly angers and confuses me. There is more to romance than just sex!

Yeah. Well..there undeniably sex pictures out there for the ship and some straightout NASTY stuff that I won’t support ever in my life. But there’s this side to all the ships out there. I see sansfrisk as platonic, can be friends, can be more - because I can’t see sans as human. Also can’t apply human age on him >_<;; to me he can’t be defined, he’s simply a monster/magical being… He can be a guardian, a friend in need, a helping hand…. (I can’t see him as father figure either, it just doesn’t suit him imho, idk why). There are many possibilities how to portray sansfrisk in pure way and the relationship is so very interesting to me personally. I also dont’see weird if Frisk were to grow to like sans more. They share secrets already that are unknown to everyone else. And I think Frisk would nicely understand sans’s pain and be support. I find it also mindboggling that people are angry about aging Frisk up in stories?? O_O like….isn’t Frisk ever allowed to grow up? I like to explore the possibility of them growing up and seeing the relationship change, even in romance way, why not? At some point Frisk will get older than sans too. If they stay together… I find it extremely touching. I seen people ship REALLY nasty things and nobody seemed to bat an eye much…so I am surprised this ship gets tons of hate, even though there’s so many good, pure arts with deep message… and people getting hate for growing Frisk up so they can tell a different story about them, without sex. Sometime I really don’t understand what people want. Sorry for the rant…I just…can’t help it.