i don't ship but it's cute okay

I like the idea of a angular pointy Junky rat boii and a soft cutie music box

The style differences and the idea of Junk rat being a little sheltered from modern music/technology. Its okay tho, cause dat boi Lucio is there to help him <3


Imagine if Harry and Draco were fighting side by side at the battle of hogwarts and before the fight starts Draco looks over at Harry and Harry looks over at Draco, and Draco just says “scared potter” with a small smile on his face and Harry will smile back and say “you wish”

snarkytoon  asked:

Omg you're so right, sorry that was wayyy too general vague... I didnt realize how much that would actually be whoops, What about Each of the burners/Chuck relationships?

Okay!  Well I am Real Tired so this is going to meander and ramble kinda but I WILL DO MY BEST.  Apologies in advance, you didn’t give a specific question RE: the couples in question so I’m just gonna………talk……

Let’s start with the obvious one.

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I love how lams sounds like such a cute and fluffy ship name, but in real life it’s full of angst, never ending death and censored letters.

Gmod Deathrun Funny Moments - Musical Chairs! (Garry's Mod)
  • Ohm: *runs through the barrel trap without dying*
  • Delirious: wow you would let your boyfriend through
  • Bryce: *really defensive* Oh I let my boyfriend through?! *releases barrel trap*

@ y'all who are calling roadhog a pedophile concerning the roadrat/junkhog ship, why do you hate older gay men???

Wait Horace’s Odes 1.3 is the most adorable thing. Sometimes I forget that all these amazing Latin poets aren’t living in isolation from eachother, then here comes Horace all, “Hey, my friend Vergil’s about sail on a ship and the sea can be really dangerous, so please just make sure he gets there safely, okay?” And then 2000+ years later we still have this poem. “Ship, I pray, you should keep the half of my soul safe.” So cute!!

Okay so don’t get me wrong! I think mystery girl and Pearl are super cute, and all the art I’ve seen of them so far is like,,, 11/10 (keep it up 👌👌), but I do have some issues with them? My main problem with the ship is that in the end, the mystery girl is human, and humans aren’t immortal. I don’t think Pearl would do that to herself because if she fell in love with the mystery girl she’d just get hurt again. The last thing she needs is more gay angst.

Alex begins his All Time Bro side project.

31 days of homestuck || #27 fave kid + fave troll = a ship

↳ feat. dave lalonde latching onto the cute lil’ shouty guy who’s new on the playground and karkat vantas who’s said “cute lil’ shouty guy” and not really used to being touched so casually and talked to by what seems to be this super genuine person what is going on and what the hell are space wizards???

they’re lions. who can talk.

this started out as the prompt for today and then it kinda grew a life of it’s own?? even i don’t really know what’s happening anymore. i can however tell you that mom and crabdad are getting along famously in the bg